Sunday, 7 March 2010

Is this still allowed?

I'm sure this notice from an estate agent in York makes some readers' minds wander back to the good old days...............


kulak said...

As if blacks made good slaves.

That's my answer whenever someone hyperventilates and accuses me of wanting to bring back slavery.

Lesson learned! :)

Anonymous said...

I am sure that this post was made in jest.

But people should be reminded that the institution of slavery was immoral and disgusting. For example, America is still paying rotten dividends because of it. Our culture is ruined due to the mass importation of Africans so long ago.

The downfall of the white race will be its pursuit of cheap labor.

Today we import Mexicans and other hispanics for low wages. Once they are given citizenship, I guess we will begin importing a new race of cheap laborers. It never ends.

Anonymous said...

Had a good "chuckle"

Piet said...

anon 20.13. Yes I assume the post is in jest but what you say is absolutely treu and on the button. The pursuit of cheap labor has destroyed the US and continues to do so.

I might add that my own country South Africa (I've left it) destroyed itself in part by having balscks do all the low end domestic chores.

Anonymous said...

Yes. It's tragic that America's Founding Fathers and their contemporaries didn't have more foresight than to import Africans for manual & menial labor. Imagine what America would be if it wasn't weighted down by a huge parasitic underclass.

Anonymous said...

I had occasion to recently visit the towns outside in rural Georgia and was amazed to find that slave auctions are being held in the town centers, in fact Walmart has leased a section of its parking lot in Waycross Georgia to the Mose Kincaid slave auctioneers who have weekly saturday sales in progress from 9 in the morning to 4 in the afternoonits right next to the Amish home made furniture outlet in the tent. my wife and I purchased a healthy black buck with one leg missing for the unheard price of 500 dollars yankeee, we have decided to call him one LEG Ned or Ned the gimp for order to get him back to our midwestern home we found it neccesarry to tie old Ned to the roof of the station wagon as we picked up so much good stuff at the garage sales in the south. imagine the surprise of out friends and neighbors when we arrived home to hear them exclaim, hey you know you got a one legged nigger tied to your luggage tie down rack.ha ha, they wernt so cynical when they found old gimpy Ned could rake leaves and shovel snow and get a part time job to support us at 7 11, now every body wants one, thanks to moses kincaid and assoc, waycross Georgia, and by the way we had Ned carve himself up a wooden leg for himself when hes not busy washing windows.

kulak said...

Yes and no.

They really didn't make good slaves.

Oh for a few good Greeks.

Winomadus said...

If America had only blacks and asians, America would be fine by now.
'Blacks' are not a cause, they are mainly a tool, like Feminism, leftist liberalism and so called Neo-Conservatism.

Anonymous said...

"If America had only blacks and asians, America would be fine by now."

Winomadus - you need to go back into hobernation!

Anonymous said...

Winomadus - you need to go back into hobernation!

I dunno. Maybe he's got a point. The Asians wouldn't take the kind of shit whitey does.

Anonymous said...

“This year’s Oscars were also a remarkable testimony of the vibrancy and diversity of film industry talent in Ireland,”

Mary McAleese

Didn't you write that speech for her a while back Savant.

SAVANT said...

@anon 18.51. Thank you, and yes indeed, I did write that speech. As you doubtless can see, she keeps drawing from it. You'll also notice that NOT ONCE has she ggiven me aby credit.

Ah well, that's life

Anonymous said...

Rebuilding Haiti:$100 million.
Aid to Africa:$53.9 billion/year.
Getting away with crime just because you're black: Priceless.
There's some things foreign aid money can't buy. For everything else, there's the race card.

Anonymous said...

keep still about this aid etc to africa. i got a inkling that old ned the gimp can make out letters and then get ideas.

kulak said...


Absolutely right.

Criticism of blacks or Jews isn't actually necessary, except as an exercise in one's own mental freedom.

At least for me, once I got over the discombobulation of losing my philosemitic Stockholm conditioning -- appropriately named, fuck you very much Gunnar Myrdal -- Jews per se are actually kind of boring. (I do like to argue though.)

Whites don't need to know anything about race and IQ, genetics, etc.

(Sorry Professor Levin, but you're still a Professor, with all the interests of your class.)

We also don't need to know anything about Stalin's Willing [Jewish] Executioners, or the Culture of Critique, or Solzhenitsyn's 200 years together which STILL hasn't been translated into English. (You shit-scared pussies! You know who you are.)

(Sorry Professor MacDonald, but you're still a Professor too.)

All whites need to know is that if you're not a racist you're anti-white; anti-racism is code for white genocide.

des3 said...

That's true as far as it goes kulak, but it's not a plan for action. Fact is, power comes, if not from the barrel of a gun (or is that what you're suggesting?) but from commanding the heights of the economy, media and academia. And all three are manifestations of the same thing, if you think about it.

kulak said...


The Crowd -- and it's the white crowd we're talking about here -- can and will turn on a dime.

When it does, all of those power centers you're SO concerned about because anti-whites have them at the moment will suddenly find themselves not so powerful.

THAT's when things will get INTERESTING.

It's not whites who will kick whites out of the Democratic party.

First things first.

White nationalism is not a political program.

White nationalism is a realization.

It's the same realization a white man makes when he steps into the prison yard for the first time, takes a look around, and makes a beeline for the cluster of whites.

SAVANT said...

kulak - this is a subtle point you're making, but what's going to bring about this realization, as you call it?

From what I can tell whites are further away than ever when it comes to realising what's going on. Which isn't surprising when everything they've been, and are being fed conditions them to 'think' that way.

It's a cliche to say you can't fool all of the people all of the time. Problem is you can fool enough of the people enough of the time to get the job done and keep them down and happy with bread and circuses.

That's the one good thing about the current - and coming even larger - recession. When people lose out badly on the material stakes they start to ask questions. Unfortunately, to date they've been the wrong questions and the answers are coming from the MSM.

Anyway, let's hope you're right!

kulak said...

Keep the faith Savant.

Because like Ed de Bono says in I am Right, You are Wrong, critical thinking per se has pretty much jumped the shark.

Asians know this. Schools in Singapore de-emphasized it a while ago for creative thinking.

THEY know themselves well.

(But while you should take heed of De Bono, never forget that I actually am right!) ;-)

T. Fitzgerald said...

Piet and anon 20:13 are very correct. Politicians gain 2 benefits by securing cheap labour:
1) More profit for their buddies in big business.
2)As committed 'universalists', it make them feel good about themselves.
As far as they're concerned, to hell with the long-term consequences.

Like Savant I too doubt this realization (though I hope you're right) will happen sometime soon. When it comes too appreciaiting the benefits the benefits of white nationalism, white people lose their capacity to think logically. South Africa saw the consequences of handing over power to blacks in many countries to its north (Zambia, Mozambique, Angola, Nigeria, Kenya, Rhodesia)-yet the electorate still surrendered to black rule. I read Ian Smith's ('Bitter harvest') biography and it was highly instructive in this regard. The british broke a number of agreements to appease the black nations. Ian Smith mentioned that blacks stick together whereas whites don't show the same unity. The USA also put pressure on Smith. It was disgusting how he was betrayed and pressurised by the international community. I expect a hypothetical white ethnostate to succumb to the same pressure as did Rhodesia.

kulak said...


There are absolutely zero lessons to be drawn from South Africa save one.

And it was Winnie Mandela of all people who recently said it.

How does it help anyone to know where and how their loved ones are killed or buried?

‘That Bishop Tutu who turned it all into a religious circus came here. He had a cheek to tell me to appear.

‘I told him that he and his other like-minded cretins were only sitting there because of our struggle and me. Look what they make him do. The great Mandela. He has no control or say any more.

‘They put that huge statue of him right in the middle of the most affluent white area of Johannesburg. Not here [in Soweto] where we spilled our blood.

‘Mandela is now like a corporate foundation. He is wheeled out globally to collect the money.

Winnie Mandela is a patriot.

Peit said...

kulak - Winnie Mandela is a currupt murderous lying whore. She's no patriot. are you for real?

kulak said...


Winnie Mandela is a currupt murderous lying whore.

That just means she's a black patriot.

kulak said...

And I guarantee you every REAL African reader (I'm not talking half-breeds here or ones sucking up to white commies for money) just laughed at that.

Piet said...

"Winnie Mandela is a currupt murderous lying whore.

That just means she's a black patriot."

Good one kulak!!!