Monday, 1 February 2010

Should we help Haiti?

Should we run to Haiti’s assistance? Common humanity suggests we should. Well, I consider the situation in Haiti perfectly analogous to that of a drunk who spends every penny on drink, and then collapses starving into the gutter from where we’re meant to rescue him. If we give him money he’ll spend it on drink, if we give him food he’d try to barter it for drink. What would you do with such a person? You need to be able to answer that question before you can say what we should do for Haiti.

Take this from Representative Porter Goss of Florida, "We’ve been ripped off in Haiti and I don’t see why we should put more money into it. There’s so much corruption that the only way to make sure aid gets to the people is to fly down there yourself with some food, hand it to a Haitian, and watch him eat it in your presence."

Here are some further considerations:

At the time of its, ahem, ‘independence’ over 200 years ago, Haiti was a wealthy country - the richest colony in the New World. It has had billions of dollars' worth of aid from America, from Canada and from Europe over the years. America rebuilt Haiti's entire economy and national infrastructure three times during the 20th century, but each time the country reverted to its natural dystopic state. Everything the Americans built was scavenged to pieces, destroyed by arson or by vandalism, or allowed to rot through neglect:

Foreign aid provides almost half of the country’s budget and has done so for years and there are no fewer than 10,000 aid agencies of one form or another working on the ground for years (that’s almost one agency for every 1,000 Haitians!). Yet it remains a poverty and disease-stricken dump and was so before the earthquake hit.

Much is made of the repayments made to the French going back to the time of ‘independence’ but since then the IMF and other western nations have ‘forgiven’ billions in debts. Any new loans will suffer the same fate

Violence and corruption are off the Richter scale. It’s almost impossible to run a normal business there, which in turn undermines any form of economic independence. Aid is robbed by the strongest for the strongest unless policed by foreign ‘muscle’.

Haitians have destroyed their physical resources by a lack of husbandry. Once comprehensively wooded, they cut down almost all their trees resulting in, inter alia, much fertile land being swept into the sea. Foreign volunteers plant almost a million trees a year, but these are immediately cut down by the Haitians. If present trends continue there will be no trees on the Haitian part of the island within ten years.

On a number of occasions since 'independence' the black population has exterminated virtually all the whites - the only ones capable of being productive - on the island

I go back to the analogy of the drunk. An alcoholic doesn’t plan, thinks of nobody but himself, lives for the next drink and hopes others will keep him alive and drinking. What would you do with such a person?

My position, as covered in this post, is tough love. Also check out this post to see the remarkable similarities to the events surrounding Hurricane Katrina


Anonymous said...

It would be much more cost effective and humane to simply fly a few crop-dusters over the remaining population in haiti and put them all out of their misery. That way there will not be any need for hundreds of millions in aid, and the people left over won’t need to suffer at their own hands.

elaine said...

This is cold and brutal You can't just let people starve and die. And yes, if I saw a drunk begging for something I'd give him some money.

I have to say tho'that if Haiti had been populated with Chinese or Swedes it would be the economic powerhouse of the Caribbean today.

Anonymous said...

Psychologists (psychometricians) have proven beyond any shadow of a doubt that the average African IQ is very low. Low IQ people cannot earn good incomes and they make poor choices. The aggregate result is an inability to create safe, stable, healthy, & wealthy societies. This is demonstrated in virtually every country, city, or neighborhood inhabited by Blacks, which are, almost without exception absolute disasters.

The bottom line is that there is nothing we can really do for Africans. No amount of foreign aid or training programs will make a lasting impact, because each generation starts again at relatively low IQ.

Our desire to feed them, only allows massive population growth, which just delays the inevitable. Because of foreign aid, Haiti has grown to 9-million people today!!!, creating an ecological disaster for that very tiny island. The more we feed them, the greater the population and the greater the misery and brutality. We create the problem by encouraging massive overpopulation. We need to leave them alone to return back to ecological balance. 100,000 Haitians could have a very nice existence via fishing and subsistence farming. Yet our “kindness” will assure that in 20 years, there will be 18 million people in Haiti.

terramartom said...

If "you" choose to donate any money to anybody, to any country, and to any Government, than that is your right to do with your money, what you would like to do.
But please do not tell me that as an American citizen and taxpayer, that my taxes have to go to other countries for war, corruption, or Nation building than NO, I have no interest.

America is already bankrupt, why are we giving "our" money away to anything, when we can't even pay our own bills that we have now?

Anonymous said...

This from the head of the Eagle's Wing Foundation:

"A two-hour traffic jam and concerns about violent looting of their truck forced the convoy into scrounging for a safe place to stop and distribute their goods. They thought they had some good fortune when a U.S. army division offered to provide security. The unit took over an hour to get clearance for the mission, which further hampered distribution efforts."

Still want to donate?

reveal1912 said...

Western People are basically cowards. when they are confronted with the massive third world population boom that is chiefly fulled by their food aid etc they stick their collective heads in the sand.

Anonymous said...

I've been reading this blog for some time now, and I notice that the issue of IQ keeps cropping up time and time again. Specifically, africans apparently record low IQ scores compared to other (or most) other races. I would like to just make a few observations regarding this issue if I may:

1) It is quite easy, if one has never socialised or worked with people of other races or cultures, to form preconceived ideas of what they are like. It is also very likely to believe whatever bad or negative press one reads about such people.

Well, I have worked with people of a wide range of cultures and ethnicity over the last few years - including many blacks (carribbean and african origin) - and I haven't found any intrinsic difference in intelligence between blacks and other races (whites included) in that time. I would extend that observation to morality as well as intelligence.

2) IQ testing is no doubt a way of testing intelligence to an extent - but it can only go so far. The human brain and mind is WAY to complex to neatly calculate intelligence according to man-made questions and puzzles (however well thought out). A gifted musician might be hopeless at maths, a gifted mathematician tone-deaf at music.

3) This article is of course about Haiti and I'd be the first to agree that's it's a monumental stuff-up - but I don't believe it's an issue of intelligence but rather of voodoo! Not wanting to get into a religious debate but I would postulate that that is the major drag-into-the-dust syndrome of most of sub-saharan africa as well (spiritual bondage in general - not just voodoo, of course).

David Livingstone, famous late-19th century missionary, referred to sub-saharan africa as the dark continent - he was referring to spiritual darkness, not jungle-canopy or skin-colour.

In closing, let me just say that I'm not (a) liberal or (b) keen on ethnic emmigration (certainly not any more of it) but would just like to state my position .

Anonymous said...


You wrote "At the time of its, ahem, ‘independence’ over 200 years ago, Haiti was a wealthy country -...." Love it.

Your biting sarcasm says it all. Haiti is perhaps the black man's "magnus opus" example of black achievement, political or otherwise.

NR said...

It's time for Whites to be brutal. Our own survival and well-being are at stake. Non-White populations, both in developing countries and the third world, need to be reduced.

It is immoral to hand over your hard-earned cash to drunks, or Haitians, when such funds would be better spent on your own children, family, and people.

Perhaps the Haitian earthquake can be seen as a natural form of population reduction, using the Rhythm Method, rock n' roll-style.

doodler said...

Just another African country far from Africa.
Really - what do you expect?

@Anony 01.33. Get hold of IQ and the Wealth of Nations. All will be revealed to you.

SAVANT said...

anon 1.33 - you make a number of interesting points. However, I do think that IQ, as doodler says, is an important consideration. I've posted early on on this on the following post that's worth a read:

Rohan Swee said...

Anon@1:33: 1) It is quite easy, if one has never socialised or worked with people of other races or cultures, to form preconceived ideas of what they are like.

Question, Anon: on what basis do you make that assumption? I've noticed that people rarely bother to get worked up one way or the other about people of whom life has given them no experience. (With the exception of certain classes of white people, who can work themselves into a frenzy extolling the superiority to their own of cultures they've never studied, lands they've experienced only on college jaunts, and people they've never actually lived among.)

Not to say you are among these, but it has been my frequent (and amusing) experience, over many years, to be lectured at as if I were some home-keeping, sheltered yahoo, by persons who, it turns out, have lived exceptionally sheltered lives relative to my own, and who have been exposed to "multiculturalism" only in, at best, the most restricted corporate (or charitable) atmospheres. Jus' sayin'. At any rate, it is simply not true that "lack of familiarity breeds contempt". I would suggest that lack of familiarity is actually more likely to correlate with unrealistic, "we're all the same" notions.

I would agree, however, that it is very easy for humans to be heavily blinkered by class, and for cosmopolites to erroneously believe that the relations among cosmopolitan equals (or worse, their relation to their servant-class) give them some sort of global expertise on human nature and culture. People higher up the food chain are always claiming that the protesting people lower down the food chain are just "ignorant xenophobes who probably don't know any X", but the reality is that the people at the bottom are significantly more likely to be exposed to the business end of "multiculturalism" than the people at the top.

Let me rephrase your point no.1 to illustrate my own point here:

) It is quite easy, if one has never socialised or worked with people of other races or cultures - outside of professional circles where the equal ability of members necessarily results from the selection process for inclusion in that professional circle - to form very unrealistic ideas about the distribution of attributes in his colleagues' various home populations. It is also very likely that the sheltered professional, who can afford to enjoy the advantages of multiculturalism while protecting himself from the downside, will credulously accept self-flattering attributions of parochialism to people whose views on these matters diverge from his own.

Anonymous said...

rvohan swee has hit the nail right on the head. Every word of his post should be required reading for every deluded multiculti fantasist.

Yes, those at the top of the tree get unrealistic exposure and in any event can retreat to their white-only suburban retreats once fraternization has been finished.

Working class stiff - the 'bigits' - are the ones who daily face the reality of so-called integration. Hence the disparity of their views on same.

Anonymous said...

Rohan Swee,
In reply to your post, I would say that we all make preconceived judgements and analysees of people or cultures that we haven't encountered - I know I certainly do. In fact, it's my own innate propensity to form dogmatic views in these matters that partially led me to write as I did.

Whilst it is true that most of the black friends and colleagues I know are professional, not all are and that has made no diffs to how they have come across to me both mental or moral. I could extend that to followers of Islam as well (regardless of race), and believe me - I'm no fan of that religion.

I believe that most of us, or at least a lot of us, tend to either believe what we are told to believe, or for whatever reason react against that and often end up believing the exact opposite. Of course, there can be valid reasons for doing so in either case. And in fact, we probably don't all have quite such black and white positions with regards to disseminated information.

With regards to the usually strident self-righteous know-it-alls to whom you refer - believe me, I've met a good few of those and so no, i don't number amongst them. But isn't it so that those who would adorn such arrogant sackcloth and ashes (re: white history and western culture) have to a very large extent been bamboozled by modern education and media (which permeates into the culture as a whole)?

As for the point about the poorer people being on the receiving end of (ethnic) immigration and the wealthy and priviledged tut-tutting about their (the lower classes) lack of vision, tolerance etc. I'm all too well aware. That's why I said I'm not keen on any further ethnic immigration (including my own skepticism towards multiculturalism).

The main point I was trying to make in my post is that I reject the view that IQ alone is responsible for the state of affairs in the world at any given time. Also, while IQ testing obviously has reasonable credibility, it cannot be as accurate for measuring intelligence as so many like to think.

There is also a spiritual dimension to life - the west believed it until quite recently - is the decline of christianity (in the west) and western culture not maybe linked?

Peter Kay said...

Time is slim for you guys across the pond. Your space is so limited. Where will you run to the cities turn dark? My heart aches at the thought of your grandchildren being forced to live amongst the filth and squalor that is sure to come.

Take a look at one of America's once greatest cities, where grand mansions once stood and life and hope once reigned. Now the ones that built the city have gone. Left now are only squatters. They do not own this city. They only occupy it while it crumbles around them. This apocalyptic wasteland is your future if you fail to act.

Anonymous said...

I was a regular visitor to Detroit in the 70s and 80s (in the motor trade). It was possibly Amercia's best city at that time, but even in early 80's the rot was starting to set in.

Truly frightening the extent to which it's collapsed. And as P Kay says, it's headed our way.

Anonymous said...

Rohan Swee 21:29 says "......with the exception of certain classes of white people, who can work themselves into a frenzy extolling the superiority to their own of cultures they've never studied, lands they've experienced only on college jaunts, and people they've never actually lived among."

Precisely! We have those people here in Canada. demonstrate an example, I left a link in the comments section seen HERE.

The comments following that linked story, says it all.

Anonymous said...

Haiti has a large labor force which could be put to profitable employment in the cotton-fields and sugarcane plantations.

Big Bill said...

Dear Anon: I think you equate Down's Syndrome with lack of intelligence since that is the typical form most white people See. Most profoundly dumb people all not suffering from Down's however. They look normal, act normal (based once 10 minute conversation) and yet are profoundly maladapted to existence in a modern society You should go to and begin a careful education. I started where you are and then had to deal with several extremely low IQ, but not Down's people. There is a massive literature available. The most important thing to remember is that they are utterly uneducable. Nice? yes. Funny? yes. Dress nice? yes. But utterly uneducable and (for many) unable to interpret a receipt, a bill, a simple sheet of instructions, or a bus schedule. And yet they look normal and act normal. Nothing you would notice walking down the street or chatting.

Anonymous said...

nice photo of the chicago young politicians collecting the tax base from the downed gentlman just before hes carted off to the e r,

Anonymous said...

Elaine, your sympathy for alcoholics is admirable, however, having personally worked with them, your sympathy is naively misplaced. Also, from experience, dishing out aid to 3rd worlders is a pretty good analogy of giving money to winos.

Anonymous said...

Peter Kay:

The jungle returns to Detroit, once whitey flees...

Anonymous said...

You can buy lots and houses in Detroit for $1 nowadays. Maybe we should do so in anticipation of the eventual Aryan recolonization...the New Voortrekkers!