Sunday, 21 February 2010

Poland celebrates diversity: The terrible case of Simon Mol

I thought I'd gone beyond anger with this whole white guilt, multi-culti PC bullshit thing. Weariness, yes. Cynicism, perhaps. But anger, no. Until I read of the tale of Simon Mol, an evil sociopathic parasite of the worst kind.

Although born in Cameroon, in June 1999 he arrived in Poland as a member of a Ghanaian journalist delegation.. He immediately applied for asylum, which was granted in September 2000. The political persecution on which the claim was made was subsequently shown by Polish TV to be a complete fabrication.

.Who could have imagined?
In Poland he, adopting pen name Simon Mol, wrote poems, founded a small theatre group and engaged in political campaigns for the rights of refugees, anti-racism, anti-fascism and environmental protection.

Good move, Simon. Clever boy. You’d immediately honed in on a rich seam of goodies that sustained you from then on in the style that you quickly became accustomed to. One source said “he had an apartment, a car and money which he spent with a light hand."

Despite being ‘small, slight, and with a voice like a frog’, Mol immediately set about shagging any Polish woman he could find. Again, par for the course. According to one source ”he was always accompanied by women. Sometimes very attractive women, and sometimes ‘white mice’, sensitive, and adoring women who believed they were doing their duty towards political correctness by helping the poor refugee."

Mol's secret

But unknown to all of these women, he had a secret. A terrible secret. While waiting for his refugee status to be decided, he was diagnosed by Polish medical authorities as having AIDS. According to medical procedures, it was impossible for Mol not to have learned of this fact.

And yet he was still given refugee status!

Most disturbing of all was that he insisted on unprotected sex during his encounters with what some estimates put at up to 100 women. He modus operandi has been explained as follows: “For many women, having unprotected sex with a black man fulfilled two politically correct obligations: it was trendy to have sex with a black man, and it was also a sign that one was not prejudiced against blacks." If a girl protested against the lack of protection, he accused her of “blatant racism, that everyone thinks Africans carry HIV. Not willing to appear racist, they usually complied.”

Monika O., a literature student infected by Mol explains as follows “I was fascinated by human rights activist fighting with racial stereotypes. Soon we started to meet, went to bed. I didn’t suspect that he could infect me with HIV virus and even less, hide from me that he is infected. I also thought that suspecting him of being infected would equal giving way to stereotypes. Thus we made love unprotected.”

This is supported by a report from the Rzeczpospolita newspaper, which claimed that Mol persuaded women to have unprotected sex with him by arguing that using a condom with a black man is a sign of racism and racist fears.

"Simon Mol always accused everybody of racism. When you didn't do what he wished, he would yell that it was because he was black. He never listened to any arguments, he would always just leave, slamming the door behind him. Everyone knew that he could make his accusations public, and everyone feared it," says a person who runs a humanitarian organization that helps refugees. "It goes without saying; he terrorized us with political correctness. And he was very charming as well.”

All of this worked a treat. He had no shortage of money to spend and women to screw. But in due course the truth emerged. Polish doctors treating multiple women for HIV noticed a pattern – they were all screwing this particular African. By late 2006 rumours of his infection started to spread. Just prior to Christmas, the desperate women began warning of Mol over the internet. "This man is consciously infecting women with HIV, each of them has informed him about the infection, but he doesn't care. He doesn't care about the life and health of others. He is a lying, deceiving and sophisticated person."

Mol's reaction was always the same: he would accuse them of racism, of stereotyping, that all blacks have HIV. He would also say that even if he were sick, it is his private business. After the Internet publicity the following letter was posted: "My name is Simon Mol. I am healthy. Whoever says they were infected by me should be brave enough to speak in their own name and speak of the facts, and not of what they imagine to be facts. Anything short of this is just nothing but racism, a political and racist campaign against my person because of who I am, what I do and where I come from."

Still, the evidence by this stage had become overwhelming and on January 2007 he was taken into custody by the Polish police. After the arrest Mol denied any knowledge of being an HIV carrier and accused the police of racism. "He was calm," noted Officer Marek Siewert, "he didn't admit anything, he said he wasn't sick and that he did not infect anyone." He also threatened to report the matter to international human rights organizations.

Again, you can see how well he had mastered the Art of Racism.

Soon after his arrest he disappeared. Revealingly, a friend suggested “my guess is he going to leave for some part of the EU that is more socially liberal and that has better social services and medical care.” Doesn’t that tell you everything you need to know about the lunatic asylum that Europe has become?

But the penny might be, if not dropping, at least feathering slowly to the ground.

“Please understand: we see a man who is educated, who wears good ties, who speaks good English. We naively believe that he is just like us, as if he were a European - just a black European," says Prof. Ryszard Vorbrich from the Adam Mickiewicz University in PoznaƄ. Vorbrich is the most respected scholar of Cameron in Poland. "When in fact, while this man might be capable of discussing Shakespeare with us in the same terms as we use, his opinions and beliefs about the most fundamental things are fundamentally different. We should never underestimate the importance of magic when discussing the behaviour of Cameroonians. The belief in magic is even widespread amongst their elites," admits Prof. Vorbrich.

Was it deliberate?

You’ll be gratified to know that this bastard has died, hopefully in great distress, at the end of 2008, and the whole issue disappeared from the Polish media. A nine-day wonder.
But one question remains. Did he deliberately infect those women?

The answer seems clear to me, and to many others. Even a former colleague – an African - at his theatre group says "Simon wanted to exploit white people. That is how I would describe his mentality. He felt like every white person owed him a living. I don't know if someone once robbed him, or maybe exploited his forefathers, but now it seems Simon is evening the score. I felt this notion was fundamental to his personality."

Now look at his best known poem (if this is the best I'd hate to see the worst) "Polish Goddess," which can now be read in a new, demonic light:

Polish Goddess

Then - as the Moon lit the path
of the beautiful Goddess

illuminating the darkness of the night
two tears ran down her left eye

ending their journey
burying all the nightmares

healing wounds foisted upon me
and upon my Brothers
by those like her

Where the real guilt lies

Seems clear enough to me. What about you? On this point you might like to check my post on race and psychopathy. As I said at the beginning, this story aroused me to great anger. But that anger is rightly directed more against the ideas and philosophies that allowed him to get away with what he did for so long.

That women were actually convinced by Mol to engage in sex without a condom in order to avoid being accused of racism indicates that they were not only the victims of Simon Mol, but also of ideas which corrupted any semblance of common sense amongst them. If some women had not been corrupted by academia and the culture of political correctness to believe that they owed sexual gratification to Simon Mol on account of his skin colour and status as a member of an "oppressed" group, this tragedy - to date at least forty victims have been identified - would have been avoided.

I hope I live to see the day when ordinary people have had enough and head for the castle with their pitchforks and torches, and take a terrible revenge on those who have foisted this disaster on to people of European heritage.


proud redneck said...

A terrible case indeed. And I agree. My anger is as much towards the PC thought police as towards this psychopathetic shitbag.

Abu Abdullah said...

Same thing in Canada.

Robert said...

Abu Abdullah said...

Another one from Canada.

Anonymous said...

You know, I'd have expected better from Poland. Did not know gthat they'd been infected with the PC virus like the rest of us.

honecker said...

I followed that Canadian link. My God, how did any woman let that repulsive creature at them?

Anonymous said...

Well at least that Aziga guy in Canada didn't deliberately set out to infect people. Small consolation, I suppose.

Abu Abdullah said...

This one from New Zealand from way back.

This one from New Zealand from a few years ago.

Anonymous said...

Probably a shitload more niggers like that running around.


Anonymous said...

While reading this latest post, it had a ring of familiarity to it.

I had recalled a Hamilton, Ontario incident with similar ingredients that consisted of one Black immigrant male, HIV infected, several naive white women induced to perform, "you're racist if you don't", etc all happening around Hamilton, Ontario in addition to at least another case with the same modus operandi.

Lo and behold, ABU pre-empted me and saved me the time to research, so thanks.

I believe its standard operating procedure with Blacks, HIV or not, to bed as many white women as possible, much like a contest among themselves.

This was explained to me about 20 years ago by a young white guy who had several black friends in Toronto.

Judging by the numbers of young white women in small-town Ontario who pop-out brown babies after returning home from the big city, I believe this is true. It seems every small town or village has at least one white teenager pushing a baby stroller occupied with a black baby.

Same old story. Young country girl with no street smarts leaves home for the first time and heads down to the "big smoke" for fun and adventure.

Easy prey is spotted by fast moving, smooth talking Black guy who wastes no time with courtship.

Slam, bang, thank you ma'am.

No doubt, if there's any sexual resistance from 'prey', the ole' "whatsa matta, you racisss, or something" line will hurry the intended seduction sooner than later.

Now she's placed in defensive mode as taught by t.v. brainwashing and ......well you know the rest of the story.

Yep, p.c. and television brainwashing has really put the clamp down on common sense and women's intuition.

Anonymous said...

How any white woman would sleep with a black man from a part of the world that has up to 60% of the population HIV positive is beyond me, but it seems to go on quite a lot judging by the ammount of half caste children I see with single white mothers these days in Ireland. HIV rates are on the up in Ireland and the reason is African immigration. Madness! This poses a danger to the whole community-if a white woman becomes infected and then, after her daring little ethnic fling, sleeps with one of us, then we are at risk of being infected by HIV. Dangerous times folks, so keep it safe, and ladies, do us all a favour and stay away from the blacks.

piet said...

As a South African living in Ireland it only shows what I already knew... that blacks hate whites no matter what you see on the surface.

Be warned (gevar!)

irishreactionary84 said...

'healing wounds foisted upon me
and upon my Brothers
by those like her'

This is pretty disgusting. The Polish, to my knowledge, have had no connections with Africa whatsoever throughout their history. I'm surprised, I thought the eastern europeans are generally less gullible when the 'victim of racism' is being played. The religion of political correctness is spreading. We heretics are forced to go underground to avoid persecution and being labelled as outcasts.

'As a South African living in Ireland it only shows what I already knew... that blacks hate whites no matter what you see on the surface.'
My thoughts exactly. Blacks will always be victims and whites of course will always be regarded as the oppressors. Piet, as afrikaner, do you think this religion is destroying this country the way it has almost ruined yours?

Anonymous said...

The interesting thing was that the fact that he was an African and that they had high AIDS incidence was never mentioned in the Polish press coverage. It was all about peripheral issues.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear he's composting our good old European soil. Also, from what I've seen of the Poles in Ireland, his behaviour was a win win situation for the rest of us.

Horst Wessel (80 years, RIP)

Anonymous said...

Traditionally, conventional wisdom dictated that any white woman who would mate with a Negro is a tramp. Period. Bring back traditional conventions, PLEASE.

Anonymous said...

I am incandescent having read that. I knew a couple of Poles, two university students. One had dreadlocks and was into Bob Marley. It seems they too have had political correctness foisted upon them in a big way. I can't help but wonder why they should feel any guilt for Africans or blacks - they had no colonies, after all!?!

Piet said...

Irishreactionary - yes, the exact same thing is happening in Ireland. However, the proportion of 3rd world detritus here is only a fraction of what it is in SA. At worst we'll have to put up with the kind of thing related in this post. But in SA whites are a small - and declining - minority, so outlook very bleak I'm afraid

Anonymous said...

Unrepentant .. the answer is simple: White people everywhere are assigned the guilt. It's not much more rational to blame former colonial countries. Why should today's Brits for example be held to account for things that happened generations ago?

Winomadus said...

I have a daughter, not a teen yet but soon. I have thought about the best thing to tell her in a case like that, when she is in age. My wife is a typical feminist oriented, diversity-tolerant US woman. She would see little problem in our daughter involved in interracial dating, minus the HIV obviously.
I don't know what to do in the presently heavy brainwashing from the media. I am sure that if I use force or menace to protect her, my daughter would rebel as many teens do and she would end up more surely dating a non-white, i.e, to show daddy she is an independant girl, just like in Avatar.

Her teacher, obviously, taught her "to share" yadayada...
I'll take this strategy.
So last time she went climbing a tree to get a bird's nest. Then came a hispanic boy and she shared as she was taught. Immediatly the boy pulled appart the bird nest and I clearly saw my daughter was upset. Then she 'shared' her bike with the boy, but then the boy didn't want to give it back....hehehehe

Blumenthal said...

Oh well, people sometimes have to learn the hard way eh?


"A new grouping, billing itself as the Irish National Party (INP), is dedicated to the "immediate deportation of all illegal immigrants and asylum seekers who have had their applications rejected."

It also believes Irish culture and identity is being eroded, with "record levels of immigration and an influx of so-called 'asylum seekers'... leading to the development of minority communities in our cities and increasing levels of social isolation in our towns and villages."

Yet David Barrett, chairman of the nascent organisation – which is not yet registered as a political party – says it opposes racism and is not "anti-immigrant."

"(We) rather seek to establish greater control over the immigration process. We recognise there is and always will be a need for some level of immigration but believe a more vigorous system needs to be put in place," he said.

amicus said...

winimadus - I sympathize with your situation. My advice, for what it's worth, is not to try to force her to do anything. As you say, it will only be counter-productive.

If I were in your position my approach would be to let various stories and anecdotes 'fall into the conversation'. In order not to be branded racist and undo the good, you'd have to introduce the stories without necessarily emphasizing the race of the perp, or seeming to make moral judgements.

Let the realization dawn on her by herself. Or at least make it appear that she's doing it.

Bantu Education said...

Peter Mokaba - the toyi-toying ANC shitskin behind the "One settler One Bullet" slogan who died of AIDS some years ago was another.

I recall a newspaper interview of him in which his racial obsession (hatred) came clearly across, yet he boasted about how a black man like him could get as many white women as he wanted (in his case expensive call-girls which, as an ANC bigwig, he could no doubt afford).

I am sure he had the same agenda as Moll. The ANC gave him a 21 gun salute and a state funeral. Not a word was said in the media that he might have deliberately infected women with AIDs.

Anonymous said...

I too am amazed, and horrified, that Poland, and presumably other Eastern European countries, is so infected by PC. I was sadly deluded, thinking they had not 'progressed' to this state yet.

there's no hope.

Anonymous said...

In reference to hatred or contempt for white British women, here's a story that happened in 1994!

It doesn't get much worse than this.

Anonymous said...

They won't learn, will they? This quote from a guy in Sweden on the subject of discrimination against certain ethnic groups.

Calling himslef 'blacks_for_blondes' he says "Well I always get in :)

Im a 196cm & 120kg Jamaican extraction (im a nigger and proud) ex boxer from London with my blondes on my arm, anyway that elite hotel group is owned by a rat from India....who treats his staff and especially our beautiful Swedish women badly as well. He owns the bishop arms chain of pubs too now fancy a curry eating Indian like that so dont blame the swedes!!! "

Note the "our beautiful Swedish women" !!!

Skot German said...

Women are attracted to blacks as they represent the dangerous alpha-male types which give women the "gina tingle" (

Its funny how I have gotten more good advice for preparing my kids for the world from a pick-up artist's blog than anywhere else.

I have told my daughter about why she might be attracted to blacks, attributes of blacks, the fact that I don't like race mixing, and the high probability of her being dumped with scorned, mixed race, low IQ children that I have no interest in helping her raise if she shacks up with one.

SAVANT said...

That's a compelling case for your daughter, SG!

But in a sense the blacks are not alpha male, except in the crudet sense. They are not the kind to provide well - basically to be a good mate (as distinct from a good shag).

Must come from the primitive pafrt of their brains - assuming they have any.

kulak said...

The women involved collectively deserve a Darwin award.

Changing white behavior means changing white behavior.

A mongrel child should be a scarlet letter.

HIV should be a scarlet letter too.

kulak said...

Savant says: But in a sense the blacks are not alpha male, except in the crudet sense. They are not the kind to provide well - basically to be a good mate (as distinct from a good shag).

Must come from the primitive pafrt of their brains - assuming they have any.

Women have a fine antenna for status, and make a far greater direct biological investment in childbearing.

They see that blacks are allowed to invade. They see white men pander and back down, mostly for the sake of a paycheck.

Biologically, the continued presence of others signals that the others might have genes a woman's children may need.

They ain't no dummies.

Men need to be men again.

Secondarily, the welfare state reduces the requirement for a mate, in the sense that whites and Asians understand it.

Receipt of welfare payments should be a scarlet letter too.

Dr. Wassel said...

I find it hard to agree with kulak's thesis and find Savant's more plausible. If, as kulak says, women are making such choices 'rationally' they must realise, while admitting the specific 'benefits' that today's western society offers such a relationship, still, they must see that black men are hopeless providers and generally skip once the child is born. Even allowing for the wlefare state provisions, it's still hard to see this as a rational choice.

The possibility that Savant poses, that the primitive part of their brains recognize their capability to drag home the meal to the cave, that this is the dominant driver.

kulak said...

> If, as kulak says, women are making such choices 'rationally'

But I don't.

I'm saying the choice is rational given

a) individual female reproductive strategies, which are different from those from men ( again, strategy may also be a confusing word when discussing humans -- ants don't think, but they have reproductive strategies in exactly the same sense.)

b) current white male pussy behavior

c) the welfare state

Dr. Wassell said...

kulak - maybe it's less irrational than before, given the factors you adduce, but it's still not rational to mate with someone who's unlikley to have a good source of income, be a generally poor provider and likely to abandon your offspring as soon as they arrive.

I don't buy it - there's got to be other factors. I think one of them is that, mentioned in this post somewhere, that it's 'trendy' to go out with blacks. Not to have their offspring though.

kulak said...

Without getting too deep into this point, I'll just say that no behavior is rational per se. A judgment of the rationality of a behavior is contingent. When a behavior is consistent with a particular set of goals, values, and time horizon when subjected to rational critique, we call that behavior rational, with respect to the set of goals, values and time horizon.

Note that I have said nothing above about whether the goals, etc. are rationally articulated, or subconscious or whatever; neither have I said anything about what they ought to be.

We probably agree on what they ought to be, based upon our reason and observation.

The crucial point I should make is that optimal individual (arational) reproductive strategy need not coincide with long term group survival.

And it need not precisely because humans have substantial capacity for reason and learning.

If they did automatically coincide, there'd be nothing for us to talk about, and the white west would not be in peril.

Anonymous said...

one of my worst secrets is that a black Honduran illegal with criminal ties, accused me of being a Race eee hist
he also raped me with no protection and when he threatened to kill me , the police wouldnt even take a report.
I know his type. they all hate white women and use them as a way to pay back white men

Anonymous said...

anon 5.12 ... I've heard similar stories, not necessarily to do with rape, your horrific experience, but various other types of assault. They played the racist card. Is there any end to this in sight?

clovis said...

John McNeill - I feel the same. and the laugh is that there WILL be a war between the two, because Islam and the left would disagree on virtually everything, apart from closing down contrary opinion and their hatred of the West.

About Alpha Males said...

Savant, you are confused about what an alpha male is in Roissy world. It's someone who gets all the chicks.

A good provider is Beta. Betas and Whites go hand in hand. White Betas built civilization and are now scorned for 'dangerous' Alpha types who pump n dump.

Whites let it happen = Beta

Blacks move in and impregnate and manipulate White women = Alpha

A big percentage of women are drawn viscerally to Alphas, especially when they are young and the most fertile. They learn better when they are 35 or so after they've ridden the Alpha shafts and have a kid or two by them.

Our society is one enforced by women and works against responsible White Beta men and for those who are mild criminals who are exciting. The Beta state/government pays for the women to have their fun with the Alphas regardless of race.

In short, Alphas are sometimes good providers but often not.

Anonymous said...

@alpha males... but surely a woman dominated society, which we are, would be very hostile to the alphas as you describe them? They epitomise everything the feminist hates.

Many alphas in history, Roosevelt, Stanley, were poor physical specimens, but they surely were alpha, no?

About Alpha Males said...

but surely a woman dominated society, which we are, would be very hostile to the alphas as you describe them? They epitomise everything the feminist hates.

Women can't help but truly hate Betas regardless of what they say. This is the irony of feminist rule. Their instincts are at odds with their professed dogma.

They have created a society where women can have their fun when they are young and then be supported by the poor sap White Betas who keep society going.

So in a way it's an ideal female society and the more enslaved and ostracized the Betas are the better the society to women.

You may notice feminists don't speak out a lot against Alpha behavior if the Alphas are non-white. They do speak out against marriage, a Beta institution, and they support women having sexual expression when young, which encourages women to pursue irresponsible and 'exciting' young men, i.e. Alphas.

The contrast between speech and action on the part of feminists only confuses Beta men, responsible men. It doesn't confuse women or Alpha men who don't expect consistency from women.

Many alphas in history, Roosevelt, Stanley, were poor physical specimens, but they surely were alpha, no?

You can be a poor specimen and be an Alpha but what really matters is there is a big difference between what men see as Alpha and what women see as Alpha.

Most men would be scornful of the drug dealing black city guy that a 16 year old white girl from the country hooks up with but that is exactly what girls do in one form or another. These types of guys are not Alphas to other men, but they are in the genetic sense - they spread their seed, they get the girls. Just think back to who the pretty 15 year old girls went out with in high school.

Muslims or criminals automatically get extra Alpha points. They do what they want, have hair trigger tempers and are unpredictable and are controlling. It's what young women respond to on a primal level.

Are beautiful young Swedish women getting together with Somali Muslim men who already have another wife? Read Irish Savant's blog and find out.

And White men let it happen, which marks White men as severe Betas and therefore not spawn-worthy.

The only solution is the one we all know is coming. The weak Whites will be bred out of existence. Those remaining will have to become more militaristic or be basically enslaved.

clonycavan said...

Thank you Savant. You are absolutely correct about how our academics and intellectuals have let down ordinary people and failed to protect them eg by imparting a cautious and appropriate suspicion of the motives of complete strangers with opaque backgrounds.
'White people [and especially women] owed him something'. Not true.
Remember, the Americans got the slaves, but we've got the slave traders. Very few europeans owe africans anything; maybe some ex-pats from Happy Valley, if there's any still alive.

johan said...

Savant. Stories like this are commonplace all over Europe.

Yes, get out the pitchforks and head for the castle!

Anonymous said...

Here's the VIDEO link to this story.

...and, SAVANT please try to link back more often to your vintage posts.

Many new readers may be unaware of these "nuggets" of info, and regular readers, like myself, are always in need of a refresher. ;)

Anonymous said...

We the Americans owe niggers nothing. Half a million men gave their lives in our civil war to put an end to slavery. Do niggers appreciate that? Not one bit. They still use it as an excuse yet are the only people on earth who still practise slavery. In the shithole called Haiti you can buy a 10 year old girl for $200. It is they who owe us untold trillions for the amount of chaos, mayhem, and destruction they cause here. Every single city, town, or neighbourhood they inhabit is a cesspool of filth and lawlessness. Not some, not most, EVERY SINGLE ONE. Your average nigger in America has 3-4 children with 3-4 different women and the nigger beast takes care of none of them. They are a violent, savage, irresponcible,ignorant and cursed race. EVERYTHING THEY TOUCH TURNS TO SHIT.I truly believe that here in America we are heading for a race war. White people have had enough.

Anonymous said...

For those women that slept with him I have absolutely no sympathy for, they forgot the rule of avoid the groid at ALL costs and now they will pay for it for the rest of their lives, good riddance to them.

msteel said...

And who do you think is responsible for this? Who controls the media and Hollywood? I'll give you a hint. They are the founders of communism and responsible for the mass murder of some 30 million Eastern Europeans. They are also the founders of multiculturalism They are the Jews. The are the ones who promote race mixing between Niggers and Whites. Who do you think makes all the movies portraying the Nigger as a strong, intelligent hero much to be desired. It is the Jew who is out to destroy us

Anonymous said...

There is nothing worse than seeing a nigger with a white woman. How a White woman could destroy her genes by mixing with an ugly, low intelligence, wooly haired nigger is beyond understanding.It really is the Jews who are behind this.Here in America niggers are taught that they built the pyramids, Stonehenge, the Great Wall of China, the Great cities of Europe, the Mayan pyramids, "Baifhoven" and "Mozott" be black, Shakespeare was black, Cleopatra was black, Here's a good one. The original knights of Europe were black because the "night" is black. They invented the "lot bowb". air conditioner, cell phone. They invented almost everything. Yet through all this bullshit a White or Asian 6th grade student can easily out perform a 12th grade Nigger.Barely a day goes by when a gang of niggers don't attack someone White.Because of the Jewish controlled media it goes unreported in the mainstream.I truly feel sorry for what has become of us as a race. Instead of driving these nigger beasts out of our nations we have them forced on us by the Jews and their multiculturalism and in turn they devour,destroy, and live like parasites off us. We should have never stopped the Germans.

Unknown said...

I'm Black American and I'm going to be blatantly honest, this guy is ugly! In fact, most Africans are ugly.I don't care how trendy it is in some European countries to sleep with black guys, but don't they still have standards as far as appearance? The guy looks like a gorilla for christ sake! How did this low life even get a plane ticket? My guess is that he scammed someone out of cash like many West Africans do. Most of them don't bath, and have God awful breath. I'm guessing that many of these girls we're drunk at the time of intercourse, or very desperate, how else could they not know they were sleeping with a primate? Africans are uncivilized savages who live like animals. They still haven't figured out the concept of running water and land ownership. Let this be a lesson to all civilized nations, if you let wild animals roam amongst the general population, people will eventually get hurt.

SAVANT said...

@John Livingston.....thanks for your honest and fair comment. You're even harder on this guy than I was! The reason he got away with everything he did was by playing on White Guilt. The phony Jewish-developed concept that Whites are to blame for everyone's problems. Running in parallel with this is another Jewish developed meme, that non-Whites are wonderful, especially the men. The purpose here is to get White women to mate with them, thereby diluting the White race. Don't have to tell you that both projects are working just as planned.

Take care...

Anonymous said...

Sorry to ask was HIV originally diagnosed in Africa? And if no how did it got there

SAVANT said...

Yes, AIDS originated in Africa. First detected among chimpanzees it was transmitted to humans who had eaten infected flesh and, according to some less charitable analysts, through sexual congress between said 'humans' and chimps.

Anonymous said...

"Thus we made love unprotected.” No, he fucked you unprotected. Blacks have been using the race card for decades and white women have been falling for it. in 1968 I was taking the bus from LA to Monterey. An extremey comely young white woman boarded the bus and sat down. The bus mostly empty. A black guy got on looked around ans proceeed to sit next to her even though th bus was essentially empty. I wa close to enough to hear the conversation. He kept pushing for date and finally hit her with the "you won't go out with me becasue I'm black." She promptly protested, "Oh no, I:m not prejudiced, here's my number.". He put his arm around her and started trying to kiss her. Same thing "...because Im black." "Oh no ..." and started frenching him. WIse up white women. You're anoher notch on the gun.

Anonymous said...

I'm from Poland and this guy was a prominent member of leftist activist group called Nigdy Wiecej (Never More). His leftist pals even chose him to be the Man of the Year. He was also responsible for creating a list of banned symbols for football matches in Poland, that included many conservative and patriotic symbols, but none communist. It was later implemented by the local football federation. These girls were probably leftists that thought that having bare sex with a black guy would be "progressive" and "antiracist".

Anonymous said...

He should have been tried and then burned at the stake on a live public broadcast with his 'poem' as the soundtrack!

People make sure your daughters, nieces etc. read these stories and understand what is going on here! This vile idiocy must be iradicated!

cytotec said...

Thank you very much for sharing information that will be much helpful for making coursework my effective.

Teacher said...

I am not a racist, but I have come to the conclusion that all races are not equal. The truth is so brazen that all the pc shit cannot suppress it. Africa has innumerable opportunities but Africans are synonymous to rape, free lunch, Aids, scamming, corruption, violent crime and savagery.

Indeed there are intelligent blacks in Africa, but they have not come up with solutions that makes Africa compete with other nations.

Global problems are numerous but who is behind the solution, the White Europeans,Americans, the Jews, China and Japan. I am not condoning the crimes committed by American and European Whites, but Europe and America are behind all the technological and Scientific progress today.