Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Make the burka mandatory

I swear, when I see things like this I feel like becoming a Muslim.


Anonymous said...


Once again, you have made a much-needed big fat smile stretch across my face. Thanks, Charley

Rob said...

If that second one wouldn't wear a burka, maybe she'd let someone tattoo one on her.

openyoureyes said...

Welcome to the new face of respectability.

Remember when old folks had some dignity? These pictures are an example why. Social scorn and ridicule used to keep down the excesses, but now there are government agencies that prosecute people who say hurtful things to the wrong type of people, those type of people.

In my own native California, on a Sunday afternoon, one can be treated to a parade of convict looking gentlemen with woman who look like they swing around and collect dollar bills when the sun goes down.

Its not all gangsters and tramps though, we have our fair share of overly obese people who tool around in state bought and payed for mechanical wheelchairs with an air of entitlement and righteous indignation and woe unto to he who seeks to charge their overly fat ass double fair for being doubly sized.

So everything is nice and everything is grand until one day the checks stop coming and then things aren't going to be so grand anymore.

At that point, old people can stop trying to look so young and vital. They can start to assume their rightful positions again as mentors and wizened leaders, instead of desperate fools looking to recapture a fleeting youth.

SAVANT said...

openyoureyes - actually you touch on some key issues here. I put up this post for a bit of levity but I also wanted to illustrate the excesses of our fast-disappearing civilisation.

George said...


Anonymous said...

at my age i think i would hit on granny the tatoo queen,John old rtd chicago copper

John McNeill said...

I've had my own doubts about whether or not our race and culture can be saved. Perhaps Islam is the only alternative to the Western Left.

Note this is not an endorsement of Islam; I still don't care for it. But I just think that if came down to a war between the Left and Islam; I can't help but feel a desire for burning vengeance against the pathology that is responsible for the fall of my people.

Anonymous said...

my statement about hitting on tatto grannie is to be restated, i think grannie is hot but i also relish rancid hamburger and milk 3 months past its exporation date. john old rtd chicago copper.

Anonymous said...

"I swear, when I see things like this I feel like becoming a Muslim."

I don't care what I see. I'm NEVER becoming a Muslim.