Thursday, 25 February 2010

Epic Beard Man: The main lesson

I presume by now you’ll have seen the Epic Beard Man video as it’s become something of an Internet sensation over the last few weeks. If not, it can be summarized as black thug makes unprovoked attack on elderly white man on a bus in Oakland CA, and gets soundly thrashed for his trouble. MySAS gives extensive video coverage here.

The outcome is very gratifying in showing that not every white man has been conditioned to take racial abuse lying down. However, there’s a major lesson to be drawn from this event as well.

Consider the following: A black thug, a convicted murderer, makes an unprovoked attack on an elderly white man. This includes punching him and pulling a knife. A black female so-called student captures everything on camera. She urges on the thug with open racist venom – ‘whip his white ass’ – and then steals the man’s property after he leaves.

In such circumstances would she not be greatly concerned about prosecution for racist hate crime and robbery arising from an assault? Keep her identity secret and flee the bus?

Not a bit of it. She calls out to the thug that ‘I got it all on camera. You want to sue or press charges?’ And just in case there’s any identity confusion, she sticks her own ugly mug on camera at the end of it.

It underlines in dramatic fashion the extent to which so-called white privilege has been turned on its head in the space of a few decades. That blacks’ sense of entitlement has become so entrenched that even after committing criminal assault and robbery their first reaction is to cry victimhood and shake down whitey.

What a world we’ve created.


Anonymous said...

yeah, that's so true. No lessons learned. Check out the interview by a white TV reporter with the thieving racist bitch who filmed the event here

Note that not a single tough question is posed, specifically nothing about her shouting racist provocation nor stealing his property. Nothing's been learned.

Niall said...

"Next time...I fuck you up"

Such stupid bravado after taking a beating is astounding.

Thank you for providing the subtitles as I am not de-evolved (devolved?) enough to understand. I guess my ability to use verbs and proper sentence construction is a hindrance.

'He leakin' etc etc

On another note, do you think if I had (approximately) 57 previous convictions, was caught on camera holding an axe and throwing stones/missiles at my neighbours and the Gardai, I would also receive a suspended sentence such those 'people' in Mullingar?

Anonymous said...

Niall - I couldn't agree more re the knackers. One law for them and another for the rest of us. The judges should be put in prison.

RegThe Hedge said...

The whole thing started cause the white man asked the negro how much it cost for a spit shine.
There are some serious racial connotations there.
God knows I'm no friend of the African but fair is fair.

Anonymous said...

Indeed. It is an indisputable fact that American black culture commends "gettin' over," which is black jargon for obtaining quick, unearned financial gain at the expense of the system, be it through sham litigation, welfare, or oftentimes, blatant dishonesty.

Anonymous said...

Reg the Hedge. This is not correct. Listen closely to the recordings. He said he was planning to get his shoes polished. It was the black who took it up, mistakenly or otherwise, the way you suggest.

In fact I'd agree with you if that had been the case.

Anonymous said...

either way im glad the nigger got hos ass kicked. john old rtd chicago copper/

Anonymous said...

ot, but interesting article:

"First and foremost, I am an evolutionary psychologist. On the basis of my understanding of the theory and research in this field, my view is that everyone has ethnic interests — including people of European descent. A great many other identifiable groups in multicultural America have a strong sense of ethnic identity and interest. Quite a few departments on this campus are devoted to strengthening the ethnic identity of non-whites and articulating their interests. But explicit expressions of white European-American identity and interests are condemned as indicating moral turpitude or even psychiatric impairment.

This is a completely unnatural state of affairs — the result of a prolonged assault on the legitimacy of these concepts by politically and ethnically motivated elites that have dominated public discourse on issues of race and ethnicity since before World War II and especially since the 1960s."

openyoureyes said...

I listened to the post fight interview with the EBM. He said he was talking to his white friend telling him how he was going to "have his boy" shine his shoes for him, because he was going to go to his mothers funeral. This ebonic grand master thought he was talking about a black boy, so he started up with EBM and EBM being a crazy, ex-Vietnam vet, didn't back down and the rest is history.

Irishreactionary said...

'What a world we've created'

Savant, the political elites, infected with multicultis during the hippie era, created this world. Most of the few rational people who reisted this disease had no say in devising the policies that led to present circumstances. Fine blogs such as yours and Sailer's are counteracting this malady but I fear it is still spreading. Until the a cure can be devised, the downfall of civilization beckons.

SAVANT said...

Irishreactionary... I agree it's spreading and that is why I think the forthcoming economic holocaust about to hit Ireland (and possibly the rest of the West) could be a good thing in that it might make people start to question the bullshit they've been indoctrinated with for years.

Anonymous said...

was in ireland back in 60s where the educated irish castigated me as a yank about the civil rights struggle in america, my answer alaways was how many do you want we can send you some. guess what itcame true and now where are the political correct people from that time. probably throwing rocks at the kaffirs. john old rtd. chicago copper.

reveal1912 said...

Why can't he just shine massa's shoes like he is told.

NR said...

The lesson for white nationalists is that it takes a crazy bearded Vietnam vet named Tom to stand up to the black man. White men should grow a beard and be crazy like Tom.

Anonymous said...

To be fair, I saw this vid posted on a black hip-hop site & all the (presumably) black commenters were cheering on the old white guy.


Anonymous said...

That's a surprising thing to hear J Pot.

Anonymous said...

at PC Diversity UC Berkley, In CA, Black Students are rioting , attacking police, throwing bottles - all because they are upset that some white students mocked Black history month and one person hung a hangmans noose, in response to their press conference.
the point is that Blacks resort to violence and soil their own nest. Just because someone calls you a name doesnt mean you have the right to go into a full fledged attack.
I am happy though because the College deserves the rioting after they have bent over for non whites for so long.
bring it on. I wonder how the Black Brats are going to do in the job world with a criminal record?

kulak said...

The lesson for white nationalists is that it takes a crazy bearded Vietnam vet named Tom to stand up to the black man. White men should grow a beard and be crazy like Tom.

Nerds can think of this as typed amba-lambda calculus.

Jean C. said...

That "incident" didn't happen in LA. It happened on an AC Transit bus in Oakland, California (the San Francisco Bay Area). AC Transit....Alameda County Transit. I lived in Oakland for something like 25 years and once rode those buses to work in San Francisco. We escaped not long after graffiti saying "Get A White Guy" was found on telephone poles all up and down MacArthur Blvd. in Oakland a half a block from my house.

SAVANT said...

Thanks for the correction Jean C. - I've amended the post.

Anonymous said...

One reason that "political correctness", "diversity", affirmative action, ect. have been so pushed since the 1960's is that some minorities, black people for sure, were truly discriminated against in those days and they were getting pretty mad. Truly with what was going on in those days who could blame them. Most of you on this blog probably weren't even alive in those days, but here are a few things that I remember.

In 1965 I was temporarily living in Chicago and I got a job with an insurance company. Now having lived in California, a place in which there was more integration in schools and employment I was shocked at how shocked the people at the insurance company were that a black person had been hire to work in the mail room. He was the first and only at that time black person working there. He was also a very nice easy-going intelligent guy who knew how to get along with people, but those white people were still upset that a black person had been hired.

In 1980 I had a roommate who was herself very prejudiced against blacks tell me what she had learned about discrimination against blacks in employment. She, who was normally very prejudiced was actually quite upset about it. She worked for an employment agency. She had a couple of very smart, professional looking and acting black clients, one was male and one was female. Both of them were very qualified for the jobs they were sent to interviews on and in fact were such good candidates that they were practically an employers dream. The potential employers alsways said that they would have hired those candidates, but somehow they always hired someone else for those jobs. She said there were code words that companies used to indicate not to send them any blacks. One such code word, I remember was "front office appearance", but it wasn't the only one. This person who had been embarrassingly (to me) prejudiced again blacks, became very upset and angry about the prejudice that blacks had to face in the job market and this was in California, which had much more integration in schools and neighborhoods than Chicago for many years, even back in the mid-fifties.

Black people did face a lot of discrimination at one time, but in an effort to equalize things they get unfair advantage these days. Hopefully everything will eventually equal and fair to all groups, no affirmative action, no discrimination based on race, religion, ect. If not the majority population will eventually see through the brainwashing that has come from "political correctness" and there will be a lot more angry white people. The sad thing is that they will be angry at the blacks and that will be misplaced anger. They need to be angry at the people who make these laws and do more to legally equalize things.