Monday, 28 December 2009

Whoopee - Joe's found another war!

“Iraq was yesterday's war. Afghanistan is today's war. If we don't act pre-emptively, Yemen will be tomorrow's war"
Yes folks, Smokin’ Joe Lieberman is on the warpath yet again. Like all the rest of the Vietnam-dodging chicken hawks he’s always full of fight. Providing he or his aren't doing the fighting.

The minute I read of the Nigerian Islamic plane burning incident I knew that the US ‘defence’ industry would see an opportunity. Not an opportunity to do anything about the real dangers of course, but an opportunity to launch another war that will use lots and lots of weapons and provide lots and lots of business for the Blackwaters and Halliburtons of this world.

Just what the US needs.... heading towards bankruptcy, embroiled in two unwinnable wars and an earlier humiliating in Somalia – all enthusiastically supported by Joe. But then – to me at least - US needs aren't paramount in his mind. He, with his dual American/Israeli citizenship, holds the unique position of being in effect Likud’s ambassador to the US while heading the Senate Committee on Homeland Security. ..
How daft does it get?
Fact is, America is bleeding blood and treasure, as it always has done, to fight Israel’s enemies in the Middle East. Don’t forget that Lieberman is also an enthusiastic supporter of using American men and money to attack Iran as well.

Lieberman is the best politician that money can buy. He’s paid his dues by emasculating the health bill (no bad thing in itself, pity about the motivation) at the behest of his (and his wife’s) paymasters in the health industry. And now he’s taking his marching orders from his political masters in Tel Aviv.

He’s laughing all the way to the bank.

He doesn’t worry. And he’s right. It’s probable that the American sheeple can be bamboozledyet again by the MSM into flying the flag and supporting this war, just like they were on all the others.

I'm convinced that in a hundred years time – if the Neocons’ wars haven’t finished us all of by then, that historians will look back and ask, in total bewilderment, how did the American people allow themselves to be so blatantly manipulated to enthusiastically participate in their own demise?

An afterthought: If the chickenhawk Neocons really want to fuck up Yemen, why don’t they deport all their Wall St. paymasters there? If they did a tenth of the damage they’ve done to the US they’d be better than a hundred conventional armies.


OneStonedCrow said...

You know ... you verbalized the biggest question on my mind:

" ... how did(do)the American people allow themselves to be so blatantly manipulated to enthusiastically participate in their own demise?"

... it's mind-boggling ...

Anonymous said...

Like most of the Occidental world, Americans are too busy watching TV. At work the talk is never about the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts, or the fact that Blair duped us. Nor is it about immigration (too tabboo), the economy, global warming or anything else of substance. Nope, what really interests 90% of my colleagues is the X Factor, Eastenders, 'Corrie' and Strictly Come Dancing.

Bread and circuses?

Anonymous said...

Dear Savant,

I notice of late, you have taken a tougher stance against our Jewish 'friends' in the arena of international interfering and manipulation. A stance I wholeheartedly agree with, but what was the catalyst for this epiphany?

SAVANT said...

anon - I've referred to this in a comment to the previous post on AA. Anyway, here's what I said:

"There's a common theme in this blog that I'm 'pro-Jewish'. I'm not. I'm neither pro nor anti.

The confusion comes from the fact that I acknowledge that Jews reach prominence in every field due to high intelligence and strong work ethic. That's why they're ahead of us gentiles - and maybe aided by some ethnic solidarity.

That's fully consistent with my views on the role of IQ generally. I also doubt a 'Jewish plot' simply because you'll get Jews on both sides of every argument. There possibly are Jews at the head of the Illuminati, if there is such a thing, but that's because they're at the head of everything!

And I bet you'll also find that the Illuminati's most effective opponents are Jewish!

Anonymous said...

Savant, google Alan Kuperman for further calls of war in defense of Israel. He is a professor at the Univ of Texas that was allowed space in "America's newspaper of record", the NY Times. Kuperman penned an op-ed on Christmas Eve that called for the American military to bomb Iran.

You should also check out Prof. Steve Walt's reply.

Cui bono?

One would think that these people would be humbled by their previous calls for war in muslim lands that have cost America so dearly.

nate said...

Stop it Lieberman. We've already had enough of the opportunists from your side, thank you very much. Now go back to making sure we all stay si/ck and the Insurance Co's stay rich. That's what you're good at.

Snowman said...

Joe's advise on foreign policy can be summed up as, be Israel's mercenaries as they conquer new colonies, and don't worry about how many enemies that earns us.

Anonymous said...

The interesting question when talking to these Likud nuts is to ask which host these bastards are going to jump onto when they manage to bleed everything we (the US and UK) have in pursuit of their interests.

If they think the Chinese are going to put up with their shit, they've got another thing coming. The resource-rich Russians will throw them out on their ear so fast, they'll be begging for the pogroms. The UK, since Cromwell, has probably had their fill of Zionism. Like the US Senate, the House of Lords is chock full of the fuckers. France has far too many Algerians and other mud people who've had first-hand dealings with them. They might leach off the Germans for a few decades, but the efficient Teutons won't put up with it very long. India will subsume them. Canada will take some of them, but they'll have to be content with ice fishing and snowmobiling. The Canadians are certainly not going to arm them to the teeth. South America has always had a contingent, but too many low-IQ's to gain much momentum.

In short, Lieberman may be laughing all the way to the bank, but his grandkids won't be. They'll be screaming about how misunderstood Jewry is, and how everyone just hates them, and they just can't figure out why.....

Anonymous said...

Another slew of anti-semitism. A pity, as this site has so much to offer.

Anonymous said...

"...Yemen will be tomorrow's war..."

Whoooh, for a minute there I thought we were going to run out of wars.

openyoureyes said...

Where Joe really wants us to go is to fuck up Hezbollah for Israel. Israel got the shit spanked out of them last incursion, so they cannot allow Hezbollah to exist. So since Hezbollah gets the majority of their support from Iran you now know who is next on the docket for military incursion.

This is a mess, and the fact some piece of shit country in the middle east can wield so much power in the world in excess of their numbers is the reason why antisemitism will continue to grow as people eventually wake up and realize that this is not a world that welcomes them to the party except as the disposable "help".

And to your point that Jews can be found on both sides of an argument is true. But the fact is one side will be overwhelmingly represented as opposed to the other. Jews take great pleasure in "stirring up the apple cart" and do it amongst themselves often to the tolerance of the majority.

They recognize that insular thinking becomes stale and inflexible, that new insights keep things fresh and moving forward. But we did just fine before Jewish thought and influence. We managed to start and industrial revolution, invent just about everything worth anything and make steady progress in our conquering of natures mysteries. Now we're chasing our tails, scattered three sheets to the wind and tremble as we await the next shoe to drop.

This has to and WILL change. Jewish influence in society is at its peak with only downside left to go. Everything is cyclical, so they should enjoy the ride while it lasts, because it never lasts for ever.

"All great victories are fleeting"-unknown-.

Anonymous said...

openyoureyes says "And to your point that Jews can be found on both sides of an argument is true. But the fact is one side will be overwhelmingly represented as opposed to the other"

I doubt that's true. It seems that there are more Jews opposed to the Likudites than there are supporting them. Hard to qualtify I know, but it's surely not correct to say they're 'overwhelmingly represented"

W Baker said...

Anonymous 29/09 1:00 said:

"Another slew of anti-semitism. A pity, as this site has so much to offer."

I don't think anyone said anything about the Arabs, some of the Ethiopians, or some Asians - ALL Semites.

It's about time some decent Arabs - there're a few civilized ones in Lebanon and a few in Egypt - started an international campaign to take their fucking share of the word back.

Pardon the etymological rant, but I'm sick of seeing discussions being ended by "magic" words, e.g., racist, anti-semite, sexist, etc.

As to Openyoureyes, I think you're right. The IDF has gotten soft in fighting (relying far too much on US war technology). Of course, they're just as fucking sadistic in incarceration and torture as they ever were (the whole harvesting of organs, etc.). Hezbollah did kick their ass the last time Israel invaded southern Lebanon and would do it again, if Israel drags up another specious "captured" soldier scenario.

Persia, oh, and Yemen, here we come....

Anonymous said...

neo-conservatives and neo-liberals are both cut from the same cloth and both need to be resisted....

There are plenty of truly patriotic Jews in America who despise the likudniks, but unfortunatley via Wall Street, the likudniks have the funding and media access to get their political positions aired and propagadacized.

Yemen simply needs to be destabalized CIA-style, with us playing various factions off against one another, perhaps with a black-op or two designed to kill a few particularily troublesome players there. There is no need to have an outright war with them.

Converting an enemy to see things your way, or getting two potential enemies to fight each other, is a hell of a lot cheaper than fighting them both. We need to rediscover the arts of diplomacy by eshewing the neo-cons. Bring back Keenan diplomacy.

Nemesys said...

Who could possibly support them? China? Good luck blending in with the Chinese.

There gets to be a point where one burns so many bridges that they become hopelessly marooned.

China is the new host. Jews have set up India as a host - but India is too chaotic to successfully infest. Plus - Indians, like every-one else, excepting idiotic White Americans, already on to 'em.

There was that attack in Bombay. Remember that? Total slaughter. It's not much talked about, cause the Holohoax guilt trip scam gets no play at all with the Indians. Muslim Indians HATE Jews. Cause they are Muslims. The beliefs of the Hindu Indians basically regards whatever happens - good bad or indifferent - as your Karma. They are NOT gonna fight and die to serve the Jew. The authorities basically laughed in the faces of Die Judenraus, when Die Judenraus tried to pull the "Oy Vey! The Sufferink! Vere vas G-d?" routines, after Bombay.

China is the new host. The Chinese are possibly even more racist than Jews. Jews are interbreeding with Chinese now.....but I don't think it's gonna work. The Chinese are using Jews, in order to achieve world rule, but they are well aware of Jew highjinks. The Chinese are absolutely vicious, and regard "Human Rights" as despicable weakness. I'll bet the Mandarin Chinese eventually round up and slaughter any Chinese Jews, when the time comes.

I hope I live long enough to watch the fun. Jew vs. China.

I'll put my fiat script on China.

Anonymous said...

Nemesys - you are one deranged bastard. Put your Nazi insignia and jackboots back in the wardrobe, that's a good boy!

Anonymous said...

Israel is the dog and the USA is the tail...

dog wags tail

regards from and american

Anonymous said...

Nazi accussations. That'll shut them up. Tried and trusted eh

Anonymous said...

you'll get Jews on both sides of every argument.

Jews in America and Canada have only been on one side of the immigration issue.

Californian said...

An afterthought: If the chickenhawk Neocons really want to fuck up Yemen, why don’t they deport all their Wall St. paymasters there? If they did a tenth of the damage they’ve done to the US they’d be better than a hundred conventional armies.

This gave me a well-needed chuckle. It is amazing that Obama, who came in on as the Great White Hope of the left, ends up marching an army into Afghanistan.

Anonymous said...

'Jews on both sides of the argument.'

So, this seems to be established beyond argument. Now, what better way to control the outcome of the argument, than to control both sides of it.

Anonymous said...

W Baker said:

"Pardon the etymological rant, but

It would be a lot easier to pardon
if it wasn't an ignorant rant.

Long story short, the word was not
meant to refer to some mythical
"Semitic" race, but to Jews. Don't
like it? Too bad, go learn another
language. In (American) English,
we park in a driveway and drive
down a parkway. Get over it.
Semitic is a language group, not a
racial one.

As far as Jews being responsible
for all of the American wars,
Jews voted against Bush and for
Obama. The numbers are usually
between 2/3 and 3/4 of Jews voting
for the liberal and against war.

As Savant says, Jews are smart and
energetic, so they tend to rise to the top of all sides. Same is true
with Whites, you tend to find
Whites as intellectual leaders on
all sides. Blacks are almost never
the intellectual force behind
anything, except some kinds of music. Asians have high IQs but
are less energetic (it seems, I
could be convinced otherwise) so
they're less inventive.

European Jews are a kind of White
anyways. I don't see how anyone can think otherwise, unless
there's some contorted definition of 'White' specifically designed
to exclude European Jews.

Israelieejit said...

Such a load of fucking bullshit, especially from the Nazi bastards who posted.

Joe Lieberman does not have Israeli citizenship.

How the fuck would a war in Yemen benefit Israel??
We didnt ask anyone to go into Iraq or Afghanistan. In fact, Israel was the only country that offered intelligence stating Iran was the beast and not Iraq. That this intelligence was ignored isnt our problem.

Hizbollah didnt give us a "good whooping". They lost 500-600 men. We could have just carpet-bombed the whole of southern Lebanon as the 'Allied' did in Bosnia/Serbia war.

Its about time some of you grew up. Start taking responsibily for the shit you're living with and dont blame others.

J. Flowers said...

Neocons actually believe that establishing institutions in non-european countries will enable them to adopt american culture. What a joke. Besides, american culture will be prety unattractive ion a few decades- there won't be much reason to export it then. I reccomend a thorough reading of 'Farewell to alms' by Gregory Clark for Lieberman and his pals. Look at all of the former British African colonies-the natives had plenty of time to absorb british values and customs.

kvangan said...

Israelieejit is 100% correct in everything he says. Listen up, you retards!

hieronymous said...

I think it's important to distinguish between on the one hand Jews/Israelis, and on the other the Likudniks. Most Jews and Israelis don't like them or support them.

Anonymous said...

The internet's a bitch isn't it. You gotta keep going round putting out all these fires with words like nazi bastards and retards. The sooner Zog gets control of it the better. Save some precious time for you

Anonymous said...

I was waiting for Godwin's law to come out. (Godwin's law states that: "As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1.")

Let me see if understand several of the posts here: the neoconservative/neoliberal members of PNAC, the intellectual standard behind our unconstitutional invasion of Iraq - many of whom studied under Leo Strauss at the University of Chicago - most of whom are Jewish and/or have heavy ties to Israel - missed geography class and meant to invade Iran rather than Israel.

Saddam's weapons, which everyone knows massively increased during the 9-year UN embargo where 500,000 women and children perished, were actually Iranian Shahab and Zelzal rockets with a unbelievable ranges of one or two hundred kilometers. Look out Paris and London. (Incidentally, we know these 500,000 murders were worth it because Madeleine Albright, a poor adopted Jewess, who was made to take Communion for years in the Episcopal Church, declared it so on US national tv.)

Hoping to clarify things, Rahm Israel Emanuel, a good fourth-generation Irish boy from Kansas, having never heard of the Irgun, much less any paternal involvement, is now the Chosen One's Chief of Staff and will set right this misguided error and invade the real threat to America: Iran. (Parenthetically, O'Emanuel, was kind enough to introduce Mr Obama, hallowed be his name, to the kind folks at AIPAC during his election. And Mr Obama, glory to thee, has seen the error of his previous statements in support of the evil Palestinians.) Anyway, these Persian Hitlers, have had the hutzpah to try to refine uranium to fission grade and have done the outrageous thing of allowing international nuclear inspections (IAEA). And we all know just how easy it is to refine uranium upwards to weapons grade. In fact everyone, deep down, knows that uranium is uranium. That whole Manhattan project, involving Oak Ridge, Hanford, Fermi, Las Alamos, and 26 other sites with thousands of scientists and technicians was just a circle jerk and is easily replicated in the deserts of Iran - of course, with the careful coverup of the IAEA.

And let's not forget who is the real patsy in this whole mess: Israel. They don't have a single nuclear weapon, and if someone says so, like Vanunu, they promptly deal with him for libel. (They kindly asked him to spend years in solitary confinement, and, by gosh, they were so nice, he agreed. Imagine!) In fact, Israel has signed every international treaty regarding nuclear energy, both domestic and military, and is a model citizen in the human rights arena. Heck, just check with the UN. They have done their best to live peaceably with these people who showed up on their doorstep in 1948 and had the gaul to declare that had been there for the better part of a millennium. Indeed, the Israelis have been so kind to these savage, stone throwing bastards that they set them up in their own little compounds and generously dole out their water, food, and trade - whether they need it or not....

So the reality is that having made the geographical mistake of killing hundreds of thousands of Iraqis in the past two decades and chasing some Wahhabi nutcase through the tulip fields of Afghanistan, we should have listened to the saintly Mossad and invaded the Persians.

Israelieejit said...

Likudniks probably have the best chance of reaching a peace agreement with the Palestinans.
It was Menahem Begin, the Likudnik, who made peace with Egypt's Anwar Sadaat.

Those fanatic Imams hiding in Yemen are targeting the U.S. not Israel. The radical Imam who preached in Virginia and later fled to Yemen was Guru to some of the 9/11 bombers as well as the Fort Worth terrorist.
The training camps in Pakistan and Afghanistan are hatching terrorists to target Europe and the U.S., not Israel.
Israel is not affected by these training camps or fanatic imams.
If your countries decide to go in and deal with the problem, dont blame Israel, it has nothing to do with us.
We are dealing with our own problems.

Israelieejit said...

U.S. drones behind attack in Yemen

DEBKAfile's counter-terror sources report that the air strike in eastern Yemen Thursday, Dec. 24, which left more than 30 dead, was in fact a US drone attack which wiped out a large part of al Qaeda's leadership in Yemen and Saudi Arabia.

Among them were two high-ranking Yemeni al Qaeda operatives Saud al Qahtani, Mohammed Amir, al Qaeda's commander in Saudi Arabia, Saad Shahani, and Anwar al Awkali, the American imam who preached to US. Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, the gunman who murdered 13 US military personnel at Ford Hood, Texas last month.

They were all meeting at a hideout in the province of Shabwa, some 650 km east of the capital, Sanaa. Nasser al-Wahishi, al Qaeda's commander-in-chief in the Arabian peninsula, was there too but escaped harm.

Awkali, who praised Maj. Hasan for killing Americans, was imam of the Dar al-Hijrah mosque attended also by three of the 9/11 hijackers.

The al Qaeda leadership was meeting to plan revenge for the Dec. 17 raids in the capital Sanaa and the southern province of Abyan, in which 34 jihadis were killed and 17 arrested. Yemen claimed the two air attacks, but DEBKAfile's military sources attribute both to US pilotless aerial vehicles.

The White House did not deny reports that the first attack was ordered by President Barack Obama in person.

Our military sources add that the Yemeni authorities are highlighting successes, real or inflated, against al Qaeda to divert attention from their serious reverses against the Iran-backed Houthi separatist rebellion in the North, notwithstanding Saudi military intervention, US assistance and, as DEBKAfile now reports, the recent arrival of a Moroccan commando unit.

Anonymous said...

Israelieedjit is confused. Iran is the NEXT war - once Yemen has been flattened.

W Baker said...

I find it incredible that Israelieejit is either so misinformed or willfully ignorant that he would claim that the discontent and radicalism in the Muslim world has 'nothing to do with Israel'.

Obviously, he hasn't read anything bin Laden has written in the past 9 years nor watched any al Jazeera. These crazy bastards don't hate us for our "freedoms" and way of life, they hate us because of what Israel does to the Palestinians day in and day out and because of the US presence in Saudi Arabia (what bin Laden calls the country of mosques) and other countries and our (the US') support of corrupt, middle eastern regimes (Egypt, House of Saud, Jordan, Saddam, etc.)

Anonymous said...

Agreed. It's insane to think that Israel isn't a if not the the - major source of anger in the Muslim world.


Of course the region's rulers ham up the Israeli angle to draw attention away fro their own follies.

Israelieejit said...

W Baker & Anon

It is the pair of you who are showing your great ignorance.

As if ANY of the Arab countries give a shit about the Palestinians. What a joke!

Believe me, if Israel did not exist, the Moslems would still be wreaking terror throughout the world and plotting for the return of their great caliphate.

Next you'll be claiming that all the terror explosions in Pakistan are also Israel's fault.

openyoureyes said...

How about the fact that Israel had been hit be Saddams missiles back in 91? You can not convince me to my satisfaction that Israel didn't collectively have a wry smile at the thought of one more enemy down the tubes, such is their paranoia (rightfully felt).

Also, Israel went in during the 80s and had to bomb that nuclear power plant in Iraq, so Israel did not shed ANY tears for Saddam in fact, as long as they have us as their goon, their patsy, their fall guy they don't care what we do in the middle east because A. it deflects attention from them and B. it cements their relationship with the US who finds itself increasingly marginalized.

Israel is going to be toast, it's not a matter of if, but when. We went in and occupied the middle east during the crusades and were eventually deposed, the same will happen with Israel. The US just needs to distance itself from Israel and have a more balanced, hands off approach with the various players in the Middle East.

With the Arabs we get oil, with Israel we get nothing but grief.

SAVANT said...

I agree with israelieedjit that Arab rulers don't give a damn about the Palestinians and in fact welcome the ongoing trouble because it enables them to deflect attention from their own misdeeds. However, in my personal experrience the man in the street does care and it's a source of great anger towards the west and America in particular.

I definitely feel that the US is getting all the negatives and none of the positives from the 'special relationship'.

I also fear that Israel could in fact be 'toast' if it persists with the geographical expansion. Being an armed minority in hostile territory has been shown time and again to have no future. This disastrous policy in my mind is driven by the religious fanatics who seem to be taking over politics in Israel.

W Baker said...

It's been a while since I was in Ireland, but last time I was there, 'eejit' was slang for idiot. Israelieejit, I'll leave you with your self-chosen name....

Anonymous said...

How can the US distance itself from Israel. Pat Buchanan said that Capitol Hill was Israeli territory. You'd need to overthrow the US government in a coup.

Anonymous said...

The only thing that will enable the US to distnace itself from Israel is if the Israelis and/or the Jews in the US push things so far that the american people rise up. This could be further enabled by a new major financial or economic crisis which would turn the spotlight on the people behind the problems.

henry IX said...

The common enemy is the Muslim menace to Europe. We need all the help we can get. US and Israel are on OUR SIDE!

Wake up you guys!

Anonymous said...

Obama like his predecessor Bush is pushing for Turkish membership of the EU so they are not on our side. The US state is introducing measures like the hate crime bill, and the health care bill that are hostile to white Americans. Its the same all over. I know nothing about the Serbian government but I get the feeling they are the only government of a white majority country who might put their own people first.

Anonymous said...

What about Georgia? That was another one where the Israelis tried to drag in the americans.

charley322 said...

Good point about the Turkish EU entry. This would suit the Americans and the Israelis. But can you just imagine what 80 million Muslims in Europe would mean? And Turkey is getting more fundamentalist by the day.

Anonymous said...

1.(evil)international jewry
2.homegrown Western treason/apathy
3.islamic fundamentalists/birthrates

all not good

remove the mainstream media shroud for the full truth

Israelieejit said...

1) Yes, I heard and felt plenty of scud missiles falling during the first Gulf War.
Many of you may have forgotten that although the Iraqi army didnt lift a finger against the Allied invasion, Saddam Hussein still claimed that HE had won the war. Arabs always claim victory even when they're flattened. Bush senior was perceived as "weak" for not finishing off the job.
To even the score, when a slight opportunity arose, Bush junior dashed into Iraq.

2) Why would Israel want Turkey to be in the EU? What do we care?
Up until recently, there had been a good relationship and cooperation between the 2 countries, but its becoming less of a secular country, leaning towards fanatical Islam. Their inclusion would be downright terrible for Europe.

3) Georgia? What the hell are you talking about? Go look at a map.

4) Savant, we may indeed end up as toast, but Europe is already being slowly eaten away by the Moslem invasion. As they overtly claim, their aim is for the crescent flag over Westminster, the White House and everywhere in-between. I prefer to take my chances here.

5) The "Jews are ruling America" drivel is tiresome and childish.

6) To W Baker - you're a sicko. The IDF does not and has never killed Palestinians for their organs. Our soldiers are not sadistic. How many of your American soldiers have been court-martialed for their sadistic activities in Iraq? Rape, sadistic incarceration, Guantanamo Bay, etc? Need I remind you? I have two children in the IDF, one an officer, so I think I'm a bit more knowledgable than yourself on the IDF . Furthermore, Hizbollah penetrated into Israel and blew up two IDF vehicles, while simultaneously launching rockets at Israeli towns. They kidnapped two soldiers back into Lebanon. One of the Israeli soldiers who escaped capture was an Arab. This was more than enough reason to hit back at Hizbollah. If they try that again, we should flatten the whole region south of the Litani. Not that you'd know what the Litani is - no, this isnt your neighbourhood is it?

SAVANT said...

sraelieejit - you may well be right about Eurabia, but I still say that it's not in Israel's interest to keep occupying more land and diluting the Jewish share of the population.

My view on theTurkey/EU issue is that it would be in Israel's interest - but NOT in Europe's - to have Turkey in because it would make them less hostile to Israel if they're part of the EU.

Anonymous said...

@ israelieejit

"5) The "Jews are ruling America" drivel is tiresome and childish."

Question for you. Which USA lobby group is considered the most powerful and influential on Capitol Hill and most every Presidential hopeful must attend their annual conference?

Hint 1: It's an acronym
Hint 2: It begins with an A and ends in C and the three middle letters are I, P and A

Nevermind the almighty ACLU and the ADL !

Anonymous said...

Don't waste your time arguing with Israeli-idiot. He's probably paid to do it, though he won't get much value for money here. Strange how it always appears like a bad smell, when anything Jewish comes up on this blog.

Please watch this for yet another example of an endless list....

Israelieejit said...

Israel and Turkey have always had very good relations. Turkey has been the number one holiday spot for Israelis for years.
Israel exports security and military equipment/know-how to Turkey worth hundreds of millions dollars. This includes non-manned aircrafts, armoured vehicles, aircraft intelligence-gathering systems and much more.
The two countries also regularly took part in naval exercises.
The relationship cooled down last year during the war in Gaza, which is due to Turkey becoming more Islamic. They've also become closer to Syria. However, they realise that they need Israeli imports and tourism so are trying to mend the rift.
Most European countries are anti-Israel.

Savant, "occupying more land" is making a mountain out of a molehill. The headlines read "expansion" or "more land-grabbing" when in fact, it often means just building another school or adding another few houses on a street.
As I've already said, there is no established border between Israel and the Palestinian territories. The 1967 line is in fact the 1949 armastice line.
When determining a proper border between Israel and a future Palestinian state, there will probably be land-swaps. There are many Arab towns bordering the 1967 line that could be incorporated into the Palestinian state.
The only problem is that the Arabs themselves dont want to become part of Palestine. Most of them live in large mansion-like houses, which are normally built without planning permission or building permits. They get generous family benefit allowances for their large families, first-rate health and medical services, education and social services. Will they receive the same in a future Palestine?

Israelieejit said...

To the Anonymous bastard at Jan 7 22:59

Failed libel action costs Irving his home

The disgraced author David Irving yesterday lost a last ditch attempt to stave off the seizure of his home after the disastrous libel case which left his reputation in shreds.
A high court judge refused Irving's application to have a bankruptcy order against him lifted. Irving, 64, was declared bankrupt in March after failing to pay £150,000 in costs after he lost a libel action against charges that he was a Holocaust denier.

Irving now faces losing his flat in Mayfair, central London, which is his prime asset and his home for more than 30 years. He shares it with his partner Bente and their eight-year-old daughter Jessica. In 2000 the high court found he had falsified history to exonerate Adolf Hitler, driven by anti-semitism and his pro-Nazi views.

He had sued Penguin books and the author Deborah Lipstadt over her book which said Irving had persistently and deliberately misinterpreted and twisted historical evidence to minimise Hitler's culpability for the Holocaust. Penguin incurred costs of £2m to defend the claim. In May 2000 Irving was ordered to pay an interim amount of £150,000, but has failed to pay a penny.

Yesterday Mr Justice Peter Smith upheld the bankruptcy order granted to Penguin books in March. He ruled that Irving - who was not in court - should not be enabled to escape liability for the costs of the failed libel action.

The judge rejected two arguments raised by Irving's lawyer, Adrian Davies.

Mr Davies said Penguin was not liable for any court costs which would be covered by its parent company and insurers.

The author had offered to pay Penguin £2,000 a month towards the interim payment but this would take six years to pay, not taking into account interest charges, said the judge.

He also said there were six other charges over the home that would take precedence and that the building society that granted a £248,000 mortgage for the property may take possession proceedings now Irving has been declared bankrupt.

So much for your hero!

Anonymous said...

To Israeli Idiot,

Who isn't aware that David Irving has been hung out to dry by dubious, corrupt court findings, within the banana kingdom, known as the UK.

The Irving link was not for the benifit of Irving (he is doing just fine), but giving another example in a long line of examples, where it would seem (even Irving is shown as being genuinely surprised by his findings) of inproportionate Zionist/Marxist interference in the affairs of a small defenceless Nation, unfortunate enough to be in the sphere of influence of the USSR.

If you would care to comment on Irving's findings as opposed to sounding off like a third rate Murdoch media hack, you may find it quite eye opening, but, if truth be told, it's in your interests to keep the Goys' eyes firmly shut.

By the way, if you think I'm a bastard, then I know I'm doing something right. :¬)

Anonymous said...

Irving is a hero.

Israelieejit said...

To Anon @ 14:41

No, you're a bastard for writing "Strange how it always appears like a bad smell, when anything Jewish comes up on this blog". That in itself, is proof of what you are.
From this corner of the world I've never even heard of David Irving, so he's obviously not made much of an impact. I have no desire whatsoever to learn how he's trying to distort history to accommodate his agenda.
Why dont you come and convice my son-in-law who lost most of his family in the Holocaust that it didnt happen.

Anonymous said...

Israelieedjit - I am not saying the working to death of Jews, Slavs, criminals and political opponents didn't occur, I have no doubt it did occur. It also occurred within the Allies. I have read, that it took internetionally applied pressure from the Red Cross, to get Britain to finally repatriate POW slave workers back to their countries of origin by 1949. Well into the 50's and more often than not, never from the USSR. Millions on all sides suffered for something only an elite few had wished for.

As for David Irving it is a known fact that he is one of the most well researched of any historian and has had access to countless official documents. He has the usual Marxist detractors for the simple reason he is presenting history without that, the most hideous of modern phenomenons, i.e. Spin.

He has stated on many occasions he has no wish whatsoever, to paint Hitler or whoever, as a guy who was not always aware of the goings-on around him.
He's just publishing history that certain people don't want in the public domain, uaually people with too much influence and financial clout.

What are views on the statements he made after researching the Hungarian uprising?

I would really like to hear what it is you think I am? I bet I already have a good idea.

Israelieejit said...

To Anon @ 21:53
If David Irving denies the use of gas chambers for mass murder, I have no interest in listening to anything he says.

"I would really like to hear what it is you think I am? I bet I already have a good idea". Anon
I dont understand what you mean.

Anonymous said...


"If David Irving denies the use of gas chambers for mass murder, I have no interest in listening to anything he says."

Well, there goes that debate;... Shame.

As far as I know, I don't think he does deny it. That would be tantamount to a crime against humanity in todays rather bizarre world.

I am aware of a Jewish fella, who, I think goes by the name of David Cole, who, as far as I am aware, had to go into hiding after broadcasting online, research he had carried out at Auschwitz. Why? Simple. Look at the first paragraph at the top of this page.

Israelieejit said...

Anon @ 18:15

Stop beating around the bush, why dont you just say what you want to say.