Saturday, 26 December 2009

The solution to Affirmative Action?

Those of us who’ve opposed affirmative action have focused on its inherent unfairness and impracticality in favouring less capable/qualified people. Essentially it means showing that favouring lower qualified ‘minorities’ over white males resulted in wasted resources, reduced performance and low levels of achievement wherever it was applied, as well as being self-evidently unfair.

The Hartford fire-fighters was typical case. Would someone of lower intelligence with less inclination to work be better positioned to make crucial on-the-spot decisions such as what length hose or what power pump? Of course showing this to be both inequitable and inefficient was as easy as shooting fish in a barrel.

But it made no difference, the madness persists.

But what if we turned the whole debate on its head? What if, instead of focusing on the under-representation of under-achieving ethnic groups, we shifted the debate to the over-representation of certain ethnic groups?

Now there’s no prize for guessing which ethnic group is massively over-represented just about everywhere, business, politics, law, medicine, academia, science – everywhere except sport. Now it’s clear to me that this over-representation is due to the same factors that cause black under-representation – intelligence and work ethic (throw in a bit of ethnic solidarity as well, of course).

The supreme irony here of course is that Jews are, and always have been, at the forefront of the AA army. Replace evil white males with under-represented minorities (read blacks). But what if Jews, think the NY Times, were asked to lead by example?

What if the next time a Jewish commentator or academic insisted on more non-white representation the response were to be ‘fine. But will you step aside and while doing so agree to reduce Jews’ representation in the Senate to two Senators, have Jews represent only 2% of Harvard’s next intake, and occupy a similar ratio on the NYT editorial board?’

Needless to say it wouldn’t work in the sense that there’d be no significant change in the ratios. But it might result in Jews shifting uncomfortably in their seats and realising that this thing could cut both ways. And the one thing you can never accuse Jews of is being unrealistic!


Anonymous said...

You're100% correct. But the same problem applies - you'll get no airtime because jews control the media.

Anonymous said...

whites could learn from the jews sense of ethnic solidarity. they help each other out and pull each other up to top positions.

Anonymous said...

At one time the neoconservative Jews
were strongly opposed to AA. Then, I believe about in the late '80's, they just seemed to give up on the issue. They then shifted to a heavy concentration on foreign policy.

rastus said...

It's a good point Savant. Jews should be the most vocal in opposing AA - it's most definitly not in their interests. If we got them opposing it it'd be an incredible breakthrough.

Anonymous said...

What about that kaffir who tried to blow up the plane landing in Detroit? At least proof was shown that some Dutch DO have their ancient courage: the passenger who tackled him - Jasper Schuringa - is a Nederlander from Amsterdam.

Now let the whole nation learn from that man's example!

Anonymous said...

Too many leftie Jews are quite willing to sell out their own people. Look at Israel - media and posturing politicos willing to make suicidal concessions to the Arabs (the real enemy), while attacking the nationalist "settlers" (the real patriots).

Anonymous said...

Too many leftie Jews are quite willing to sell out their own people. Look at Israel - media and posturing politicos willing to make suicidal concessions to the Arabs (the real enemy), while attacking the nationalist "settlers" (the real patriots).

onetwothree said...

"Too many leftie Jews are quite willing to sell out their own people"

This is true. But still, if you had the majority of Jews strongly opposing AA it'd be a great bost.

Anonymous said...

Without wishing to draw any broader point, that is exactly what the Nazi's proposed as part of the 1933 election campaign - they only wanted jews in the professions (doctors, lawyers, journalists(?)) in numbers proportionate to their representation in the general population.

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Anonymous said...

Don't see why they shuld - they got the best of both worlds at the moment: the moral high ground and the beneficiaries of AA!

Anonymous said...

hoorah !

the jews have been getting an easy ride on this blog , thank god the savant has woken and smelled the coffee , not before time i might add !

SAVANT said...

There's a common theme in this blog that I'm 'pro-Jewish'. I'm not. I'm neither pro nor anti.

The confusion comes from the fact that I acknowledge that Jews reach prominence in every field due to high intelligence and strong work ethic. That's why they're ahead of us gentiles - and maybe aided by some ethnic solidarity.

That's fully consistent with my views on the role of IQ generally. I also doubt a 'Jewish plot' simply because you'll get Jews on both sides of every argument. There possibly are Jews at the head of the Illuminati, if there is such a thing, but gthat's because they're at the head of everything! And I bet you'll also find that the Illuminati's most effective opponents are Jewish!

W Baker said...


Jews made great strides, post-Renaissance - due to assimilation with European whites. They probably reached their zenith in late, 19th-Century Germany. During the great European civil wars of 'WWI' and "II", they got thrown out with the bath water.

Since then they've maintained their racial/religious solidarity and been able to recoup somewhat and resist the tsunami tide of cultural atomization of the West during and after the Cold War.

Nota bene: "solidarity".

Anonymous said...

I believe the fire-fighters you refered to in the second paragraph
were New Haven fire-fighters.

That is a very left wing and corrupt city. Those scumbags there screwed me over real good too. They should call the place Jew Haven.

Besides,if I were dumb enough to live in that dirty little city, I wouldn't want to have to depend on a group of Negroid beings to come and put out a structure fire in my neighborhood. That's a job for people who are known for building and maintaining buildings. Not for those widely known for burning them to the ground.

I white man must appeal to the supreme court Just to be allowed to live and breathe in Jew Haven.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Savant, let's apply AA across the board...I'd like to see more Mexicans playing for the Dallas Cowboys.


P Schwartz said...

Steven Farron (who is Jewish) wrote the brilliant book, 'The Affirmative Action Hoax'. An interesting point Farron makes is that quotas/AA was essentially started in the 1920's when Ivy Leagues were concerned that Jews were overrepresented. So other criteria beyond academic results were introduced (leadership ability etc) to boost wasp numbers.

Farron does an excellent job debunking Stephen Jay Gould's 'Mismeasure of Man' & Dan Goleman's 'Emotional Intelligence'. He also has an interesting article here on the disastrous decline of post colonial Africa.

Anonymous said...

There is a 4' 2" guy in the US who is a firefighter because he can do the damn job.

Hitchens in the Daily Mail had a story of an obese woman who got on the course because they needed a cretin percentage of wimmin and she almost made it except for her fear of heights.