Friday, 11 December 2009

The good ole' days

"When I were a lad, Granny would send me down to t'corner store wi' a shilling....and that's only 5 pence in today's money

and I'd come back wi' five pounds o' potatoes,

two loaves o' bread,

three pints o' milk,

a pound o' cheese,

a packet o' tea,

an' 'alf a dozen eggs.

Yer can't do that these days....No way!...

Too many damn security cameras around now."


kulak said...

In fairness, that was less likely back then. At least in America. Blacks behaved a little better.

Whites made them. We believed in the appropriateness of our own standards, and upheld them.

In our areas. In their areas we were more lenient.

Blacks had been slowly, but steadily closing the gap in income and various social pathologies. Marriage was more common. Out-of-wedlock births far less common than today.

The policy was good and fairly compassionate eugenics.

Then in the 60s everything was inverted. Integration was forced, standards dropped. The dumb are now paid to have more kids. The few intelligent blacks also have below-replacement fertility.

This is not compassionate. It is also dysgenic. Few blacks have any idea what has been done to them.

True story: There's a black couple I know of with a child that requires full-time nursing care for certain birth defects and development issues.

They are not poor. The father makes $70000 per year. The mother works part time. Neither is particularly bright, but they do have a certain animal cunning, and are good at working the white man's system.

They remain unmarried. Because of this, the state pays for EVERYTHING for the child. And the nurse doubles as babysitter.

Most recently, the Make-a-Wish Foundation has decided to give the entire family an all-expenses-paid vacation to Disneyworld.

Only in America.

My first-generation, hard-working, Christian, Guyanese immigrant acquaintance, who was the child's nurse for a time, is absolutely appalled by all this. She generally despises "African-Americans". I haven't yet explained to her that somewhere between 1/3rd and 1/2 of whites are criminally insane.

I wonder if her grandkids will think like her. The anti-white system seems designed to turn them into niggers.

Which reminds me: Why is it again that we should want immigrants to assimilate? To bitch about assimilation today is frankly retarded. The LAST goddamn thing a white man should want is for immigrants to assimilate into an anti-white system.

vivendi said...

" Why is it again that we should want immigrants to assimilate? To bitch about assimilation today is frankly retarded. The LAST goddamn thing a white man should want is for immigrants to assimilate into an anti-white system."

kulak - you've hit it on the nail. Its the worst of all solutions. Even if they have to be in our countries, let them stay on there own.

Anonymous said...

funny-- your so right- damn those cameras

Anonymous said...

Just discovered this site. I can't believe there is a warning prior to entering it! Just another manifestation of the modern, PC world.

Henry IX said...

"Unrependant" - good for you!

You can see more about the 'warning' culture and the attempt to close down uncomfortable discussion is Savant's post here

Spread the word of the site and hep beat the bastards!

Anonymous said...

This is not compassionate. It is also dysgenic.

This is a point to be considered when people criticize eugenics. Societies will always have eugenic policies, whether it is encouraging the intelligent to reproduce or the lower strata to explode the population.

Population is being manipulated in certain ways today. Thus, the upper strata restricts its numbers (birth control), creating a demographic situation in which minority and illegal immigrant populaces expand into spaces once occupied by European peoples. It is a simple matter of demographics. Africa's population explodes owing to exploitation of European medicine and food aid, while at the same time disdaining Western birth control. Europe's population implodes for more reasons than I care to discuss here.

The article on Cosby posted elsewhere on this site highlights how this undermines America's black populace: effectively, swamping any black accomplishment with anti-cultural factors.

We can toss into this the various welfare policies -- including the recent corporate bailouts, all of which reward dysfunctional behavior.

The USA has come a long way from the Social Darwinist / Laissez Faire world of the 19th century.

Anonymous said...

anon 20.29. You make sense, but WHY? Why do the elites you refer to destroy their societies by such things as mass turd world immigration?

That's what I can never understand.

Anonymous said...

Namby pamby black man has been faggotised!

This woman does not give a damn about the camerasand the shopis not too heavy for her!