Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Diversity is strength: It's also eating monkeys

Discretely hidden away in a remote corner of the Irish Times we learn the following:

"A parcel containing monkey meat was discovered at a postal sorting office in Drogheda yesterday, the Department of Agriculture said. The package was understood to have contained the bodies of two monkeys and a number of monkey legs which were to be eaten. Customs officials are investigating and it is believed the package may have been sent from Nigeria. A department spokeswoman said the "bush meat" had been seized as it had entered the country illegally. "
Bless me! Nigerians behaving illegally! What ever next?

My scientific friends tell me that such bush meat is potentially lethal, as it can introduce bacteria and viruses (it's the source of the ebola virus and possible of AIDS) to which native Irish would have no immunity. And if all the Irish died, who’d pay the Nigerians’ social welfare? I think they should remember that.

But such imports can be found wherever we celebrate diversity. Take this story from the US.

"A federal judge took mercy on a Staten Island mother of eight [she has three more, apparently not here own. But who knows?] and sentenced her Friday to probation for smuggling monkey meat into New York.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Jonathan Green argued that Mamie Manneh was not entitled to leniency because she has 11 prior arrests—including one for running over her husband’s suspected mistress with an SUV—and cooked up a bogus defense that she had a constitutional right to eat bushmeat. "

As you can see from the photo, Mamie is a one-woman production line for future muggers and rapists.
Which begs the question, if she had 11 previous offences, how much time did she serve, given that she’s cranked out so many cultural enrichers in the meantime? Probably got 11 warnings. After all, maybe it’s their culture to take out mistresses as well, and we can't deny cultural relativism, can we?


Anonymous said...

If Ireland does get a virus like the Mexican swine flu, the ministry of lies will cover up it's source immediately.....

I watch the arrest logs and I have noticed that Foreign Nationals in the US appear to be treated with lighter sentences than Native born Americans.
She tried to run over her husband's mistress , well that's most amusing but shouldn't she be doing time for attempted murder?
a Mexican Illegal Breeder let her 2-3 anchor baby run around in the parking lot and an illegal mexican ran over it and killed it.
However an non criminal white american dumped a mattress to protest all the mexican garbage and wrote mexican swine flu on it. he was arrested and the cop was going on and on about how offensive the writing is.
I have come to the conclusion the police are outnumbered by mexicans and Russians and other nasty foriegn groups and they are afraid to really come down on them because they are all primitive outside the law types.

instead of getting cited and arrested for child neglect, the radio station put up a fund for the spanish only breeder.

Tim Johnston said...

No doubt that army of offspring is the reason she isn't behind bars... in spite of the fact they'd have more of a chance in life without her.

Anonymous said...

"Bless me! Nigerians behaving illegally! What ever next?...
And if all the Irish died, who’d pay the Nigerians’ social welfare? I think they should remember that."

Savant, your excellent humor almost takes some of the bitterness out of the poison the West keeps ingesting in the name of pee-cee multiculturalism. Thanks for making it more bearable.

Anonymous said...

How did said mother afford an SUV??
Not only do they eat monkeys-they will take bites out of each other-
google this story from the U.S with this name-Akano Nzerem

Anonymous said...

Jiggin' on his jack-jones
Biggin' up his black bones
Tryin' 2 make a play

Jigging with his niggers all day!

Anonymous said...

She has ELEVEN children and an SUV. Can I have some of that?

W Baker said...

"She has ELEVEN children and an SUV. Can I have some of that?"

It's called the US Federal husband. It's gives you money; extorts alimony and other divorce settlements when needed; allows you the mirage of participatory government; welcomes exotic little mud people into your community for exciting restaurants, mores, and clothing -oh, and crime and plunder - but we don't notice that until; it helps you prosecute the rapists and thieves that just moved in. All the surrogate husband demands in return is involuntary tax slavery until your estate is settled in his favour after your death, and one or two of your children for its endless wars.

As I may have said on this blog before, most political/cultural machinations in the West must be viewed through the lenses of single women with children. They are generally the target audience of most politicians.

The West is effeminate and atomized to its core. Sadly, the white male has no one to blame but himself.

kulak said...

And if all the Irish died, who’d pay the Nigerians’ social welfare? I think they should remember that.

Equilibrium will be obtained when the marginal price of shipping one Nigerian to Ireland meets the marginal cost of the death of one Irishman.

Or Irishwoman.

Anonymous said...

illegal nigerian immigrants are the enemy within.
They are destroying our society .Hatred of them is understandable.
We must hope in earnest that a strong leader like Stalin or Hitler will rise to power soon and deal with this nightmare decisively.

Anonymous said...

There's plenty more left in that cow. As long as welfare's available they'll keep breeding.

Anonymous said...

Anon 17:30. LOL...FUNNY!!!!!

Anonymous said...

W Baker. Your insight is spot-on and very well articulated. Ever thought of starting your own blog with an American pespective?

Anonymous said...

I echo that. Brilliant post, W Baker.

Anonymous said...

EVer read Priebke's 2013 interview, where he explains the origin of anti-Semitism, why he and Nazism generally were not anti-Semitic (they didn't hate all Jews), why in the whole very poverty-struck East Europe people could not stand Jews and their wealth any longer, ...

SAVANT said...

No doubt that envy was a factor in Eastern Europeans' attitude to Jews.