Monday, 30 November 2009

Go Switzerland!

Bravo Switzerland! By an overwhelming majority they have shown what they think of the Islamisation of their country. Inevitably the howls from the peecee multi-culti fever swamps have been loud and painful.

All the usual suspects weighed in. The UN, the EU, Amnesty International, the Red Cross, even the Catholic Church, doing anything to divert attention from its history of raping children. To listen to them you’d think the Swiss had reopened Auschwitz, and were busy rounding up the country’s Muslim population.

What has gone totally unremarked is the fundamental issue of reciprocity: Christians can't even repair a church in most Islamic countries. As I showed in this post, even surreptitiously practicing your Christian faith in Saudi Arabia can lead to arrest and imprisonment. Why don't those organisations squeal about that?

Oh, I forgot. The Saudis aren’t white Christians.

What's nothing short of hilarious is the complaint about the vote not being ‘democratic’. I kid you not – this has been said. It’s so democratic that the EU mandarins must be having sleepless nights. My God, what would happen if this democracy broke out everywhere? Certainly, if Switzerland had been in the EU they’d have been brought swiftly to heel

Moving on, does this signal a significant change or just a last futile gasp? Let’s listen to Farhad Afshar, who heads the Coordination of Islamic Organisations in Switzerland. He bleats “the most painful for us is not the minaret ban, but the symbol sent by this vote. Muslims do not feel accepted as a religious community”

To which I'd respond, ‘I certainly hope so’

That malevolent, duplicitous, terror-supporting hypocrite Tariq Ramadan has been given a prominent platform in the Guardian (where else?) to declaim:

"What is happening in Switzerland, the land of my birth?”

It might be the land of your birth you prick, but it’s not your country. To paraphrase Lord Wellington, being born in a stable doesn’t make you a horse. In this case it did make Ramadan a horse – a Trojan one. Like most other Muslims in the West, he’s used our liberal secular laws to secure religious freedom and support, the very things denied to Christians and Jews in Muslim countries.

He goes on “the Swiss majority are sending a clear message to their Muslim fellow citizens: we do not trust you and the best Muslim for us is the Muslim we cannot see.”

If so, I rejoice. And it should be the start of a campaign along the following lines:

Ban the burka, niqab, the veil in work places and also halal slaughter. Make building a mosque as difficult as it is to build a church in Saudi Arabia. Make Islam and the ‘Prophet’ a subject of humour as happens with other religions and their icons.

If we initiated and maintained such a campaign it would make Europe a ‘cold place’ for Muslims. And that in turn would make them less likely to come here, or if they still do, make them realise that they have to live by civilised Western standards.

Fingers crossed. And meanwhile, where can I load up on Swiss chocolates?


Eamonn-P said...

Yeah, isn't it incredible? I'm after seeing this 'undemocratic' word thrown around as well.

Just confimrs what I always knew. The EU don't KNOW what democracy is.

Anonymous said...

Interesting to see weather there will be a reaction like that of the Danish cartoons.

Viking said...

*mouth full of Toblerone*

Great news !
the Guardian's reaction was particularly sickening.

.. where they actually say that the Swiss "Alpine distrust of outsiders which lapsed into racism"

Anonymous said...

I think I might just emigrate to Switzerland. Looks like a place that I can fit in.

Ireland is following the UK model, where you shit on your native people to appease the immigrants.

We are about to cut the welfare of our own people whilst continue to pay child benefits to kids not even living in Ireland! Its total madness, time to leave and get out.

Switzerland here i come!

clovis said...

What I found fascinating about the Guardian article was that the comments were overwhelmingly supportive of the Swiss. This from the most left-leaning of MSM papers.

What opposition there was trundled out the usual rubbish, 'slippery slope', campaign ads used 'Nazi colors' (I'm not kidding!) and the whole 'hate' lexicon.

There's hope yet.

Anonymous said...

Good on ya, Savant. It's refreshing to see at least one society showing that they have a set of stones. Am I being too optimistic to dare hope that other societies will follow suit?

Anonymous said...

Great News!

SAVANT said...

anon 1.50. My own view is that it brings things more out in the open and people will feel less afraid to do similar. Let's just hope.

self-preservation said...

How you feel about this Swiss decision to ban minarets in Switzerland,whether you feel that decision is right wrong or you are indifferent.The Swiss cared enough about their traditions and culture,not to worry too much about the liberal onslaught.

The Swiss had the guts to say how they feel.Will the EU/UK ever be able to do the same.

kulak said...

Ess-Fow-Peh! Ess-Fow-Peh!

The 43% who voted against it are mostly childless urban whites and French speakers.

Switzerland itself probably cannot last as a united enterprise while keeping a small government. The frenchies are throwing in with the muslims against the deutscher.

This is also an example of diversity being the health of the state. What cannot be mediated by common culture is arbitrated by law.

Better to banish muslims than ban their minarets. If some actually leave Switzerland, that will be a good thing, but I very much doubt they will. Don't be fooled by their complaints. Minarets or no minarets, Switzerland remains a MUCH nicer place than the ones the muslims came from. If the Swiss keep their spine, the local muslims will quickly back down.

Is that a good thing? Because they won't stop having babies...

Sameer said...

A minaret is not a threat or an expression of fundamentalism. It is simply a globally recognised way of identifying a building for prayer.

This vote is just fascism dressed up.

Anonymous said...

"building for prayer"

and not just any building mind you - one in which a certain kind of people pray.

It's a globally recognized way of making sure everyone knows you plan on submitting them to your tyranny, don't give a hoot about their "errant" ways, and if the muezzin isn't waking you up tomorrow morning - he'll do so in months time.

Now its on to banning the Koran - the Mein Kampf of the 21st century. Hopefully that will get them to move back to their third world shitholes.

Anonymous said...

Yes this is great news.

Now we need the West to become extremists against the islamic hun and the african savages ruining our country.

Hopefully there is an extremist messiah in the wings starting a political movement who will bring the political wrath of the silent majority down on these savages .

ScaredOfTheEvilSwiss! said...

This is a very well written post - the best thing I've read about this excellent news so far. Nice work, Savant! I'm from America, and I flipped thru the cable channels to gauge the reaction of the sub-moronic TV pundits we have over here. This 2+2=5 crowd is shocked that "the tolerant Swiss" would ever express concern about the growth of Islamic intolerance in their own country.

Anonymous said...

This vote is just fascism dressed up.

The EU, Tariq Ramadamadam and all the rest are just the enslavement and eventual extermination of the white race dressed up.

rooneysgut said...

kulak - I think Savant addresses, at least partially - yoor point. If we take up the campaign he suggests maybe a lot of them will head back to their shitholes. The problem is as you say, they'll still keep breeding like rats and that will create long term problems.

kees said...

You might be surprised but there are quite reasonable, educated and tolerant muslims who share European values and beliefs (such as democracy and freedom). As for general fear of Islam, it has nothing to do with true muslims. Those fanatics we often see on TV give us rather distorted reflection of islam.

kulak said...

Kees says:You might be surprised but there are quite reasonable, educated and tolerant muslims who share European values and beliefs (such as democracy and freedom).

That's no surprise at all and perfectly understandable.

Everybody wants to be white.

kulak said...

Speaking of the circumcised using our tolerance against us...

The Swiss Jewish Community Federation had campaigned against the ban: “Because the Jewish community knows what discrimination means it regards it as a duty to actively fight for religious freedom,” it said in a statement prior to the referendum.

Well done foreskinners, well done.

Didn't they listen to their own bookies?

Anonymous said...

Many Shrilankan Hindus are settled in many EU countries. They are highly educated and very well integrated, like Prakash. They command great affection and support from natives.

Abu Abdullah said...

Well, if the slaves of Allah are willfully blind to the writing on the wall, then what can you say to them but "Lie back and enjoy that backlash you have been waiting for all these years!"

Clovis said...

You describe Tariq Ramadan accurately. He has a new book out "What I Believe". SHould be more accurately entitles "What I Want Stupid Westerners To Think I Believe".

Read 'Brother Tariq' In which he was scewered by a French journalist for saying on this to the Useful Idiots and quite another to his co-religionists.

Anonymous said...

Found this point of information:

An Oxford professor of islamic studies, who is also an Immam, has stated today that there is no Koranic requirement for minarets and, therefore, no Koranic authority for their construction. In view of this, a minaret becomes a matter for the local swiss planning authorities and all the press commentary about human rights (etc) becomes nonsensical. As an additional example, the principal mosque in Paris has no minaret but has a small frame structure with the crescent moon on it.

Anonymous said...

Europe is heading for (civil) war with Islam. And young whites are either turning gay or getting vasectomies - or, if female, up the duff by sundry blackamoors.