Wednesday, 25 November 2009

China and blacks in the MSM

Are you interested in the films I watch? Of course not. But bear with me, I'm going somewhere with this. While sick in bed for a few days in Sweden recently I spent some time watching the only English-language film channel available in my apartment. I watched five, and I’ll describe four of them.

First, ‘A dry white season’. This was about the struggle for ‘freedom’ in South Africa and was the usual cut-and-paste story line and cutout characters. All whites (apart from one) being vile racists, all blacks noble, honourable and decent. Even the one who shoots dead a policeman outside his home. To give this the right perspective, we were treated to a montage of scenes from ‘the legacy of apartheid’ before he was gunned down.

Then there was ‘Rosewood’. This again featured exclusively vile Southern whites and exclusively noble, honest, hard-working put-upon blacks. Without exception.

Ok, move on to what looked to be a very promising concept. ‘Diplomatic Immunity’ had as its theme the rape and murder of a young American girl by a foreigner, who escaped back to his homeland luxurious lifestyle because he was covered by the eponymous diplomatic immunity. Cue for the outraged father of the victim to take things into his own hands.

But the producers were faced with a problem. The rapist/murderer had of necessity to be white, but problem was, those pesky white countries have this annoying habit of putting such people on trial back home, diplomatic immunity or no, or in surrendering immunity.

What’s a peecee multiculti director to do? Eureka! Paraguay! Kill about three birds with the one stone. Not just white, but (roll on the bass drum) Germans! Nazis. They came to Paraguay and siezed power. When our hero gets there he wipes out every single, blonde, cold-eyed killer. And goes back to report, informally to his kind, understanding Commanding Officer – who is, you’ve guessed it, black.

I was getting fed up at this stage when I came to my last one. Girl being raped by evil whites. Only to be rescued by - wait for it – a black gang! Which is about as realistic as Darth Vader togging out in midfield for Scunthorpe United. Seeking something more realistic I turned to ‘Lord of the rings’…

My point, in case you’re slow on the uptake, is that blacks are uniformly portrayed in the MSM and ‘Hollywood’ in a way that’s totally at variance with reality. But we know that, sez you, you’ve repeatedly posted about it.

Yes, and that brings me to China. As I posted in ‘China taking over Africa, now watch the fun’ the Chinese are amongst the worst racists in the world. They’ll tell you openly and without embarrassment that the whiter the skin the better. And they’re going to be seeing a lot more of their non-white brethren in the future. And, if what’s happening in China itself is anything to go by, the future will fulfil the old Chinese curse ‘may you live in interesting times’.

Here are some excerpts from my ‘research’

“People in China think most black people play basketball and are violent. Many people in China also assume that if you are black, you have very little money’

‘One city resident told the Shanghai Star that "crime is so low in Shanghai because there are no black people."’

“If a Chinese woman dates a white man it is social climbing. If she is with a black man, it is 'stepping down'.

“Although individual black athletes and entertainers are respected and idolized, a “generic” black person is often perceived by Chinese, even well-educated ones, to be dangerous or ignorant.”

“When I asked my Chinese teacher and several friends what they think of black people, almost all of them say the same thing, "They're scary, they smell, they're loud"

“One Chinese journalist told me that she believes black men have an abnormally high sex drive. Her friends believe that one can get AIDS from sleeping with black men.”

“A middle aged Chinese driver "Black people are poor and the men are usually really big and intimidating looking. Sometimes they don't pay."’

“The impression mostly gained from west media is that many blacks are violent, less-educated and lazy. Thanks to a steady diet of Hollywood movies.”

“Unfavourable portrayals of dark-skinned characters in movies is also widely cited as unhelpful.”

Now I draw your attention in particular to the last two comments, neither of which came from Chinese, rather from Western observers. Isn’t it incredible that people can still say things like that? Now if they said that the portrayals of dark-skinned characters in movies is totally at variance with reality we could all agree. Although for contradictory reasons obviously.

The interesting thing though is that, despite the MSM and Hollywood, they’ve managed to get an excellent steer on the realities, haven't they?.


kulak said...

The interesting thing though is that, despite the MSM and Hollywood, they’ve managed to get an excellent steer on the realities, haven't they?

They sure have. They're a lot less squeamish than whitey. So much so that I'm even willing to overlook Jackie Chan's blonde villians!

They might not have ever invented genomics on their own, but boy will they apply it! The first genetically-engineered supersoldier is sure to be a chink. Or at least a cheap knock-off of one.

Anonymous said...

It will be fascinating to see if the inverted view of reality that reigns the the West (where whites are blamed for everything & their achievements diminished) takes hold in China.

Anonymous said...

I read one comment from 'an English teacher in China'. She please 'they should realize that not all blacks still' What she meant was 'steal' - and she's an English teacher!

Anonymous said...

One thing about those Chinese...they're many things but they sure ain't stoopid!!

Anonymous said...

Interesting piece on the Joe Duffy radio show yesterday concerning violent attacks by nigerians against Irish citizens and other Irish drivers.
An Irish female taxi driver was punched in the face by a nigerian.The nigerian was convicted for this offece in Galway this week and received a slap on the wrist.No prison and no deportation.It turns out he had two previous convictions in this state.

A number of other taxi drivers rang in stating incidents of violence by nigerians and that in each case the Guards would not take action as they were afraid of the race card being played .

There is no visa available for taxi driving for Non EU nationals.In fact according to the department of trade drivers are excluded from being allowed apply to come to Ireland.

All these nigerians are illegal immigrants who defrauded the system by having a child born here.A gutless government has foisted these violent savages and their progeny on us ,the innocent victims.

Anonymous said...

Hello, Savant.

Another event not commonly known (or acknowleged) is the re-colonization of Africa -- quietly carried on by the Chinese.

Ever-pragmatic, the Chinese realised very quickly that all one had to do to make it in Africa, was to pick a so-called leader, bribe him with one or two million dollars a month (dirt-cheap at the price) -- get him used to the newfound wealth and prestige ... and then threaten to cut off the flow of largesse if any of their "guest workers" are inconvenienced in the slightest fashion.

The headman will then come down on his own like a ton of bricks at the slightest infraction and become far more repressive than the wildest dreams of any self-respecting white racist.

Being an ex South African, I have seen it again and again, ad nauseum.

Keep up the excellent work and regards.

Uncle Nasty

Californian said...

There was a time when Hollywood produced stereotypes of black people. This changed in the 1960s. Now we are back to stereotypes, only this of the liberal variety of black=good / White=evil. A case in point are all the hatchet jobs done on White run South Africa. How many movies, in contrast, have been done on the way "majority rule" has wrecked most countries in Africa (OK, "Hotel Rwanda," "The Last King of Scotland")?

Conservatives here in America like to criticize Hollywood for being "liberal." But how many conservatives look at the racial angle here and demand to know why Hollywood is continually demonizing White people?

By the way, it is worth watching the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy as the heroes are uniformly White, and militantly so.

Clovis said...

I don't believe that those views will take hold in China. They don't take no shit and will call it as they see it.

and the other posters are right - they'll fuck Africa and the Africans. Oh happy days!

Anonymous said...

By the way, it is worth watching the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy as the heroes are uniformly White, and militantly so.

How did that one slip through the net

MeNoRikeeSmereeBracks said...

Yes, on average black people are loud, stupid, and smell bad. Boy those Chinamen sure are smart. Now if we could just get some of these brainy Chinese to buy an American film studio and start making large budget movies that depict racial reality we would all be a lot better off!

Robbie_1 said...

Do I espy a disctinct lack of sympathy for all those poor downtrodden blacks on this post?

For shame!

G Khan said...

It was funny some time ago, a load of Africans started demonstrating in Shanghai about the usual stuff, discrimination etc. The police waded in, took them all off to prison, found that most of them were there illegally and promptly shipped them home.

Any chance we can some of those police over here?

W Baker said...

Savant said:

>>Now I draw your attention in particular to the last two comments, neither of which came from Chinese, rather from Western observers. <<

Another example in a growing phenomenon of invincible ignorance.... said...

Sunday, November 29, 2009
Losing The Battle

The present generation is lost. It should come as no surprise that any chance at perseverance for whites and white Christians will not come through the efforts of the white men that are now living. I don't believe there is a honest man alive that can deny what I am saying if they just take a look around. Our present world is a mockery of the truth, and what follows can only be the persecution of those that bear the truth. When men create art featuring Christ in a bucket of piss without fear of recompense, the enemy becomes certain they can walk over our faces without fear. Yes, this generation is lost, and there will be no mass awakening in our time because most whites have already purchased a one way ticket to hell.

We are on the path leading toward death. Some of the most beautiful white women in the world are being buggered by the blackest negroids from the dark continent. Furthermore, they are carrying their babies and flaunting it to the entire world. That's right, whitey, your blond-haired, blue-eyed sweeties are giving birth to brown, frizzy-haired babies and there is nothing you can do about it. Make no mistakes, this race has been conquered by the forces of degeneration that are presently turning this world into a cesspool of sin and social decay. The trouble is that the so-called "sensibilities" of white folks are killing them. They absolutely refuse to have families and children and cannot see that this trend is going to destroy the world. This selfishness is typical of the modern white race. If you have any doubts about what I am saying, go to your local mall this Christmas season and take a look around at the school age children. Little white girls walking hand in hand with every two-legged mamzer and beast of the field. So we can now establish two concrete facts about white men today:

1. White men are cowards. They allow their God to be mocked and ridiculed.


2. White men are cowards. They allow their women to be defiled.

Anonymous said...

Teacher Paris

Nobody could have summed it up better... where to from here? I believe Australia too is filling up fast with non whites of every sort you can imagine. Melbourne is a shit hole from what I've heard.

I thank God I won't be here. I did my bit many years ago SA and see it happening all over Europe 25 years later. I was blessed to have had it all in my youth whihc is better than nothing now.

Whites in 'western' culture today are no different in their habits to the kaffirs of Southern Africa I knew as a boy.

I used to walk past kaffir 'eating houses' or watering holes in Bulawayo and Mafeking with my dad as a kid and noticed with horror through the pavement windows how these animals gulped down their food with their filthy bare hands. I compared it to the civilised knife, fork and spoon on table white linen that my folks always used which seemed centuries away.

Today I walk past grubby McDonalds and other shitty fast food kebab shops and piss holes in just about every city in Europe and see the same - only this time its predominantly whites I see through the windows.

At night I see trashy loud mouthed tattooed white whores - tramps clop clopping along what were once refined cobbled streets - one or two with an ape or brown thing in hand and the tag along faggy looking shaven headed white male luvvie, gayly smiling like Billy Bragg at a BBC Marxist gathering.

Europe, especially from what I've noticed in Gothenburg, Amsterdam South London and Manchester,has truly gone to the dogs.

Anonymous said...

In some senses, China is now where 'we' (the West) were at the dawn of our great imperial age ... a young, fast-growing nation, confident, highly patriotic and nationalistic, bright-eyed and eager for expansion and world domination, and slightly naive about what imperial domination entails. The West has been through it all, long enough to grow weary of the endless civil wars and revolutions and bloodshed and so on required to maintain it. I don't know though if they have the stomach for true colonisation.

Of course, they also haven't burdened themselves with our idiotic multi-cult self-hating BS.