Thursday, 12 November 2009

Another victory for the Thought Police

The South Africa Sucks blog would not be everyone’s cup of tea, exactly. Racist, profane, scatological, raunchy, offensive, hilariously funny on occasion, especially those posts by the Uhuru Guru. But it had a deadly serious purpose – the exposure of what's really happening in South Africa. While partial in the extreme, it never advocated violence and, as a frequent visitor there, I can say it portrayed a much more accurate picture of SA than the panglossian fantasy we see in the MSM.

Before it moved to Wordpress the Google Thought Police had closed it down, after considerable intervention by powerful forces and vast numbers of those who want to foreclose honest debate on uncomfortable issues. However, recently UG suffered the midnight knock, literally in this case, and hauled off to jail on a trumped up charge going back fifteen years. Whereas he was duly released without charge, his life has become a nightmare and, for his own safety and that of his family he’s decided, wisely in my opinion, to call it a day.

Well done ‘liberals’, another great day for free speech.

Which brings me to my own case. As you can see every time you log on, the Google Thought Police have issued a content warning. I have no problem with that, but they’ve also relegated this site to the bottom of their search lists. Don't let anyone convince you that Google’s algorithms apply without fear or favour. They can and do bias their searches. I know this directly from my own experience as I used regularly test the positioning of the IS with a consistent search string.

Well done ‘liberals’, another great day for free speech.

Finally I've found out that I'm on the Romany Black List. Not just on it, right at the top of the list of offensive sites - a compliment of sorts. They’re watching me, I'm told.

Ah, so it goes. I also find that the IS is blocked, only temporarily, it seems, in several countries that I visit, mainly in the Middle East. Many readers, most recently teacher-paris, have found the same thing.

Well, that shows I'm pissing off quite a lot of the ‘right’ people. I just hope I don't get an actual midnight knock at some stage, just like the unfortunate UG.

Well done ‘liberals’, another great day for free speech.

PS – of course these Nazis are not liberals in any meaning of the term. Check this post to see what I mean


Johan said...

Well fuck the bastards. Fuck them all. Fuck them 1000 times.

Anonymous said...

People are branded as racists and fascists for opposing mass immigration and particularly illegal immigration.
If people were truly racist and fascist immigration would never have got off the ground in the first place.
Given the failure of Irish democracy its not unreasonable to conclude that the immigration mess can only be solved by the induction of Fascist politics into Ireland where Irish citizens and the States interests are paramount.

Robbie said...

Your post on the Leftists (as opposed to actual classical liberals) reminds me of something. Someone ought to create a Gregorian Chant that repeats the Leftist Liturgy of Political Correctness, Multiculturalism and Diversity. Then, end the Leftist Gregorian Chant with, "Amen".

Anonymous said...

I wouldnt worry about the gypsies Savant. They're useless bastards who couldn't organize a piss up in a brewery

Anonymous said...

Didn't Mussolini's grand daughter say in some big meeting or congress or something that the Roma were habitual criminals.

I wonder why she isn't on the list?

Anonymous said...

I'm just an average American - never stepped in SA, but I've followed the site for years - UG, Dark Raven, Eli the Bearded, Uncle Cracker, Doodler; I think Marwinsing was there awhile also. I'll miss them, including the many others not named. Sure it got ugly, language was rough, but their reality down there has become hideous. It has served a valuable purpose in educating others. If nothing else, it inspired me to explore things further, cross-referencing reports.

I'm afraid what destroyed SA is preparing to destroy the rest of us. Ons vir jou, SAS. Ek is baie jammer.

W Baker said...


Good post. Always nice to know that one is being watched! What is it about the West that we've become so dadgum voyeuristic? Britain is one big CCTV. In the States, the NSA, CIA, FBI, and TSA - to name only a few acronyms - make the bloody Stasi look childish..... The KGB couldn't hold a candle to American domestic and international evesdropping.

I appreciate you making the distinction between classical liberalism and the modern statists of whatever variety: Republicans, Tories, Fine Gael, Fianna Fáil, Social Democrats, Labour, or Greens.

They all want to make the world 'free for democracy' or 'free for insert cause du jour'. The only problem is that they invariably do it at the point of a gun.

There is something desperately rotten in the Western soul.

SAVANT said...

Ok, they might have won this battle, but it doesn't mean they'll win the war. The blogosphere is 100 times more difficult to control than the MSM, and more and more people are going to it for their information.

SAVANT said...

W Baker. The irony is that the whole panoply of the eavesdropping state is that they target the wrong people.

hector said...

Anyway Savant - you keep the flame alight!

Zngr said...

Damn. Sorry for UG and what he had to go through, I would not have lasted as long.

So, the midnight knock on the door again. I wonder when the doors start a-knocking in EU soil...

After they turned to Wordpress I haven't been able to see any links to a bloglist on zasucks so on a related note, does anyone have a list of meaningful blogs that also touch the events in SA?

Erik the Red said...

Greets! I found my way over here from SA Sucks (you made a comment there). Excellent blog, sir! Keep up the good work. I particularly enjoy the insights about Sweden. What a far-gone culture.

SAVANT said...

Welcome Erik - I'll try to provide a bit more coverage of SA now that SAS has died, or until its reemergence.

Spread the word!

Robbie said...

The MSM, the Universities and public school systems of the modern West reminds me of the Medieval Church. Sort of a PC Cathedral that Mencius Moldbug refers to. One of the anonymous posters said, "People are branded as racists and fascists for opposing mass immigration and particularly illegal immigration." Who brands people as "racists" and "fascists"? The PC Cathedral does.

Just as the Medieval Church performs useful functions such as preserving ancient manuscripts, the PC Cathedral performs the useful function of training the West's future scientists (hard sciences kind), engineers, technicians, doctors, lawyers (yes, lawyers are sometimes useful), etc. But the Medieval Church also did dubious things such as peddle phony "Relics" and selling Indulgences. The dubious things the PC Cathedral does are such things as, LGBT Studies, Post-Colonial "theory", Marxist peddling, promoting egalitarian nonsense, etc.

People who read this blog and others like it are already fully aware how dangerous the PC Cathedral's actions are to the ordinary citizens of the West.

My guess is that the reign of the PC Cathedral isn't going to last forever. The threats to its power will be similar to threats to the Medieval Church's monopoly on Europe so long ago.

Robbie said...

I think the same threats to the PC Cathedral that the Medieval Church faced will belong in these catagories:

-External Threats from outside Western Civilization.China, Russia, and ironically, Islam. The Cathedral is shooting itself in the foot by letting masses of Muslims into the West. The Muslims have their own rival "Cathedral" that they are loyal to.
-"King Henry the 8th" type threats from within Western Civ.Just as King Henry used brute force to liquidate the supporters and monasteries of the Medieval Church, perhaps a similar group of beastly thugs will do the same to the members of the PC Cathedral in one of the National States of the West. The BNP could be an example, it's even in the same national state as ole King Henry the 8th himself!
-"Martin Luther" type threats within its own clerical ranks.Steven Pinker maybe? A young rapscallion version of James Watson? Any of the scientists working on DNA sequencing and the tracing of the continued evolution of the modern human brain. Hell, Noam Chomsky ironically hammered the first nail when he discovered that humans had a preprogrammed language instinct!
-Gutenburg Printing Press threats. Technological advances that threaten the PC Cathedral. The Internet's weakening of the MSM, the megaphone of the Cathedral. Intelligence enhancements thru genetic engineering. Further advances in information technology that makes it harder for centralized authorities to control the flow of data. The superempowered individual or the "global guerilla" type.

Just my guesses though. I really do think the PC Cathedral should dispense its Diversity/MultiCulti Liturgy in the form of a Gregorian Chant.

Anonymous said...

All of us hope you're correct Robbie, we really do.

Anonymous said...

jews have hacked Irvings website. Must make another donation!

Anonymous said...

Hi Savant
please note that whilst SAS has gone, one of the USA contributors has chosen to create a new site which will emulate SAS.

The new site may be found at
His email addy is
Would appreciate you giving him some publicity.

I've signed off for good as well.
Keep the flag flying and watch your back.
Fond regards and fare thee well.

SAVANT said...

Hi doodler - are you on the same email address?

Californian said...

I have had some experience in South Africa/Rhodesia/SW Africa, as they were called in those days when Western Civilization still ruled. I started tuning into the South Africa Sucks site because of its irreverent view of PC politics. Now that Whites were the minority, they had every right to shake their fists at the system. But there were also a lot of good analytical pieces on the nature of the decline of the West, the rise of the multicult, and the failure of the mainstream to do anything about all of it. I'd also point out that the situation is the new South Africa could be setting a precedent for what might happen to the rest of the West.

I have to admit, there was a good sense of humor on South Africa Sucks, as well as some photos which, well, caused my on more than one occasion to have to clean off the monitor afterwards!

Anyway, SAS will be missed.

Anonymous said...


Don't ever, ever, EVER succumb to the manipulating fucktards. I grieve for the author of SA Sucks. Thanks for putting that sad and sickening info out there. You must believe me when I tell you that your blog is important, truly important. FYI, I am American educated professional, and yours is the first thing I read when I get home...that's BEFORE I read The NY Times,The London Times, and (gasp) The Guardian. Your voice is important, my man. Don't ever lose sight of that.
Signed, A Devoted Reader

Anonymous said...


Obviously you're covering things from the Irish (European) perspective, but since now "SA Sucks" is gone, perhaps you can give the remnants of Western Civilization down there some compensatory coverage? Also, tell your readers to Google "The Death of Johannesburg" for some real eye-opening. Keep up the great work, C.

SAVANT said...

Hi anon 23.44. Great to hear that and thanks. Yes, I intend to keep up the good fight but it gets a bit depressing when you encounter so many obstacles, for example the site being put on corporate warning lists. Understandably employees worry about this.

SAVANT said...

Hi anon 23.50. Yes, I intend to do exactly that - i.e. give mre coverage to SA. I'll also highlight the DoJ blog as well.