Saturday, 31 October 2009

Sometimes diversity is good!

Those you who’ve read my post on the Hurricane Katrina anniversary will know what a, well, storm it provoked from some people. What particularly hit home was when I quoted Jared Taylor to the effect that “many whites will realize—some for the first time—that we have Africa in our midst, that utterly alien Africa of road-side corpses, cruelty, and anarchy that they thought could never wash up on our shores.”

I got a different view of Africa at the other end of the USA a few years back. I had been doing a stint at the University of Illinois at Champaign, and a friend there suggested, to my amazement, we visit the Third World. In this case Gary Indiana, which amazingly is only about a few hours drive away if memory serves me correctly.

Hello Africa. It was just like an African city. And it behaves like one. Massive levels of crime, welfare dependency, violence, poverty, unemployment, filth, litter and abandoned buildings everywhere. There were literally no whites to be seen, the city being one of the most salient examples of white flight.

Now some time ago that same friend (who by the way, went over to the US twenty years ago as a committed liberal and is now a confirmed ‘racist’) sent me this link.

You’ll see that four intruders entered a store and needlessly murdered an Indian shop assistant before robbing him. So what, you may well ask, after all, you said it’s like Africa? True, but the amazing thing here is that nobody went to the assistance of the dying man, they just kept on shopping and only one person eventually called the police.

When asked what he finds most disturbing about the surveillance footage, [the police chief] said, "The fact that people went in and out of the store and didn't call police. There is a man laying there. Nobody thinks to dial 911 or check to see if he's OK or anything."

The crime was reported (by a black reporter) and investigated by a black police chief who issued descriptions of the victims in the usual way. “Investigators say two suspects were dressed in black shirts, like one man on the tape who looks to be holding a gun. The other two had red shirts”. And they could have added, ‘had black faces’.

But no.

Now we could take the charitable view and say that, first, murderous criminals are most likely to be black, and being Gary, almost everyone is black anyway. So no point. However, that's not very likely, is it? Just like everywhere else in the West, the race of a criminal is not mentioned if he’s non-white.

Welcome to Africa. And just like Africa a little diversity (i.e. a dilution of the black proportion) would lead to a big improvement. So maybe we need diversity after all!

On a closing note, a saw in Prospect magazine that the average price of a house in Detroit urban (i.e. black) zone is now a princely $7,600.


Anonymous said...

Minority Majority

These girls are fed up with the diversity LIE "It's good to mix"

Anonymous said...

Look at almost every major roadway junction in Dublin in the afternoons and you will see gangs of blacks selling evening herald newspapers.
First ,no visa exists for newspaper sellers as it is unskilled.
Second ,they and their employers ,Independent news media are violating the road traffic act by conducting their business in the middle of motorways.
Third ,they are a safety hazard to Irish motorists and pedestrians.
Fourth the Guards routinely drive past these black criminals and do nothing.

Our laws are subverted in a routine way and non enforcement is the cultural norm.
I predict an Irish version of the BNP will poll better than any of the political parties in areas plagued with these criminals.

Anonymous said...

Minority Majority

try this link:

Anonymous said...

...Ah yes, this sounds depressingly familiar here in the U.S. And to think that my colleagues call me "elitist" because I choose to live away from problem crime (black) area of town and send my kids to private school. Long live elitism. Signed, A Proud Elitist

Anonymous said...

Gang Rape Victim of 15 Appears to be a White girl, Gang-rape in Richmond Ca Media Hides victim’s race
October 31, 2009

Anonymous said...


Back to EU for a moment. This would seem to buttress the fears of those who were not by your side a few entries back:

Yes, that's right children, yawn and snooze away. Worry not for what the morn brings.


W Baker said...


I've been saying for years to acquaintances that prefer to live in this surreal mental landscape of egalitarianism that housing is really cheap in these ghettos of color. And usually, if the structure hasn't been absolutely destroyed, one can find instances of real architecture and quality from the white population who fled a couple generations ago. In south Atlanta, for instance, homes run 50 - 90% less than other areas.

Curiously, no one moves....Strange how that works. Could it be latent racism? Perhaps I need to make my offers a little more concrete, pack them in the car, and take them to these areas for a Saturday night or two....?

Anonymous said...

anon 5.11 - this does not seem to be a valid link

SAVANT said...

anon 19.59 - you're absolutely correct. And no action will be taken for the same reason as in my post on Dublin airport

Anonymous said...

You can buy houses in Detroit for less than $100 these days.

Anonymous said...

"Look at almost every major roadway junction in Dublin in the afternoons and you will see gangs of blacks selling evening herald newspapers.
First, no visa exists for newspaper sellers as it is unskilled.

"Gangs of blacks" in Ireland! That sounds so depressing to hear that.

"Unskilled"? By what means are many of your culture "enrichers" skilled in any profession or trade?

Perhaps these "exotic" people arrive "skilled" in other ways such as witch-burnings!?

Anonymous said...

last week in Ireland a Brazilian woman was stabbed to death in an apartment , a man who was also stabbed was taken from the scene to a hospital for treatment , the next day the TV , papers and radio were alive with talk about the heinous nature of the attack , stuff like , Woman Stabbed Forty Times , when the man who was also stabbed was charged with her murder , the media BURIED THE STORY ! why ? because he was also Brazilian ! and everyone knows migrants never commit crime in Ireland !

eh said...


Regarding the earlier EU referendum in Ireland:

Italy school crucifixes 'barred'

You actually have to read the story to learn that it wasn't the Italians who banned crucifixes from their schools, it was "The European Court of Human Rights". Apparently Italians who want crucifixes in schools don't have the same rights.

You know, I'm not sure if I think crucifixes ought to be in schools or not. But I'm very sure that if I was Italian I wouldn't want "The European Court of Human Rights" telling me one way or the other.

Anonymous said...

anon 15.48. "Gangs of blacks" in Ireland! That sounds so depressing to hear that.

My dear man (woman?) they are all too prevalent, and groing all the time. As are the numbers of half-breed feral children

eh said...

"Gangs of blacks" in Ireland! That sounds so depressing to hear that.

Were how it sounded the only problem.

London's teenage victims of violence

Obviously, nearly all the victims were black. And I believe all the perpetrators were black, including the ones who killed the white victims. The list has gotten longer since then, but those basic facts haven't changed.

Exegesis said...

These stories depressingly remind me of a B zombie movie. The mindless slavering hordes brutally eat / zombify the last remaining humans.

Anonymous said...

very good analogy exegesis. and a very depressing one.

SAVANT said...

eh - check this post

Only good thing is that they're killing one another off to an extent.

Anonymous said...

I'm an Irish-American who has lived my whole life in the US. After reading all about the "troubles" and shitty economic conditions that have plagued Ireland for so long, are there really no signs of opposition to all of this insanity. It just seems to me, at some point, differences between Republicans and Loyalists should look like a schoolyard spat compared to these serious impending threats - no?

Anonymous said...

"nobody went to the assistance of the dying man, they just kept on shopping"

What were those shoppers doing? Waiting for a shift change to pay for their groceries?

Californian said...

There is one critical difference between this situation and Africa. If this were Kenya, the criminals would have been dragged out into the street by the citizenry and given a good thrashing, if not necklacking.

Anonymous said...

to annon 21:07 on Nov.2

After the word rape(dot) the link concludes with:


Zngr said...

Hahaha Savant did you see this?

Black couple called a black couple and naturally are OUTRAGED.

Since when did describing someone who is black as black become racist?

Ahahahaha the world has gone insane and we'll all die miserable.

Anonymous said...

please: it's spelled champaign & it's a 2 hour & 35 minute drive from champaign to gary, IN! a visiting prof. at the U of I might remember how to spell champaign - hm, maybe not if they're an engineering prof! everything else in your article checks out. -- panjoomby's "fightin' illini"

SAVANT said...

Whoops, you got me there panjoomby. Well, can you blame an Irish guy for thinkiing of drink! And yes, we in the eng/tech field are bad at such things.

Are you sure it takes that long? I seem to remember it's being an hour our so.....

Anonymous said...

There is another post about a black man been annoyed because he was called a black man by some honky cracka. (No! Not Anto ferdinand!)

He should have been called The Natural Athlete Who The Sun Shines Out Of His Arse!