Monday, 26 October 2009

Rageh solves the race/IQ problem!

Rageh Omaar is a smart lad. The son of wealthy Somali (yes!) immigrants to the UK, he went to the best public schools and then to Oxford. He then married the only daughter of a landed Scottish baron, whose title lineage goes back to the mid-1600s. Rageh has now put an end to that and the missus (Georgiana Rose Montgomery-Cuninghame) is now at home cranking out little Somalis for him (three at the latest count) while he does his thing around the world.

He now works for AL Jazeera, having left the BBC because of its being ‘a white man’s club’. I kid you not. Apparently has ‘more freedom’ at AJ. Indeed.

I've read his two books (they make good reading, seriously) and I formed the view that he’s a well-balanced individual. In the sense that he’s got a chip on both shoulders.

He now reappears in Channel 4 with a documentary, part of the season Race: Science's Last Taboo. According to the blurb, “in this, Rageh Omaar sets out to find out the truth, meeting scientists who believe the research supports the view that races can be differentiated as well as those who vehemently oppose this view. By daring to ask the difficult questions Omaar is able to explode the myths about race and IQ and reveal what he thinks are important lessons for society.”

I watched the programme (you can see it on the C4 site here) and I beg to differ about one thing. He did not ‘set out to find the truth’. He set out to prove that IQ meant nothing really, that in any event blacks were catching up with whites, and anyway it’s all down to social factors, not inheritance. Quite an achievement for one man in one hour, no?

By way of example he went to South Africa. He showed us horrendous townships outside CT. Their condition was, you’ve guessed it, ‘the legacy of apartheid’. Nobody was rude enough to ask why, if this were so, do you find similar hellholes all over the rest of Africa where apartheid is not a legacy?

Anyway, he then pulled his trump card. He tracked down a black astronomer, helpfully peering through a telescope into the night sky. This gentleman assured us that he had been educated to this level only because he matriculated in ‘the year freedom was won – 1994’. So the not too subtle point was that if only there hadn’t been apartheid all South African blacks would be, not impoverished shack dwellers, rather astronomers. Or similar, such as doctors. (Check out this post to see how Cape Town University addresses the latter.)

Duly enlightened, Rageh made his decision. Intelligence had nothing to do with race, rather it was totally determined by environment. Problem solved.

He finishes by wistfully speculating that, were we to eliminate poverty and discrimination everybody would achieve the same life outcomes. Now you may dismiss this as pietistic nonsense – which of course it is. But the real tragedy is that it serves to reinforce and perpetuate the failed social and educational strategies of the last fifty years.

Far from striking a blow for his fellow blacks, Omaar is in fact contributing to their ongoing underachievement. This case is very similar in that sense to my ‘Nobel Prize’ post a few weeks back. The simple sad truth is this. If you fail or refuse to see the cause of a problem, you are doomed never to solve it.

And so it goes’, as Kurt Vonnegut said…


Anonymous said...

The problem goes way up in Western society. Many highly intelligent "whites" won't accept differences in intellectual ability. It's not in their interests to do so. Is radical skepticism a defense mechanism?

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I want to spend an
hour watching propaganda. Which
race realist scientists were

Rather than bring the
inexperienced Nick Griffin on to
be attacked, I'd like the BBC to
assemble a better group, say Jared
Taylor, Phil Rushton, Linda
Gottfredson, and Michael Hart, to
take the race realist side, and
the four best race deniers to
argue their case, in a more
civilized debate format. That
would be amusing.

Interesting that Somalis and other
East Africans look so different
from the West African descended
Blacks in the Americas.

TC said...

Haven't seen it yet Savant. Did Lynn or Rushton get fair treatment?

I understand from the channel 4 site that they rely on the Lewontin fallacy (more within variation than between) to try and deny race has any meaning. Of course that overlooks that AWF Edwards debunked this in 2003, pointing out that the fallacy overlooks the correlations.

TC said...

Also, in relation to the Flynn effect Wicherts (2004) showed this was qualitatively different to the b-w gap & had few implications for it.

M said...

Some excellent blogs which outline the research.

Anonymous said...

Fuck off, kaffir.

Anonymous said...

Hello Savant,
If the "Black Astronomer" matriculated in 1994, it means he would have had to have been in school for 10 to 12 years during the "apartheid regime" in South Africa.
He would be a lot worse off now under the present OBE (Outcomes Based Education)mess that the "ANC regime" has forced on everone.
has forced on us.

kerdasi amaq said...

What people don't recognise is that, intelligence is a liability for the African darkie.

The real problem for liberals with science, is that, it's not telling them what they want to hear.

That all races are equal. Even though we know they're not.

piet said...

They deny that race has any meaning, yet the same poeple are the ones pushing AA and BEE. How do they explain that?

Anonymous said...

According to the authors of IQ and the Wealth of Nations, the average IQ of Sub Saharan Africans is 67.

The Black students at Wits University were tested at an average of 78...

One of the reasons that the SA education standards have dropped so sharply, so as to churn out Black "graduates".

You want to go to Univ of Cape Town's medical school? Sure - if you are white, and have an average matric result of 91% they will consider you.
If Black, an average of 74% will get you in.

Viking said...

Anonymous 08:40 makes a great point

If that Astronomer was educated under the current regime, he'd be pumping gas at Engen right now..

Great post!

Anonymous said...

Watched the program. Ultimately he failed in his debunking. Rushton and Lynn came across well, after all they are only saying what we all see around us, and the alien's excuses came across as what they are; excuses.
Coming hot on the heels of the BNP appearance on Question Time we are making good progress.

Anonymous said...

He's one cute bastard - a typical Somali. He's maxed out what he can get out of the West, that's for sure. And noe he's off to AJ.

Bloody typical.

SAVANT said...

Re doodler's comment about different grades for medicine, i posted on that here:

W Baker said...

Re: the 78 percent required for entry to SA medical schools.... What's the percentage of patients who choose to see these black physicians assuming they manage to graduate (even with grade inflation) and pass the relevant board exams (on the 10th attempt) and assuming that patients have some sort of choice?

5 or 10%?

Anonymous said...

TC - yes, they interviewed Rushton and Lynne but succeeded, in my mind at least, of making them look shifty. Maybe I'm imagining this. Either way they gave them only brief exposure and did not give them time to really support their positions.

In fairness though, none of the others had much opportunity to do this either.

1-Herman said...

That post on UCT is VERY interesting. Funny how I never heard that. I wonder why?

hector said...

Good point W Baker. I suppose as well that if they failed their exams that would represent discrimination as well. So the ratio of graduates must reflect the population at large. It's no more illogical than other instances of BEE.

J Klein said...

Excellent comment on rdawkins site:

"I haven't seen it yet, as I'm not in the UK but I'll see if I can watch it online.

However, I have no confidence whatsoever in the mass media to examine controversial issues impartially and scientifically, especially the UK media. Although the British Empire was once a leading proponent of the idea of genetic racial differences, its ruling plutocracy these days is committed to doing the opposite, as they now benefit from an economy run on third world immigration, cheap labour, and low-level community division. They are also committed to creating a one-world-government. For this they need to artifically downplay the existence of race and biological difference in humans."


"I consider it common sense that genetic variation exists in humans - although we evolved from distant common ancestors, we are not the same.

We spent hundreds of thousands of years in geographically isolated environments, which probably produced the common traits we would think of as race.

During the British imperial period, and especailly the late 19th/early 20th century when the British Empire was at its Zenith, racial issues were artifically promoted by the ruling elite to justify nicking people's resources and expanding hegemony around the world. These days they're artificially played down because they want to do the opposite - bring lots of people into the western world to work for hardly anything, borrow money and pay taxes.

I consider racial differences actually do exist in humans and its a matter of common sense. However society's views on the matter is influenced by the force of money rather than reason, and in either direction."

Anonymous said...

Omaar's conclusions are a foregone conclusion. He's black, so of course he would steer his "reseach" toward the conclusion that there's no gentic IQ differences between races. Why so surprised, people?

Zngr said...

This mode of function and thought now permeates all layers of Western society, much to my chagrin. And of yours, I'm sure, whoever it is that may read this message. This is similar to Nordic MSM that strives at all times to prove that the native "whites" hate immigrants, especially brown or black people and are prone to attack or mistreat them for no reason, and that minority immigrants are incapable of any misdeed, much less racism, at least by their own choice - any of their blunders and mistakes are explained away in a similar manner that Savant recounts in his blog entry.

Result: this makes minority issues impossible to resolve.

"Racist" crimes committed by natives get top news coverage (until almost universally it is found that perp was also culturally rich) while it still remains a fact the natives are targeted by racist attacks as much as black or brown immigrants are. At least according to any official statistics, whenever they manage to leak out into public.

I have for years contemplated, what, exactly, is behind this attempt of manipulation of public thought?

Then I figured out it must be a conspiracy (insert tinfoil hat) to deteriorate "race" relations to the utmost. The whites feel that the brown/black people get all the positive media coverage, and the whites all the blame, and the black/brown people are made to believe all their tribulations and misfortunes are caused by racism (which sometimes is true), not their own conduct (which is true as often).

Hence everything will just get worse and worse. Only three hours ago I conversed with an acquaintance whose job description involves removing unruly customers from a certain space in the space time continuum we all share. When he removes a drunk aggressive white person, and the person calls the police to apprehend my acquaintance for excessive use of force even though they are not injured, that is, merely to annoy him, the police never come. But when he removes a black person (usually a Somali as it happens) the black person will invariably call the police and tell he was targeted by a "racist attack" or "discrimination" at which point the police will always get involved with the scene to solve a possible case of hate crime. Of which there is never any proof, as everyone is treated equally, and it all ends up a massive waste of time. It is still unclear to me if the Somali or black person believe they REALLY ARE victims of "racism" 5% of the time or only 0% of the time, I think the latter is probably closer to the truth, and simply call the police because they wish to annoy the person who thwarted their attempts of robbery or assault and know their minority status enables them to do that.

Are some of them really convinced by the MSM that they are victims? When they punch you or attempt to take your possessions and are detained (or get some back), do they honestly think they are treated unjustly?

From what I hear most do not, they simply use the race-card to amuse themselves. Yet the MSM would have us believe they (minority people) are the victims nevertheless, time and time again.

To what end?


Because I'm not even sure anymore :(

What is sure none of this serves to solve any of the issues and merely serves to worsen the relations of minorities and majorities within the EU.

Just like how Rageh "solved" the race/IQ problem will simply serve to distract the general public of any real issues and direct any analytical inquiry to a wrong track.

Anonymous said...

zngr - you ask many of the key questions. On this blog we see many explanations but most center around a conspiracy - lead by jewish liberals - to weakne the 'white' race by diluting it with weaker stock. No idea whether there's any basis to this, but it's at least plausable to consider.

Whatever the reason(s), they're succeeding only too well.

Viking said...

- zngr

Once again your views speak volumes.
I often wonder whether the cultural enrichers have come to believe they are victims, but then I remember that their being 'victims' is the basis for their existence in our countries in the first place.

I don't know about you but if I were a refugee from some hellhole, of which Somalia is probably the most perfect example, I would thanks Allah or whatever tree I worshipped every day if my biggest problem was being called nasty names by Finns and Swedes.
Even getting a fist in the face from a Norwegian should be infinitely preferable to waking up in your tent with a grenade up your rectum.
The fact is, the moaning of those ingrates is precisely what exposes them as non-refugees.
Rageh, while he himself may be a black swan, must still have a bit of an inferiority complex if he is bothering with programmes like this. Getting high class white totty will do that to a man...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 23:50 "On this blog we see many explanations but most center around a conspiracy - lead by jewish liberals - to weaken the 'white' race by diluting it with weaker stock."

Excerpt taken from The Harold Rosenthal Interview (1976) (Google it)

"Well, it's true. We're smart -- we are powerful and at the proper time we will mix up your gentile women with the Blacks and in 50 years you'll be all mixed up. Niggers love to s---w your white women and we encourage it by using them to our advantage."

It's a long read, but draw your own conclusions.

Anonymous said...

I hope Daddy cut Georgiana off from any inheritance.And it is hard to tell much from such a small photo but I think Rageh looks like a bit of a poofter

SAVANT said...

zngr - my view is that these 'refugees' see victimhood as another weapon in their armoury. Why not use it? You piss off the white enemy, you take the police from their real duties such as chasing Somali drug dealers, and maybe you'll get some financial 'compensation'. Nothing to lose, so why not.

Always remember, we're to blame for this ourselves, we created it, they're just taking advantage.

Zngr said...

@SAVANT oh but we do know this is collectively our doing. I hope and believe most of us do.

Only the most impenitent racist believes that when you invite people from a culture which was practically stone age half a century ago, and has nothing in common with, say, Swedish or Finnish culture, ask nothing of them in return of full housekeeping and services and further convince them they are victims, all of which add up to insurmountable problems, that it's still the fault of the newcomers.

Some of it is of course Western naivety and arrogance: I know multiculturalists who fully believe the Sudanese or Somali cultures are much similar to ours, but that their countries are a mess because of Western imperialism. Further, I know people who seriously claim that if you replaced Somalis with Finns, the Finns would immediately break up into five warring clans and start shooting each other up with AK47 rifles. Likewise if you would tomorrow replace Finns with Nigerians or Somali, they would slide into their new role and continue operating a much similar welfare society. (Apparently many tolerant cultural relativists believe ground radiation is behind how societies operate, not the people who make the society.)

Ignorance and arrogance, egotism even, that knows no bounds.

This is how they also explain the poor performance of certain minorities: since everyone is similar, equal, human, that also means their cultural values and social mores are much the same and thus compatible. Hence, if a certain minority is prone to scams and crime (Nigerians) or layabouts with no concept of performing in a service and information society, as they have never operated in one (Somalis) the reason MUST be racism and discrimination.

This conveniently explains away the fact that while people are, indeed, much the same all over the world, we are the same species after all, their values, habits and beliefs are very, very different, from which naturally follows that all ethnic groups will never be compatible.

Ignorance, egotism, and of course, self-serving posing as someone who is tolerant.

In effect, multiculturalists, politically correct and non-judgmental people are often the most shallow, morally suspect and intellectually dishonest ones you will ever meet. Not to mention lazy, they often know nothing of foreign cultures and refuse to learn more.

And they are also the ones guiding the immigration industry.

Often we note that criticism of immigration is actually not critical of the IMMIGRANTS, most critics are in fact critical of our political leadership and intelligentsia. But they deflect this by attempting to portray their critics as mere racists.

I have heard more than once that my criticism of immigration policies, that is our own policy makers, is merely poorly masked racism and my true motives are fear, hatred and xenophobia. My detractors refuse to believe there can be any other reason for my opinions and writing. Again, how the fuck do you discuss with people like this or convince them otherwise? You don't. Even the fact I have helped set up a community center (for Muslims - and ones I like at that) with cheap IT equipment, have roomed with a Tunisian, sometimes sit in bars with mostly black clientele and dated a Ghanalese woman are not enough to suggest I might not be an islamophobic (God I hate that word) white racial supremacist after all. They made up their mind and nothing will change that.

We all should thus use our time better and convince the people who still think for themselves instead - and trade thoughts and information amongst each other.

kulak said...

Even if we're not to blame, in a moral sense, there's not much hope of controlling or separating from or becoming independent of others unless we control and know ourselves.

Erik2 said...

I'd say pater must have got a right land when Lady Georgiana landed into the castle with a Somali in tow, and probably up the spout at the same time. Love to have been a fly on the wall

Munin said...

The Savant wrote: "Always remember, we're to blame for this ourselves, we created it, .."

Who are "we"? Savant, why do you do collective guilt?

Using Matthew 7:5 as an instrument for instilling collective guilt ruins clear thinking.


"Give me the child for seven years, and I will give you the man." *

Has that child no one to blame but himself (!) for being susceptible to what he is being taught at school??

* Jesuit motto, alleged to be attributed to Francis Xavier, the co-founder of the Jesuit Order

SAVANT said...

Munin - I've been taken to task on this before! What I mean in the broadest sense is that we in the west are responsible - we allowed it to happen.

While the real guilty ones are the political, academic and media leaders, the general public are also to blame for doing nothing to stop the rot.

The immigrants are only taking advantage of what's laid on the table for them.

SAVANT said...

zngr - I'm interested in the reactions of those Africans and Muslims you've interacted with.

What are their attitude to the Finns and all of the 'goodies' that have been made available to them?

As I've written about the scene in Sweden, gratitude and appreciation are in short supply. Maybe Finland is different?

Cheeky Boy said...

What Raghead failed to point out is that people with high IQs can think abstractly and are good at complex problem solving.Essential for a modern technological civilisation.
A lot of negroes have an amiable personality which can be mistaken for intelligence. They also seem to have a high opinion of themselves. Mohammed Ali failed his army entrance exam in 1960(a score of 16. Pass was 30.Only later when the pass rate dropped to 15 that he became eligible for call up)

Anonymous said...

@Cheeky boy - I wonder do they REALLY have a high opinion of themselves? I know they do go on as if they do, but I doubt it.

After all, why ever should they?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 22:45

I have wondered the same can black society not feel intimidated & inferior when a comparison is made between European/Anglo-American civilization and African civilization?

Munin said...


Something happened to Europe (and to the West) in the aftermath of WWII.

In 1945 there was an Allied consensus on the doctrine of collective guilt, that all Germans shared the blame and the responsibility for the war and for Nazi atrocities.

The German philosopher Karl Jasper lectured on German guilt. He declared there were four kinds of guilt and listed (invented?) as number four "metaphysical guilt" = "a universally shared responsibility of those who chose to remain alive rather than die in protest against Nazi atrocities".

Now read that again: A universally shared responsibility of those who chose to remain alive rather than die in protest against Nazi atrocities.

Survival guilt was thus deliberately transformed into collective survival guilt and then to liberal white collective guilt - guilt for slavery, guilt for colonialism, guilt for WWII, guilt for the state of Africa, guilt for... the list goes on and on ad infinitum.

You have added guilt/responsibility for being susceptible to brainwashing i.e. guilt for being human.

This is utter MADNESS.


PS I agree -"the immigrants are only taking advantage of what's laid on the table for them" - but they are not wholly blameless.

If some guests at a party really stuff themselves and behave very badly - you most certainly blame the host for having invited them... but you blame those loutish guests as well.

Zngr said...

@SAVANT, I'm afraid Sweden has it worse (and there is a reason). First of all, they have worse immigrants and many more Muslims, but more on that later. The West Africans or blacks from West Indies (who often are not asylum shoppers but have ended up here for some other reason - often a woman) say they are a little tired of Finns asking "where are you from? why are you here?" year after year day after day.

I've told them we are just curious but I can understand it wears on you. They certainly know full well their quality of life here is better than most Africans can dream of.

But discussing racism or white guilt is really not on the top of the list. There seems to be some difficulty in establishing real trust between blacks and white Finns. The blacks here will never or only with extreme difficulty fully trust a white, I feel (don't know how often it's the other way around - I couldn't care less about the colour of skin pigment). But in general, they don't seem to think Finns are the monsters the MSM and left-green feminists and their ilk gleefully portray us as.

Older Kurds seem to truly appreciate living here and hold our democracy in high regard. Particularly those ethnic minorities who have been repressed by a larger power think it is pretty awesome tiny Finland fought the Red Army into a standstill and, with a little help of our thick forests and harsh winter, resisted the Soviet forces so tenaciously they came to the conclusion occupying Finland wasn't worth it. Chechens certainly relate to that!

You'll be surprised, but I have the impression the Somalis, in private, sort of... like us. See, we're whites who have never enslaved Africans and had nothing to do with colonialism.

Furthermore the Somalis behave quite well in their own hoods. When they go "out to town" the scenario and rules of engagement change but they don't want to foul their own nest and would rather have good relations with their native neighbors, at least those who are not hostile towards them. A little mutual respect seems to go a long way.

We've discussed this before but like many other immigrants they necessarily don't WANT more Somalis here. The sensible ones know it will bring the clan warfare to Finland and want none of it. I remember a Somali who said every single African criminal, including Somali, should be deported immediately. Much harsher language us imperialistic white devils could get away with without accusations of fascism! The head of Finnish Somali Union (SSL) personally thinks Finns are a little too tolerant and too understanding which can make young men go "a little crazy". You can read between the lines he would not mind more determined measures when someone goes on a serial-enriching gear.

Unfortunately the MSM victim industry and left-wing self loathing makes it impossible for everyone to say, in public, that it's not so bad, all Finns are not racist and many immigrants are grateful we took them in. That would shatter their victim status.

Zngr said...

Unless completely westernized I unfortunately have few to none good things to say about Arabs. I don't think I've met a single practicing Arab Muslim, they drink, take drugs, but still take their Muslim identity very seriously and seem to be in a perpetual verge of rage over something. One drunk Moroccan flew into a tempter tantrum after he saw I wear a wrought iron cross, he was so insulted by what he thought was a christian emblem he could not conTAIN HIMSELF, RAARRRGH ARAB MALE RAGE. Furthermore they carry about them a peculiar sense of self-entitlement - over what, I am unable to determine, but they certainly think the heavens should rain good upon them just because they are Arabs. Most of my encounters with Arabs, then, have not been positive to put it mildly (not counting the few westernized Arab friends I have).

Otherwise I've only met real, practicing Muslims through work, and they are well mannered, highly educated people, and admire politicians like Imran Khan instead of radicals like Qutb or Zwahiri.

It all sounds pretty nice after all, doesn't it? Why should I worry over a few Somalis who mostly cause no trouble and Muslim engineers with impeccable work ethic? Have I become insane? Just keep the Arabs away and all is well! It almost sounds like integration is happening in Finland.

Unfortunately, it's about volume. Particularly, the volume of immigration that is not directly work related. We can only integrate and co-exist with that few immigrants from completely different cultures. When immigration is low, immigrants are forced to inexorably integrate, even in a welfare society that does not ask for it. We've had so few immigrants this far real ghettos, where immigrants lose all contact with the surrounding society and inevitably feel abandoned and then angry and aggressive, have not been able to form. But white flight is already hitting certain suburbs and schools in the capital area. Add the demographic fact immigrants are more often young men than the natives, young men being the most likely to cause trouble, you only need to keep the doors open and what happened in Sweden will happen here as surely as the sun rises. Unless multiculturalism as a policy and ideology is completely and utterly trashed but that happens only when the last -68 radical (and their students...) die of old age.

The recent wave of Kurds and Iraqis are already up to the same tricks they are in Sweden, i.e. forcing women of their ethnicity to live like they were still in the Middle-East, drug and human trafficking, open hostility towards the natives etc. Shame... It could've been pretty good.

SAVANT said...

Thanks zngr for that... most interesting. You make a point about some immigrants taking a much harsher line on the levels of immigratiuon and the treatment of shoppers and criminals.

I've found this to be the case too. I dont think there's anything particular noble in this, rather that they see large numbers and criminals destroying their own nice lifestyles.

SAVANT said...

munin - when I say we're to blame for it I wasn't absolving the immigrants of their misbehaviour.

Your analogy of guests at a party if most apposite. Then again, if you invited the dregs of the streets into your house are you not at least partly to blame for the way they behave?

Viking said...

'they see large numbers and criminals destroying their own nice lifestyles.'

Not sure I agree with this, Savant. A lot of earlier immigrants (such as Iranians in Norway) hard to work hard and assimilate and they see newcomers both as scroungers and as a threat to their reputation rather than their lifestyles.

Any good name they had earned for themselves having lived in Western countries for 20 years or more vanished in an instant when the recent waves of layabouts arrived.

Secondly, they know right well, and better than us, that the behaviour of so-called refugees wouldn't be tolerated in their native countries so have no tolerance for their bullshit at all.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe gthat we're to blame. A small group of so-called leaders have controlled everything we see and read and hence can get 90% of people to see it there way.

ordinary folk not to blame.

SAVANT said...

Viking - we're saying the same thing. I'm saying that many of the earlier ones have established nice lifestyles for themselves and see large numbers of newcomers as undermining that.

Munin said...

Savant, you ask: "if you invited the dregs of the streets into your house are you not at least partly to blame for the way they behave?"

I'm not sure, what you're asking. Who are you referring to?

European politicians are responsible for the negative consequences of their immigration policy - such as (e.g.) the crimes committed as a result of this policy.

The perpetrator of a crime - be he black, white, yellow or of any other hue - is responsible for his deeds.

hector said...

Yes, but that's a major part of the problem. The earlier ones may be ok, but the 2nd generation ARE NOT. Neither are most of the new ones coming in.

Anonymous said...

how can black society not feel intimidated & inferior when a comparison is made between European/Anglo-American civilization and African civilization?

Because they don't think about it. you think they've got sites like this one? They've got a different mindset.
The Arabs certainly think about it. They're always going on about their calculus. Read a book called The Reluctant Fundamentalist written by a pakistani, goin on about the grid planned cities in the indus valley four thousand years ago while the white man in Europe was living in mudhuts or whatever. Guy Menzines had a jibe in his book 1421 about the Chinese having fancy banquets while King Henry V of England was eating rotten fish or something. Its something I've noticed, these jibes about the white race being primitive way back when compared to the chins and arabs- jibes often made by white hating whites.

SAVANT said...

That's true munin but go back to the point i made a long time ago: we elect those same politicians. Not me or you, but the people generally. And they've been bought off by bread and circuses.

Californian said...

Part of the problem is ideology. Liberal ideology insists that people are but blank slates and their intelligence and character are the result of environment. As with all ideologies, liberalism will bend facts to support its conclusions and assumptions. Thus, the program's pre-ordained conclusions on race/IQ.

But there is the bigger problem. If you are going to have a multi-racial society, and part of that society is composed of populaces which have an average lower IQ, then you have a political problem. Why? Because the low-IQ sector of the populace will not be able to compete on equal terms. Inevitably, they will fall behind.

But then how do you deal with that? Tell them to their faces that they will not be able to get into the better schools, or into professions which require some brains? Have the BBC broadcast programs blaming genetic factors of intelligence for the sorry state of black Africa and of African immigrants into the UK? How well will that go over before the rioting starts?

So to keep the peace, you take the liberal path, and invent a fantasy world where IQ does not count. But then you have to cook up a reason for the low-IQ populace falling behind in education and jobs, so out come the scapegoats: RACISM! APARTHEID! DISCRIMINATION!

And then comes the social engineering and (anti-White) propaganda. But the low-IQ populaces still fall behind. So to divert attention, you ratchet up the scapegoating to the point where the high-IQ populace is now the source of all evil, and must be purged via every manner of propaganda, social program and, when all else fails, violence (mob attacks against high-IQ spokesmen; criminal violence against high-IQ populaces). Look at what is going on over in South Africa, how Whites are being ethnically cleansed, in effect.

What this all comes down to is the failure of multi-racial societies to work. You end up with a situation ether where one group dominates another (segregation era America) or societal disintegration (as we see in Britain, the new SA, etc.).

Is there a "solution?" Who knows, perhaps conflict is the permanent human condition. But as long as the Western world is dominated by liberal ideology, it shall have no peace.

Zngr said...

I'm with Savant on the collateral blame issue. We have voted for politicians who look to score points by being "multicultural" so they can get further up in the EU. I was a green-party liberal myself in the past decade.

It's us. We did it by giving powers to the -68 radicals and their ilk instead of throwing them into a ditch.

My parents, who grew up in the 60s, believe in things like mutual respect and universal love between all the ethnic and cultural groups on earth, the problem is, nobody else except for welfare state Europeans give a shit.

(I suspect some yours do as well.)

Did anyone ask us if we like multiculturalism, etc? No, but we didn't take a stand either.

Time's change, now we (us) might change too.

Where ever you live, reader, vote for the "wrong" party.

Take a stand.

Munin said...

Savant, go back to the point I made earlier:

"Give me the child for seven years, and I will give you the man."

You blame "people generally" for being susceptible to what they are taught at school i.e. you blame them for being human.

People vote the way they do, since they think the way they have been taught to think.

MSM give an extremely selective account, which does not challenge the the received paradigm re third world immigration, race, the human rights industry a.s o. On the contrary, MSM actively seek to reinforce this paradigm!

You (and doodler) pointed out, that University of Cape Town's medical school will consider a white student if he or she has an average matric result of 91% whereas a black student only needs 74% to be accepted - something which Channel 4 conveniently "forgot" to tell the viewers, when they were telling us, how the number of black medical students had increased.

Are the viewers (in your opinion) responsible for having been misled by Channel 4?

SAVANT said...

Munin I think zngr makes the point that 'we' all need to vote for the 'wrong' parties. I agree that wwe've been brainwashed but that doesn't - or shouldn't - prevent us from thinking for ourselves.

To that extent 'we' are to blame. So let's fight back!

Munin said...

The Savant wrote: "I agree that we've been brainwashed but that doesn't - or shouldn't - prevent us from thinking for ourselves."

That is a bizarre and surreal statement.

So people, who have been brainwashed, are (in your opinion) just as able to think for themselves? Please expand on this, Savant.

Furthermore, David Hume questioned how an ought/ought not-statement can follow from an is/is not-statement - especially in the absence of any explanation. Since it would seem, that you do not agree, please clarify how you deal with Hume's guillotine.

Anonymous said...

We can argue the toss all day, lamenting the decline of our once-great West.

Well, what are we going to DO about it? For a start, I would say "Put your money where your mouth is." Support groups - like Amren - which stand up for us. Boycott companies/orgnizations which don't. Take your vacations in your homeland, or in white countries like Germany and Colorado: don't spend your hard-earned dollars in Mexico or India. Ditto the products you buy: what's the country of origin?


Morrisminor said...

The niggers have inhabited Africa ten times as long as any other place on earth was inhabited, yet they were too stupid and lazy to invent a written language or the wheel. Nigger are just plain stupid.

Anonymous said...

There is no ' wrong ' party in Ireland to vote for. When it comes to multiculturism they're all geldings

Anonymous said...

Why did he not mention that Africans were flying around in space machines in ancient Egypt as shown on youtube videos which is being covered up by Freemasons who stole their technology and then enslaved and colonised Africa such that it is the way it is today.

Also a liberal pointed out that there is no such thing as race but the fact that Richard Lynn used a sample of 30+ schoolchdren and 20 odd adults which showed that total/(number of adults + number of children) = 93 which shows that black people are the equal to whites as they are assumed to have an average score of 100 so they are smarter and equalier than Irish people.

And faster. Despite the fact that all races are equal and that black people are more likely to be overweight than white poeple blacks are superior to white people athletically by only choosing to notice the sports that black people dominate.

Yes academia has been colonised by idiots who choose to see what they want to see.

white rose said...

I knew a girl who had worked with Omar at the BBC. She said he was 'an obnoxious little shit'. No surprise there then.

Anonymous said...

Michelle Gere · University of Alberta
Its always interesting to me to see the latest and greatest excuse for the failure of blacks to measure up intellectually. There are college professors, especially in the humanities disciplines, that have built their entire careers around inventing ever more specious excuses for black failure. This is because no one is interested in addressing the real reason: the average African american IQ is 85, a score that was once considered on the high borderline of retardation. "But IQ tests are biased!" they cry.. funny how they're not "biased" against Asians or immigrant Jews.. both who have higher means than whites. "But the questions are cultural!" they whine.. then we find out that blacks do nearly as well as everyone else on the "general knowledge" part, its the abtract reasoning, number memorization and spatial tasks they fail on. Yikes, quick, someone invent another excuse that shifts the responsibility for black failure onto someone else.. preferrably a white someone else. What a pathetic shell game!

Harber and colleagues developed a poorly written essay that they gave to the teachers to grade, under the pretense that it was the work of a student. In some cases, the teachers believed the student was white, in others black and in others Latino.

The teachers believed their feedback would go directly to the student. [Poll: Were Your Teachers Tough Enough?]

The researchers found that, indeed, the teachers were prone to give more praise and less criticism if they believed a minority student had written the paper, as opposed to a white student.

Blacks being told that they are gooder than they are leads to problms

SAVANT said...

anon 21.48. My sentiments exactly. The irony is that far from helping blacks, these shell games are actually impeding them and making them bitter. Because when the inevitable real life failure ensues they have the ready-made excuse of racism to explain it. After all, they did well on the tests so what else can it be?

Anonymous said...

As Michelle pointed out there is a wealth of evidence out there that "the important people" do not want to see but the tsunami is going to deposit it on those who have not moved to higher ground such that they will not be able to ignore the misbehavior of blacks.

Quares Walker? Birmingham Alabama Babymomma asks why you not arrest shooter or gangbangers who took him over there to carjack?

Doesn't that shout out Hey Lady WTF was a 13 year old doing out after 9:00pm with guys you admit you did not know armed?

As with Saint Skittles they damn themselves when they speak of their oppression by the man.

SAVANT said...

That's exactly my point. The shell games have given blacks a totally unrealistic sense of entitlement and a concomitant lack of a sense of accountability.