Saturday, 10 October 2009

Next year's Physics Nobel Prize winner

Well, with Barak Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize for, basically, being black and hoping that everything will work out fine, it’s clear that AA has now extended to this arena. Hence I bring you next year’s winner of the Physics prize: Ladies and gentlemen, meet William Kamkwamba.

Now I assume you’ve heard of William. If you haven’t you must have been in hibernation over the Summer. His breakthrough invention has lead to appearances on CNN, BBC, CNBC and even a fawning interview with Jon Stewart on the Today Show. He’s won a major book deal as the protagonist of ‘The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind” and been feted by climate change campaigners like Al Gore and business leaders the world over.

According to the BBC he’s even been invited to the “prestigious Technology Entertainment Design conference in Arusha, Tanzania”. (stop laughing at the back please!) They add “Mr Kamkwamba - who has been flown to conferences around the globe to recount his life-story - has the world at his feet” . One of the comments on the BBC (or was it CNN?) blog claimed ‘conclusive proof at last that intelligence has no racial component’.

Now what was the dramatic breakthrough that lead to all of this? Did he discover how complex physical phenomena emerge from simple ingredients? Has he solved the riddle of what happens far from states of equilibrium and why? Or maybe he’s made some major discovery in the nanoworld?
Well, no, I'm afraid his accomplishment has been a bit more modest. Specifically he’s invented a way to generate electricity by way of a windmill built from commonly available components. Now I must admit I was somewhat surprised when I saw this because going back a long time – it was before I moved to Chateau Savant, and that was thirty years ago – a friend of mine, take a bow Jim, seemed to do exactly that. Much to our amusement, he developed a windmill which generated electricity. Doing a discounted cash flow analysis I worked out that his investment would, over the course of twenty years, generate a net profit of four pence. We got a great laugh at that. But he still did it, and made a bulb light up, or something.

And then I'm aware from my travels that the gauchos down in southern Argentina have been doing the same thing since the middle of the last century. If you Google a string like ‘making electricity from windmill with common components’ you’ll get over one million hits.

So what's going on here?

Well, let’s go back to William. Apparently he found a book somewhere sub-titled ‘how to generate electricity from a windmill using commonly available materials’. He then, using the instructions in the book, went off and ‘invented’ a windmill using commonly available materials to generate electricity.

And, er, that's about it. So in effect, he read a book on how to do something, went off and did it, and, even though the same thing has been done around the world for decades, has become an international celebrity. I'm not being churlish or a curmudgeon, that's what happened.

The question is why. And of course we all know why. He’s black, wears a suit, hasn’t killed anyone, and has made some gadget after reading the instructions. Nobel Prize material for sure.

The paradox about this farce, and it is a farce, just like Obama’s Peace Prize, is that it unintentionally reinforces the black stereotype. Had this achievement been made by a white or an Asian it wouldn’t have attracted a flicker of attention. But an African doing something useful makes world headlines. Even thoughtful blacks realise that this is the ultimate, albeit unintentional, put-down. The tyranny of low expectations.

And an intersting coda: If you look at the myriad of comments on the various blogs you'll not find a single one which isn't gushing and tremelous at this stunning achievement. Truly, mass hypnosis has set in.


steffie said...

Well, I can't help feeling you ARE being grudging and a curmudgeon. It may not have been that original, but at least he's doing something to help himself and his village. Give him some credit.

SAVANT said...

Stephanie - you misuderstand my point. I think he deserves a lot of credit and has shown a level of initiative and staying power all too rare among Africans.

My point is that we/the west/ white people have progammed ourselves into a fantasy world bearing no relationship to reality. Such developments always end in tears. That's my point.

Anonymous said...

So, this African reads a book and manages to construct a little contraption that generates electricity? Dude, I did that in 2nd grade. Big effing deal!!

The more ominous aspects of this absurd story are (1) it will be used to support the idea that "there's no such thing as race" and therefore racial disparites in IQ are bogus, and (2) it will be used to import still more black Africans to Europe, the US, and Australia/NZ.

Thanks to mass hypnosis/programming by the dominant Multi-Cult, we in the West are doomed to a future of widespread instability, conflict, and bloodshed. Unless we snap out of it soon.

Anonymous said...

I thought this was a spoof until I did what you said and googled him.

This was from some Copenhagen blog

"The Boy who Harnessed the Wind" tells the story of an incredible Malawian youth wind entrepeneur
The extraordinary true story of a Malawian teenager who transformed his village by building electric windmills out of junk is the subject of a new book, The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind.

You can't make this stuff up.

Next thing you know, we will hear about the incredible story of the American black youth who discovered the concept of metal fatigue by bending a paper clip back and forth during detention.

Tim Johnston said...

Great post, Savant.
Sure enough, a quick Google search confirmed the details of the story, and fair play to him, windmills out of junk is good for Africa that's for sure.
What might net him next year's Peace Prize though, and deservedly so, is that he managed it without getting the begging bowl out - not once- and getting someone else to build it for free.
Can't he be president of Africa or something?

Zngr said...

"Truly, mass hypnosis has set in."

At least our whole office laughed about this to no end. It's a large office too. Obama receives the Nobel prize for having the _potential_ to do good, but which he has not yet done? At all? Basically meaning he gets a Nobel for JUST BEING Obama? Bwahahahahaha! I know Nobel prizes are sometimes awarded on grounds that are at the minimum suspect but this wins it all. May I have one please, I chose to eat three cheeseburgers on Friday. I count that as such an achievement I demand I receive the Nobel for medicine: after all I willingly ate them and my body was able to digest the burgers, thereby turning them into feces which proceeded to drop out from my rectum.

You get what I'm trying to say here.

A friend suggested he paint himself brown, change his name to Mohammad, claim Somali background and perform normally at his job:

By the end of the year he would be chosen as the "Immigrant System Administrator of Networking Systems of the Year" and receive high praise including a lot of free media time. Henceforth, he would be asked to comment on anything immigration related and be otherwise touted as a totem of liberal fucking shithead multicultural fucking politics and it's supposed god damn success.


The worst of it: the idea wasn't that bad or outlandish. We have some kind of "immigrant woman of the year" already who is a complete fucking moron, and constantly comments on everything she dislikes (for example: Finland and Finns, she hates us and wants to replace us with more immigrants from her country, which to me sounds racist, she just wants the good infrastructure and the dole money, not the people who live here now and made the infra and pay the money in the first place).

SAVANT said...

Viking - I agree. I think the guy does deserve credit. But Jesus, not the world-wide adulation he's got.

Zngr - your point about not liking the Finns is apposite. I've seen the same here in Sweden in my discussions with immigrants. Scratch the surface and it's perfectly obvious that they don't like their hosts (as in parasite/host relationship) one little bit.

Surly resentment would be the dominant attitude in my opinion. What an irony, huh?

Anonymous said...

I always saw the Finns as tough, no-nonsense people. Can't figure how they've become pussies al of a sudden.

Munin said...

The Savant wrote: "Surly resentment would be the dominant attitude in my opinion"

I have been told (by a peeceesta), that there is an African saying: The receiving hand is always in an inferior position - (hence the surly resentment).

Given that peeceestas are notoriously unreliable - does the Savant (or anyone else) know, whether such a saying does exist?

SAVANT said...

munin - I'm not familiar with that saying, but I know there are equivalents in many cultures ('nobody forgives a favour').

I do know that in the Sierra Leone civil war, the worst offenders where those holped by whites to better themsleves. They turned viciously on their benefactors and apparently they felt 'humiliated' by the assistance.

makes you feel great, doesn't it?

Munin said...

The Savant wrote: "They turned viciously on their benefactors and apparently they felt 'humiliated' by the assistance."

This is/will be the fate of white people in Europe/America/South Africa (whites everywhere) - hence the grotesque level of crime directed at white people.

Anonymous said...

Why is the West so effing eager to uplift and glorify anything African, whether it be indigenous Africans or blacks on our own shores?


1) Everyone roots for the

2) We're scared shitless about the
coming onslaught of Third
World immigration into our
own backyards, so "let's
at least get 'em to like us."

3) Our collective Christian
conscience dictates a need
to love our neighbors as

4) Nazi Germany gave xenophobia
and nationalism a VERY bad name.

....and the answer is...Choice # 4 in my humble opinion.

kubrick-alab said...

anon 16.27 - you're on the button with option 4. That's the elephant in the room and is being used time and again to beat us into line.

Anonymous said...

I see this as incfredibly insulting to blacks. It's saying they should get a prize for doing almost nothing!

What nonsense!!!

Anonymous said...

William Kamkwamba did well for an black african, but as to it receiving such world wide coverage well that really takes the cake, reading his blog one of his praise singers mentioned GENIUS. that would make my grand son a GENIUS + as he did a similar project in grade 5 three years ago....was Einstein not a Genius...just a thought.....

Fed-up Canuck said...

Zngr says "A friend suggested he paint himself brown, change his name to Mohammad, claim Somali background and perform normally at his job."

Yes, and due to the peecee rules of procedures, racial politics takes precedence over merit-based abilities where Blacks and Browns are elevated to positions far beyond their capacities only to pay homage to the 'gawds' of political-correctness, and always at the expense of more qualified white people. The old canard of "racism" might be lurking in the background, so we duly comply like sheep-like imbeciles.

Here in Canada's largest city, our once proud Toronto police force can now boast of having not one, but TWO Black deputy-chiefs in a police department comprised of 80% White Canadians.

Photos HERE.

Both men are Caribbean-born immigrants which leads one to suspect something is amiss here, seeing that so many more qualified senior CANADIAN White officers were neglected, just to satisfy the fifth columnist invaders of multi-culti.

O.K....I'll concede to one Black for argument's sake.. but TWO?!

Our Governor-General of Canada is yet another BLACK immigrant from Haiti, who was appointed to that coveted position a couple of years ago.

Maybe, I've got this all wrong. Perhaps these are jobs that White Canadians are just not capable of doing, so we allow the "our betters" to take the lead over the rest of us.

But the numbers just don't add up. Whites in Canada still account for 84% of the population while Blacks are just 2%, and half of them are foreign-born, including the three mentioned above.

Anonymous said...

@fed-up canuck: What sort of reaction has there been from ordinary Canadians. You know, the kind that make up 84% of the population? Is there any appreciation of the fact that every minority promotion menas a white being passed over?

And if these people are so good, how come their countries are among the worst in the world?


Tim Johnston said...

@fed-up Canuck
so, 1% of all Canadians are foreign-born blacks?????

I'm in Vancouver at the moment, and have hardly seen any. Where are they all hiding? So I'll know where to avoid...

Another thing, the GG doesn't look very black. How is that possible, her being from Haiti??

Fed-up Canuck said...

"Reaction"? The short answer is there no reaction. None, nada, zilch!

The majority of White Canadians cowardly submit to the usual pandering explanations that lead them away from any discussion of race, especially the Black race. That topic could lead the listener into thinking they may be "racist", ya know.

The Toronto Star newspaper avoids using racial descriptions of potential "Nobel Prize candidates" wanted by the police, although Black men account for 80-90% of the violent crime in Toronto.

Somebody coined the phrase of Canada being a "Land of Trusting Fools". I must concur.

01_serena said...

Viking: Last time I was there Vancover was about 70% Asian. Has it changed?

Don't get me wrong, Asians are 10,000 times better than blacks.

Tim Johnston said...

that sounds about right - although I suspect they must have some kind of "filtering" policy but the lack of Muslims is heartening; most of the Indians seem to be Sikhs.
There are a lot of Chinese too.
I optimistically view this as evidence of some kind of sensible immigration policy, but am well aware that Toronto for example is full of Africans..
As you say, 10,000 times worse.

Fed-up Canuck said...

Here ya go, Viking.

Minority races in Canada

Get your calculator out and do the math. You can change to any town, city or province where it says "Select another region".

...and your views on a "sensible immigration policy"??

Not likely.. when Vancouver's white population is now reduced to 57% and still dropping every year!

O.K. enuff said here...on to Savant's next item of interest.

sys390 said...

Re Vancouver. The process is simple. Whites create a great place to live, which serves as as an attraction for blacks and turn worlders. They come in in large numbers and eventually fuck the place up. That's going to happen to Vancouver as well.

kemp said...

I saw him interviewed. Let me tell you...what a great story and what great gifts he has given his community! Not only did he give them clean energy--but also proof that dreaming, or thinking, is not a waste of time.

Anonymous said...

kemp writes:
"Let me tell you...what a great story and what great gifts he has given his community!"

No one denies this. The point of the
post is not to denigrate Mr. Kamkwamba,
merely to point out that his
achievement is only monumental by
African standards, and to take a dig at
all of those who'd use his example to show that Africans are just like the
rest in terms of potential. They just
aren't. I'd love to be proven wrong,
but the evidence is overwhelming.

Exegesis said...

Does it generate AC current, or is it the less useful DC?

Sad, really. The difficult part is the electricity generation, not the windmill. My older brother built a Van de Graaff generator when he was 12. It would have been simplistic to convert it to a windmill.

Tim Johnston said...

@fed-up Canuck

thanks for that - had no idea the numbers were so high!

and let me clarify - I in no way think there's a sensible immigration policy in Canada - I just see (and the stats back this up) that somewhere somehow they're leaving Muslims largely out of it. And that's a start.

clovis said...

Is it true that Canadians are keeping down Muslim numbers? Great news if true, but that is so very un-Canadian. surely some 'rights' group would be screaming about that?

Anonymous said...

At least he's not smoking crack and robbing people - deserves some kind of prize for that at least.


Anonymous said...

At least the Mexican illegals here are Christian, and they work hard.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 22:21

"...was Einstein not a Genius...just a thought....."

He was, but the standards have been lowered so much since then!

MLK said...

It's the same with films and TV. Every good guy is black, criminals are white, doctors and scientists are black. Reality on it's head.

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...

Well said.

Very few liberals or blacks understand how in the act of endorsing AA and BEE; they themselves are saying blacks are not able to earn thier professional recognition on merit.

As a woman, if i was ever offered an affirmative action job, I'd tell em to stick it so far they choked on it. If I am not the the best qualified and experienced of those that applied, for any job; I don't want their sanctimonious patronising BS gender-equity bribery!

The most respectful thing I can do to any black person, or anyone, is to be sincerely and brutally honest with them, to their face. Pity the majority are way too ignorant and stupid, to know the difference between someone who respects them enough to give them the benefit of the doubt, that they can handle the truth, and want to hear the truth; and someone white guilt prostitute, who wants to be liked, who will say whatever they want to hear.

Shaunantijihad said...

Some false friends who make this blog unreadable know well the tactic.

"Those of us who name Jews as the prime mover behind the New World Order — which we have dubbed the “Jew World Order” — are ruthlessly suppressed, censored, harassed, terrorized, arrested, imprisoned, and in some extreme cases even killed. There is no “Jesuit Internet Defense League” that goes around trying to censor YouTube videos that are critical of the Jesuit Order and the Vatican; but there is a “Jewish Internet Defense Force”, a predatory gang of scheming Jews who relentlessly go around sabotaging blogs and websites critical of Jews, Israel or Zionism, and who are responsible for the removal of thousands of videos as well as the banishment of thousands of YouTube channels and users of other video sharing websites."

Anonymous said...

Geez Savant, I was expecting something like the wheel or the combustion engine. What a letdown!

Are you sure they're not grandstanding for the fact he can read? Or, was the book in audio?

Crontabulous said...

Aw, you'll[sic] just hatin'. You'll[sic] cowards don't even smoke crack.

You'll[sic] welcome.