Thursday, 24 September 2009

What about the Poles?

Several commentators over the last few months have asked why, in deploring Ireland's immigration policies I always focus on blacks and Muslims, never on Poles or other East Europeans, whose numbers are significantly greater.

Fair question, and I have a simple answer. And it is that white immigrants will, with some exceptions, work hard and will have little difficulty with, or objection to, integrating with the local population. There a numerous examples of this already, Germans and French in West Cork, Dutch in Cobh. Never a problem, seamless integration and assimilation with the native population.

On the other hand we have seen everywhere - everywhere - that blacks and Muslims cause problems wherever they go. Always. Crime, welfare dependency, violence, and additionally, in the case of Muslims, fundamental incompatibility with democratic Western values. Again, when it comes to them, time does not heal. In fact things get worse over time.

That's it, question answered.


W Baker said...

It's good to see an Irishman just figuring this phenomenon out (...taking the mick')! You should come to the Southern States in the US. Granted our myopic ancestors imported them by the boatload (with a good deal of European help, I might add...), but we, as our most popular son from Hope, Arkansas would say, 'feel your pain'! (Oh, sorry, he wouldn't say that to this sort of subject.)

Here's a good rule of thumb as you travel from Ireland to Scandinavia and elsewhere in Europe. (Not trying to sound presumptuous here...) We have over here what we call a proximity rule. The closer in proximity that one lives to blacks (and now a boatload of other races/breeds), the less likely one is to see them as exotic, put on the egalitarian rose-coloured glasses, and role out the dole/welfare red carpet. But there's a flip side to this rule. Several generations of proximity also has a dulling effect on the white population. Northern European work ethics and cultural mores are pulled down and culture stagnates.

For the ultimate example of this - see the Byzantine Empire. A polyglot culture that imploded and left the world one of the pejorative adjectives ever known.

Anonymous said...

I agree. But in any event there's been too much immigration to Ireland too soon. That's not to criticise the Poles, who are generally fine. But too many too fast is always bad.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I don't like having too many foreigners around, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. (Foreigners are weird; I'm Swedish, ergo I'm non-weird.) This no doubt makes me into some kind of phobe, but it's still a problem worth taking seriously.

Tim Johnston said...

the Poles don't want to stay, they just want to work and buy a flat when they get back home after a few years. Most of the Nigerians have scammed so much in Ireland they could buy up half of Nigeria - but will they go back there? Will they F**k.

One thing about the Poles though - why do they need a separate food section at Spar?? It's not like they eat catmeat and bark, it's mostly just cabbage.
What's wrong with our cabbage??

Anonymous said...

Perhaps to answer another way, the MSM is always quick to pounce on white immigrants for the least of of criminal transgressions, while under-reporting the most heinous crimes committed by Blacks and other minorities in white western nations.

So, in effect, you're just leveling the playing field in reporting events that the p.c. mainstream media habitually twist into contortions in trying to make the black criminal, himself...a victim of circumstances.

Anonymous said...

W Baker's replied "Several generations of proximity also has a dulling effect on the white population. Northern European work ethics and cultural mores are pulled down and culture stagnates." Very true indeed. Long-term proximity, coupled with an active U.S. government policy of socially engineering racial integration and "equality" has undeniably had a detrimental effect on European-American culture.

Anonymous said...


Again, you have succinctly "bulls-eyed" the problem without mincing words. If you were an American I'd attempt to persuade you to become a U.S.policy maker. Keep up the great work.

eamonno'f said...

W Baker - very good points. Close proximity? SO true. Amazing to see people here in Ireland piously espousing the cause of black immigrants, then having a 180 turnaround when they move in cllose by.

But it's going to go on. The Poles and other whites are leaving, the black deadbeats remain, all living on welfare.

We'll repent at leisure - as you in America know.

Anonymous said...

Regarding W. Baker's quote about proximity..."the less likely one is to see them as exotic, put on the egalitarian rose-coloured glasses, and role out the dole/welfare red carpet."
DEAD ON. I dare say that American Southerners are some of the most pragmatic people in the States since they know, first-hand, what segment of their society stays latched onto the government teat while straining the social fabric.

Anonymous said...

The problem with any group of foreigners is once they get to a certain critical mass they start demanding that they be accomodated at the expense of the native born. Even if they are not harmful they side with those that are, like the Irish illegals in the US.

Anonymous said...

I know of no other country in the world that takes care of, makes excuses for, and continually throws money at its least productive members of society as does the United States.

Keep in mind that this country is still around 70% white, and it's this white segment that pays most of the taxes, yet accepts the least amount of government assistance. Even as we continually dump our tax money into the black hole of never- ending welfare programs, we are all-the-while called racists. White America is constantly demonized as the reason for the problems of disenfranchised minorities who refuse to take personal responsibility for their own shamless actions, and who blame everyone but themselves for their misfortune.

I stopped worrying about being called racist many, many moons ago. Even though it is my morbidly unshakeable belief that the embracing of “diversity” is killing a once-civilized country, I still go to work every day to support procreating oxygen-thieves who literally would not survive without government and community handouts.

hector said...

anon 4.29. This is 10000% true. The big issue with the US is whether the whites, as in CA, will revolt while they still have the chance and stop taking - and paying for - all this shit.

Anonymous said...

I think it's also worth noting that the Chinese are very hard-working as well and seem to have low levels of criminality.

openyoureyes said...

The Poles are white, they act more white than Muslims, who believe it or not act more white than blacks.

Whoever thought that immigration works, hasn't surveyed human history where the Irish are willing to fight to the death, for hundreds of years to keep out another peoples (the English) from "immigrating".

You will see, as a society immigrates more, it starts to more resemble the immigrants than the hosts, especially in a democracy.

What angers me, is that the impetus for this "Alice in Wonderland logic" is a group of diaspora, that now so influences the Zeitgeist that it is causing destruction of the host. Somehow we've been indoctrinated to believe, that working against our cultural and even physical destruction is bad.

Meanwhile said diaspora continue to secretly and sometimes not so secretly propagate both its physical and cultural semblances writ large. It is hypocrisy so far beyond the pale, that you're brain goes on tilt trying to digest it. Its actually so outrageous you begin to think its normal.

Make no mistake, the reason now we "love immigrants" and hate our culture is that the immigrants are running the thought machine out there and they do in fact, hate our culture.