Friday, 18 September 2009

A survey in Stockholm

I've been here nearly two weeks. After a day or two I began to take count of the couples that I saw. I divided them into Swede with Swede, Swede with cultural enricher, and where both were cultural enrichers. To get as good a sample as possible I took every opportunity to take my meals out of doors (the weather is improbably glorious) and I also traveled a lot on the subway (underground trains).

I'm not claiming that the figures meet normal statistical sampling standards, but equally when a consistent pattern emerges, day after day, it must mean something.

In all I counted 214 couples. Here's the breakdown:

132 Swede/Swede

24 Both cultural enrichers or else not possible to say

58 Swede/cultural enricher

So there you have it. More than one in four of such liaisons feature a Swede and a cultural enricher. This, looking at it coldly and mathematically, means the death of the Swedish people as we know it. But we realised this anyway.

But it begs one question: In literally 95% of the latter relationships the girl is Swedish. Swedish men clearly aren't going for foreign women, so are 25% going without? And if they are, in the name of Jesus what are they doing about it?

Isn't it amazing, or am I missing something??? Seriously.


Anonymous said...

So are the Swedesish women with foreigners hot? Or fat whales you wouldn't touch? And what kind of cultural enricher, Muslim, Black? This is interesting.

Swedes must be raging.

kulak said...

Closer to 30%.

By the same reasoning, what about the 70% of "culturally enriching" women?

Seems like they're having babies, don't it?

Maybe you saw the culturally enriching men with their Swedish mistresses, while Swedes aren't forming couples much at all.

SAVANT said...

anon - that's just the point. THEY ARE HOT!!!!! They are gorgeous, that's what I cannot understand. re origins, I'd say 80% of the cultural enrichers are from north-east Africa. Somalis, Eritreans, etc. They'd almost all be Muslim... and African. What a combination.

kulak's point is also valid. Quite probably they have their Muslim baby-generator at home up the spout, while they get the local whores - as they'd see them - to keep them entertained while simultaneously keeping the kuffirs from breeding.

What a fuck-up.

Euro Referendum 2009 said...

do you know the breakdown of Sweden's ethnic minorities?

I think the solution is separation then if any woman, or man, wants to take up with an ethnic, they have to leave that particular area for good.


Robert said...

"Ode to a dying nation"

Most Swedish women are quality females like Obama's mother.

SAVANT said...

Teacher -paris. Sad but what a brilliant song!! Quite apart from the words, the music, singing and arrangements are all superb. We'll see that top the charts (joke!).

SAVANT said...

Richard, Swedes Don't do vulgar stuff like ethnic classification. We're all one happy family, you see.

From my observations, mainly in big cities, I'd say the non-white population is about 20%. Of that I'd say the bulk are from north-east Africa. The rest are Arabs, mainly from Iraq and some from Iran.

Zngr said...

Savant you know many if not most of the immigrants (non-white) are also Muslims.

Muslim women don't go out with infidel men. In fact they don't go out much at all, ho ho ho. Or they'll be thrown down a balcony by their male relatives. That would certainly cramp their dating prospects.

In Finland NE African women laugh at the prospect of dating a Finnish man. I mean, really, they LAUGH and at the same time make throat cutting motions with their hands (meaning their brothers would kill them, which they would). The older women are actually afraid of European men, the younger, if they wanted to date a Finn, will face severe consequences. Such liberties multiculturalism offers them.

In Sweden, Muslims apparently often marry Muslim women but date (that is "fuck") Swedish "whores" as they say, before (and after) they marry.

One of the most glaring failures of multiculturalism is the position of immigrant women, because nobody stands up for them, not the social services, not the police, not the native community, mostly because of the fear of being called a racist. Hence they are locked to live the life of domestic slavery and arranged, forced marriages, like they live in Morocco or Pakistan, while their native neighbors enjoy all the luxuries of Western liberalism and individualism. True equality, huh. Good job by those tolerant and non-judgmental multiculturalists.

In Central and West Europe, Mulism girls are mostly married outside of EU to their "home" countries and then bring their husbands (and other "relatives") to EU soil as per family "reunification" (what I joke). Denmark has devised various cunning laws to combat this, quite successfully, but in Holland, Belgium, Germany etc. 75% to 85% of women originating from Muslim majority countries are also married to a person from their former home countries.

I don't see why this would be different in Sweden, though any statistics like that are almost impossible to come by as they are in Sweden's case either not recorded or top secret. We can see why...

As for Finland, out of the 5000 or so Somali women in the country, the grand total of "0" date a Finnish male. In fact, much to everyone's surprise, those with children are also single mothers!

At least their legal status is single mother, which nets them generous benefits.

(Anyone with even a limited understanding of Somali culture knows that no Somali woman is a single mother, they all have a husband, of course, and certainly live together with them. But it would be racist to suspect their motives in reporting single mother status. Good God we're naive and dumb.)

tesla said...

The situation does not look good in Sweden but I don't think the population statistics are quite as dismal as your survey suggests. Minorities tend to congregate in cities so they will be overrepresented in your survey. And then you must take into consideration that city folk tend to be more left wing than their suburban / rural counterparts and thus more likely to "intermingle" with said cultural enrichers. So liberal white bitches will also be overrepresented.

Try not lose hope, Savant! I think that people will eventually come to their senses.

SAVANT said...

zngr - well said about muslim women. You'll see their men in the thousands all over the place, but the women are at home cranking out loads of little welfare earners. Amazing you never hear a feminazi talk about that, isn't it?

SAVANT said...

Tesla - by coincidence I drove out to a large town (Vasteras, I think) and did my survey. As you suggest, the numbers were nowhere near as bad as in Stockholm. And even then I saw hardly any cross-dating couples. Maybe there is some hope.

Zngr said...

I've taken upon me to argue with feminazis about this phenomenon. It is hilarious to observe a feminazi squirming about around this issue. I sympathize to some extent...

Anonymous said...

My Dad came from Sweden after the 1st world war,he walked of a ship in Wilmington Deleware and made his way to Chicago where his brother who got discharged from the army and was gassed in France was living, Pa got work as a const, laborer and made his way up to bricklaying and started his own const business with the money his brother gave him from his monthly govt, pension for disability from there he built homes on the northside of Chicago, the depression came along and he and brother did some bootlegging and made some real beer with help of a old German who lived in the area that knew brewing, Pa recouped his losses by the time the depression was over, WW11 came along and pop enlisted but they found out he never took out papers but fact he lived a good life they took him in and he was a medic at Normandy on D dad did all this with only coming here with 5 dollars and a smattering of English, he alaways said he never regretted leaving the old country and never wanted to go back. If he was around today and saw how these goofy Swedes were living with their Muslim and Black babies back home he would turn over in his grave, you have a great site Savant and you tell it like it is,

kulak said...

The only other thing I'd note is 61.7% of the observed couples were swede-swede, very close to the golden ratio.

The golden ratio is the ratio for value-neutral/information-free decisions. I expect the birth rate of Swedish females in Stockholm is very low. Causality is not certain, but where whites live with Diversity, they do not breed.

openyoureyes said...

First, to question of "what are all the other guys doing?", well the ones that haven't been "ideologically neuterized" they're obviously gay, which is also very much accepted in the current status quo. The rest are of weakened genes and don't deserve to mate they are the "genetic garbage" that if it weren't for modern science would have been burned on one of their famous flaming funeral pyres.

The so called "Viking" is an extinct myth replaced by the new, kinder, more compassionate, more sensitive "Scandinavian". I think the Scandinavian woman have more stones then their men and therefore need to find real men to breed with. Such is their desperation they embrace and import genetic inferiors who still display semblances of normal male characteristics.

mr brisbane said...

openyoeyes - yes there could be something at a subliminal level which impels them to do this. Very hard to beat biological programming.

Anonymous said...


Your blog is a genuine touch-stone of what's really happening in terms of demography and culture. How can it be publicized so that it reaches a a wider audience? I'm pondering this question...

Chun said...

Savant, I wouldn't worry too much. The demand for blonde women is great and genetic engineering in the future will ensure they will always be around.

Also, perhaps it isn't such a bad thing if the Swedes get bred out - they seem to be socialist morons.

Olaf-0 said...

Chun: It's not really the issue of blonds, but rtaher that Seden will change into something that is very far from Sweden.

Venus said...

A Youtube video "Welcome to Sweden of Today"
One commenter says; "... it's called jews and their desire to break open closed white societies for their own use, and to mongrelize the white populations so that they can never again come together to kick the jews out. Once they remove whites from any knowledge of their own culture and heritage by encouraging them to breed with non whites, they're one step closer to completely nullifying any resistance whites could ever mount against them. "

Zngr said...

About those feminists and feminism in general, in the current political atmosphere it is interesting to note that since feminism and multiculturalism are mutually exclusive and incompatible, though deeply rooted on the universal European laws and understanding of human rights, for them to co-exist simultaneously it is imperative for them to be blind to each other.

As such one deducts both are build on false premises. Others, mainly from the liberal left if you will, see this as evidence that there is no issue with immigrants and egalitarianism. But these same people think that since Swedish MSM does not talk about immigrants, there are no problems with immigrants or immigrant crime so...

Multiculturalism and feminism CAN exist in a where all the cultures involved share the same values of equality and individualism.

This used to be the case in Europe only two decades, or even a decade ago, depending.

Now that multiculturalism includes powerful and proud cultures that originate from Middle-Eastern nomadic tribal customs or Islam the equation produces a failure.

Yet the primary enemy, if I may say so, of feminism is the white Western man. Feminism is in a crisis even though they have not woken up to the fact in general. The non-western, non-white man to some feminists represent a mystical noble savage, and for others simply does not exists as a factor in European countries. But non-western men DO exist as a social factor in European countries and repress their ethnic womenfolk with vigor.

So to remain politically correct multiculturalism and feminism must remain blind to each other.

And Savant, did you see any ethnic (at least Middle-Eastern or North or North-East African) women walking about without a flock of children or walking about at all to begin with? If one didn't know better you'd think 90% of the immigrants from those areas are men but as we know this isn't so, we must conclude that the women are kept at home. Irrefutable evidence that all our conclusions about their locked down status from society are true! This is not an issue that has entered any mainstream studies and are mostly carried by organizations for immigrant women while MSM keeps the lid on it, so your average European taxpayer must simply use his own perception to make his conclusions.

Zngr said...

I would also like to comment on the urban areas concentrating immigrants vs the much more native and white smaller towns, or the countryside.

While it is true urban centers will give you slanted view of the current and future demographics it is not a cause for elation or less worry. (In the city where I live, roughly 10% of the population is immigrant, both IT engineers and construction workers and the"humanitarian immigrant" and their family reunification relatives, while it is closer to only 3% on average: the phenomenon is as universal as mass immigration within EU.)

When the immigrants are concentrated on such small areas, or surround large cities in colonies often divided along ethnic lines, they will simply impact large urban centers sooner instead of later. If the immigrants would be dispersed more evenly, they would, first off integrate better, second, cause less worry over the native population because their presence would be more common and at the same time less overbearing.

As it stands immigrants who can rally behind ethnic or religious lines, and the universal left-wing badge of victimhood (-possibly along with Islam their most unifying rally cry, of course pushed and created by our own left-wing-) look to take political control of the areas where they are closing on majority and turn whole suburbs into European versions of Kabul.

We know there are smatterings of boroughs and suburbs across Europe which have become de facto no-go areas for the natives or other services such as the police or firemen. As immigrants continue to settle in certain cities they will simply overwhelm the locals in a larger sale, and this is important, if they previously had few, soon have NO incentive to integrate simply because they don't need to be in contact with the native culture (again, I don't understand how multiculturalists fail to see the problem) as they will eventually get not only their daily affairs but also all their services conducted in their home language. As is the British model: to be inclusive every ethnic group can make do without speaking English even when contacting officials, insanity. The same will inevitably come about even when it is not a government policy. Why would a people change their language if they have no reason to do so? They won't.

The worst outcome, and indeed the only possible outcome right now (because this has always happened on a smaller scale when given a chance), is the birth of de facto states within sates. The surrounding society will provide cities like Malmö, Hague, vast tracts of Amsterdam, Utrecht or Rotterdam services like welfare benefits, electricity, water and occasional medical care, possibly to buy a modicum of peaceful co-existence.

The inhabitants of these mini-sates will conform to the laws and custom of their original countries, say, a Middle-Eastern tribal culture, and wage low intensity conflict war with the surrounding state, and of course amongst each other, along the same lines groups and gangsters organized along for example Baathist, Sunni or Shi'ite allegiance do in Middle-East, or Sikh or Hindu against Muslims as in India. They will believe themselves to be repressed and locked out by the racist Europeans, much like today, and the left-wing liberals, academics and multiculturalists who brought this about will probably do their utmost to enforce this world view.

To stop the civil disturbance from spreading out of these now no-go cities in West Europe a similar policy the French deploy in their banliues must be used, a system of cordoning these areas by closing and opening highways and limiting access to a few high volume tracks or the worst nightmare of all, by walling whole cities and giving birth to the EU versions of Gaza.

Zngr said...

So when you think it's not that bad, it's actually worse.

We must understand we're not dealing with European phenomenons from after the WW2 now. We are dealing with acutely third and developing world problems, too many of just do not either understand, or do not WANT to understand it yet. Hence many refuse to believe ethnic strife of large scale could be possible in our Europe, or that Gazas are the problem of another world.

Alas, ethnic strife, totalitarianism and low intensity warfare are the order of they day in most of the world, and we have been shielded from these horrors for six decades. Then we invited the developing world to our home. Boredom? Can't say, but we sure got what we ordered.

We can all see how the elites and intelligentsia will respond to this unless we soon see is a major shift on how the Europeans as a collective, and most importantly their intellectual elites think.

As it stands, everything described above will be blindly blamed on the secular Europeans (white) natives and employ the new "race" politics of EU, much like those we have seen in USA. In USA, affirmative action was introduced to help blacks, and there has been many other attempts to include blacks to the middle and higher classes of the society.

In Europe, the intelligentsia, foolishly, is employing similar social experiments, but the native US blacks have been replaced by foreign immigrants, Muslims and others, of a huge ethnic variety and this is why such politics will fail even more miserably.

But we can count on our academics and elites to attempt all subterfuge and use as much intellectual dishonesty as possible to heap these developments on the shoulders of ordinary white European taxpayers. Who never even got to vote on immigration in the first place. And the numerous quislings among us, be it feminists, left-wing "activists", red-green voters, socialists or academic sociologists and humanists will to their last breath support them.

Funny, in the past century the biggest possible threat to Finland has been USSR or Russia. Today I find the thousands of welfare seeking immigrants leaking from across the Swedish border much more troubling in my daily affairs, and withing 30 years we will apparently have a Muslim majority country neighbouring us. We all know how well Muslims countries manage with their neighbours and what's worse, they can seek asylum and claim family unification from Sweden to Finland in 2030 because the country has turned an inhospitable battlefield!

Anonymous said...

Dude the whole "Muslim women don't get to date white's so not equal!" argument is a bunch of bullshit.

WE WANT Muslim women to be prohibited from dating white men. Thank god for their anti-female culture or else all the white men would be dating muslim women.

I went to a european heritage thing this weekend in my neighbhorhood and was ABHORRED to see all the interracial couplings. Of the four interracials standing in line with me, 3 were male with cultural enrichers.

So yeah....thank god for muslim female inequality or there would be no white on white Swedish couples.

If anything we should be encouraging muslim inequality in order to save our people.

Stone Killer said...

The Swedes and most Europeans are under the same zionist media spell as most unaware Americans. These hypocritical haters run ads, "entertainment", "news" intending for this "social engineering" to happen. To all but their own. Sure, these creeps marry outside their group. When they have their SECOND marriage. Almost always they first marry one of their own to make sure they have kids who are of the tribe. Once that's taken care of, it's time to go out and have fun with the shiksas and whomever. They hate the West, they hate whites. It's that simple. To state otherwise is to be disingenuous. Take a look at WHO was behind all the pro third world immigration laws in the US, Australia, GB, most of Western Europe, including Ireland, which is where my parents are from. Take a look at who actually wrote the laws.

I'm in the US, but I see Ireland is now under siege from the forces of these monsters. Europeans need to get together and see themselves as a distinct people for a period long enough to allow them to work together and clean up the West and get the nation wreckers and their third world tools, their foot soldiers, out of our lands. These hypocritical racists running the show, these monsters, wish to make all European descended peoples the Kulaks of the 21st century. The people behind this are the ultimate two-faced, ethno-centric, megalomaniacal, genocidal beasts.

melanie said...

this is great analysis zngr. One question - do you see any hope? Where do you see your part of the world being in say 20 years?

Magnus said...

zngr/Savant. I'm Swedish and you need to know that the suburbs are quite different. Some suburbs are all white, while others are all 'cultural enricher' as you describe them. So there is no so much mingling as your survey would suggest.

A big problem is the 'outer' suburbs be cause they breaking down on ethnic lines, e.g. Somalis (the worst), Iraqis, Syrians etc. Little countries of their own, right here in Sweden!

Israelieejit said...

Stonekiller - blaming the Jews for this too? You've gotta be kidding me!!

zngr - your post was really interesting reading!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I must say blaming this on the Jews is a bit of a stretch

Stone Killer said...

Of course mentioning the zionist element in all of this attracts the ... zionists who troll the internet, looking to make light of things, using the usual methods to play things off, like "... blame the Jews," etc. This is straight out of the "Hasbara Playbook". Look that up.

Who blamed "the Jews"? Merely stating the fact that the immigration laws in the US and Europe (and Australia and New Zealand) have been written by, lobbied for, managed by zionists is simple fact. To deny this is cowardly. Too many Europeans, meaning whites, are trusting in that they take things at face value without looking at the reasons behind things. Start looking at the 'handlers' of you politicians, their backers. It'll be an eye opener.

leEmmanuel said...

The Muslim wenches are where all Muslim wenches should be. At home cranking out little jihadis, while their menfolk head to town to fuck the Swedish whores.

Quite simple really.

Anonymous said...

Israel has the same problem as the rest of the West - a traitorous Left undermining the nation, and demographic pressures from Third World enemies. At least they have the Uzi-toting "settlers". Where are OUR "settlers"? Bumming each other senseless in gay bars?

Israelieejit said...

Stone Killer:
The whole West is being overrun with 3rd-world immigrants.
Your claim of it being a zionist conspiracy insults anyone with the slightest bit of intelligence.
If you want to make wild accusations why dont you back them up with real facts, names, actual details - instead of just vaguely referring to "them"?
Do you even know the meaning of "zionist"? I doubt it.
It means "someone who believes in a homeland for Jews". That's why there are millions of CHRISTIAN zionists. We are now in a post-zionism period.
Anyway, you can get in line as "The Jews" have already been blamed for:
Killing JFK
Hurricane Katrina
9/11 terror attacks on USA
The tsunami
The war in Iraq
The current financial crisis

What an ugly character you must be, to refer to someone contributing to this blog as a "zionist who trolls the internet". As if you are superior than anyone else. I imagine you to be a white protestant supremist and a sick MF.

Israelieejit said...

Blame The Jews for Everything
by Steven Shamrak

Throughout history, Jews have been blamed for almost everything. We were responsible for the Black Death during the Dark Ages. We were responsible for the exploitation of working classes by Capitalist society and spreading the ideals of Communism around the world. Jews were slave traders and were fighting against slavery; we are branded as imperialists and human rights activists; we destroyed the rule of the Tsar in Russia and created and obliterated, 70 years later, the Soviet Union. We are anarchists and socialists, hippies, gays and women’s rights activists, as well as neo-conservatives.
All this stupidity began after a Jewish guy, Jesus, started preaching a basic Jewish law — LOVE for fellow human beings. Several hundred years later his followers, with the blessing of a Roman Emperor, alleged that Jews were responsible for his death. After two thousand years, most people, mainly Christians, still have not asked or even want to know about the facts. Crucifixion was the Roman punishment for ‘criminals,’ people who opposed the brutal Roman occupation of Judea and Samaria, the hot spots of resistance to the Roman Empire. It was only after Rome adopted Christianity that Jews were blamed for killing the Jewish guy. After all, the Romans and the early church could not admit killing their own chosen god.
There used to be a saying in the Soviet Union: “If there is no water in a tap, it must be Jews who have drunk it all.” In a word that means blame Jews for everything. Paranoid accusations and anti-Semitic propaganda that Jews are in control of the world have now spread from the Christian to the Muslim world. This technique has always been used by kings, dictators and even by democratically-elected governments to control and divert the attention of the mob, the sorry population, from their own problems. We have even been accused of using the blood of Christian children in preparation of matzos for passover, with complete disregard for the fact that the Torah explicitly forbids Jews from using or eating any blood in food.

Jews have persistently been used as the most effective scapegoat! Some say: “If there were no Jews, they would be invented.”
If all these innuendoes were true that Israel, a nation which numbers less than 0.2% of the world population, has so much power over all humanity, Jews must be really the chosen people. Therefore, it would be a clear sign to any Christian or Muslim person, who believes in the Jewish teachings, as the Christian Bible and Koran claim, that they must worship Jews and allow us to gain full ownership of all Jewish land. Otherwise, they are not true believers. But we do not ask for any of this. The only request we have is: please leave as alone and let us live in peace on our land, Eretz-Israel.
And finally, I wonder if Jews are so powerful and such a world-controlling nation, as our ‘admirers’ say, why aren’t we yet, almost 60 years after the declaration of independence of Israel, in complete control of the land of our ancestors? Furthermore, all of us must ask: what a low level of self-esteem and/or heightened hate for Jews those idiots, who blame Jews for everything, have? Aren’t they able to do anything significant at all, good or bad, on their own? At the same time, I sincerely wish that they were right.

Giuseppe Verdi said...

Stone Killer,

You say that Jews were responsible for the massive third world immigration to the US. Funny, I never knew that Ted Kennedy was a Jew. He was one of the main pushers of the 1965 immigration bill that radically changed the demographics of the nation. And here for all these years, I thought the Kennedys were Irish!

I do wish you folks would realize that you are acting just exactly like the blacks. Many blacks blame everything on whites. In their minds, whites control everything, whites make it so that it's hard for them to succeed, whites hate them and try to destroy them, in short, whites are responsible for everything bad happening to blacks. In the exact same way, neo-Nazis choose Jews to scapegoat. They find a way to blame everything bad on them, instead of on cultural Marxists of all stripes. Because, yes, Jews are often more lefty that gives the neo-Nazis more ammunition, but they really should be going after all anti-Western cultural Marxists, not Jews in general (there are, after all, right wing Jews too!).

The neo-Nazis say, Jews control everything--this must be sign of a Jewish conspiracy. Many studies have shown that Ashkenazi Jews have the highest IQs on average on the planet; hence, they wildly make up disproporate winners of Nobel Prizes, etc. Look at who the great nuclear scientists were for example: Einstein, Niels Bohr (half Jewish), Lise Meitner, Hans Bethe, Leo Szilard, Robert Oppenheimer, etc. With higher IQs of course Jews are going to be disproportionately in positions of power. To ignore this is reminiscent of blacks ignoring the issue of higher IQs among whites vis-a-vis blacks when complaining about various "inequalities."

Certainly, complain about radical, multi-cult left-wingers, many of whom are Jews, who are in control of the media and education systems, but don't paint all Jews with this same brush and recognize that a whole lot of gentile whites are in this same boat. Please, put your spiffy, all-too-convenient conspiracy theories aside for a bit and really think this through. (And no, I'm not Jewish, though I suspect you'll jump to that conclusion.)

Anonymous said...

G. Verdi - I think you have it absolutely right. Yoyur analogy to the blacks is an excellent one.

Israelieejit said...

G. Verdi -

I salute you!

Anonymous said...

Savant, I know a Muslim African living in Sweden. And he has the hots for me, apparently since he keeps trying to seduce me in a fairly retarded way. I wonder how the heck are Swedish women so stupid to fall for it. It's highly amusing to me when this guy tries to sweet talk me. But at least I got him to vote for the party I liked best.

On the other hand, on facebook this Swedish girl posted a picture of Katie Piper and I said that from the moment I heard of the case I was 100% positive that a non-European did it, just like I knew a Muslim did the Fort Hood attack and that I got called racist for it. She thumb upped my comment, along with the Swedish guy's page on which we were talking. And these were two random Swedes living in Stockholm, not people I usually associate with in terms of social views.

Richard, that's what I support. Ethnic citizenship and if a woman wants to be with an enricher, she should be forced to move in his community or back in his home country. And no benefits either.

Anonymous said...

In a discussion of African town planning it was stated that there was no successful african settlement in Europe.

Someone said that part of Sweden's colonisation was successful.

Is this true?

SAVANT said...

anon - a successful African settlement in Europe is a contradiction in terms. Re African town planning, check out what I wrote here