Thursday, 10 September 2009

God grant me serenity....

“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference”

Wonderful words from Reinhold Niebuhr. I really mean that. They’re the secret to a happy life.

So why am I so totally unable to live by them?
Scene: Me sitting in improbably glorious sunshine in Stockholm’s lovely Old Town, overlooking a maze of sparkling water. I'm in a pavement café, downing a cool beer. A lively street scene is a touch away.


Yes. What more could anyone want?
Yet my friends, I'm allowing “the things I cannot change” to drive me fucking demented. Specifically what demolishes my ‘serenity’ is the sight of magnificent Nordic goddesses, pregnant, pushing prams of half-breed mini jihadists, while some greasy Somali, only up to her shoulder, struts along beside her. Or more accurately, a few steps in front of her.

I can't change it if a culture commits collective suicide. So why can't I, like old Reinhold wisely suggests, take it with serenity and enjoy my beer?

Any suggestions?


Rafferty said...

You and serenity don't go togther. Sorry! said...

Cheer, You could have been in the Bercy area of Paris watching white French boys fawning over their very rarely attractive African girlfriend. In fact, the less attractive the woman, the more proud the French boys seem.

Anonymous said...


I share your disdain for miscegenation. No matter how many times my nose is repeatedly rubbed in it, it still makes me bristle when I see it. Take comfort in the fact that, at least, you're not alone in your disgust. I suspect that there are gazillions of us who share similar feelings about race pollution.

Anonymous said...

"God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference”

Savant, Im pretty sure thats a bibilical verse, and no Im not kidding. My parents had that on a plaque when I was a lad. It had a book&verse notation after it. I think it was Old Testament.

openyoeyes said...

I don't think you should tolerate it.

In fact allusions to the illusions of Christianity are a good instinct you have. Christianity is the dogma that treats all dogs the same. In Christianity that midget Somali is as equal as Broomhilda.

Christian mores pervert our natural innate understanding of nature and that is we are NOT equal. There are better people than others. Beauty exists, and can be defined. Intelligence exists and is relevant. Just because two people procreated, the offspring is not special, in fact if supported by other over achievers, you'll find that bad people will eventually chase away the good. Smart people choose their procreation, their career path, their investments wisely. LOSERS make constant mistakes and blame others. Society is fucked when it starts supporting the losers, which by the way is the central tenet of Christianity.

Your instincts are just identifying whats innate, that this coupling should not be happening and that societies dysfunction is at its pinnacle.

So the short suggestion is NEVER accept such an abomination, but learn to live with it.

Anonymous said...


At the risk of disrupting your "serenity" in Sweden, I must return your attention back to Ireland to read the latest news and commentary from

kulak said...

So why am I so totally unable to live by them?

Can't say for sure, not knowing you personally, but frequently in people it means (1) you don't really believe you can't change things, you just tell yourself you do, but (2) aren't personally willing to do much about it but bitch like a woman, because you've got too much to lose short-term, money, status, employment, etc. You think.

If you try your best yet fail, you'll find your outrage will vanish. Outrage may be a self-indictment of failure to act, and personal face-to-face encounters matter much more in this regard than blog comments.

In the behaviorist sense you may say you "know" by description (intellectually) that you cannot change things, but do not yet "know" by acquaintance that you cannot. There is only one way to acquire the latter kind of "knowing", and that is to take action. But the things you might lose by acting? Those indeed you know by acquaintance.

In the long run, it's hard to maintain much sympathy for people who won't help themselves. In a sense your outrage might also not be very real: You may be romanticizing these women. If you personally became acquainted with them, your outrage might rapidly evaporate like the morning dew.

Only rarely do real empathy and calm resignation simultaneously obtain in one person for the same person, usually due to a personal bond that will not be severed.

Such is the case with me and my father who sometimes drinks too much.

botany boy said...

This thing is going on everywhere, at least everywhere in Europe. England is close to becoming a mulatto society.

Cato said...

Enjoy your time there Savant. Think of the prayer. You can do nothing about it - other that what you're already doing.

SAVANT said...

thanks anon 03.40. I had not seen this, but it's typical. Notice how he grovels to ensure that his suggestion of not giving priority to african asylum tourists doesnt get him classed as a racist.

Anonymous said...

Savant - then try to imagine what it's like for South African men seeing what is done to our women and girl children, how they are raped, beaten, brutalised, murdered, often with the white husband/boyfriend/brother/father forced to watch while these dark people will do the same to you in jail if you should retaliate in any way.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Lars. There's no way that it's as bad here. In Sweden blacks and Muslims are almost held up to be superior. Danes know the truth - especially the women who have heard already about having childrens and then abandoning.

SAVANT said...

Ah - so Reinhold was a bit of a bluffer then? He kinda claimed copyright.

eh said...

If people were to ask me what I think of miscegenation -- an unlikely prospect, I know -- I would reply 'Personally, I don't like seeing it. But I don't know why anyone would care what my opinion might be, especially any two people involved in such a relationship.'

Truth be told, I sometimes find the sight of white women with non-white men disgusting; not so much the other way around, however. But oftentimes the white women are either 1) fat, or 2) trashy yob types. That lessens my disgust somewhat.

eh said...

...commentary from

The talk is of "council" housing. The absurdity of importing Blacks who then go on to receive council housing. It boggles the mind.

SAVANT said...

I'm with you on both of your comments eh. One problem tho' is that even if the white women are slags, they'll still be producing half-cats who wont fit into society.

Anonymous said...

That prayer is not a Bible verse. I don't know if Niebuhr originally said it, but I know it is not not not in the Bible.