Monday, 3 August 2009

"I remember Dublin city....."

Ah yes. ‘I remember Dublin city in the rare old times’. Mind you, there was an awful lot wrong with the rare old times. The city was threadbare, the Church had its docile population in its vice-like grip. But a murder there was sensational news back then, not a weekly occurrence like today.

Anyway, thanks to teacher-paris for the following video clips. Please review these short videos. The first one gives us some indication of the current population mix, which, by the way, is becoming more ‘diverse’ every day.

Then take in the second clip. This report, undertaken and presented by a black news team (I’ll say it again, much of the most honest reporting on race comes from blacks) shows that gang rape, and rape generally, is largely a black phenomenon in the UK. As of course is knife crime.

Then, if you can stomach it, check out this link. It concerns a totally unprovoked attack on a white family, walking home after a fireworks display, by up to 50 black youths in Akron Ohio. The police, you’ll note, are not classing it as a ‘racial hate crime’. Of course not. After all, the victims were white and the perpetrators black, so, ergo, no racial hate involved.

Teacher-paris also supplies some murder statistics from Detroit. The population of that city is split fairly evenly (about a million each) between the suburbs and the city proper. The latter is 89% black, the former over 90% white. And the statistics? For 2007 there were 394 murders in the city and, wait for it, all of 23 in the suburbs.

Finally, could you give me some reassurance. I need it. Is there any reason you can think of – any reason – why Dublin in due course should not go the way of these various ‘diverse’ cities?



Anonymous said...

Sorry to be a wuss Savant, but no consolation from me. Dublin, and Ireland generally, will in due course face the full repertoire of multicultural bliss that the rest of us have.

Henry XII

Anonymous said...

Watching the first video of "New" Dublin was very depressing. And those Black Africans strolling the city streets of Dublin certainly appeared well dressed in addition to having plenty of free time to do their shopping. So, what is the source of their income? Gov't welfare cheques?

Also seeing those young Irish white women with coal-black Africans was equally disappointing. Seldom do you see the white guy/black female combination, so at least the men are exercising some rationality.

More serious demographic problems are at stake here. Of the entire world population of 6.7 billion people, only about 3 per cent of White women are of child-bearing age, so overall we're already doomed as unique race.

kulak said...

Remember: Nothing that fills with negroes is of value, and negroes ALWAYS live in the worst places.

Therefore, quit CRYING in your beer already; this is just proof that big cities are now obsolete.

And about goddamn time. You didn't ever really like big cities, did you? ALL of our enemies are urban rats.

They and the rats are welcome to these white hand-me-downs. I sure wouldn't want to live in a big city if there's a disruption of services...

We whites have already gone on to better things and better ways of living.

Anonymous said...

I remember Dublin city too, when I left it in the mid-eighties. Down-at-heel, no jobs, clerical abuse, mass emigration. Not sure I see a major disimprovement.

Wild Colonial Boy

Anonymous said...

This is so patheticaly sad, given the fact that one look at neighbouring England should instantly dispel all myths about the "benefits" of third world invasions. The people responsible for this "cultural enriching" should be tried for treason.

Anonymous said...

kulak - the people responsible for this will, in future years, look on at the tragedy from their gated communities, while their kids attend expensive private schools which just happen to have no cultural enrichers (priced out of it).

They'll look, and tut tut at the racist attitudes of the riff raff in the inner cities. Pretty much like what happens in BRitain and the US today.

Captain B.

Anonymous said...


Another Irishman with 'eyes wide open' appears to have arrived on the scene.

Thanks to who
gave a plug for this other Irish rebel with a cause, if you're interested. said...

In France the number of white men married to or strolling with Negro ladies is legion.

Anonymous said...

Negro women are hot. I have to admit I'm a "race traitor" in that respect.

Anonymous said...

"negro women are hot" Are you out of your freakin' mind? They're nearly all gigantic fat blubber lipped hoorrors!

Anonymous said...

kulak writes:

"...this is just proof that big cities are now obsolete.
And about goddamn time. You didn't ever really like big cities, did you? ALL of our enemies are urban rats."

I don't know about "obsolete" but 100% agree with your sentiment. Yet all the city centres drain most of the resources. It is an interesting argument whether it is better to be in the big city when social supports collapse (abundance of resources) or to be in the suburbs/countryside, more distant from the chaos.

Either way, armaments are essential and whites must overcome atomization and indifference in order to preserve life and culture. Any signs of this yet? Hello?

Anonymous said...

You could get rid of most of them if the goverment withdrew this IBC/05 scam you wrote about.

Viking said...

"Negro women are hot"

what what what??

Maybe if you count Beyonce and Halle Berry, who are hardly representative...
If you must go dark; I confess a penchant for Indian women.

beautiful :)