Saturday, 29 August 2009

Horror in the lift

There's an advertising campaign running on Irish TV at the moment warning of the dangers from swine flu. It’s set in a lift (elevator) and it opens with a heart-warming scene. An elderly black couple holding hands. Nothing odd about this as we know that blacks bond monogamously for life, just like swans. Although I suppose it is a bit odd in that in Ireland you won't see any elderly blacks, at least for another twenty years or so. So why use them? Well, bear with me.

The lift stops at the next floor and, right on cue, a mixed race child enters, and rushes to the embrace of her loving grandparents. Honestly, I was so touched I had to wipe a tear from my eye. And I don’t know why, because we all know that this is standard fare for a black family - close, loving, monogamous, united in multi-generational harmony.

But wait! Strike a sombre chord and an ominous rolling of drums.

Unknown to us up to now, the lift also harbours a deadly threat. A white male. And like all while males he brings trouble. This one carries a deadly disease, spread by sneezing and hand contact. And like all white males, this one is selfish and inconsiderate. He sneezes, and doesn’t bother to use a tissue. And in doing so he’s shown to infect his fellow passengers, who, being a black multi-generational family, are still clasped in a loving embrace, thereby unwittingly passing on the white male’s germs to one another.

Aren't white males right bastards?

PS: Thanks to Derek for giving us the link to the ad now on YouTube

It's called 'Catch it, bin it, kill it'. That's what I'd like to do to the 'creative' genius who came up with this piece of crap. Note also how with hundreds of comments, not one that I've seen refers to the blatant social programming that's going on. Seems the sheeple are well under control.


Zngr said...

What the FUCK?

In Finland we would've had a multicultural pair of an African and a Finn holding hands, you guys are fucking racis'

In Denmark, they would have horror in the lift in the form of a informational text: "Get inoculated in this and this district from this address" and Muslims would riot in their few suburubs, because the warning was about "swine flu" and thus proves imperialistic, colonialist racist aspirations and subjects Denmark to pay for slavery committed by British privateers in the 17th century. I hope not many Muslims get the flu!

In Norway they would do nothing, as it might hurt the sensibilities of people who might get sick. Instead they would move the next 50 000 "humanitarian" immigrants from Iraq and Somalia, 95% of who arrive without passport, into tent villages outside a shopping mall as they are doing right now. Unni Wikan would write "You must understand you live in a society infected with the swine flu, hence you must be wary of Islamists who attempt to kill you as a method of revenge and reclaiming honor, and thus not ever leave your home as their culture dicates they must rape you. You live in a multicultural society now."

In UK, they would whip out a new bureucratic unit that employs at least 1500 persons, representing 12different races and 35 cultures and at least one Martian, most of whom are unable to type in English, and who would proclaim the virus is racist and thus seek to bring to courts all non-muslims who are infefcted, for spreading racial phobia.

In Sweden they'd have two homosexual black African arab men who are lesbian, feminist, antifa and pregnant, suspiciously looking like Lenin and Mao, holding hands and stomping "hetero-normative" white Swedish men under their heeled shoes, both wearing Niqab but not a bra, and Adolf Hitler step in to spraypaint pigfluhomospray from a death bottle with Zionist embles, produced in Israel(TM) after which Adolf would steal their livers and bomb Gaza, though... so we're still better off here.

Anonymous said...

Finally whitey takes action.

Anonymous said...

I was curious as to why an Irish television commercial would even consider any Black as their primary focus, so I looked up this site to determine what proportion of the Irish population these recent immigrants represent.

To quote: "Almost 45,700 black people live in the Republic of Ireland representing 1.1% of the population,[3] compared to 1,900,000 in the UK representing 3% of the population and the United States with 37,000,000 Black citizens representing 12% of the population."

Blacks appear to get more television "air time" that what their numbers say they deserve, but we should be aware that miscegenation is on the agenda. Some people fail to see that indoctrinating feature cunningly embedded in mass media outlets, including television commercials where almost every clip must have your obligatory Black person aligned with Whites in some form or fashion despite being only 1% to 3% of the population.

Anonymous said...

Did you ever notice that whenever RTE are making a news report from a school their camera always focuses on a black pupil even if the school is 99% white.

Their links between ads and the start of programmes sometimes show a black footballer drinking and pregnant black woman getting a scan. Why do RTE love blacks so much and have to over-represent them? It must be that they are commies.

Anonymous said...


You are a funny dude. Your cutting wit in this blog made me laugh out loud (literally)! But above and beyond the humor, I can't figure out, as an American, why Irish TV would be casting blacks in "mainstream" roles. Here in America, you can't turn the TV without seeing a rapaciously smiling black wrapping his lips around a Big Mac, ad nauseum. But in Ireland? Ireland is a white society, no?
Why is Irish MSM so eager to portray such an unrealistic picture?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I've seen this fucking ad. Just one good thing. If you get a chance to see it again notice the hands of the 'elderly couple' joining at the end. Are they like goilla's paws or not. That's what a few of us thought the minute we saqw it.

Anonymous said...

You'll notice that most nigerians actually move like simians, their facial features and swarthy lips protrude like simian snouts and their paws as you say, do indeed mirror the movement and look of Chimps. In essence they are the ugliest race alive, and the world over knows it but white liberals themselves who have inverted our sense of beauty to accept what is harmful, disgusting and alien to us in a perverse display of embracing the "other".

We need more education to the contrary and a nationalist movement to boot. There can be no other solutions. We must make the decision to fight this or perish.

Anonymous said...

@anon 15.27: I've also often wondered why blacks feature so frequently in Irish ads. Their numbers are still mercifully small (although growing rapidly) yet it seems no advertisement can appear without one.

I Have noted that Microsoft in Poland replaced a black with a white. This makes commercial sense. While acknowledging differences between the teo populaces, nonetheless, why would Irish agencies take this seeminly non-commercial approach?

SAVANT said...

It's a good question as to why the ad agencies and their sponsors would go along with this apparently non-commercial stuff.

My view is that media types are almost all peecee types and see these ads as a forum for propagating their views. Dont forget that this ad was sponsored by the National Health Executive, which resides in the depths of the multiculti fever swamps.

The irony is that the ordinary white Irish citizen is paying for this - in every sense.

SAVANT said...

anon 17.26. yes, these are the official figures, which are reconised by everyone, even those in the immigration industry, as drastically underestimating the true position.
Nonetheless, there are very few elderly blacks here as of now, so selecting them as the victims is crazy from every persepctive - unless you need to hammer home that all blacks are perennial victims.

Robert said...

Makes me think of RTE.

Anonymous said...

The ad you have described is the one they show in the UK. So I imagine that the Irish TV company has bought this from a British one.

Of course, the racial subtext has not been lost on British people as well.

Anonymous said...

Me too - I thaught they were like monkey's paws!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ok, so this is a UK ad. Explains the elderly couple and the half-breed. Delighted the sub-text is being seen thru' by the public. Is this really true??

Anonymous said...

How about some ad showing a nigger humping a chimp back in Africa, then spreading AIDS to a white queerboy in 1980s New York? Far more realistic.


Anonymous said...

"Did you ever notice that whenever RTE (Irish broadcaster) are making a news report from a school their camera always focuses on a black pupil even if the school is 99% white"[?]

YES! The same applies to television broadcasters here in Canada. Some unwritten rule must exist that says Blacks must be given equal exposure to Whites despite the Black race representing only 2% of our Canadian population...and they mostly confine themselves to major cities.

Hockey events and public forums are always favourite locations for T.V. film crews to focus time and time again on the one or two Black faces who unknowingly play the part as a "poster child" in a sea of White faces.

"Canadian" black children are always given special camera attention in class scenes, too, while our own indigenous native children barely get noticed.

Another example is recruitment advertisments that usually place the minorities in the forefront of a group photo. For example this: Canadian police recruitment photo.

One T.V. exception where it's difficult to practice this "racial" deception happens to be the U.S. show called Jeopardy where intelligence is the key issue, and Blacks are very rarely seen as contestants. I also suspect few, if any Black people are part of the audience because the T.V. cameras usually avoid that area.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes, after thinking about the Kennedy's, I feel a little sadistic satisfaction on the Irish situation. Oh well, we'll see if the Irish people roll over just like the rest of the Western world.

Anonymous said...

Ever see Heroes. The beautiful blonde and the black man have a kid who is the The Golden Child, the ultimate genius. Relentless brainwashing

clonycavan said...

I make the commercial point of NOT buying any 'product' ( a decision which includes not giving my attention to a broadcast television programme) which over-represents black-skinned people in our community.
State Propaganda which presumes, of me, a moron/uncritical level of gullibility; I will personally make sure is counterproductive.

Anonymous said...

Did you see the RTE News tonight? Big piece on how our class sizes are growing alarmingly due to heartless cutbacks by an uncaring government. Teachers claimed they cannot handle over 30 children in a single class. and they're right.

Then the camera pans over the class. Literally HALF of them were non-white. THAT is why we have big class sizes. Yes this is NEVER mentioned. I just hope that people can see for themselves.

Unknown said...

The video for those interested:

IsraeliEejit said...

The point of your post is really annoying, but you're such a witty scalliwag that you had me laughing instead of cringing.
Why dont you start an email chain urging people to complain to the broadcasting company about the Male White Monster ad being RACIST. If the swine-flu ridden male had been Moslem, the ragheads would be rioting all over the world.