Friday, 7 August 2009

Democratic bloodbaths?

Thanks to teacher-paris for this. It's an interesting take but I have major problems with a lot of it.

"Let me come back to the link between the American Civil War and World War I. Both wars were fought in defense of egalitarian democracy, and in both wars white European males were killed in larger percentages and numbers than in any previous war between Europeans.

Did this end the European American’s and the European’s love affair with egalitarian democracy? No, it did not. The carnage of those two wars, fought in the name of democracy, only intensified the Europeans’ love for democracy.

Why? Because having lost his faith in Christianity, the European had to cling to his new-found faith no matter what the cost in human lives. “Better that millions perish than I should give up my faith in egalitarian democracy,” became the implicit credo of the post-Christian European. It was inevitable that the black man would become the god of the democracy-loving Europeans, because the satanic logic of the democratic heresy says that if a black man can attain equality with the European, the new faith works.

We can all dance around the bonfire of Western culture and sing praises to the new faith. The Obama coronation in this country was a religious ceremony in which liberals throughout America and Europe saw their god in the flesh. Of course, it could have been any black man who was crowned, because the liberals’ faith celebrates the generic over the individual.

Remember when Pope Benedict XVI, then Cardinal Ratzinger, said that the next pope should be a black man? He did not mention a particular black man, he just wanted a black man, any black man. Egalitarian democracy, like communism, is an impossibility. A hierarchical structure exists in every society, even if that society denies its existence.

And post-Christian Europeans have retained the elements of a Christian society in a bastardized, demonic form. For instance, original sin still exists, but it resides only in white males. And their original sin was that they did not admit blacks into full equality with whites. Hence, it is necessary that white males perform their mea culpas on a daily basis and take their punishment in a humble and contrite manner.

Likewise, the liberals still believe in saints. However, sainthood does not come as a result of an individual person cooperating with God’s grace; sainthood is conferred on every member of the black race and by proxy to those members of the white race who support the sainted black race.The halfway-house Christians tell us that egalitarian, black-worshipping democracy stems from the Christian belief that all men are created and loved by God. But why, if egalitarian democracy follows from Christianity, didn’t the Europeans, when they were Christian, practice egalitarian democracy?

No unbiased, sane human being could claim our current aborting, porno-crazed society is superior to the older European societies. Wouldn’t it be more accurate to say that a Christian people segregates in order to protect their own from contamination, and they make distinctions between peoples in order to ensure that truth has a protected hearth in which to dwell?

When the white race ceased to segregate and when they allowed truth to be trampled by barbarian hordes, they ceased to be Christian.The “Lost Battalion” is the European people who have forsaken Christian Europe for egalitarian, black-worshipping democracy. And every single European who adheres to the egalitarian creed will suffer the same fate as Major Charles Whittlesey [The leader of the 'Lost Battalion' in WW 1].

When the battle is not fought in the name of the God who’s love passeth all understanding, the battle and life itself seem futile. Does the struggle availeth, is the race worth running? It is, but only if He awards the laurel wreath."

Well, the writer makes a number of strange claims:

WW 1 fought for 'egalitarian democracy'? really? I'd have said that raw nationalism, fanned by stupid leaders who didn't realise the ramifications of what they were doing, was the main cause. The ostensible cause was 'the defence of small nations'. Which, as we all know, was horseshit

"Why, if egalitarian democracy follows from Christianity, didn’t the Europeans, when they were Christian, practice egalitarian democracy?". Well, this is a circular argument in that it assumes that Europe was Christian before egalitarian democracy took over. Was it? The ethos of Christianity was surely egalitarian "all men created equally in God's eyes" and the idea (the only practical one), of separating the races runs counter to everything Jesus said and did. Good Samaritan, Mary Magdalen etc. I take the polar opposite view to the writer here. To me, if you follow the word of Jesus you get kinda stuck with lousy neighbours and you gotta treat the black man as your brudda. One of the reasons why I have a problem with it.


Anonymous said...

Commentating on one piece by Cambriawillnotyield doesn't do him justice. Take the time to read more.

Anonymous said...

There's nothing unchristian about seperating yourself from unsavory people - or races.

Anonymous said...

And I thought the war was over some obscure Duke, silly me.

WW1 and WW2 are a paradoxical exclamation mark as to why the white race seems hell bent to obliterate itself. One is struck with wonder while visiting Europe at the absolute diversity and difference of temperments between the various countries.

Whats even more interesting is how hard those boundaries between countries have been fought for. In essence, whites hate other whites. Not all whites mind you, just those not part of their tribe. This is a natural predilection if a race is to survive and it is the real reason that WW1 and WW2 started. It is an attempt by a race, even if it looks the same, to maintain its unique difference and therefore its survival.

Anonymous said...

As I understand Christian teachings from what others have written, and I am not personally up on these matters, the Bible refers over and over to the idea of the "Samarians in Samaria" and the "Babylonians in Babylonia" and so on. There is a strong theme, reflecting the times, that creed and tribe and ethnicity were all not so much revered (because we long for their coherence now) but seen as entirely practical in daily living and relating to other like groups. Jesus never said anything about multiculturalism or cultural suicide in the name of equality.

"Equal in the eyes of God" is not a judgment for us to make. Neither does it mean we should not naturally affiliate with our own kind, as we have done for thousands of years.

It is only sensible, by modern thinking, that Africans are by and large restricted to Africa, Chinese to China, etc. The emigration of Europeans would seem to present special circumstances, but nonetheless any group that recognizes its own identity, wherever it is on the globe, will identify with its own history and territory and defend it accordingly. There is no territory occupied by a band of humans today that has not been occupied by different bands in the past. The idea of original inhabitants is only relative and short-term.

The affliction of modern liberalism denies all of these ideas because it is a social disorder.


Anonymous said...

Why did God make different races if He didn't want them separate?

Anonymous said...

"Why did God make different races if He didn't want them separate?"
That hoary old argument again! That's like saying why didn't god give us wings if he wanted us to fly?

Joe O'Neill said...

Anonymous said...
"Why did God make different races if He didn't want them separate?"
That hoary old argument again! That's like saying why didn't god give us wings if he wanted us to fly?

08 August 2009 09:45
The answer anonymous clever dick is because he isn't, wasn't and never will be, the only reason for inventing Christianity is so that perverts ( some call them priests) can shag the shit out of the arses of small boys.

Anonymous said...

Firt of all, the American Civil War was not fought for democracy. It was fought for tyranny. The tyranny of the stronger north to keep its captive southern market. True democracy would have let them secede.

Lincoln did not fight that war to end slavery and he imposed some highly undemocratic dictates on the American people such as suspending Habeas Corpus.

Nobody will probably ever know why WW1 was fought. However, it may have something more to do with Britain's policy of opposing the major European land power at any time. Initially it was Spain, then France, and now Germany. The Royal Navy knew it was now or never to cut the High Seas Fleet down to size.

Some historian on the history channel once remaked that the Treaty of London that gave the US Navy and the Royal Navy equality stopped an Anglo-American arms race and probably avoided the Anglo-American war over who's navy was to be the most powerful.

Anonymous said...

It was the US Declaration of Independence written by Freemasons that declared that God created all men equal. It is a Freemasonic not a Christian belief.

The Old Testament is very racist. The ancient Hebrews were the chosen people who had a covenant with God not to interbreed with other peoples.

Anonymous said...

For Anonymous at 9.45. I can't see all the races blending together and becoming one. What's more likely to happen is more fragmentation and conflict between different types of mongrels and inbreds.

Anonymous said...

this underlines once again the radical conflicts between the old and new testaments. they're like 2 separate different religions. Trying to reconcile them is hopeless.

Anonymous said...

What about Mauritius? This island is reasonably prosperous and peaceable, yet has a very mixed racial population.

Anonymous said...

I thought there was a lot of trouble in Mauritius recently

Anonymous said...

There was some trouble there, but where isn't there trouble? fact is people of different ethnicities live togethyer in relative peace there - including about 20% Muslims!!

kulak said...

Savant said: The ethos of Christianity was surely egalitarian "all men created equally in God's eyes" and

Only in the sense that all are born deserving damnation.

Christianity is currently bad for whites only because it has caught the bolshevik influenza.


Crucial I think is the fact that Hebrew lacks an equivalent for "mankind", and that Christ's command to "love your enemies" doesn't sound anywhere near as all-encompassing or revolutionary in the original Greek.

Anonymous said...

Communism, not Christianity, has been the cancer of the white race.

Were the conquerors of the New World communists? What symbol did they plant on those savage shores?


Anonymous said...

Somewhat off-topic but reminded me of a, erm, joke I heard from an uncle -

A black man moves into a house beside a white a man. On the first day the black man comes out and says "I'm nearly as good as you are, so I am, nearly as good" and continues this rant for half an hour. On the second day the black man comes out again at the same time and says "I'm equal to you so I am. I'm the same as you" and like the previous day, continues this for half an hour. On the third day the black man comes out again and this time says "I'm better than you are so I am. I'm better than you".

The white neighbour, quiet up to this, says to the black man "Ok, I can understand you saying you're nearly the same and I can understand you thinking we're equal but how on earth can you think you're better than me??". The black man replied "Cos I don't live next door to niggers..."