Sunday, 16 August 2009

“California tumbles into the sea”

“California tumbles into the sea” But when Steely Dan sang this back in the seventies they had an earthquake along the San Andreas Fault in mind, not the kind of slow destruction that now stalks the Golden State, which is, how can I put this, fucked.
My first visit there was in 1978 and it lived up to all my preconceptions. Golden beaches, golden girls, fabulous wealth, glamour, cleanliness, and friendly helpful people (like the rest of the US). It lead the world in so many arenas, not just technology and movies. From what I can remember it was 100% white. Of course it wasn't, but I can't remember being aware of any non-whites.
From Gidget to Blade Runner

Roll forward thirty years and what you get is straight out of Blade Runner. A dystopian nightmare of violent gangs taking over whole areas of some cities – LA being a good and huge example – while Fresno has degenerated into a meths sinkhole and San Diego’s become an extension of Mexico.
In fact whole regions of Southern California now look and sound like Mexico. Latinos everywhere, Spanish the prevailing language, while garbage litters the streets. Squads of seemingly feral children swarm all over the place, the cars are rattle-traps, while begging and panhandling are rife.
One writer described it thus: “My neighbourhood has turned into a barrio, with bars on doors and windows, abandoned shopping carts, old sofas and junky cars strewn everywhere, graffiti, rude, surly people, chickens in yards, Mexican music blasting all night, ridiculously long waits in emergency rooms full of illegals, overcrowded, dangerous and ineffective schools, auto accidents caused by unlicensed, uninsured illegals, and on and on.”

A recent BBC production on the gangs of LA underlined a common thread. Vicious gangs murder and pillage whole neighbourhoods; gang members are virtually 100% black or Hispanic, while the emergency services (medical, ambulance, fire) are almost all white. This is how mixed societies operate, as we’ve seen time and again.

Whites are voting - with their feet

But the whites are getting fed up of it all, and are leaving the state in droves. Not just fed up with violence and general degradation, but also picking up the tab for the perpetrators. The mass Latino influx is largely low-skilled, low IQ – and strong in the reproduction stakes. This means that a rapidly declining white proportion of the population is being taxed out of existence to pay for these high-dependency Latinos and blacks.
They’re rightly fed up with it, and those remaining have used the referendum structure to limit what the state legislature can extract in taxes – funds which the ‘legislators’ then channel back to their own supporters. (The Democrats control the legislature and the Mexicans control the Dems – that's how/why it happens like this).
All this of course makes the state virtually ungovernable. The ‘legislators’ need vast funds for their welfare programs, and the providers of these funds (the whites), already paying the highest taxes in the US, are refusing to divvy up any more. Net result, the state is a short step away from bankruptcy and is already, like some African tinpot dictatorship, paying its debts with IOUs. The state’s credit rating is already shaky, and any further downgrades from rating agencies could send interest rates on its bonds soaring, forcing deeper service cuts and/or widening the deficit further.
California’s magnificent State Parks are being closed (48 at the latest count), thousands of prisoners are being let loose on the citizenry, while schools are closing gyms and labs. But the State continues to allocate increasing funds every year for English learners. Even last year, as the budget went into a tailspin, the State proposed an additional $5 billion for additional training for non-English speakers.

But that's not the best of it. In the middle of this meltdown the crooks – there’s no other word for it - in Sacramento are now proposing to extend free health cover to all illegals! Can you just imagine the impact of that? There wouldn’t be a sick child left in Mexico. Now it would be wonderful if there wasn't a sick child in Mexico. But transferring them all to California won't solve the problem. It’ll just bring the end on sooner.

California invites - and becomes - the Third World

The state’s population also continues to skyrocket at an unsustainable rate. In 1950 it was 10.6 million. If state growth had mirrored the national rate, that is, doubling from 1950 to 2000 (i.e. from 150 million to 300 million), then California at the end of the 20th century would have numbered a little over 21 million. Instead it has almost 40 million now. This has had a disastrous impact on all infrastructure and facilities (e.g. schools and hospitals) but more alarmingly, threatens the state’s ongoing supply of water.
The Sacramento Bee is a broadly liberal newspaper and Daniel Weintraub one of its most respected columnists. He has said that illegal immigration "…sits just below the surface of almost every major issue in California, from education to health care and the state's deteriorated infrastructure."

And that was back in 2003!

Working on figures from a National Research Council report, Edward Rubenstein calculated that nearly one-quarter (24.5%) of California’s current $38 billion state budget deficit stems directly from immigration. This figure was largely substantiated in another study.

And the Silicon Valley ‘miracle’ is now a mirage. Or at least it is for American workers. Indians and Chinese have shown a strong inclination to employ their own, this preference probably driven by natural clannishness (you know, that crime not permissible for whites?), acceptance of lower pay and their being easier to control. In any event over half of the high-tech startups there are run by foreigners.
These developments have been driven by reality- challenged ‘progressive’ academics and politicians, and probably even more so by an executive class looking for cheap labour. How ironic is it therefore that Chief Executive magazine has ranked California “the very worst state to do business in for each of the past four years", while Business Week called California a "basket case."

That flapping noise in the background is the sound of chickens coming home to roost. Except of course that won't bother the wealthy in their gated communities (with Mexican gardeners) or the tenured academics secure in their ivory towers.

Next up.... the US of A.

Now the demise of the Golden State is in itself a major tragedy. But the main point of this post is that this demise foretells what’s going to happen to the rest of the country in due course. California is at the front line and as such is the first to fall. All of the pathologies that afflict California, driven by mass Third World immigration, are spreading to the rest of the USA.
Once California goes under and can no longer afford its welfare programmes, the immigrants will move on to greener pastures. It’s already happening as far north as Washington State (i.e. the Canadian border) Already we know that whites will be a minority throughout the country by the middle of this century. If the majority is black/Hispanic, is there any reason whatsoever why the USA shouldn’t be a country similar to what, say, Brazil is today?

I'd love to hear some evidence that I'm wrong. But I'm not holding my breath.

(see also the follow-on post and comments here)


Anonymous said...

Speaking of Brazil, it appears now to be the model state for the future ( same with South Africa). Where whites are the minority slave class who are the only ones being productive in paying large taxes. Which means that it'll be a total nightmare of insecurity, lawlessness and general paranoia amongst the populace. None of it will either welcoming or friendly.

All the most criminal elements of the third world, which their own countries have rejected are coming to the west and are treated as a special class with protective laws and affirmative action. They'll push the white working classes to the dole and cost white companies billions in loss of production. Jobless non-whites in the millions will commit crimes, murders and rapes with impunity and an embarrassed media will ignore the lot of it, only highlighting the rarest of white crimes. Meanwhile the liberal media consensus will show us smiling faces of friendly Mexicans and blacks,hailing "diversity as our strength" slogans completely contrary to real life while the whole of the West crumbles to pieces.

Take a look at any country in history who's state is about to implode and you'll see how their propaganda reflects the reality. The USA is fucked, it's just a matter of time.

Anonymous said...

A relative of mine recently went to California and the city of LA, where it can be confirmed that your observations of California are more than correct.

I said, that it is believed California is about 65% non-white to where my relative replied "it's more like 85%". I was told there wasn't a white face in miles, and the situation of the small Beverly Hills community right beside a ghetto is very unappealing for a safe place to live. On the subway a startled black male exclaimed "oh my god you are white!". After taking a wrong turn off the subway, a Chinese shop keeper (for benevolent reasons) told them to get the hell out of area where they were as quickly as possible, since they white they were ripe for mugging at any time. It was a frightening experience at any rate.

Because of Americas status in popular culture and in Hollywood as some idealistic place to look up, it has attracted scores of Scandinavian tourists who know no better. All I can say is that a trip to the USA for anyone will instantly dispel any woolly myths of it being a culture to look to.

(I know America was something at one stage, but it is no more).

I have no optimism any longer.

Anonymous said...

yep, you hit the nail right on the head here Savant.............precisely right.

Im an American, and the whole post is true.

Anonymous said...

This is very true, but it doesn't apply to all of the state. many parts, especially the north, are still 'American'. For how much longer of course is another matter.

Abu Abdullah said...

The problem has already spread into Canada. See this from 2007 and this recent development.

Anonymous said...

In fact there's a movement to split California into three separate states.

kerdasi amaq said...

Since the tragedy of 9/11 we know that America faces a grave threat. We know about bin Laden and al Qaeda. We know about the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. What is not understood is that we face a much bigger enemy. A more dangerous enemy, unsuspected by most of our leaders and the experts who advise them.

Who is this enemy?

In 1984 a book was published with the title New Lies for Old. It was written by Soviet KGB defector Anatoliy Golitsyn. The book claimed that the Soviet Union had a secret long-term strategy to disarm and defeat the United States through a controlled collapse of the Soviet empire that would take place in the last decade of the twentieth century. In the book's most remarkable chapter, titled "The Final Phase," Golitsyn accurately described the future of the Soviet bloc. Communism would give up its monopoly of power in Russia, he explained, as apparent freedom and democracy would be introduced. The communist Warsaw Pact alliance would be dissolved. The Berlin Wall might be taken down and Germany united as "the key to progress toward a neutral, socialist Europe."

Controlled democratization and liberalization would be facilitated by communist agents within the dissident movements of Eastern Europe. As Golitsyn wrote, "the liberalization would be calculated and deceptive in that it would be introduced from above. It would be carried out by the party through its cells and individual members in government, the Supreme Soviet, the courts, and the electoral machinery and by the KGB through its agents among the intellectuals and scientists." (p. 339-340.)

Golitsyn's book has been dismissed as nonsense by CIA experts, pundits and journalists. "Yet of Golitsyn's falsifiable predictions, 139 out of 148 were fulfilled by the end of 1993 -- an accuracy rate of nearly 94 percent," according to Mark Riebling's history of the FBI and CIA titled Wedge.

Anonymous said...

In 1975-76, I escaped to Los Angeles from Toronto for the duration of the winter months until I returned home in May.

Living in the predominately white sector in the Wilshire/Western area (now little Korea) was a pleasant experience, where I often walked for miles up to Hollywood or downtown to the public library without encountering few, if any minorities, nor having any fears of being mugged. I don't think drive-by shootings had been invented then.

I was passing through L.A. in 2002 and decided to walk around the downtown area. Although I had briefly returned a few times prior to that year, I hadn't walked the streets.

Anyhow, I had Mexicans of every size and shape giving me (white male) the "once over" because I was the one who stood out from a sea of brown faces in downtown Los Angeles.

You'll note that current Los Angeles population figures state that Whites have plummeted to 29.7% of the total. (Don't let those pretty photos deceive you -- that perception is a thing of the past.)

Strangely, I have no further inclination to return to Los Angeles...ever!

Rohan Swee said...

And yet many of the whites who have fled California immediately set to work accruing enough political power to enact the same tried-and-true shithole-ization policies in their new homes, that made their old homes unlivable. They appear to think the destruction of California was some kind of inexplicable Act of God. (Or maybe those goddam ubiquitous, albeit devilishly elusive, Nazi supremacists, who apparently have the power to ruin one potential Paradise of Vibrancy after another.)

Anonymous said...

Anyone ever see Crash? Thats how Hollywood deals with the problem.

Anonymous said...

These are interesting links from Abu Abdullah. It seems the Canadians have learned something (this is a surprise) from the experience of the USA and are not going to allow Mexicans swarm all over the country. It's a bit blow to Mexico to lose their no-visa status, but it's their own fault for creating such a shithole of a country.

Anonymous said...

It's heart-breaking to read this, Savant, but as an American, I can't deny the truth of this post. The question now beomes: where will the bastion of white Western Civilization pass to in the not-so-distant future? Got any ideas on this? I'd appreciate your posted thoughts on this conundrum.

openyoeyes said...

I live in California right outside of LA and I can tell you, it is a racial disaster. California is basically lost. If you're white, you better keep your mouth shut or else you could be fired, beat up etc. for being a mouthy, racist white.

Multitudes of races band together and there is no community. Soft headed white people man the PTAs and work to keep the structure of society together with little help from the other insular races that glob onto any freebies they can get from charitable whites.

Even the whites have morphed into "tatted up" thugs that look like they just broke out of prison. The white woman sport "tramp stamps" and are vulgar and vile who pass off what they've read in the local gossip column as pearls of wisdom. It really saddens me that as a native Californian, I've had to endure the virtual disintergration of this once fine and proud state.

I take heart in the notion, that I can "pull the rip cord" and jettison out of this maelstrom if I so choose, but California in particular, needs to be a cautionary tale of what can happen if you let the door of immigration swing too wide.

Anonymous said...

Well, I would place blame for this fabled "shithole-ization" of California mainly on the pig-headed greed of WHITE developers and their colluding politicians and regulators. What was a Golden Age in the Golden State is now facing a sinking sun because the ideology of the wealth-builders is either shrieking liberalism or the amoral pursuit of profit. We could sustain this model for a period, but not forever.

Growth has been rampant and essentially uncontrolled in the major urban areas for many decades now-- Los Angeles, San Diego, Bay Area, etc. Houses have been springing up like mushrooms on cowshit, not to mention chronic overbuilding of commercial properties, and this has provided jobs for all manner of aliens. Service jobs follow.

In spite of the environmental protectionist bullshit referenced so often, California continues to grow well beyond its means of sustainability in terms of water, traffic, real jobs and just plain livability. A majority of non-whites means a majority standard of living, and they are perfectly comfortable under a substandard existence.

White people have fucked up this place with gusto. I guess that's what we do nowadays. Everyone else is just doing what comes naturally.

kulak said...

If the majority is black/Hispanic, is there any reason whatsoever why the USA shouldn’t be a country similar to what, say, Brazil is today?

Yes. There won't be a USA.

SAVANT said...

anon 2.28 aks: "where will the bastion of white Western Civilization pass to in the not-so-distant future? Got any ideas on this? I'd appreciate your posted thoughts on this conundrum."

This is a very logical question and to be honest I haven't really thought too much about the specifics. I'll give my views, for what they're worth, in the next post.


SAVANT said...

openyoeyes: Your point about whites following a similar line of degradation is true and one I should have mentioned. I also noticed that a lot of the old politeness had gone from the whites as well. Seems like diversity is taking hold all right.

Anonymous said...

Savant it is because for a while now all the signs have been there.

All these symptoms of dissolution you see around you are all the signs of a dying civilisation. There is no solution until the liberalism and capitalist society that made it happens crumbles and a sane nationalist pro-white model is put in place.

By then the time the state falls, is not something I want to be around to witness. When whites lose total power it'll be absolute tyranny.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the earlier poster that not all Cal is like this. Mainly the south-wester bit, but this includes LA, SD and the Bay area - which to nmost people is synonymous with Cal.

However, the financial meltdown affects all areas and there's no real solution in sight.

Anonymous said...

Could someone tell me - I'm Irish - do native white Californians talk about these horrific developments? If so, is it only amongst themselves or do they do it in public?

In Ireland we have been completely cowed down into silence.


Anonymous said...

Immigrantion Control Platform

Donate to this Irish organisation if you want Ireland to live, and keep the scroungers out.

It's only 20 euro membership, or you can donate separately. It's the least you could do (if you are genuinely concerned about our future).

Rohan Swee said...

Well, I would place blame for this fabled "shithole-ization" of California mainly on the pig-headed greed of WHITE developers and their colluding politicians and regulators.

Yup. ("Come the revolution, first up against the wall" and all that...) I recently saw a video wherein some fat-ass white developer explained that we just had to let in jillions of Mexican serfs because (I paraphrase) "Anglos didn't have enough children so there are no workers to build these houses". Wtf? I wish I could've called him up and asked him to explain why he was building houses for non-existent people. (Mysteriously, there are enough Anglos of productive age around to bankroll all the medical, educational, housing, translation services, etc. needs of his cheap - to him - serfs, though.) Apparently, the business model based on running whitey out of Dodge has been very lucrative for these dirtbags.

Anonymous said...

I now live in Palm Springs, California (the former playground of the rich and famous).

The new police chief is hispanic. Schools are 80% hispanic. The whites are history in this area which now has a population of about 500,000 during the winter months. Ads for help have "bilingual preferred". In other words "if you'r white don't apply". (Who is the racist?)

Whites who can leave this state are moving in droves. U-Haul trailers are cheaper to rent when moving to California than when leaving.

Toilets have lids on them to cover up the waste inside. California's lid is gone.

Anonymous said...

If you're white, you better keep your mouth shut or else you could be fired, beat up etc. for being a mouthy, racist white.

Didn't know it was quite that bad but all we get in Ireland is how great a guy Obama is and American History X

Anonymous said...

Lots of people (white) are leaving California and moving north - but the latinos follow them like a plague. They're now trying to get into Canada in large numbers. Knowing the Canucks they'll probably welcome this diversity as well.

Anonymous said...

10 years ago Russia was bankrup and defaulted on its bonds. Despite this is credit rating is now HIGHER than California's. That shouldbbe California's is even lower.

Check this from Bloomberg

We truly are fucked.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for commenting on my quote ("fabled shithole-ization"). You wrote

"Apparently, the business model based on running whitey out of Dodge has been very lucrative for these dirtbags."

I think it is important to realize that the developers and other capital financiers, in the main, could not care less about others, regardless of race. Green is the only color they see. I know this is a hackneyed proposition, but how else to explain the outrageous lack of responsibility and "oversight and planning" by regulators? These people saw California as solid gold: real estate would never lose value, people would always want to live here, there would always be good jobs (!), etc.

I heard some years ago that Frederick Law Olmstead had been commissioned to draw up plans for a Los Angeles version of Central Park but it got shot down by powerful landholders. That should give you a clue. So now we have wall-to-wall houses, strip malls and barrios. The only saving grace of the City of Angels is the mild climate.

My grandmother told me her recollections of the long-extinct tram system that ran all over LA and ran on time and was efficient. This was pre-WWII (maybe WWI also). The conspiracy types say the auto industry subverted the whole thing by buying controlling shares and gradually running the system down (late trains, etc.) to make way for the automobile. Doubtless there is much ink spilled on this to date.

My grandfather worked his way up in the CA penal system (behind the desk, not the bars!) only to realize that when he was offered a chance to pass up to its highest levels, it was a corrupt old boy's club after all.

California is a wonderful place for white people to dwell... provided they have a very comfortable income. Modest comfortable living is what seems to have gone the way of the dodo.

Also of interest, in the name of LA's corrupt early foundations: Chinatown. A good movie anyway.

Robert said...

Does anyone in Ireland remember Michael Collins? Does anyone in Ireland remember what he had done to the Cairo Gang? Too busy drinking and whining and complaing about white Polish immigrant, I suppose.

openyoeyes said...

The moral fraying of California specifically and the white western world in general, has to do with wanting something for nothing which is a common human trait thats probably led to every decline of a great civilization from time imemorable. I remember reading how you could trace the decline of Rome by the degree of debasement of their currency which held ever less amounts of precious metals until finally at the collapse, had no value whatsoever (and no precious metal either).

The expression of this is credit. Credit obscures the true cost of actions, thoughts, activities, relationships etc. because these are all heavily influenced by economics and credit blunts the impact of what things cost making decisions seem less painful than if you have to experience the true impact (cost) of an activity with "real money" (see the difference between spending cash on a nice dinner or whipping out the ole plastic). Credit runs up prices expanding money supplies and creating inflation which distorting economic values which transfer to personal values.

To watch 3rd worlders reactions to similar situations that "developed nations" have is comical. What first comes to mind is the reaction of an Indian warship to a Somali pirate who refused to surrender to a boarding and (most likely in a confused state of misindentification of a morally conflicted developed nation vessel) refused to be boarded. The Indian vessel simply blew the pirate ship out of the water. No guilt, no hand wringing, just brute force. We used to be like that. No BS you comply with a reasonable demand or get the crap beat out of you.

Now since we have the Asians doing all our dirty manufacturing work for us while they recieve our "clean paper" we can wax poetic about shrinking glaciers and polar bears while our collective asses get ever wider and flabbier.

People who want to find out the cause of both social and economic issues, merely need to follow the money. Where that will lead you is to your local central bankers balance sheet where you'll find that for the honor of printing money out of thin air and giving it to his buddy bankers, you pay ever increasing prices with banker devalued currency that loses value by the day.

That's the game, that's the system. Out of this dynamic comes most of societies ills because people aren't exposed to the true cost of errant behavior, you have a hell of a lot out there.

Immigrant benefits? No problem government pays with government debt, this is one of many examples of how credit distorts societies values. Immigrant workers? Since we have a supercharged credit economy where the streets appear to be lined with gold, wouldn't you want to come? In their country they have no money AND no credit while we just have no money (and soon to have no credit).

So in closing, California is just a relative microcosm of a larger systemic problem which is a desire to have something without cost and you can see the result of that mindset at present.

Anonymous said...

Brazil is an Aryan oligarchy where powerful White/Japanese/Jewish families control the country & are above the law, while the blacks/mulattos kill each other for crack in the favelas and their version of "bread and circuses" is "feijoada e futebol".


Anonymous said...

That's a great comment openyoeyes. It's fundamental proposition is fully accurate. However, I'd disagree that credit per se is bad. Without it our economies would not have developed to a fraction of their current levels.

As you say, they dont have credit in many less advanced countries. For instance I worked in Egypt for many years and locals couldn't buy a hous unless they could pay cash up front! Needless to say, almost all of them then lived in shacks.

The right way is to carefully and judiciously control the creation of credit. But as you say, it's become the plaything of the corrupt and powerful.


Anonymous said...


wtf has Michael Collins got to do with contemporary California?


Anonymous said...

potgeiter - how you describe Brazil is correct but it doesn't invalidate Savant's point. The reality is that the same kind of people will be running America. It's the vast middle class that will lose out. That's the way it's headed.

Anonymous said...

That's right: Brazil has been historically divided between a small, white master/upper class and vast masses of dirt black/mixed-race poor, with little in between, but despite the squeeze there is a growing middle class these days.

But it's still a fuck-up. And you're right - America seems to be heading the same way.


Anonymous said...

@openeyes, Much praise for your analysis of the role debased credit in the decline of a society. It's all about instant gratification and no striving for these days. An example, a favourite hobby-horse of mine, is young kids driving big, loud cars. They don't deserve these cars and they certainly haven't done anything to earn the attitude that they show whilst driving them. Easy, 'cheap' credit invariably leads to loutish, uncaring societies. A good point, my friend, well made.

SAVANT said...

You've had a right old rant here zngr. You sound almost as frustrated as I am!

And to think the Finns took on and defeated (for a while) the might of the Soviet Union.

Ah well..........

Anonymous said...

In a lot of black or Mexican areas of LA they have signs up 'celebrate diversity'. Yet there's no diversity - almost all of the same race!

Anonymous said...

You know when you see a young black man walking down the street in a T-shirt that says "IRELAND", and the first thing that comes to your mind is a "banned" blog in Ireland itself run by a guy named Savant, the world has changed somehow. Or your world at any rate.

True story. Happened today in Los Angeles environs. And no, not a Guinness shirt, either!

- leadpb

SAVANT said...

leadpb - could you elaborate on what you mean about the guy with Ireland tean shirt?

Anonymous said...


The tee-shirt was short-sleeve, black or dark blue and emblazoned across the front was "Ireland" in nice yellow script with some frilly bits around it. It was respectable looking but probably just a tourist souvenir? That's all I can tell you.

Next time I see him I'll get him to pose for a snapshot. Might have to bribe with a Colt 45-- the 36 oz. variety.

- leabpb

Anonymous said...

leadpb - I've got a major collection of harware if you need some!

Anonymous said...

It's happening because the welathy want cheap labor for their companies and gardens, the liberals want to feel smug and superior, The Jews want to dilute the native whites even further, and the mass of Americans don't really care because the MSM is feeding them mind-dumbing alternatives.

That's why it will go on and why, yes, California's fate will in due course be that of the whole country.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 23 August 2009 22:08

I would suggest beginning a white civil rights organisation now. Gather your material, do your homework and get the lawyers together. At least in the USA you still have freedom of speech that gives you much more freedom of movement than here in Europe. I'm sure that will end too.

Use it wisely while you still can.

Anonymous said...

Definetly worth a read. The last chapter he reminesces about the old California road beside the sea which was replaced by an inland motorway.

We used to have governance. Almost a direct quote.

I cannot find the "American Dad" "Ever see Blade Runner"? clip but anyways

Tyrell head guy lives away from the vast majority of citizens who live on crowded streets, or JF Sebastian who lives in the abandoned Bradbury Building, where the language is some sort of Japanese pidgin.

Cannot remember the exact quote but if they (The Replicants) behave they are not a problem to Deckard.

California's problem is that the,um, immigrants cannot replicate human behavior.

kudzo bob said...

The irony is that there is no 'diversity'. What you get is neighborhoods delineated by ethnic group. LA currently is like a war zone with battles between Latino and black gangs protecting their teritory.

Anonymous said...

This article on the decline of California is right on.
I was born and raised in LA and have wonderful memories of how great it used to be.
The beaches, the canyons, the sunshine, and the interesting creative people I came into contact with while working in the Film Industry – the best job in the world, but the studio heads outsourced my job out of existence.
Despite the fact that I lived in a gated all white community, my street fell within the boundaries of a school where most of the kids were Hispanic, Out of 30 kids, my son was one of two white kids in his kindergarten class.
I saw the writing on the wall eight years ago and moved as far north as I could go and still be in the USA. I had to completely reinvent myself and its been tough but I see myself ahead of the game because so many others are now finding themselves in the same position and leaving the state.
The non-enforcement of rounding up and deporting illegal aliens is largely to blame for ruining it – that and the decline of major industries (out-taxed or over manipulated by unions wanting too much.)
The Mexicans are immigrating up north too. You are starting to see the graffiti – (like dogs pissing to mark their territory).
I wasn’t born a racist, but after what I have seen happen in the southwestern states, I don’t want to live near Mexicans (or Muslims).

TBone said...

anon 21.56. You just confirm what so many more of us have seen. well done on being ahead of the game. I can't say the same for myself and mine, unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

Jerry Brown kisses hipsters' asses

There was a great line in the movie 'The Pirates of Silicon Valley', where Ballmer says 'When did this stop being a business and become a religion?'

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs’ life as a technology trailblazer will be marked Sunday by his company’s home state, at a private memorial service and in a television documentary.

California Gov. Jerry Brown, in an announcement via a Twitter post, has declared it “Steve Jobs Day.”

Why Jerry Brown kisses hipsters' asses

Facing a federal order to relieve prison overcrowding, California began directing new inmates and parolees to counties this month as part of the budget deal enacted by Brown and Democratic lawmakers. The plan excludes those who commit sex crimes and violent acts, but critics suggest it still allows dangerous offenders to avoid prison time.

Hello sea. Glug glug.

Anonymous said...

Dudes from google, twitter and Black Eyed Peas are for hm so he must be good good. Right? Right?

Anonymous said...

Ed Lee is a liar, a crook, and a thief. He's been involved with Willie Brown's heist of city money and has let big corporations bully local SF and bay area workers. He's been tied to voter fraud will just continue the spiral.

As he was endorsed by east LA's WiliamAdams Jr you have to question what is in it for SF?

rambaloosa said...

Jesus Christ, he's the guy the beautiful Carolyn Carpeneti produced a niglet for. How the F*CK could such a beautiful white woman let this beast mount her, and even more amazingly, how could she reproduce his spawn?

Ok, she might have got millions in fees (paid for by SF) but could this compensate for this defilement?

Anonymous said...

California slipping into the sea. Borin ad at first but the coverage shows it better than newspaper photos.

Anonymous said...

Irvine a planned city has one of the lowest crime rates for a city over 200 000. A 1.2% population of ,um, you know who?

Anonymous said...

If they wore their pants around their knees and brought prayer rugs the school the school would probably have thought differently.
I live in a town where kids were suspended kids for wearing American flag shirts on Cinco de Mayo. However, THIS IS OUR FAULT. We have too quiet for too long. NO MORE. We need to kick these administrators out for Christiphobia. Denying their first amendment rights and discrimination is cuase for dismissal.

Cinco de Mayo was brought in to I don't know make Mexicans feel more welcome and what happens next?

A sense of entitlement second only to blacks. (If they could get upoff their asses they could be first you know.;0)

Anonymous said...

He told the newspaper: 'What Wallace did was hurtful and inexcusable, but the response has been far more egregious.

'She made a big mistake, and she knows it, but … they responded with greater levels of intolerance.'

Read more: Alexandra Wallace pillioried for Library rant

She says: 'Hi, in America, we do not talk on our cellphones in the library... Every 15 minutes I'll be like deep into my studying... and over here from somewhere it's "Ohhh! Ching chong ling long ting tong? Ohhh!"

'Are you freaking kidding me? In the middle of finals?'

Describing herself as the 'polite nice American girl that my mamma raised me to be', she says she 'sshhs' the offending student to be quiet.

She says: 'And then the same thing, five minutes later, but it's someone else. I swear they're going through their whole families, checking on everybody from the tsunami thing.

The pressure was clearly getting to her.

A final year college student who freaked out in her school library because fellow students were making too much noise has been captured in a hilarious video.

The female student lost her cool at Cal State Northridge on Tuesday, the student who posted the video claimed on Facebook.

Read more: This isn't funny at all, it's actually painful to watch. I feel really bad for her. Those girls provoking her should have been thrown out of the library. Maybe they don't actually give a hoot about passing their finals, but the rest of us do and no one should be made fun of for caring about that.

- Caroline, Seattle, WA, US, 10/12/2011 19:02

Wait Asians can complain about noise in Libraries but White Woman cannot?

California was a great place once.

You can see why it is disappearing intothe sea.

Anonymous said...

Ching chong is a pejorative term sometimes employed by speakers of the English language to mock people of Chinese ancestry, or other Asians who may look Chinese.

Wikipedia omits to say that it is not pejorative when black alleged comedienne uses it.

Might even have been Whoopi "cushion" Goldberg on The View.

Ramzpaul's take on it

As far as I know the use of mobile, or cell if you prefer, phones in libraries is forbidden so why did everyone miss this?

kerplunk said...

anon 16.04. simple fact, different rules for different ethnics.

Anonymous said...

Howard Stern creates a character called Fartman and is criticised "The Cushion" does the same thing on The View and it is the funniest thing ever.

Different ethnicities different rules.

Anonymous said...

"California also becomes the first state to mandate the teaching of gay history. A new law requires schools to include in the public-school curriculum the contributions of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans, along with disabled persons and others. The statute, which has no age limit, also bans instructional material that discriminates against those groups."

I am sure it will be as real and as relevant as the historical facts taught in Black History month.

hoosier said...

'I am sure it will be as real and as relevant as the historical facts taught in Black History month. '

That's not the point of this cultural Marxist exercise. The point is to debase white Christian culture. It'll do just fine for that.

Anonymous said...

I don't disapprove of the contortions that affluent beach-town liberals go through to keep their kids out of classrooms dominated by the children of illegal Mexican immigrants. What I do disapprove of is how those same people demonize less-privileged Americans who want a little of the same thing for their own children when they ask for our border laws to be enforced.

Steve Sailer on some Hollywood type who have no problemwith illegal Mexicans so long as thye ahve no dealings with them.

Anonymous said...

Sir Ian McKellan discovers Gay playwright for Gay history month

Faggot part of the LFBT playwright found for that part of the course.

Anonymous said...

Meg whitman who we worship in the Technology section has stated that Mexicans will be the new Science Technology etc. students and .... you have guessed that they make up a small percentage in these courses as they prefer the more rigourous Oppressed Fairytale courses.

Anonymous said...

Sacrament(al) introduced a bill that ended the seizure of the cars of unlicensed illegal drivers this year.

This year Sacramento could be the biggest municipal authority to file for bankruptcy.

Detroit's is having a hard time being filled in because witin' b hard and may not arrive until 2013.

Anonymous said...

Los Angeles tumbles into the sea

Anonymous said...

Undocumented pharmacist comment

Anonymous said...

I remember California

I remember California
Bumper cars and submarines
I remember beating the favoured Phillies
I remember going to Texas
To Jerry Joneses neighbors

Go Noo Yawk! Er

And now it is being mexcremented.

Anonymous said...

California had a population increase of 10 million over the last while. This added only 150 000 tax payers. No there is not a zero missing.

Anonymous said...

22 percent of California eighth-graders passed a national science test, ranking California among the worst in the U.S. according to the 2011 National Assessment of Educational Progress. The test measures knowledge in Earth and space sciences, biology, and basic physics. The states that fared worse than California were Mississippi, Alabama, and a tie between the District of Columbia and Hawaii. 'Nationally, 31 percent of eighth-graders who were tested scored proficient or advanced. Both the national and state scores improved slightly over scores from two years ago, the last time the test was administered.

Anonymous said...

RamZPaul picks up on the 150 000 taxpayers from 10 000 000 population increase this week.
When will California catch up with him?

X said...

It doesn't matter about the hows or whys of the likes of Carolyn Carpeneti, all that matters is the fact she did. Therefore she is not "beautiful", she's just a traitorous scraggy whore like all other white mothers of mulattoes. They have no future in an ideal world. And to be honest, she ain't beautiful anyway, at best 7 out of 10, but minus 7 for opening her legs to that boon. Yuck!

Anonymous said...

CNN are getting excited that Latinos will be the majority in 2030 but with no one capable of earning a living who will hire them for their gardening skills?

Anonymous said...

As you can imagine I enjoyed Games 3 and 4 in Detroit.

Of interest to you stats people is that a Latino or Black child Born in the USA has a 50% of being obese.

Not overweight. Obese

Sad news. The Giants fans attacked by mexcrementers in Dodger Stadium died after being in a coma for over a year. Well over a year.

Dodgertown is not the welcoming place it was when people lived in LA.

Anonymous said...

Its Thanksgiving time no need to be afraid in our world of plenty let us think of Rodney King

Two police officers try to restrain someone they are arresting he escapes and attacks them both women police officer shoots him.

Rodney King was driving recklessly on a highway getting the attention of the California Highway Patrol who stop him in Los Angeles he attacks at least one of the officers and she is going to shoot him having justified homicide to deal with the uncooperative farm machinery but the LAPD arrive in time and save his life.

He refuses to respond. He is tasered twice. He is still not law abiding. A rhino whip is produced to knock him out but unfortunately the uncooperative moves as the blow is aimed meaning it missed its target and said obsoloete farm machinery falls down to ground stunned but still conscious meaning he has to be subdued for public safety.

Somehow CNN and ABC who would go on to fake the George Zimmerman tape do not see the original incidents and make King out to be some sort of sweet innocent like Crytal Mangum or Trayvon Martin who would not hurt a fly and the LAPD get to go to trial for saving his life.

Thank you Ted Kennedy from MASSacheuseetts for being a worthless asshole.

Anonymous said...

Elizabetg Sweet

Declares war on nature UC Davis will award her a Ph. D.

Anonymous said...

Rammstein Beach Party explains why California does not work.

I guess the place does not attract people like that Austrian bodybuilder any more?

Anonymous said...

California is one of 11 states with more depndents than workers 123 to 100.

Anonymous said...

Racist guy who does nothing nothing about La Raza kicking Trayvon straight outta Compton!

Racist puke sides with white mother over black father

No I am not being sarcastic here!

Mestizos are violent against black people forcing them out of "their" neighborhoods which makes them bad neighbors with a little understanding we can all get along but Crappy Nitwit News employer of Soledad O'Brien who wet her panties because of lack of funding for Black entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley has no trouble with these would be entrepreneurs being removed by her kind!

I guess they are saying bugger off back to Africa where you belong!

TMB is being wilfully ignored by the media!