Wednesday, 19 August 2009

California: The Sheriff speaks

This from Lee Baca who has been sheriff of Los Angeles County since 1998.
"As a Latino raised in East Los Angeles [probably the worst part, home of the delectable Williams sisters] I have seen many sides of the race issue. I have lived it, in fact.
Some people deny that race is a factor in L.A.'s gang crisis. The truth is that, in many cases, race is at the heart of the problem. Latino gang members shoot blacks not because they're members of a rival gang but because of their skin color. Likewise, black gang members shoot Latinos because they are brown.
Furthermore, we have evidence linking inmates who are known as "shot callers" directly to street shootings based entirely on race. The shot caller will often order the gunman to find someone -- anyone -- who is black or brown and shoot them instead. Gang affiliation does not matter. Only the color of the victim's skin matters.
I would even take this a step further and suggest that some of L.A.'s so-called gangs are really no more than loose-knit bands of blacks or Latinos roaming the streets looking for people of the other color to shoot. Race-based violence has even found its way into our school system. Recently, fighting broke out between more than 600 black and brown students at Locke High School in South L.A.
The racial divide is being driven by the ongoing population growth and demographic changes that have buffeted L.A. for decades. " Indeed, Sheriff, indeed. One thing that interests me is that whites aren't mentioned. Presumable they're at the receiving end from both sides.
He concludes with what appear to him hopeful, but to me hopeless programs to address the issue. Point is, and this also goes for Europe as we flood the continent with incompatible races and religions, the problem should never have been allowed to develop as it did. It could and should have been killed at birth. But the damage is done, and now it sweeps on to the rest of unoccupied USA and Europe.

You can read the full article in the LA Times here


Anonymous said...

This is racist rubbish, Savant. Everyone here knows that diversity is our strength. Mixing the races has only made California more vibrant, enriched, empowered and stronger in every way. The root causes of the problems now faced by this model state are due to decades of white racism and Jewish conspiracy. Whites and Jews are puppeteers behind-the-scenes for gang violence, which affects so many of our most cherished communities.

Anonymous said...

Diversity! Can't have race wars without it!

SAVANT said...

Thanks anon 21.06. So that's what's behind it all........

takevaccineget GBS said...

Guillem-Barre Syndrome

Anonymous said...

Bring on the Latinos

Anonymous said...

Whatever Baca says, remember, he would still welcome another amnesty of illegal immigrants.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile the whites move away, cower, and hide.

The situation is hideous.

The Marxists lost the cold war, but decided to fight a gorilla (spelling pun only half-ass intended) war against the West by importing.....diversity.

We must value diversity, diversity is our strength! I wonder what Frankfurt School agent provacateur dreampt that agiti-prop-memetically-contrived-assault-speech up?

madameevil said...

I think anonymous has his head up a portion of his anatomy.Just today there was an article in a local newspaper about the differences in school test scores between blacks,whites,latinos and asians.Guess who scores the tops and who scores in the bottom-even higher income blacks score less than poor asians-lets get over all this "diversity" enriching crap.I went to school with blacks for a while-sorry -they are savages-latinos are not much better-90% of the time when there is a stabbing or gang fight in the news the suspects are latinos.Diversity brings rancor and division.And don't tell me we are all immigrants-my parents are Irish immigrants but when they came here thay had to prove they jobs lined up and a little in the bank-also had to prove they did not have TB-try that now

openyoeyes said...

The California dynamic goes thus...

Welfare recipients receive money and benefits from the state who borrows copious sums from any sucker stupid enough to lend.

Welfare recipient then goes to local drug dealer and uses borrowed money to buy drugs. Drug dealer uses money to buy weapons
and kill off competition. Result is, government assistance causes drug subculture which fosters paramilitary groups AKA "gangs".

These paramilitary groups then do what they do best, try to kill one another. Now since everyone (except whites of course) are encouraged to bask in their "diversity" this naturally leads to a racial sense of "pride" and entitlement which creates friction with other diverse groups who feel just as entitled andthink that everyone should speak Spanish celebrate MLK day etc.

Blacks and Hispanics are competing for the same resources and therefore are going to have a natural animosity towards one another especially as the economic crumbs get smaller.

The sad part about all this, is it is government enabled. Between their soft headed concept of charity and the inclination to coddle racial groups they've created a tinder box that just needs a spark, and OH WHAT IS THIS? A prison riot in Chino between blacks and Hispanics involving 300 prisoners and 6 million dollars in damages. I think prisons are just the canaries in the coal mine.

I've just got one thing to say about all this, praise God and pass the ammunition.

Elwood McAfee said...

In Baldwin Park, CA, which is 95% Hispanic, mostly Mexican, the city buses have been painted with variously colored hands all over them. The slogan on each bus says, "Diversity is our strength." But where's the diversity in Baldwin Park? There is none. We are sloganeering our way to critical mass, at which point, the US will break up into separate fiefdoms based, most assuredly, on race. I guess that's when we really get strong.

kulak said...

One thing that interests me is that whites aren't mentioned. Presumable they're at the receiving end from both sides.

In prison at least, hispanics and whites will sometimes join forces against blacks.

But most whites with children have by now either fled to private schools and gated enclaves, or fled the state.

Point is, and this also goes for Europe as we flood the continent with incompatible races and religions, the problem should never have been allowed to develop as it did.

Ireland is an island. This is an immense geographical advantage. Europe is also more divided by mountains than the states.

Defend yourselves, dammit!

Anonymous said...

I am reading 'fools Gold' by Gillian Tett. It is about our current economic crisis.

She is forced to analyse the sub-prime mortgage fiasco but at no point does she use the word Hispanic.

California was the epicentre of the crisis and she says that mortgage lenders were surprised to discover that many mortgagees had not only done a runner but had left the property in such bad repair that its value had seriously deteriorated.

Go figure

Richard London

Anonymous said...

Racist claptrap! LA's diversity is its strength, truly. Racism is what causes gang warfare - white crime figures are covered up by the CIA as a plot to keep non-whites down. Fear of The Other (as per Edward Said) leads to Whites and Jews in America having what I would call "palestinian syndrome", where they fell the need to box up the more authentic, earthy races into little Gazas, such as Compton. Gangs are merely an expression of community organization and outreach.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of Balwin park i saw a clip on youtube where the greasers were snarling at whites who were protesting against some aztlan type monument. Go back to Europe and all that. Who's gonna pay for your ten kids when whitey is extinct Paco? Fucking idiots. Talk about biting the hand that feeds.

Anonymous said...

anon 19.44 says " Fear of The Other (as per Edward Said) leads to Whites and Jews in America having what I would call "palestinian syndrome", where they fell the need to box up the more authentic, earthy races into little Gazas, such as Compton."

What bullshit. All the so-called elite had to do was keep all those races out and there wouldnt of been a problem.

Yes we can? We can in our ass!!!

Anonymous said...

anon 19.44 - take a FLYING FUCK! You don't relaly believe this, or if you do, what are you on????

leadpb said...

Two rather disparate but relevant points. First, I read some years ago that the Hispanic gangs are MUCH more violent than the black gangs. The murder rate ratio is something like 5:1 per capita. According to gang members themselves, the Hispanics are more organized about things, whereas the blacks just get crazy about killing someone, jump in the car and go for it. Intelligence definitely figures in these relations. I would not want to be a black "tough" in LA. On the East Coast race hegemony is roughly reversed.

Second, and more importantly, with regard to who will take care of Paco's chicos, forget about it. These people are perfectly at home with a disorganized, poor, dirty, corrupt... OK, fucked-up way of life. They are adapted to it-- look at Latin America, look at Africa. Competition? They are competing at the lowest levels of existence. Whether they can or wish to elevate themselves above this level, collectively, is debatable. That the rest of us do not want to be brought down to that level is not.

Quality of life is a good argument. It softens the racialist undertones and is legitimate in its own right. If we don't take ownership of some defined standard of living and defend it like we mean it, we will be swamped by slum culture. It is happening apace already.


Zngr said...

I wonder where some people lost their sarcasm detectors.

Though, at one point the only way to get your opinion published in certain medias in Finland was to post like anon@19:44 so that's what people did.

For example in readers comments after yet another study has found that "immigrants" (in MSM-speak it always means north-africans or muslims) fail to finish secondary level education because they can't speak Finnish or read or write in any language, people would comment:

We must empower and cherish our diverse minorities or we can never call Finland truly international. A multicultural society is the only way we can achieve global success! Finnish teachers are simply unable to face their multicultural students. We must re-educate all our teachers to face multiculturalism correctly by sending them to re-education camps. Every immigrant saves the taxpayer 300 000€! We need more immigrants, especially from East-Africa so we can call Finland a truly multicultural and diverse society! Multiculturalism is ENRICHING!!!

And so on. Then the paper would publish it and 90% of the Finns who read it would laugh, apart from the 10%, consisting of members of the parliament, immigration industry celebrities, the minority ombudsman, select academics and some main stream media reporters, most of whom would pretend it was seriously written or just feel slightly uncomfortable without knowing why.

Lately the censorship has started to crack though. You can question both multiculturalism or the sensibility of moving vast amounts of immigrants (usually muslims) into the middle of western societies for no apparent benefit to the receiving society. Of course someone from the Green party or a female sociologist will always call you a racist or a nazi, but it doesn't matter really, not anymore.

In California it sounds like "diversity" is used as a weapon of social disintegration exactly like "multiculturalism" in Europe and it has had exactly the same positive and enriching effects.

Well done, liberals.

Anonymous said...

leadpb and zngr. These are really valuable commements. Both set me thinking hard.

Zngr said...

I wonder if any US or SA readers of this blog are even aware that there are now no-go communities for European natives and whites not only in France, where the North-African "zones sensibles" muslim banlieus have existed for decades and where neither police, ambulance crews nor the fire department can enter without heavily armoured escort.

The same can be now said of some urban areas in Netherlands, nevermind Britain, or the Neuköln or Kreuzberg boroughs (populated by Turkish immigrants) of Berlin where the police always send double patrols by default if called in. Recently a crowd of 200 immigrants in Berlin resisted and attacked the police when attempting to apprehend a known criminal.

The wider mainstream media has been so quiet about any of this that without the internet, even 95% of Finns never mind someone living half the globe could have a clue what is happening right across the border.

Since what's more we now have such no-go ghettos in SWEDEN. Remember, the most advanced model society of equality and a shining example of social democratic welfare state? Clean nature, egalitarianism, blonde women and all that?

For example Herrgården in Rosengård, Malmö, was recently permanently overrun by "youths". Roughly 100% of the neighbourhoods residents are immigrants, and they ran a story on TV as the last natives moved out, citing that they are fed up with the locals stoning and throwing bottles at their children.

The final straw for the fire department was a police warning that they should now prepare for molotov-coctail attacks whenever called in to put down fires the youths start to mark their areas, burning down schools, cars and community centers at will. The head of the department promptly just resigned stating "fuck this shit" and the department told the city from now on they can burn anything they like without interference from the fire squads.

It is a mystery to me what drives a population to wreck, destroy and burn their own living area, possibly the knowledge that society will rebuild it anyway at no cost to them, but I digress.

Reporters and the police are kept away by stone throwing immigrant "youth". Ambulance crews, trying to enter the area with the intention of attending to the welfare of the immigrants, must wait for a police patrol or they will be attacked as well. Recently a family member of a pro-immigration socialist local politician, IIRC, died, because the ambulance crew promptly stopped outside of the area limits to wait for a double police escort before entering. I'm sorry for her and her family, but then again cannot feel entirely sympathetic.

Religious neighbourhood patrols of young men force women to wear headscarves, burkhas or niqabs. (In the past years, Swedish girls living in areas like Rosengård, Rinkeby or Tensta have reportedly resorted to dyeing their hair black to avoid constant harassment). A Swedish communist activist and soon-to-be politician shrugged off claims that Rosengård is becoming a haven of global terrorism, stating that "no way, they might just repress the women a bit and such but nothing that out of ordinary".

Nothing that out of ordinary? Say again?

He then promptly called me a racist for questioning their immigration policies and ability to enforce law and protect taxpayers that allow such to occur in the first place.

Zngr said...

The only positive I can find in this is that I can show (and have shown to rather shocked) people, look, this all is happening in Sweden, the egalitarian welfare state of all welfare states, right next door. What makes you think it cannot happen here, the same question our dear host, Mr. Savant, has asked so many times?

Those who live in the dream that we're safe, far removed from the complicated evils of the wider world, sometimes wake up to a sad reality. Now if just mainstream news started carrying these stories we could go somewhere. Our politicians and immigration industry specialists repeatedly claim Finland has to be multiculturalized, but at the same time we can avoid the mistakes others have made.

Now, since we don't even have any integration or assimilation policy in place, a lot of people are very eager to hear how exactly will we achieve this miraculous feat of social engineering.

Also damn I tend to make long comments that never fit the word limit. When did I learn to type this fast?!

Rohan Swee said...

Zngr - keep up with the "long comments" (and your "educational" efforts at home); they're appreciated.

Interesting comments about the "code speak" in Finnish newspapers. Sounds a lot like stories I've heard about how people managed to communicate in the old Soviet days.

Your comment that "lately the censorship has started to crack though...Of course someone from the Green party or a female sociologist will always call you a racist or a nazi, but it doesn't matter really, not anymore" - is heartening. (And made me laugh.)

Anonymous said...

Our politicians and immigration industry specialists repeatedly claim Finland has to be multiculturalized, but at the same time we can avoid the mistakes others have made.

Where did I here that before? Ah yes, Conor Lenihan. The only mistake is letting them in in large numbers. After that it doesn't matter what you do unless you're prepared to send in the army to round them up and ship them out en masse as opposed to the crazy deportation process where it costs a kings ransom to fly a dozen of them home after they've bleed the legal aid dry.

Zngr said...

Re: Rohan Swee

Thanks, and if you haven't you can read more about recent Finland vs multiculturalism from this site at Savant's blog comments, here:

That's the recent news.

When I wrote here in -08 or -07 it was still generally for the better for us but they finally found a way to attack Finland, while most of the voters were still sleeping about these issues during the last meaningful elections.

Why people are so unaware is almost solely to blame on the MSM, they never told anyone anything even closely related to the truth of the matter. You can blame politicians but then again, someone had to vote for them. During this political atmosphere, it would be impossible or extremely difficult to get elected if you are politically incorrect, hence this is what we get.

No wonder, as between 75% to 100% of MSM reporters in _every_ Nordic country vote for social democrats or another even more radical left-wing party.

In Finland it was a joke in the 70s and 80s that if you didn't have the "party card" you couldn't get a job, any job, even as a janitor, local or national paper or media, no matter. It's not so funny anymore but still holds true.

As well all do I keep wondering why, and there is no single theory that can answer this question wholly.

Anonymous said...

The whole point is to destroy societies by attacking the family, patriotism, identity, duty, religion - Karl Marx's dictum in order to pave the way for communism.

J Potgieter

Anonymous said...

Finland is KNOWN for racism! And California isn't really that bad - the sooner all those racist whites move out, the better. Diversity IS our strength: especially when hard-working Mexicans and liberated, joyful African-Americans are in charge.

Anonymous said...

J Potgeiter. I've often wondered about this but can find no really convincing evidence apart from the usual Frankfurt School stuff. Is there any evidence that this was a PLOT as such?


Anonymous said...


If you don't already manage your own free blog at Wordpress or Blogspot, you'd be a prime candidate for writing on these important matters in both Finnish and English -- the latter so the rest of us could keep tabs on what's happening in Finland.

In fact, I can't remember the last time I read anything about Finland in MSM North America.


I've always found this short essay to be of interest.

I also suggest googling the "Harold Rosenthal interview".

Anonymous said...

Clovis, here's one interesting article on Marx's deliberate attack on the family.

Zngr said...

RE: anon@16:56

There is actually a very good Finnish blog about these issues written in English, the Tundra Tabloids, though it takes a wider look but posts relevant local developments as well:

The main contributor KGS and oft. quoted Vasarahammer are #1 better bloggers than I am #2 better at translating. Gates of Vienna often publish their articles when they are found internationally notable or relevant.

I'm more of a reactionary and rather respond or contribute to ongoing discussion. Frankly, I'd be a terrible blogger. There are dozens who do a better job.

Furthermore I'm already active in other ways and contribute to the, what should we call it, Finnish anti-multicultural movement.

For example there is an online forum called Homma-foorumi ( and I'm happy to say I'm one of the first members and moderators.

The forum currently has 2 870 members and over 180 000 posts with linked studies, statistic, essays, incredibly active news sections, a portal that highlights current events, your regular banter and even online interviews and discussions with local politicians (including some from the "opposition" for example. the immigration positive Green party).

We also publish and highlight any news and interviews that put the anti-immigration side of things on a negative light. Most of us, as it stands, actually wish we are wrong about everything but lack any evidence to support this when you strip down ideology and expose the raw facts.

The forum is open to all irregardless of political convictions, ethnicity, or religion. (We are pretty sure local reporters actually read it quite a bit and the forum has been mentioned in both national TV and MSM papers and not at all in a negative light - much to my surprise, and is often cited as a "citizens movement"). It is also an attempt to keep the discussion as transparent as possible, there are no secret sections or any nefarious groups or political forces working behind it, it's wholly operated by regular individual taxpayers who are worried about either freedom of speech, current immigration trends and politics.

Us moderators and admins strive to keep the discussion clean so as to be accessible for everyone, actual fascists, left- or right-wing radicals, conspiracy nuts or racial supremacists are kept on a tight leash. It might sound like censorship of sorts, but advocating free speech is not the same as advocating hate speech. And letting fanatics run amok would make the board inaccessible to most readers.

This far nobody has attempted to shut us down.

Anonymous said...

Why would they try to shut you down, when all you speak about is Islam and anti-Israel sentiment?

Where is all the pro-European/pro-Finnish articles trying to protect whats left of the virtues of your culture?

This morbid obession with Islam and protection of Israel is a perverse facade when not a mention of the third world invasion of Africans and asians(with the massive crimes and sociological impact they have) goes completely unmentioned.

Surely your blog( is a start, but I would recommend more inroads should be taken in more strategic attack of left-wing hate against European values and European white people.

Please folks, this is true left-wing anti-western forces in action. You must find objective and clever confrontational language in tackling the beast as it is (without endlessly beating around the bush).

Zngr said...

RE: anon@16:07 you are barking at the wrong tree a little here, the Tabloids is not my site, as I wrote above, it's a Finnish blog that also speaks about local events for those who seek to read about Finland (but mostly about islam/isreal).

My contributions are to be found at, which is separate from the Tabloids. It's about Finns, what politics are best for us, and about immigration. is not even a blog but - an internet-born community of immigration-sceptic activists - and is all about tackling the left-wing and anti-western forces and multiculturalism in Finland. Dealing with Islam is just a side-effect of immigration and multiculturalism. Get rid of current mass immigration models, stop multiculturalism, get your politicians straight and stop playing PC, the worst problems with Islam will vanish (and I have nothing against moderate, somewhat westernized Muslims, which I've met and worked with frequently). Like I posted:

The forum currently has 2 870 members and over 180 000 posts with linked studies, statistic, essays, incredibly active news sections, a portal that highlights current events, your regular banter and even online interviews and discussions with local politicians.

Yeah, we're tackling the leftists and anti-western issue the best we can trust me.

Anonymous said...

Educate your children and those around you. Rekindle your bond with the land; the Land of your forebears. Turn off the TV and get yourself in shape!

J. Potgieter

SAVANT said...

Good for you zngr - I'll put this blog in my list of recmmendaed reading.

SAVANT said...

Whoops! Just realised this blog is in Finnish!

Anonymous said...

Ok, understood, it's not your blog. Perhaps is more up our street then in tackling the real and varied issues. To be honest Islam in any form whether westernised or not is a danger (and I have met a westernised muslim).

The same goes for any other abhramic faith - as they are alien to European spirit. Christianity has done its damage although it had been Aryanised early on it still posited Europeans as descendants of the Israelites, which was a posionous meme from the beginning. The cross is still our symbol though(being a solar symbol of the sun against the dark lunar symbol of the islamic moon). The basis of Islam means "submission" afterall.

Anonymous said...

anon 14.17 - this is true. There are huge numbers of Muslims who are as individuals reasonable and fair. However, when push comes to shove they'll throw their lot in with the ummah. And the rest of us better watch out.

Anonymous said...

Islam celebrates diversity - why can't we?