Sunday, 26 July 2009

Phoenix Ariz. celebrates diversity

I spent some time in Phoenix Arizona about 20 years ago. My memory is that of a typical American city – clean, tidy, well-organised, the citizens polite, friendly and helpful. [Note: Check the comment to this post from anon 1.05 who's been in Phoenix since 1961] Probably those admirable characteristics drove them to accept a group of refugees from the West-African hell-hole of Liberia. Those self-same admirable characteristics are in short supply among Africans, especially Liberians. And it hasn't taken long for the good citizens to arrive at this conclusion.

Because, accoriding to the Phoenix New Times police there have charged four youths between the ages of 9 and 14 with “brutally raping” a girl aged eight. All five are refugees from Liberia. To compound the cultural confusion, the girl’s father has refused to take her back. ‘Take her. I don't want here. She has brought shame on my family”.
The girl's 23-year-old sister is quoted in newspaper accounts as saying that she hoped the boys would be released because "they are from our (Liberian) community.”

But the Liberian Ambassador to the US, the ‘Honourable’ Nathaniel Barnes (pictured), is at pains to assure us that this incident doesn’t reflect Liberian, er, culture. "Liberians everywhere feel some sense of outrage". If the rape had occurred in Liberia instead of Phoenix, "there would be street justice. You'd have a mob."
You would – but the mob would be looking for a piece of the action, not justice. Some charities operating in Liberia suggest that up to 70% of women have been raped there, while the New York Times tells us that recent rape statistics from MSF show “28 percent involve children aged 4 or younger, and 33 percent involve children aged 5 through 12.” That is, nearly two thirds of rape victims are twelve or younger!

Some culture, huh? And I might add, this attitude (the victim of rape is to blame) is omnipresent among adherents of the Religion Of Peace. About a quarter of Liberians fall into this category. Spot a connection?

Demonstrating profound insight and empathy, Barnes adds that "no 8-year-old should have to go through that". That's very big of you, Ambassador. You really are a right old softy, aren’t you? He further demonstrates his tender side by hoping that “the crime, tragic as it is, may serve to raise awareness to the needs of refugees like the four boys accused of committing the rape. Their social and psychological needs need to be addressed".
But of course!

Now he doesn’t say by whom, but we can take it that he’s referring to the Arizona taxpayers. Just like over here, the unwilling host country is always the one having to adjust to the refugees’ cultural demands.
It should be interesting to witness the diversity contribution as these fine young gentlemen, and their comrades reach, er, maturity. Something tells me that they won't feature prominently among the region’s neurosurgeons or maths professors.

Now can anyone, anyone, give me one reason why we should not experience similar demonstrations of cultural diversity here in Ireland from those Africans currently roosting here at our expense?

Go on! I'd love to be reassured.


Anonymous said...

Liberians are complete savages. There are some in Cork and I'd bet these are the ones you saw having that massive bitch fight in Patrick St. that you wrote about a year ago.


Anonymous said...

The only possible reasin I can think of is if the recession get so bad that we'll all go crazy keeping these bastards here and get rid of them.

Anonymous said...

I arrived in Phoenix 1961. Lived in the YMCA downtown Phoenix. Never locked my car and the city was spotless. Now it is a cesspool like every city in the USA. Lived in Los Angeles, Oakland,San Francisco which where well maintained cities till the 1980's then the third world trash (there own countries don't want them)infiltrated this country.

I can say (unfortunately) that in my lifespan I have witnessed a cancer deteriorate a once great nation.

This has happened as a result of liberalization thru education (socialists contaminating young minds) and the complacency of Whites who believed that there government would "do the right thing".

It is too late for the Irish. said...

I attended a beheading of a rapist in Saudi Arabia. The executioner broke the perpetrators right arm first because he had injured the woman. said...

They may be living in Ireland.

Anonymous said...

Teacher paris - a guy was beheaded in Saudi for raping? You sure it wasn't the victim who was beheaded? You must know that the victim of rape is usually deemed to have been the instigator in Islam? said...

Saudi Arabia follows a strict interpretation of Islam that demands the death penalty for murder, rape, drug trafficking and armed robbery.

In Islam, there is a difference between a rapist who is caught raping innocent children someone who forcibly raped a woman against her will after stalking her, and someone went with his girlfriend on his boat (by her own will) to the middle of the sea, and spent the night there together, and she came back claiming that he raped her.

If it is shown that she invited a man to have sex with her, or was willing to have sex with him and both went away and came back later, and then she claims that he raped her, and he denies that, then her case would be considered invalid, and both of them would be determined to have had illegal sex, and therefore, both of them would get punished for it. The woman has to be stalked and raped in order for her case to be considered a rape case. said...

RIYADH, May 29 (Reuters) - Saudi Arabia executed a man for double murder on Friday and displayed his body in public as a deterrent, state media said.

The body of the man, beheaded by sword, was put on a cross in the Saudi capital Riyadh, state news agency SPA said, quoting the interior ministry.

Rights activists said authorities only rarely use this form of deterrent in a bid to stop crimes spreading.

Ahmad Adhib bin Askar al-Shamalani al-Anzi had been convicted of killing a man and his 11-year old son in a shop in Riyadh, SPA said.

Saudi Arabia, a close U.S. ally, usually carries out executions by public beheading for murder, rape, drug smuggling and, increasingly, armed robbery.

Saudi Arabia says it is implementing Islamic sharia law to the letter and that sharia ensures full rights for Muslims and non-Muslims, who must abide by the laws of the desert country. Amnesty International protested earlier this month against the execution of a Saudi and Chadian man who it said were juvelines at the time of their crimes.

Both had been convicted for kidnapping and raping of children and consumption of drugs and alcohol, according to SPA.

Viking said...

There's nothing like importing other people's problems is there...

SAVANT said...

teacher paris - some interesting distinctions you've drawn out there on the application os islamic law.

Anonymous said...


I like your use of the term "roosting". Excellent. It seems to imply a temporary situation... if that were only true.


Anonymous said...

Phoenix is no different to dozens of other US cities. They've changed beyond recognition over the last few decades. And for the worse.

There's a simple rule - the more blacks and Hispanics, the worse the conditions. Phoenix used to be all white, now it's infested with the likes of those liberians.

Savant, you posted earlier about Portland. Just watch - this will come under increasing pressure to become more 'diverse'. e.g. more blacks and hispanics to fuck the place up.

But as you've said many times, we deserve this because we're the authors of our own demise.

Wrath of Thor

Anonymous said...

Given what Liberians have suffered over the last 20 years, is it any wonder that their behaviour is affected? A bit of understanding please.


Anonymous said...

" Given what Liberians have suffered over the last 20 years, is it any wonder that their behaviour is affected? A bit of understanding please."

And here we have a prime example of an ignorant lefty dipstick spouting the usual lefty platitudes.

The authors of all problems in Liberia for the last one and a half centuries have been the Liberians themselves ... rather like Haiti, Jamaica, Somalia.

So, take your "understanding" and shove it.

Uncle Nasty

Rohan Swee said...

Fiona: A bit of understanding please.

What exactly are we not "understanding" here, Fiona? There's nothing mysterious or mitigating in a father treating his 8-year-old rape-victim daughter as so much night-soil, Fiona. Anyone who's reasonably well-traveled and well-read knows that this attitude toward girls is not exactly rare in human cultures. Even in many places that haven't suffered 20 years of war.

And taking a benignant "boys will be boys" attitude toward young men abusing any available female luckless enough not to have able male relatives touchy about their "honor" (not, mind you, concern for *her* well-being) - well, that crops up quite often across the globe, too. Even in many places that haven't suffered 20 years of war.

I have daughters, Fiona, and Phoenix, Arizona was, in living memory, a place where these quite common features of human societies were not manifest - indeed, where their occurrence would have led to such shock and outrage that there would have been no question that the perps had any right to continued residence there. (But since those dark days Phoenix has been enlightened by the efforts of heedless do-gooders who cannot control the impulse toward eleemosynary masturbation.)

I understand these behaviors, their sources and motivations, with really quite crystalline clarity, Fiona. I therefore do not want them oozing into and taking root in *my* culture. Understand, Fiona? "Don't cant in defense of savages."

(Let me take a stab at predicting how you'd respond to the above, Fiona. You're going to tell me we must show compassion to teenage rapists of little girls because Phoenix stands on land stolen from the Indians. Am I close?)

Anonymous said...

the problem is we are getting as many perpetrators as victims.


Viking said...

Richard said it, spot on. We are far more likely to end up with perpetrators than victims, I would argue. Bringing them to our countries doesnt seem to help them at all. And it take its toll on us.

Anonymous said...

How low, and it'll be coming to a town near you!

Exzanian said...

Well, just be grateful that it is not as bad as South Africa where 18month old babies get raped because sex with a "virgin" is a cure for AIDS.

fraz1971 said...

Google 'jackrolling South Africa'. SA is a long way from Liberia. Our treasonous politicians are destroying our country!