Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Ladies and gentlemen: I give you the MDDA

Just to be clear, the MDDA does not stand for Mad, Diabolical, Demented Assassins. No, it stands for the Muslim Doctors and Dentists Association of the UK. And why would the Religion of Peace want its own association of doctors? Why, you can see it in Section 2 of the constitution of this august body.

2. Objects and powers
2.1 The objects of the association shall be:-
2.1.1. To advance the Islamic religion in the practice of medicine in the United Kingdom
2.1.2. To advance medical education in relation to the doctrines, practices and traditions of the Islamic religion.
2.1.3. To promote research in various aspects of medical science and to disseminate and publish the useful results of such research.
2.1.4. To promote the preservation and protection of the good health of Muslims in the United Kingdom.

Now can you just imagine the explosion (literally and figuratively) if you substituted Christian for Muslim in the above? Especially the last clause? Can you just imagine?

By their own words, Muslim doctors and dentists (probably trained at the expense of British taxpayers) differentiate between ordinary British and Muslim patients. But maybe I'm wrong so I’ll ask a prominent Muslim doctor. Let me see. What about Dr. Mohammed Asha. Oh gee, can't do that. He got blown up trying to blow up Glasgow airport and kill everyone in there.

So we must take these clauses at face value, which of course immediately puts every member of the MDDA in clear conflict with the oath every doctor takes to obtain a license. Presumably then the BMA has gone in with all guns blazing (sorry!) to strip them of their medical/dental licenses?

No, you didn’t think they would, did you? Of course not. In fact, in the typical dhimmi fashion which now characterises everything about Britain, they haven’t said a single word.

Let me repeat my recommended course of action to this PC warfare being waged against us. Turn the tables by doing exactly what they do. For example, set up a Christian Doctors Association that treats only Christians (that’s me fucked, admittedly) or set up the Association of White Policemen, or sue under anti-discrimination legislation if, as a white male you lose out on affirmative action.
At a minimum this would swamp the courts and force the issue into the open where the swinish herd might at last see what's being done to them.

Believe me, it’s the only way. And if you’re feeling ill, don't go to a Muslim doctor.


Anonymous said...

Great Idea Savant. Ive actually contemplated this myself.

We have associations of black firefighters (Vulcan somethingorother), black academics (Nat.Association of Black Scholars), Hispanic this and Latino that, and Asian Equivalents.

So why not "European-American-Association-of-blankety-blank" also?

james the just said...

different medicine to avoid

“From what I’ve read of that vaccine, it has some truly nasty stuff in it…like MERCURY. Squalene too, which they are saying caused alot of Gulf War Syndrome.”

I subscribe to a web-site called Dr. Carley. Anyway, she lost her license due to her constant attacks on the medical establishment trying to push vaccines and poisonous drugs.

She and some of her fellow doctors have this to say about the upcoming vaccines.

They will do this in three stages:

1. First shot will be to turn your immune response off. Surprisingly people can live a long time without an immune response because even though a person may be sick, they go on as if they weren’t sick. Sickness is just your body’s immune response kicking in to register and fight an attack.

2. Second shot will be the disease, but you won’t feel sick since your immune response will be turned off.

3. Third shot will be to turn your immune responses back on, but in overdrive. They call this the “kill shot”.

I saw on YouTube one of those morning shows where they were talking about a three phase vaccine.

Viking said...

Nice one, Savant.

They seem to have lost the true sense of their humanitarian calling alright..

kulak said...

Turn the tables by doing exactly what they do.

That might be good tactics, but strategy comes first.

Ask yourself this: Why don't whites object to these other ethnic-oriented groups?

Because (1) whites have a conscience, (2) ethnic-oriented groups help the survival of ethnic groups, and (3) whites agree genocide is a very bad thing and other ethnic groups have a right to survive as ethnic groups.

This is SO obvious it shouldn't have to be pointed out.

So now ask yourself this: Why don't whites do the same for themselves, or object to the growing presence of these other groups?

Because everybody -- and I mean EVERYBODY -- simply assumes white supremacy. Anti-whites simply can't stand it, and want to destroy us; to everybody else, the idea that we could be destroyed is simply a joke.

This too is SO obvious nobody notices.

The first things to get through people's heads are that whites have a right to survive, and that "anti-racism" is code for the genocide of whites.

The search for means and methods of survival will come later.

Anonymous said...

Swamp the courts? I think not. The powers that be are quite comfortable with double standards. For example, here in Sweden it has been officially declared that white men can't be the victims of "hate speech," no matter what you say about them. No court time needed.

SAVANT said...

James the Just. I'm sure that there's something to do with Muslim doctors here, but..........

Anonymous said...

anon 18.54. So that's the case in Sweden. SO sad. But the new AG in the US has made essentially the same point. Whites can't be victims. Incredible, no?

Anonymous said...

It's not incredible. It's been demonstrated that whites cannot be victims because we've been 'on top' for so long.

Ergo, can't be victims.

tesla said...

Did you hear about this one, Savant? The UK is really swirling down the crapper:

"Avon and Somerset Police is issuing head coverings to its female officers so they can enter mosques."

SAVANT said...

Thanks Tesla but yes i did see that. I didnt post because this stuff is now becoming so commonplace in dhimmi Britain. SO I dont have any optimism really.