Thursday, 11 June 2009

True, but a bit late, Irwin

Irwin Steltzer is a self-confessed neoconservative, you know, those people who cornered the invade-the-world, invite-the-world market. Basically the neocons want us over there and them over here. Steltzer is also a key figure in organisations such as the Hudson Institute and the American Enterprise Institute.

Such organisations are very keen on neocon-style internationalism and mass immigration. This is because they suit the plutocrats whom they represent and who control the rest of us. This internationalism weakens national controls over finance, drives down the cost of wages in Western countries through mass immigration, and export jobs to where they can be done most cheaply.

Irwin is also what the Nazis used to call a ‘rootless cosmopolitan’. So the following from his piece in yesterday’s Irish Independent comes as comething of a shock.

“There are places in the UK, France, America and other countries where the existing inhabitants feel they have become strangers in a strange land. The dress is foreign and often scary, the native tongue is unheard of on the streets, the odours from the cooking of strange foods are off-putting, children are held back in school by immigrants who do not speak the nation’s language, and the religions practiced vary from the merely exotic to the positively threatening”

“Perhaps worst of all, this is of little concern to the ruling elites, who rarely live in the affected neighbourhoods, or venture into them. They are free to favour multiculturalism without enduring its consequences, and to ignore the fact that new immigrants, unlike previous waves, have no desire to integrate into a culture they often find abhorrent.”

Couldn’t have put it better myself, Irwin me old mate. Just a pity that you didn’t start saying it years ago when you had such massive influence among our rulers.


Anonymous said...

There is a glimmer of hope with the rise of the BNP.
Hopefully soon we will get our own version here with the most radical policies to deport all illegal africans ,chinese etc and their children.
All illegal immigrants are enemies of the State and of the Irish people.They are here to steal and colonise our resources,political,social and economic.
The State should be treating them as terrorists which is what they represent to the people who live in communities plagued with their presence.

Anonymous said...

Yes, where are the IRA these days? What are they doing in defence of the Irish people?

Anonymous said...

Here, here, Anon., on your apt and accurate "enemies of the state" moniker. Indeed, illegal immigrant are, and should be considered as, "enemies of the state."

Anonymous said...

Ive been saying the same thing since 2002. Miles in America.

Anonymous said...

What are the IRA doing??? Trying to get loads more 'Africans' into Ireland, thats what.

Check out Gerry Adams' comments on this.

With frinds like this who needs enemies?

Anonymous said...

If every one who talked about the BNP bunged them a few quid the party would have more clout. As a grass roots party it survives on small donations. It needs to become massive to be effective - pulling at least one hundred million a year, now it's just one. We need to get big then get real, with an all out attack on the liberal elite.

Anonymous said...

True - but Steltzer epitomizes the 'ruling elites' he refers to - the fuckers who brought all of this on us.

Robert said...

The American reality

Abu Abdullah said...

Looking enviously at the BNP is not good enough. The Irish have to start DOING something and organize. It took the BNP years to get to where they are. If the Irish have their wits about them, they would learn from the missteps, successes, and experience of the BNP to speed up the setting up of an Irish nationalist party. Starting from scratch is actually a blessing for the Irish, as it means the party will not be saddled with any sordid historic baggage like the Nazi albatross around the BNP's neck.

Anonymous said...

"rootless cosmopolitan" is a Soviet, not Nazi, term

SAVANT said...

anon 19.37 - I gracefully accept your correction.

Anonymous said...

"Starting from scratch is actually a blessing for the Irish, as it means the party will not be saddled with any sordid historic baggage like the Nazi albatross around the BNP's neck."

This is not necessarily true. Lets face it the BNP have compromised alot, and thrown out alot of good men out of their party. In all of their policies there is an air of democratic head bowing to appease their detractors(jews), they have done this to gain massive lemming support. They even worship Chruchill now ffs! It's as if they have reverted to Enoch Powell consveratism. It'slite, real lite, but it's the price Griffin and his shady cohorts are paying to stay alive. This is the only way they can make into the "mainstream" which has completely lowered their standards. All they have left is the "voluntary repatriation" gig.

The so called "Nazi" past has done them no disservice (Griffins ideology is actually a moderate mixture of new-right identarian and third positionist policies dressed up in democratic lingo). In fact it has helped them and here's why. Any part can start out as extreme or controversal as they want within the context of the law. They can later reform everything and still attract the massive numbers based on nonsense media hyper-sensationalism from past quotes. Then renounce everything you have said (Griffin did this with the "holocaust" which he declared recently as "fact") and keep to an extreme watered down version of your orginal policies. So I believe that you to Adullah may have a misunderstanding of the BNP based on media sensationalism. The BNP are no saints. They would never have been allowed to get as far as they have without the extreme compromises they have made so they could get the jews on their side.

Three main polices stand out amongst all "nationalist" parties that have made some sucess :

1)No mention of the Jews or the Jewish problem period. Since they are the capitalists, the liberals and own the discourse and pretty much everything they control it. They are the true evil but as of now we have no power and cannot raise a finger against these criminals except within individual cases and even then they can flee to Israel.

2) Be anti-Muslim/anti-Islam. What about the mention of other races of scumbags? It just appears that the jewish neo-con elite will only allow parties that declare an anti-islamic stance to gain power. This is simply giving in to the zietgiest manufactured neo-con "clash of civilisations" nonsense.

Personally I admire the Palistinians brave fight against the zionists. Much like the Irish brave fight against the judeo-Brits. I am also anti-war in the middle east, as it has done nothing but protect Israel and boost zionist interests in both business(haliburton etc) and the world over.

3) Anti-(illeagal)immigration or "immigration control". Fair enough the only thing I can agree on.

So there you go, a a disgusting practice of cynical Machivelian trickery is a given in modern politics. So enter into this pig-fight or hold out being true to oneself until this world zionist/American power collapses and finally we can be liberated from their restrictions. Believe me you ARE under their restrictions whether you sich to achknowledge that fact or not, as I have illustrated above. ur "choices" are dismal in these dark times but take your pick.

Remember anyone left of Troksy today is labbelled "Nazi","racist", by the MSM. These words are meaningless to me and I honestly don't care been called such even though they are untrue. Develop a thick hide or get the f*ck out of politics. Simple as.

Anonymous said...

It's all in the memes and cultural wars faught on the subtle use of language. The decadent left/marxian 'elite' completely controls this arena. All the the so called "right-wing" "conservative" business class sellouts has is pure bigotry and no honest intellectual clout. Therefore a third position of true nationalist ideologues is needed to counteract both exploitive capitalism and liberalism/communism/EU.

Ireland of coure will take a different route. We can play up on Pearse and Collins ideologies, illegal immigration (nigerian scam artists etc). A moderate form can be found in every respect. I'll leave the rest to what your imagination can conjecture. Individuals can have any opinion they want but its the leadership stance of the political party that is the final word.

Anonymous said...

Re BNP funding, with the recent election victories they'll be entitled to some offical funding.

Anonymous said...

teacher-paris: I've checked this link, but it's hard to see how this force majeur invocation can be used by the banksters to get around their crimes???


SAVANT said...

anon21.32 and 21.34 - some powerful, thought-provoking stuff here. I think you're largely right which is why I'm so pessimistic.

I think the MSM, which you assume to be controlled by a uniform Jewsih cartel, has controlled the range of discussion in a more effective way than Stalin ever did. I say this because under Communism people knew they were being lied to, our sheeple don't.

That's why I see little hope of Abu Abdullah's suggestion taking root. And you can criticise Nick Griffin (and he does indeed appear creepy) but he was forever going to be a miniscule marginalised irrelevance until he threw off the policies you and some others refer to.

Unfortunately, it's the price of staying relevant.

Anonymous said...

Griffin is still hardcore underneath. He's just "diluted" the BNP image for mass consumption.

Abu Abdullah said...

You have something against Churchill and Enoch Powell? Do tell.

kerdasi amaq said...

"teacher-paris: I've checked this link, but it's hard to see how this force majeur invocation can be used by the banksters to get around their crimes???


'force majeur invocation'

Don't fully understand this comment, but find out next Friday. June 19.

McCanney says, that the defination of a level six pandemic has changed so it doesn't mean what it used to mean. i.e. it's been watered down.

Chances are that this swine-flu scare, is just that, a media inspired hoax.

Anonymous said...

I think this guy is way off on his 'force majeur' impact. How can it have impact on the banks? Still, as the other poster said, we'll find out next Friday.

Bleak sock

Anonymous said...

The likes of Steltzer have been at the root of the problem for years. In my view he's a bit like the neocons after the Iraq debacle - nothing to do with me.


Anonymous said...

Stelzer = Jewish

Anonymous said...

Well, almost all the neocins were Jewish. HOWEVER - not all Jews were neocons. Must remember that,

Anonymous said...

This isn't really surprsing, since most right-wing Jews are wary of massive muslim immigrations into europe.

kerdasi amaq said...

It quite simple, there is a clause in their contracts, which means that they do not have to fulfil their obligations(this applies to both parties to the contract), if the WHO declares a level six flu pandemic as it did last Friday.

It called 'force majeur' or 'Acts of God'.

The Culture of Internal Auditing said...

How Global Are We? Very.

Chief Audit Executives Beware: We Are Entering One of Those Eras Again!

Abu Abdullah said...

You'll be very interested in these statistics.

Anonymous said...

Statistics very interesting? Very depressing more like it.