Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Too true

This from a friend and regular reader of this blog. He's doing a highly dangerous job in an exotic location. Here's what he has to say....

"Went into yahoo news and clicked on Ireland and guess what the first headline is........yup

Foreign national children need more support..............this in-depth study cough cough research has uncovered the fact that quote"most immigrant students do not have English as their first language and may need extra help from teachers" (how the fuck can this come as a surprise to anyone with half a brain seeing as the majority of these foreign national children come from Third World countries half way around the world where their time in class amounts to a third of the time as they have spent in WHO food distribution queues)

This was the conclusion reached by the ESRI (who are these muppet's again) as the result of a survey carried out in 1200 primary and second level schools across the country entitled......wait for it 'Adapting to Diversity:Irish Schools and Newcomer Students'

I'm sure if these fuck nuts at ESRI were to read Irish Savant they could have saved the Irish tax payer (which I'm glad to say I am not of their number) a pretty penny on the costings of yet another bullshit survey.

A decline in the Irish education system due to the influx of immigrant students has long been predicted by the all knowing Savant.

Bravo Savant on your gift of foresight."


Anonymous said...

Someone please explain to me in laymen's terms why the Irish Powers-That-Be won't cast a rueful eye to our due-east neighbors (England)and learn from their suicidal mistakes? It's as plain as day that their multicultural policites have ruined a perfectly fine country. Is this the model Ireland aspires to?????

kulak said...

Adapting to Diversity

We are just fine, thank you; Diversity should adapt to us.

That means not helping foreign children.

Anonymous said...

Mr Savant - off topic I know, but give us a clue who you really are. My money is on a prominent (and controversial) journalist... wink, wink... come on admit it.

SAVANT said...

anon 23.30. No I'm not a prominent journalist who writes for the irish Independnet, or for any othe rpaper either. I can't give a lot more away as my work involves me with a lot of governments, many of them Islamic. I'm doing this blog to try and save my country from going the way of England and most of the rest of Europe.

Which brings me to the other anon. Of course they see what's happened in England, but they know that if they speak up the MSM and the chattering classes will slaughter them. Then they'd lose votes. So they'd rather ruin the country than their careers. It's as simple and cynical as them.

Anonymous said...

In terms of not speaking out there is a good discussion of this group think here on the Half Sigma site.

I think politicians who ignore the overwhelming evidence of group differences in cognitive ability and propensity to crime should be held criminally liable.

They assume populations are interchangeable, and immigrants wherever they come from will ultimately adapt. But there is no evidence that groups are interchangeable. Indeed the evidence points strongly in the other direction as one would expect with 50,000 years of divergent evolutionary paths.

Anonymous said...

Great summary of group differences and why they matter here.

Anonymous said... has published this story on how Nigerian authorities demand bribes from the Garda National Immigration Bureau (GNIB) when returning failed asylum seekers to their own country.

What really caught my eye, was the horrendous costs for such low numbers as in this statement:

"The Department of Justice spent almost €6,500,000 deporting 1,493 failed asylum seekers between 2004 and 2008. It spent €727,197 deporting 95 asylum seekers in 2008."

...and just how much of that wonderful African "diversity" is left behind on the Irish tarmac and what are their costs?

Viking said...

It is SO frustrating!
Thankyou once again Savant for some enlightened thoughts amongst the madness that is modern Ireland. I am glad to say I am no longer one of the taxpayers who must provide for this senseless importation of poor people from horrible countries.
Why is this happening???!!!

Nobody wants this; it is to the detriment of, and at considerable expense to the country and its people - only the recipients are benefitting, and few if any legitimate demands are being made on them.

Well done for articulating the seething frustrations of the Irish people, your views are very widely held, but because people are wary of voicing their concerns for fear of being labelled "racist", those views are rarely heard.

SAVANT said...

Some great comments and links supplied here. Thanks to all.

However, you'll note that they're all from the blogosphere. The MSM, where the vast majority of people get their news AND OPINION, is uniformly of the opposite persuasion.