Friday, 19 June 2009

Sweden slides, Stalinism thrives

Just finished another visit to Sweden, first in over a year. Sadly, all the negative trends are being maintained. Even though I was in a real-world situation this time (i.e. commercial as against university) the blindness and Stalinist thought control are still rampant.

The country gets notably shabbier as time goes on. Twenty years ago Sweden was the most advanced and the best in everything. Now it's just another country, and one that's sliding back if anything. Not surprising when you consider that a country of 8 million people allocates an estimated $27 billion annually to keep its immigration population afloat in welfare and security.

Speaking of which, it's also clear that trust is breaking down. Now you'll see security cameras, wire netting over shop windows and security staff in many shops.

Most un-Swedish.

And again, despite my best efforts, nobody will talk about it. It's just like East Germany under the Stasi. Can't be overheard, your job is at risk, or you could be imprisoned if you contravene the ever-expanding range of 'hate' crimes.

Interestingly, the most open to discussion are immigrants themselves. My highly intelligent Eritrean driver explained about all the problems for a black and/or Muslim immigrant. 'We're so different that we almost have to retreat to our own communities'. True, and unfortunate. 'We know they don't want to associate with us'. Again, true, and again, unfortunate.

But you see, this is the inevitable outcome of mass immigration of people from incompatible cultures. And it still goes on. As one Swede said to me, any politician who even raises this subject will see his career finished. And it'll destroy Sweden.

Last word to my driver. Does he think that Swedes are wise to allow and finance such immigration? "They're nuts" he answered succinctly.

Enough said.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Savant. I'm Swedish but working in Germany. Our country as we knew and loved it is doomed. And we're forbidden from talking about it - the destruction of our own country. Isn't that something?


Anonymous said...

I haven't visited Sweden in 33 years when last backpacking through that country where not one person I encountered was another colour other than White. Of course, there may have been the extremely rare "coloured" person lurking about, but I don't recall seeing any from Malmo to Stockholm to Ostersund.

So, peecee self-censorship in matters of race is the holy mantra of the day -- Pity!

I'll just keep my past memories of Sweden intact and hope for the day when that warrior spirit of a thousand years ago begins to re-emerge.

leadpb said...


There is something of a noteworthy revelation hinted at in this post. The idea that the *immigrants* will perforce start seeing reality first and work to change things. Not for the stupefied white natives but for themselves. Maybe like the anti Castro Cubans in Florida but a little less fervent.

It struck me like a bolt when reading your post. *What kind of a shyte society are you lowering yourselves, and us, into here* the immigrants might say one day. Out loud. Their awakening, considering their large numbers, could result in a most interesting wake up call. Many of them will be opposed to Islam as well.

Nice thought while it lasted anyway. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Ever so wise Savant, ever so wise. Your observations and travels never fail to color the day.

It's sad that a once pure nordic country like Sweden is falling down due to pure tyranny of the political establishments of those countries and the international globalist agenda of racial miscengenation. Disgusting and disapointing.

It's time this immigration nonsense was stood up to. All we are facing is screams and bigotry from the left. What's to stop anyone taking a hard stand? All we have to do is avoid anything that is anti-semitic and bob's your uncle. Fight the good fight within the boundaries of the law which is still possible. The declaration of human rights for ethnic groups still applies to indigenous races last time I checked. So I ask again what is the hesitation here from setting up a political block like those of EuroNat to confront this immigration problem, that will eventually catch up on all countries that choose to ignore it for the short term? It's going to erupt one way or another so why not start the important work now of networking and building up nationalist forces to fight this racial genocide?

Because once it happens it can never be reversed. I've just about had enough to dedicate the rest of my waking life to stopping this shit come hell or leather.

Anonymous said...

Awesome post, Savant! I salute you and all rational freethinkers like you.

J. Potgieter

Anonymous said...

Smash the Left.

I have been on the dole for several years, yet this one 'hobby' makes up for my award winning laziness.

Smash the air out of their lungs,metaphorically speaking.

Anonymous said...

I live in the state of California,USA. California was once known as the "Golden State". Plenty of money in the state coffers from manufacturing. The bleeding hearts knibbled away at all the wealth thru the years which now leaves this state bankrupt with 24 Billion dollars in the red (and growing each day). Every conceivable budget in the state is being cut. Today the news agencys' said that this state has an unemployment rate of 12.5%, the highest in the USA.

The terminator(our governor)
wants to release 19,000 illegal criminals from the state prisons and send them back to Mexico so that the state can save money.

Mexico is complaining that they don't want there criminal citizens returned. (The future of the World)


Anonymous said...

What you've described Savant is a mirror image of what's happerning here in Norway, just that we're not as far down the road.

Again, just the same here in that you cannot mention it in 'polite' company.

We will all look back in years to come and ask ourselves 'how did we let it happen'


SAVANT said...

Leadbp: Interesting you shud say that. I'm in Holland at present (VERY interesting, more anon) and some very astute observers believe that exactly what you say might offer a solution.

The signs are weak so far, but there is definitley a move within the immigrant commun ity which says in effect, 'if this continues they'll kill the goose...'

I'll keep you posted.

SAVANT said...

anon 20.49. I titally agree but dont think it's at all easy. Any formal political movement will get torn to shreds by the MSM.

However, your point about using HR legislation to protect the 'threatened racial group' (whites!) can succeed - and very quickly. Turn those laws against them. Best example is AA. Sue because you#ve been denied a job on account of your race.

Anonymous said...

Savant, look at the BNP, the French Front National, Valams Belang and and others like them. They took a stand in some of the most politically correct countries in the world and they came through (especially Britian!). We in this country may have a virulent dogmatic Left but PCness is not as prevalent in our country(Ireland). Perhaps I'm a little mad, sure you have to be these days (if what qualifies as PC is "sane"), but we have a fighting chance even if the MSM derides us like hell, so what? We're within the law and we have the people on ouor side. With a good propaganda wing we could take these scum on. Of course we'd be up against the total establishment who'll be wary of any new emerging power regardless of ideology but its worth the chance. All you need is a hard head and some staying power. The 80/20% rule* means we'll have at least 20% of the loyal and true folk backing us instantly.

* Vilfred Pareto, the genius behind that rule was a great social-economic thinker, that influenced facism and provided an outstanding critique of socialist-communism.

Anonymous said...

Great Post as usual.

I hope you and your readers are aware of the

Wow I know it's easy to say from far away but you'd think someome in government/ media etc. in the land of the vikings, would have the "stones" to start talking about the problem.

Anonymous said...

I was in Killarney for the weekend and saw an African man escorting his brood of seven school childen down the road opposite Tescos-no joke, they looked like a tribe-seven children all in school uniform. Across the road was an another African couple with one child and they saluted each other. The father of seven was boasting about how many kids he had to the pair across the road-they´re all mine he was saying and laughing. The other couple just laughed too. No wonder they´re laughing, seven children, free house and plenty of spending money and not a job in sight. Great thing this Civilisation,eh ?

Anonymous said...

Interesting interviews, Savant. Thank you.
Stopping immigration NOW is, of course, in the best interests of... the immigrants already here.

'Stopping immmigration Now', is of course a phantasy. Immigration and Emigration are processes which have gone on forever- but what we have now is an unnatural immigration, funded by public money and promoted by Government policy.
Choke off the money supply.

Anonymous said...

My own view is that if the economic crisis gets really bad, and money becomes very short, people will start to wake up and look at where their jobs and money are going.

Only problem is that 'good' immigrants will probably get caught up in this as well.


Anonymous said...

Let me assure you from Sweden. People ARE beginning to speak out. It may be just beginning, but it IS happening.

Keep your spirits up!

kerdasi amaq said...

Well, if they can't critise Sweden's immigration policy, can they let their professional politicians have it instead with both barrels or have these people put themselves beyond criticism!

Anonymous said...

Highly intelligent Eritrean?!?
Hahahaha pull the other one. As someone whose mother is Swedish I go there often and it is shocking how many colonisers there are now, even for this under siege Londoner.
Funny looking people those Eritreans though. More alien than man.

Viper said...

I agree with the last Anonymous, and with LeadPb's comment. In an ironic way, I suspect that Sweden and Norway might save themselves almost by accident, since their bungling politicians kept their doors open long enough to allow in hundreds of thousands of Eastern Europeans from the new accession states. I was in Oslo earlier this year, and it seemed like half the people I spoke to were Czechs, Poles or Lithuanians (who nonetheless spoke very good Norwegian, usually some German and often some English). Same in Sweden and in even higher numbers-- Malmo, the apparent center of the problems, was utterly filled with Polish, Czech and Russian workers (often Latvian and Ukrainian Russians) who spoke Swedish (and again usually some German) almost as well as the natives. Plus, Sweden seems to have throngs of Chileans for whatever reason (anyone else noticed that?) along with others from the European South American countries, and a healthy number of Canadians/Brits/Australians fleeing the multicultural disasters in their own countries.

Result is that the immigrants, especially the eastern Europeans and the Chileans, had absolutely no inhibition at speaking their mind, and at pointing how idiotic Sweden and Norway's open-borders-with-welfare policy has been. They're not so afraid of hate-crime accusations or fitting in (since they're immigrants themselves), but they respect the Swedish culture-- which is what brought them there to begin with-- and so are less PC about staunchly defending it.

Also, Sweden and Norway seem to be taking in a large number of Iraqi Christians-- very high numbers in fact, exceeded only by Germany (which has become a sort of 2nd HQ for Iraqi and Egyptian Christians)-- and these immigrants tend to be even more vociferous about the stupidity of mass-importing Sharia-minded Muslims in large numbers.

So there are ironies galore here. Sweden and Norway's polices have been mind-bogglingly stupid, no doubt, but the worst damage was done in the 1980's, when the Gramscian style Cultural Marxists ( Antonio Gramsci was the founder of what we call "political correctness" today) were at the height of their power. The European Union is a globalist, oppressive bureaucracy no doubt, but at least in one respect, it's helped Sweden (and indirectly even Norway despite not being in the EU)-- by redirecting Sweden's mass immigration flows to Eastern Europeans from the new accession states.

And as the last Anonymous said, the Swedish people have been standing up lately-- the Swedish Democrats, a tough national party for Sweden, has been rapidly gaining support, and pushing even the mainstream parties in a tougher direction. (Much the way that the NF in France pushed Sarkozy to pass that tough, restrictive immigration law in France in 2006, and step up deportations.) Sweden's center-right government has taken baby steps, such as shipping back asylees who don't belong and restricting welfare access a bit more-- but the Swedish Democrats are applying additional pressure on them that's very much needed.

There is absolutely no argument to justify mass immigration to Sweden and Norway. They weren't imperialist countries and never had big empires in Africa or Asia, and they weren't big immigration nations as in North America. Fortunately, it seems they might survive this crisis after all, though more by accident than their own policies.

Viper said...

Also, one more irony to note here: It seems like Sweden and Britain (as well as Australia/Canada) are going in opposite directions. While the BNP's success was nice to see, unfortunately it's doubtful the BNP will have any real power after Britain's Parliament elections in 2010. That's because the UK-- uniquely in Europe-- awards seats only to parties that win them outright, not based on percent vote as in the Netherlands or France. So the Front Nationale in France and Geert Wilders' party in Holland can win major seats in their Parliaments even w/o winning the vote outright, while Britain's system effectively favors a monopoly for Labour and the Tories (with David Cameron almost as much a PC cop-out as Gordon Brown himself). Policy in Britain therefore changes little.

The upshot is that the Muslim communities in Sweden and Norway are increasingly leaving in favor of Britain (as well as North America and Australia) where nationalists can't really gain power. In comparison, sadly, with the pound in the gutter and Britain's economy in a state of collapse, the immigrants who actually contribute to the economy (mainly the Poles and other Eastern Europeans) are largely leaving Britain-- going especially to Spain, but also Norway and Sweden. In fact, among the Poles and Czechs I spoke to in those countries, at least 1/3 of them didn't come directly from their home nations, but from Britain instead. So it seems like nothing will stop the demographic transforming of Britain for good (same with the Aussies), while Norway and Sweden are going in the opposite direction.

Anonymous said...

I don't think its quite as bad here (Sweden) as you seem to think. People ARE talking about it. Talking A LOT. However, if you were only visiting they will be careful what they say. Don't be to discouraged!

Anonymous said...

anon said "I was in Killarney for the weekend and saw an African man escorting his brood of seven school childen down the road opposite Tescos-no joke, they looked like a tribe-seven children all in school uniform."

Well, thanks a fucking lot!! That's REALLY cheered me up a whole end!

I had a small plastering partnership with a few mates. We're all out of work now and I can tell you all, if you've been self employed you get virtually fuck all when your job goes.

Not like these fucking parasites. Jesus, I can tell you this, I understand how fascist movements start.

Anonymous said...

It's not all bad. People in Europe are beginning to make Muslims feel a bit more defensive. They're not shoving it in our faces as much, it seems to me.

Steve K.

Anonymous said...

Take heart. Denmark is getting very tough. EVen a PC Minister has told them bluntly - 'if you can't live under our rules, go home'.

Now THAT'S progress!


Anonymous said...

Like Arne I'm a bit more optimistic as well. Holland is taking a tougher line and in France they're maybe banning the burka. Not a lot, but at least it's better than lying prostrate.

Anonymous said...

Somebody please break this down for me! I see the US giving it all away, infusing tens of millions of Mexicans, the vast majority of which are poorly educated and poorly skilled - all into a country which no longer has an industrial base. This will necessitate gov't health care (God help us!). But Europe? Why? Honestly - who is pulling the strings there? What the hell are Somalis doing in Finland? This is a European suicide, and I can't figure out whether its all guilt trips and misplaced compassion on the part of the populace, or simple coersion and conquest by the ruling class - and to what end?

Anonymous said...

anon 17.29. None of us know the answer. I think it's a combination of things you mention, plus the fact that the elites who enforce this dont have to mix with the imported riff raff. They're safe and comfy behind their high walls.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:13; yes, but I wonder what it takes for people (leaders) to get to a point where they no longer regard their people as desirable (naiive of me perhaps). I believe demographics is destiny, and these "leaders" should at some point realize that their actions will lead to their own dispossesion eventually. In a sense, its like watching a crazed scorpion sting itself.

I think eventually, the only thing worse than civil war would be the absence of civil war. This is not an issue regarding supremicism, but ultimate survival.

IrishNationalUnity said...

I was only talking to a Swede a few months ago who was also dismayed at his countries direction. From the various stories i'm reading from over there Sweden is definitely one of the favourites to be first European country to fall.

Anonymous said...

Anon. 17:33 makes a good point. What seems to dawn on few is that the faithful of Islam have never experienced Europeans or Americans in *survival mode*. Iraq will look like a trip to the ice cream parlour.

Liberals will dismiss this while others know better. WWII Euro-American resolve and determination to defeat 2+ very determined and skillful enemies was overpowering. The embers of that resolve remain as they have for centuries. It is only a matter of alignment of political and popular will at some unknown future breaking point.


Anonymous said...

What about the European/Aryan resolve to defeat both communism and decadent souless capitalism of the USA?

Either one (embodying fully the jewish spirit) is just as destructive as the other and Islamis just the next chapter. We want neither but our own blood survival.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the one thing I draw consolation from is that when the Europeans decide to cut up rough they REALLY cut up rough. As the 20th century showed. Just hope it wont have to come to that though.

Son of Tolmai said...

Hi, Savant. I'm a regular over at Vanishing American and decided to stop by on recommendation. Great blog! And as for your unfortunate run-ins with the Irish Thought Police, just say the word and you've got a protest letter from me.

Son of Tomai said...

Anon @ 16:58

Hey man, the true Americans of the Heartland are not a bunch of soulless capitalists. You see Wall Street, and you see Hollywood, but you shouldn't forget that most of the country lives in between. And we're not out of this fight yet.

SAVANT said...

Hi Son of Tolmai, welcome and thanks. Your point about the american heartland is well take. My visits there disabused me of some of my preconceptions, so keep up the good fight. Your the only hope left!

Anonymous said...

On immigrants shifting from defensive outsiders to defensive insiders:


Robert said...

Sweden to Ban Homeschooling
By Brad TaylorPublished: 21 August 2009
Posted in: Big Government, Minor features
Tags: collectivism, education, homeschooling, indoctrination, public school, Sweden
The Swedish government is poised to ban homeschooling, making attendance at state-run or state-regulated schools compulsory for all children. The law will make exemptions only on medical grounds and for foreign workers.

The government’s justification for the law rests on the idea that children deserve a comprehensive and objective education, regardless of the “religious or philosophical” views of their parents.