Saturday, 27 June 2009

Looks like another cave-in

Thanks to the reader who sent me this:

The following is an extract from an advice sheet to various scammers such as Nigerians regarding the ibc/05 scheme which was devised to allow tens of thousands of foreign criminals remain here and on social welfare.

''The Department of Justice, Equality and Law Reform has indicated that they are aware of the unique obstacles lone parents face in trying to get a job or take further education or training. The Coalition, in discussion with the Department, has highlighted some of the concerns and barriers that you may be experiencing while parenting on your own. The response from the Department has been positive and we are currently not expecting lone parents to be refused the renewal of their residence permits on the sole ground that they have failed to become economically independent.''

By way of explanation, in one of the few chances the Irish people had to vote on immigration issues, they overwhelmingly voted to rescind the right of nationality to the family of a child born in Ireland of parents with no attachment here (other than to our welfare payments). This was to counter the flagrant abuse of the provision (mainly by Nigerians) who were arriving in Ireland 7 months pregant, claiming asylum, and while the claim was being processed, giving birth to a sprog whose birth location guaranteed the whole family a life here at the taxpayers' expense.

At one stage up 30% of all births in Dublin were to Africans deploying this scam. The IBC/05 scheme was then brought in to counteract the will of the people and allow the scammers to stay and continue drawing benefits. I've written already on the IBC/05 racket here. An excerpt from that post said:

"A massive number of Nigerians have immigrated illegally to Ireland. (I.e. by remaining in Ireland under the revised law they were illegal). The previous Minister for Justice stated that no amnesty was to be granted to these people, yet a scheme was designed to allow them remain in Ireland called the IBC/05 scheme. This scheme also granted the right of full welfare benefits to these illegal immigrants. "

That is, rather than throwing them out we allowed them to stay and to live off the rest of us by claiming welfare. Great idea, hey?

One of the few restrictions on the unlimited residency entitlements was that the scammer become 'economically independent' after a given time. (Not sure how long this was). However, based on what we see at the beginning of this post, it now seems that, despite government finances being in a state of collapse, we're giving way on this as well. So the scammers can keep drawing welfare indefinitely.

Fucking wonderful.


Anonymous said...

what would you expect from a shower of cunts who gave away 50 billion euros worth of gas , which will be pumped to england and then pumped back to Ireland and sold to the Irish consumer ( Idiot ) at the highest prices in the world , fuck the taxpayer , fuck Ireland , i couldn't care less about the sheep in this country , they are perfectly happy to remain blissfully ignorant about everything , 60,000 child victims of degenerate scum , 2 billion euros to be paid by the taxpayer in compensation and not 1 church burned down , not 1 priest beaten up , fuck the Irish people they deserve it , they are nothing but crawling insects , the sooner the nigs and chinks take over this shithole the better !

Caligula summed it up best

If they had but one neck , I'd hack it through !

Anonymous said...

The president of the European Union Parliament, Hans Gert Pöttering, has stated unequivocally that once the Lisbon Treaty is fully implemented, the EU will be responsible for “nearly 100 percent” of all laws made in Europe.

Speaking on a question and answer session hosted by NRC Handelsblad in the Netherlands, in Denmark and Spiegel Online in Germany, Mr Pöttering repeated his earlier comment in the European Parliament about the full extent of EU control over individual nations. “With the Lisbon Treaty, the European Parliament will be co-legislator in almost 100 percent of the cases. The European Parliament has the last word as far as the EU budget is concerned.”

Mr Pöttering also confirmed that the Lisbon Treaty will allow the EU to take over all legislation on agriculture, IMMIGRATION and ASYLUM, saying; “With the Lisbon Treaty, the European Parliament will become legislator for agriculture, immigration, asylum, etc. It is a task for the future to get more influence in foreign policy as well, although the European Parliament can influence foreign policy already through the budget of the European Union.”

The EU president also announced that a priority for the EU was to “take care” of farmers in the Third World. “The percentage of the European budget allocated for agriculture has been reduced over the years,” he said.

Full article:

These boys are getting ahead of themselves!

Anonymous said...

anon 22.06.....language a bit extreme but you're dead right. We're getting just what we deserve. We laid down under the yoke for too.

B. Boru

Anonymous said...

Most definitely - we have the lunatics running the asylum!

Anonymous said...

what would you expect from a shower of cunts who gave away 50 billion euros worth of gas , which will be pumped to england and then pumped back to Ireland and sold to the Irish consumer ( Idiot ) at the highest prices in the world , fuck the taxpayer , fuck Ireland ,

A former bespectacled FF govt minister did that deal unless I'm mistaken. Wonder how much his bung was.

Anonymous said...

Damn I feel queasy. Just to add insult to injury, when we are on our fucking knees the EU uses the Lisbon treaty to smash us with a sledgehammer.

I understand how anon 22:06 feels, the sheeple are painfully ignorant at the best of times. Being amongst their company and having to put up with their indifferent stupidity is hard enough. It's simply amazing how every-day people are completely blind to the crimes of our leaders and the loss of our freedoms. said...

The Kenyan Variant:

Anonymous said...

Thanks Teacher Paris, but you've only touched on the scale of the scams. It seems to me that the only 'productive' activity, i.e. it needs some thought and planning rather than just putting the hand out, is to devise ways of scamming us in the West.


Anonymous said...

when the lisbon treaty was being debated to death last year in the msm, not once did they mention the barcelona declaration and the eu plans to bring tens of millions of more third worlders into Europe.That was why I voted no and now the pricks
are fucking about with windowdressing
like abortion and neutrality. They truely have nothing but contempt for us.

Anonymous said...

The argument can be used that if you're the wealthiest country in the EU you can afford to keep these spongers in the style to which they've becomre accustomed.

Wait for it!

Anonymous said...

Pay a visit to their website - and see who sponsors them.

Anonymous said...

How can the unmitigated flood of third world non-whites into white "wealthy" lands be indefinatly sustainable?

It simply can't nor will it ever not without seriously damaging the ecomonies and social landscape. All this will do is create more tensions and the outcome being violence when the white animal is eventually cornered against the wall.

Perhaps this is what the "elites" want. Who knows. Social unrest will be the only outcome of this. Our future generations will have to pay in blood for the stupidity of our scumbag polticians and marxists defectives.

clonycavan said...

And we should remember that our cowardly government represented the 'nationality' referendum as being forced upon it by other EU countries who objected to receiving as 'hand me downs' our 'new' citizens.
The Irish people have been multiply betrayed by the nominally nationalist FF, which does not reciprocate the loyalty it receives from the voters.

Anonymous said...

anon 23.20 - I've checked this link. It's truly scary, because up to now they pretended at least that we souldn't be handing over our legislative powers.

Now we can expect a reinforcement of the 'human rights' and immigration legislation that has the EU in such a mess.

Anonymous said...

If you think about it, this IBC thing has had the affect of directly negating the citizenship referendum. By giving everyone who has a child residency, and the porbability of citizienship after a few years, it directly ubdermines the will of the people as expressed in that referendum.

And we're supposed to be a democracy.