Saturday, 6 June 2009

Hope from Holland

My joy was untrammeled at the success of Geerd Wilders and his ‘extreme right-wing party’ (what absolute bollocks that description is) at the recent elections in Holland.

Describing the results as an awakening from a long nightmare, Wilders added “a nightmare of crazy high taxes, crime, lousy care, headscarves and burkas, of pauperizing, of mass immigration and Islamisation.”

Despite the Stalinist effectiveness of the PC Thought Police it seems that the mountain of evidence faced by ordinary Dutch people every day could no longer be swept under the carpet. Not just massive welfare scrounging and no-go areas for non-Muslims, but as I showed in this post, the evidence that violent criminals in Holland are almost all of foreign origin.

And there seem to be similar signs in the British elections as well, although a bit early to say yet.

Maybe, just maybe, there’s a chance that it heralds an awakening in Europe. Maybe, just maybe, the sheeple will see through the barrier of lies and propaganda and realise what a catastrophic failure the multi-cultural social engineering experiment has been.

Maybe. It won't matter to me personally given my age, but it most certainly will matter to my Savantettes, and to their contemporaries.


Anonymous said...

I'm a South African watching these elections with great interest. I can not believe that anyone can not vote for Griffin/Wilders and the likes. Yes, I suppose it is due to the biased mass media that truth should sound like revolutionary concepts. Concider yourselves lucky your votes still count for something - over here it's a case of the ignorant masses having complete power over the thinkers and doers purely by sheer force of numbers in our wonderful democracy. Similarly I would not worry about it too much if it weren't for my own little Boertjies and Boerettes.

Anonymous said...

Good point from anon. How could anyone NOT vote for Wilders' party?

Anonymous said...

Dear Savant,

On this 65th anniversary of D-Day I find it extremely ironic that the Allies' triumph over Aryan racial superiority has been supremely manifested in the fact that the American president commemorating D-Day is a Negro closet-Muslim. What a bitter pill it must be for the survivors of that terrible battle to have to watch Obongo's commemoration.

Abu Abdullah said...

Savant, can you brief us on the Irish situation?

SAVANT said...

Abu Abdukllah - the Irish situation I'd say is similar to most other European ones. That is, ordinary people are getting increasingly concerned about the rapidly changing demographics, especially Mulsims and Africans, but are bombared day and night from the MSM and the academic and political establsihments with the benefits of diversity.

'Diversity is strength' has by now taken on almost Orwellian meaning and just as with Orwell's Big Brother, you just don't deny it.

My hope is that we wont be able to borrow our way out of our present financial crisis and that really hard decisions will be made. This could mean mass layoffs and huge cuts in welfare spending.

I take no joy in the resultant misery, but what it will do, if it happens, is to sharply focus the sheeple's minds on where their money is going.

However, signs are that the EIB will continue to finance us, to avoid exactly the kind of 'social unrest' the I referred to.

Overall I'm not optimistic. I think within about 10 years we'll have at least 10% of the population made up of Africans/Muslims and it will by then be much too late to escape the fate that's befallen England.

Anonymous said...

I was expecting a better showing by the BNP though in the English council elections, only 3 seats is a bit disheartening, eh? But fair play to the Dutch and the Austrians.

Anonymous said...

Savant, I was thinking about welfare in general and welfare for immigrants in particular and trying to figure out what exactly is going on? Then it struck me, welfare money is borrowed money so the lenders are killing two birds with one stone-indebted, effectively 'non-sovereign' nations and diluted, fractured nations with confused and anxious populations. What do you think, any logic in this thought?

Abu Abdullah said...

Is there any BNP-like anti-EU Irish nationalist party contesting the Euro Elections?

kerdasi amaq said...

We have brainwashed clowns like Conor Lenihan in office. Ever hear of 'Common Purpose', they must have got their claws into him when he was working with Ken Livingstone.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we must face it, the BNP showing was a major disappointment. However, UKIP did ok and they have somewhat similar views.

SAVANT said...

anon 23.23. Not convinced there's a deep plot along the lines you suggest, but maybe there is. My own view as expressed above is that the powers that be will keep lending us money to avoid 'social unrest', and that includes the Immigration Industry and their running dogs in the MSM.

Anonymous said...

Who is John Galt?

fenria said...

Wake up, Britain!

Labour MP Predicts Total Islamification of Britain

Labour Party MP Shahid Malik has predicted the total Islamification of Britain and a Muslim prime minister, “Allah willing”, within the next thirty years.

The remarks were made at the October 2008 “Global Peace and Unity” conference held at the Excel London centre, but were deliberately withheld from the video coverage released of that event.

The video speech in which Mr Malik made his remarks has now been released on the internet — nearly five months after the event.

The suppression of the video was clearly designed to try and limit the damage to the ruling Tory and Labour elite, whose immigration policies have led to the situation where a Muslim cabinet minister can confidently predict the total Islamification of this nation.

In his speech, Mr Malik said that he was “proud of the achievements of the Muslims of this country since 1997.”

Referring to Muslim members of the British parliament, himself included, Mr Malik went on to say that: “In 1997 we got our first Muslim MP. In 2001 we had two Muslim MPs. In 2005 we had four Muslim MPs. In ša Allah, in 2009 (or) 2010 we’ll have eight or ten Muslim MPs. In 2014 we’ll have 16 Muslim MPs. At this rate the whole parliament will be Muslim.”

Mr Malik then realised that he had let the cat out of the bag by being too honest, and in an embarrassed tone, he backtracked slightly, saying that was not his intention “in case any members of the press are present.”

The crowd showed no signs of reacting to his remark, and, filled with confidence, he then resumed an explanation of how Britain is to be totally Islamified.

“I am confident, as Britain’s first Muslim minister, that, in ša Allah, in the next thirty years or so, we’ll see a prime minister who happens to share my faith,” Mr Malik said, in reference to the growing Third World population and immigration figures.

The people of Britain cannot say that they have not been warned.

dan-o-lee said...

John Galt is the hero of Ayn Rand's 'Atlas Shrugged'.

Anonymous said...

Who is the muslim MP who got off going to jail because he had finished texting when he crashed into and killed another motorist?
The finished part was important because if he still had been doing something illegal he would have to be punished.

SAVANT said...

This Muslim MP was "Lord" Achmed. Not an MP actually, but this Rotherham chip shop owner was elevated to the House of Lords by Blair as part of his 'reach out' to the Religion of Peace after the Iraq adventure.