Monday, 29 June 2009

Cork over-run with Africans

For a variety of reasons I seldom need to go into the centre of Cork city. In previous visits I had been tentatively building up hope that the numbers of black cultural enrichers were declining.
Well, what a shock today. I covered most of the city centre and was appalled at the number of blacks all over the place. Women with squads of children (fathers nowhere to be seen, naturally), men always on mobile phones, presumably setting up their next drugs transaction. And some Somali-looking youths hassling passing girls.

I sat down for a coffee and used the time to take an informal census. Over about 30 minutes I established a fairly consistent ratio of about 1 in 8 (nearly 15%). How in God's name are they still swarming in here in such numbers, and how does the (mis)government keep a straight face when they claim that there are only 40,000 (i.e. 1%) in the whole country?

For fuck sake. As I call out to anyone who’ll listen, we’ll live to regret this.


Anonymous said...

its time for you to march down into Cork central, whip out your soap-bax and start screaming.

What is there goal? To flood the last remaining white countries with millions of third world blacks( plus other pakis, east-asians etc) into order to both breed white homelands out to replace them with dull slave like and animalistic type races and destroy the native inhabitants at the same time?

Please "god" say it isn't so, but all indications point to the hard reality that this is indeed the case.

Anonymous said...

All this fucking nonsense of religiously believing that we are all the same and born exactly alike and equal is a product of Marx's earlyier ideas before his intellect truely evolved ideas (in a time period when Marx would not have had scientific access to the idea of heriditary genes and the causual effects of breeding bad people). This was also a time when the strong Christian idea of "environmental nurture" was seen as the formative effect on a human being rather then what they innately inherited from previous generations. That a persons environmental upbringing was the only reason for their intellect and talents was still a strong myth in victorian culture. That was before scientific evidence but even still certain myths just keep hanging on because others have capitialised on those myths. Now what we have is a irrational dogmatic left simply taking their ideas based on pure emotion and faith rather than rational objective reality. Honestly this is ridiculous carryon to have in the 21st century. Dogmatic religious fanatics never went away they simply transferred themselves to secular liberalism.

Why in hell else would the government or interest groups lobby for these useless parasitic criminals to stay!? Even when the majority of Irish people do not want them here either.

There is no fucking sense in any of it.

tesla said...

Here in America I'd be thrilled if blacks were only 1 part in 8 of city populations! Your foresight is to be commended- once blacks have reached critical mass within your country your big social problems will NEVER go away no matter how much money is stolen from your wallet.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully that was a stock photo used to illustrate your point, otherwise I'd also be miffed with the Irish police for not enforcing 1st world traffic laws.

These foreign interlopers must feel they've died and gone to heaven, considering their ample supply of generous social welfare assistance.

It will be impossible to stem the flow of black Africans once they meet the criteria of critical mass. Ireland's small population is no match for the 146 million Nigerians alone.

When Ireland is no longer Ireland but just a colony of ruthless African dictators fighting over the spoils of their conquered territory in a generation or two, hopefully some record of these repeated warnings will have survived for future White minority generations, if only for posterity's sake.

madameevil said...

Have been in Ireland many times and must ask-how do they stand the climate?Isn't it too cold for them?
Was in Dublin last year and was made to feel right at home-had a surly black bus driver on a bus from
Blanchardstown to Dublin.These "cultural enrichers" will do more harm to Ireland than the English ever did.

Anonymous said...

anon 00.29 - my own belief is that there are certain of our elites who plan this for a variety of reasons. There's another group then who just want to see the white race emascualted for their own nefarious ends. Either way we've had it.


Anonymous said...


This is how the Marxist left will destroy the West................with the third world hordes and feminism.

They tried everything else but using our own goodness against us. The last tactic worked. They can call us racists and sexists endlessly and watch our coroporate overlords cave (until they come for them in another generation or two).

I hope they all rot in hell.

from America

SAVANT said...

anon 9.59 - I'm very slowly coming around to this view, just as you've articulated it.

Anonymous said...

Savant - you wrote earlier about the IBC/05 scheme. You can be sure that these people will be doing their level (?) best to knock each other up - to knock anyone up - and thereby remain here at the expense of the Irish taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

There doesn't seem to be as many of them in Dublin's north inner city as there was circa 2003, but maybe they've just fucked off to Balbriggan or Dublin 17. You just watch their general attitude change as their numbers grow. I heard by word of mouth that they were mugging people in packs around Mountjoy Sq area at night. Don't know if its true. The media tells us nothing about these people. I wish to God the whole lot of them would just fuck off out of our country.

Anonymous said...

This is interesting, because a few of us have been noticing that AThlone seems to be infested with the bastards of late. Their numbers have shot up in recent weeks, or at least seem to have.What the hell's going on?

St. Mel

Anonymous said...

Ditto from Bray. There's definitely something going on. Have you guys noticed that these people seem to be better dressed than the usual?

Anonymous said...

1 in 8? What a pleasure. Dunno why you are complaining.
In Johannesburg CBD the ratio is about 100 to 1...

Anonymous said...

Well, take a leaf from the book of your erstwhile "enemies" up there in Belfast. A few well-thrown bricks had the Third World scummies scampering for cover.

Niggers and ragheads know that violence works - why don't we?

SAVANT said...

anon 18.05 - good point. I have a post coming up on it.

Anonymous said...

To doodler.... 'you got your troubles, I got mine'

At least you guys have had centuries to acclimatise to them. We haven't had even 10 years, for fuck sake!

Anonymous said...


Slightly switching gears on the race discussion, what are your thoughts about the U.S. Supreme Court's recent ruling which favored white firefighters who outscored black ones on admissions testing? What troubles me is that the decision was as close as it was...(5 to 4).

SAVANT said...

anon 21.54. Yes I was overjoyed to see that decision, and yes, the margin was uncomfortably narrow. Problem is, if Obama gets Sotomayer or similar in over the coming years, that majority won't hold up. Not that I have a lot of time for Scalia and Thomas.

Anonymous said...

South Africa North America Europe- It all seems to be connected. White people are being demonised by the media, thier taxes devoured by ungrateful non white colonists who also physically assault and gang rape whites. And Only a million Brits bothered their arses to vote for the BNP. Where's their survival instinct. It should be obvious to most whites that the media bastards are lying about just about everything. By now it should. I don't look on the Belfast loyalists as our enemies. They're the only people on this island who will stand up for white people on the streets.

Anonymous said...

Hey - news from Dundalk. There seems to be a big REDUCTION of these interlopers here. Maybe they've all headed down to Cork?



Anonymous said...

No, the Loyalists simply stand up for themselves, which is more than most whites will do generally.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Garda based in Galway. I can tell you that about 90% of blacks are engaged in some nefarious activity or other. They're also always getting involved in disputes and demanding that we (Gardai) take action to enforce teir view.

The proportion of sexual offences is way ahead of locals - usually with white girls.

Also, and in one sense I hate saying this, but they smell different! Any one of us can tell when an African has been in the cells overnight. Somebody said they have more sweat glands than whites. Could be true.

Anyway, they're a curse. Whatever area they go into it ROTS. Let me say it again - it rots.

Anonymous said...

OK - I'm work on immigration control (don't laugh, Savant!). I can tell you that we're making EVERY EFFORT to keep them out. ALL OFUS ARE.

However, the law as it stands and the myriad of supports that asylum tourists can get is killing us.

Also, they, well almost all of them, know all the angles to pull. They've been coached. That's why the, as you call it, the Immigration Industry, is always looking for 'transparency'. That's because they want to put together counter- measures.

But, like you, I'm not optimistic. Ultimately the European Convention on Human Rights has us as by the balls.

Anonymous said...

Interesting you mentioned the cell phone thing. I made a similar observation here in Canada, and wondered if the observed Somalian was, somehow, checking in on his piracy business, especially given that the restaurant that masquerades as his business, is always empty.

Tim Johnston said...

would you eat Somalian food??!!
So that's where the Somalis are now. I was talking to a medical professional in Cape Town recently who said that the Canadian embassy here is paying for Somali families to undergo medical exams for claiming their refugee status in Canada. It seems they are just using SA as a route to Canada - completely contrary to international law of course, but is anybody stopping them??
Somalis have to be the absolute worst kind of immigrants. Not only are they Muslims, they are from the most fucked-up country in African - and that's saying a LOT!

SAVANT said...

I've always said this - Somalis are the absolute worst of the worst. Any sane country wouldn't allow a single one of them in

Canada, eh? said...

"I'm a Garda (Irish Police) based in Galway. I can tell you that about 90% of blacks are engaged in some nefarious activity or other."

ALL western countries are suffering similar problems from foreign invaders with monotonous regularity.

Racial minorities (still) represent only a small fraction of White dominated countries but their crime photos are highly disproportionate to their minority status.


Most Wanted -- QUEBEC POLICE

Most Wanted -- SCOTLAND YARD



In New York City it's reported that only 1% of Whites commit shooting offenses. This fact makes you wonder about the other 99% of NYC's shooters!

"Diversity is Strength" in crime numbers only!

Anonymous said...

Pity to see Dublin is becoming like Bradford or Birmingham.

I've visited relatives and friends in Ireland over the past 15 years and it's amazing to see the massive change going on over there, from "multiculturalism" to UK shops opening all over the place. Soon you'll probably be seeing race-riots like we've been having here over the past few years.

Sad that a people have to lose their unique character for the sake of "progressiveness", "enrichment" or whatever the latest trendy buzzword happens to be.

I hope the good-natured and acommodating way of the Irish people doesn't lead to their demise.