Monday, 25 May 2009

Reflections of the child abuse scandal

Just a few reflections on the clerical child abuse scandal report.

The main message for me is this: No institution, religion, person or concept should be immune to constant and rigorous questioning. It was the behaviour of the drooling sycophants who unquestionably accepted everything ‘Mother Church’ told them that allowed the scandal to continue for so long. As Islam increasingly gets its hands around our European throats it’ll be interesting to see how this requirement pans out. After all, unquestioning obedience (with violent retribution for transgressions) is what Islamic society is all about.

The ‘deal’ negotiated between the Government and religious institutions was in effect the Church negotiating with itself. As I mentioned in this post, the Church always made sure its foot soldiers held the levers of power in the Education and Health Ministries. The head of the Dept. of Education at the time, as well as the Minister, are well known for their, er, strong Catholic views. Hence the sweetheart deal that was rushed through an empty Dail chamber when virtually all of our so-called legislators were out watching Ireland against Germany.

Instead of closing down the institutions involved in the abuse, seizing their property and imprisoning (or better again shooting) their leaders, our supine ‘leaders’ have allowed them to maintain control of key educational and health positions. Even when the taxpayer is picking up the full tab. And they haven’t lost their arrogance. Only recently a cancer patient was denied treatment by a Catholic-dominated ‘ethics committee’ because of some perceived infringement of the Church’s contraceptive rulings. Scarcely credible, isn't it?

The final indignity, CORI (Conference of Religious in Ireland) are the group who ‘negotiated’ the deal that will cost the taxpayers possibly billions. Despite this brazen effrontery, they never cease to berate the Government, i.e. the taxpayers, for not spending more on the Victim, Immigration and Foreign Aid Industries.

Is that shameless or what?


Anonymous said...

It has to be said that the CORI (Conference of Religious in Ireland) are a curse to justice in this country. A truely decadent and corrupt lot (are these the same crowd lobbying for the anti-blasphemy laws!?). Just listening to the abuse cases the other day on the radio made me sick to my stomach even though I think of myself as quite de-sensitized. From the lying on behalf of the church and gov forces on the commission, once again covering for sadistic paedophiles and abusers hiding the bureaucracy of the state right up to its highest authorities. This scandal was truely a crime on a massive scale that has left the victims broken and silenced and the perpetrators scot free. The church has done nothing but cause devastation in this country by its quelling of ancient pagan spiritual beliefs and nationalist fevor from the arrival of that Welsh twat St Patrick. Yet still we'll have its apoligists. Undoubtledy there have been other ills that punished this country but the church has done its fair share of damage (this goes for any desert semitic religion i.e, Islam&Judaism, that don't belong here).

Anonymous said...

Well said anon 9.0. Totally concur. Remember those CORI hypocrites never stop berating the government (i.e. us taxpayers) to pay more for this and that, yet see no problem in ducking out of its own responsibilities.

And yes, I'd say our original pagan religions were probably a lot more suited to us.

Kilbarry1 said...

I started a thread on "Child Abuse Witch-Hunt and Child Killing Claims". Due to sabotage by alleged victims INCLUDING A VERY PROMINENT ONE WHO CALLS HIMSELF "WEXFORDMAN", I have to do periodic summaries. The following is the latest.

"Because of all the messers on this thread I am doing periodic Summaries.

I have concentrated on FIVE child-killing claims to date but there are plenty more. My posts may not be too easy to locate among all the rubbishy comments by those who are trying to sabotage this thread.

1. Patsy McGarry's article in the Irish Times on 25 September 1999 quoting Patrick Walsh of SOCA who claimed to have attended the funerals of boys who died after being punched in the stomach by Christian Brothers. No boy died while Patrick Walsh was in Artane. Mick Waters of SOCA UK wrote to the Irish Times on 17 October 1999 to express his support for Patsy McGarry. Mick Waters is head of SOCA UK and Patrick Walsh is a leading member of Irish SOCA (Survivors of Child Abuse).

2. Louis Lentin's programme "Our Boys" on TV3 in October 1999 that was repeated in November 2000, quoting Gerry Kelly (then head of the "Alliance for the Healing of Institutional Abuse") who also claimed to have attended funerals of boys who died at the hands of the Brothers. Again no boy died while Gerry Kelly was at Artane.

Moreover, a few weeks before they first broadcast Our Boys, TV3 were forced to apologise to the Bishop of Cloyne for libelling him. (This apology was buried by the media - I found out about it myself when I rang the Bishop's office to ask how his legal case was going!).

3. John Kelly of SOCA who told me on the steps of the Pro Cathedral and in front of several journalists, that there were mass graves in Artane and other institutions (quoted in the Irish Independent on 25 November 2002)

4. Brighid McLaughlin quoting Mannix Flynn in the Sunday Independent on 22 December 2002, that there had been a "holocaust" at Letterfrack with boys buried all over the place and also that the Gardai at Clifden had uncovered a "massive paedophile ring" which ran "from the low minions right up to the top". In January 2003, a few weeks after he made those allegations, Mr. Flynn was elected a member of Aosdana, the association of creative artists and a year later he was appointed Director of the Irish Museum of Modern Art. Is this in spite of, or because of, his incredible claims?

Incidentally the journalist who wroter this article was later involved in the "Dalkey House of Horrors Case" in which Gardai ended up being accused of abuse after they failed to find a baby's body buried in the garden. This indicates how hysteria, originally directed at the Catholic Church, can easily be diverted at other targets.

5. RTE's broadcast of Louis Lentin's so called documentary "Dear Daughter" (Christine Buckley and Goldenbridge ) in February 1996 was quickly followed by allegations that the Sisters of Mercy had been responsible for the death of baby Marion Howe in 1955 by burning her legs. The baby's death certificate gave dysentery as the cause of death and Marion Howe had been treated in St. Ultans's - a hospital that did NOT treat burns but did treat dysentery.

Kilbarry1 said...

The point I am making about allegations of child-killing directed at the Christian Brothers and the Sisters of Mercy is as follows:

Leading members of "Victims" organisations and other prominent accusers (like Mary Raftery and Mannix Flynn) have claimed that the religious were responsible for the deaths of children. Judge Ryan ignored this issue in his Report but it has major implications for the credibility of the accusers. In fact he ignored it BECAUSE it has major implications for the credibility of the accusers.

You cannot really prove or disprove claims of child ABUSE made decades after the event. (That is why we USED to have a Statute of Limitations in this country). However you can have a meaningful investigation into child KILLING claims. Ryan did not do this because he did not want to report that some accusers were telling lies.

What other explanation is there?

Anonymous said...

Yeah and try telling that to this survivor : .

Personally I'm disgusted with the church.

Anonymous said...

What I'd like to see is that whole deal revisited. Who said what, how was it arrived at. As a sworn inquiry. This was one of the counry's great scandals.

Tiswas Palmer said...

A very terrible thing is peodophilia.

Tiswas Palmer said...

A terrible thing is peodophilia but let me tell you Savant that not all the muslims are bad OK.