Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Our day will come

For the benefit of those of you who don't speak Our First Language (and that includes most Irish people) an madra dubh means ‘the black dog’. I've had a number of posts from a Nigerian cultural enricher here, who has appropriated this name, and I reproduce an extract below.

Inter alia, he congratulates me on the fact that I publish contrary views. For his benefit, and for anyone else’s, let me be clear that I print all comments with the exception of the highly repetitious (e.g. if I get 100 comments saying ‘absolutely brilliant post, superb, fantastic’ I’ll publish just one or two) or the totally incomprehensible And as you know, I've also published quite a number which have been offensive and deeply hurtful to me, and my beloved Lady S, especially those focusing on our somewhat full figures. So I'm not afraid of opposition.

Now to what an madra dubh says. Here’s an extract

“I laugh at you all...Such petty bickering when people are dying of starvation, disease, in the third world, while the western world is in the midst of economic crisis (Nigerians to blame??).

I pity you all, for while you haggle for scraps of who has higher IQ's, or supremely cultured beings, my Nigerian/Irish children will grow up to sort out your petty problems, just like Obama....Please wake up!!

I salute you Irish Savant! Ive probably had a pint with you at some stage, and "yes" I'm black, smart, succesfull, and famous. Guest of the Áras an Uachtaráin on two seperate occasions, with both Robinson, and McAleese....Integration is the only way. Tiocfaidh ár lá”

Note: Tiocfaidh ár lá means ‘our day will come’ and it is, or was, the catch cry of the Provisional IRA. But I'm sure he doesn’t mean it in that sense, rather that the native Irish will be overrun by the, er, New Irish, in due course. And of course he’s right in this.

And no, Dubh (may I call you Dubh?) I'm afraid we haven’t broken bread together. I've been to the Arus but not with the present incumbent, who shamelessly plagiarises the multi-purpose speech I specially wrote for her. And I wouldn’t get carried away with such an invite. I think every cultural enricher who’s made it to our shores has been invited by that pain in the arse.

Clearly Dubh doesn’t have much regard for you guys, the readers who provide such witty and informative comment to this blog. “Such petty bickering when people are dying of starvation, disease, in the third world, while the western world is in the midst of economic crisis (Nigerians to blame??).”

No, I don't think you’re to blame for the west’s economic crisis. But I sure as hell think – make that know - you’re to blame for the fact that “people are dying of starvation, disease, in the third world”. Africans have made Africa what it is, and when they – you – come to the West you remake the West in Africa’s image. And that, Dubh, my friend, is the reason I'm not enthusiastic about vast numbers of your fellow countrymen making Ireland their home.

But, maybe I'm wrong in your case. You tell me you’re “smart, successful and famous”. I believe you, really. But in what field? Surprise, nay, stun me, by telling me you’re a neurosurgeon, a physics professor, or have incubated a technology company and brought it to international success. Maybe you have, and if you have, God bless you.

But I think it’s far more likely, make that totally certain, that you sup from the Diversity Industry trough, which is, as you doubtless know (being smart and successful), funded by Irish taxpayers such as me. And I certainly hope your success hasn’t come by way of the nefarious activities carried out by almost all your fellow Nigerians.

Tiocfaidh ár lá? Yes, your day will come. But unfortunately it will be by way of a leveling down for everyone. Something like what we see in South Africa today. Or in cities like Cleveland or Detroit.

Anyway, you’re welcome to the blog – in fact the difference between what I say and what ‘smart successful Africans’ think isn't that great. Because I know plenty!


IsraeliEejit said...

To Dubh,

Perhaps you could enlighten us on why you believe "Integration is the only way"?

Please be specific as possible, with as many points as possible and elaborate freely.

Anonymous said...

you'll be a long time waiting for an answer to that, israelieejit. in case you can't wait, the answer is a big wide zero.

hound dog

Anonymous said...

You guys over there gonta let these porch monkeys take over your country? Don't you guys EVER learn?


Anonymous said...

If he is successful and famous he's either an athlete, a 'musician', or a major drug dealer.

Anonymous said...

If this guy is so ceoncerned about the diseases and starvation etc, in the Turd World, why doesnt he fuck off back there and do something about it?

Madra Dubh said...

Geez..My comments obviously carry enough clout to warrant a full page blog spread from such a small seed, and I thank you IS(Irish Savant) for realising the urgency of the frightfull problem at hand(integration), and of its likely solution(shiny happy people),
not meaning to trivialise the subject. Unfortunately, israelieejit will have to wait for his big wide zero, which I see as a big wide pi to sink my teeth into. I will be specific, to the point, no need for elaboration, I'll leave that up to you guys....Till then Please watch this space -- I will start off with my credentials...

Anonymous said...

I cant wait to see what Dubh's accomplishments are. really cannot wait!

Anonymous said...

The impression given on this blog is that every Nigerian is a scam artist. That's not true. I work in the medical profession and there are many Nigerians doing an honest day's work here.

Sister J.

kerdasi amaq said...

Would I be right in thinking that Nigeria is richer than Ireland?

think of all that oil!

Keep Nigerians Nigerian!

Anonymous said...

Dear Savant,

it is great urgency and apprehension that with blessings I ask for you, someone of great trust, to carry out the serious assignment with which entrustment has been given me. I am Lolo Kombo Lombombo, son of the late director of the Congolese General Bank, who sadly passed away last year lewaving $46 million (FORTY SIX 46 MILLION DOLLARS AMERICAINES) unclaimed in my personAL account, of course not with full scrutiny of the Congolese tax authorities. All I am asking, Sanant is that you send me you private personaal bank dwetails and passwords, and I wil thenceforthwith transfere 45.5 MILLION $dolars with immediate affect, retaining only the minimal requisited for expenditure of administration and the so forthwith.

Humbly and with graceful affection,

L. Kombo Lombombo
Congolese General Bank
Democratic Republic of Congo

leadpb said...

Absolutely brilliant post, superb, fantastic...

Anonymous said...

Send the nervy black bastard home, along with his "friends and relations". When will the Irish people loose their collective Irish tempers and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Anonymous said...

Yeah only 95% of Nigerians are scam artists. The other 5% only want to take your jobs through affirmative action qoutas. No wonder hospitals in this country (Ireland) are falling to peices with 90% of nurse graduates jobless.

Anonymous said...


SAVANT said...

Thank you leadbp - as you can imagine I've had dozens of such comments but I'm just printing yours. Isn't that nice?

SAVANT said...

Mr. L. Kombo Lombombo - thank you for this wonderful opportunity. In fact it seems almost to be too good to be true. But then I cant imagine a respectable African gentleman like yourself doing anything irregular. My bank details are on the way to you. PLEASE TREAT THEM CONFIDENTIALLY: THERE ARE LOTS OF SCAM ARTISTS ABOUT!!!

Martinus said...

Are we seriously going to take a groid at its word?

Integration is most certainly the way! After all, we can just see how places like Brixton and Croydon have improved since the advent of the boon in London. And what about Leeds? Where would those precious Midlanders be without the violence and crime that the Sand-Kaffirs and their ninja wives bring?

As an interesting side point, many kaffirboeties (nigger-lovers), left-wing cumwads often go out of their way and pretend to be Jigaboos so as to prove a point or some such bullshit! If there is any truth in the ravings of this boon/boon-boner then I's actually da jigaboo!

tesla said...

More news of cultural enrichment from our African brethren:

"Crowd confronts police making shoplifting arrest
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Arrests follow after some of those who gathered allegedly get aggressive toward Portland officers. "

http://pressherald.mainetoday.com/story.php?id=255867&ac=PHnwsPortland, Maine is a medium sized city. It's over 90% white. Crime is low and the city is a common tourist draw for New Englanders. But in the past decade they have inexplicably opened the floodgates to Somalians who come to Maine for the explicit ADMITTED purpose of collecting lavish welfare benefits. And yet liberals don't see a problem- they just can't be reasoned with.

IsraeliEejit said...

Savant, I wish to sincerely congratulate you on the giant windfall to be miraculously bestowed upon you. I'm utterly confident the transaction will be executed swiftly.
I hope all those millions will not go to your head, that you won't do anything foolish like neglecting the blog or rushing off to have liposuction.
Perhaps you may consider buying a round for all us thirsty contributors.

Madra Dubh said...

Ok Lads, with deepest regret, I cannot stain your white hats, or stitch the two holes in them, for as God is my witness Mrs Dubh has banned me from enlightening the already illuminated commentators who frequent this site. I will however leave you with a few objective corn dogs, and tobacco to chew on sherrif:
1.There have been Nigerians traveling to Ireland via UK as far back as 1920 to study in Trinity College
2.One Nigerian in particular was a champion boxer for Dublin 50's and became a renowned Doctor - Gynea
3.Nigeria has three satellites currently in orbit, run by Nigerian scientists launched by Chinese rockets
4.Nigeria has fastest telecomms growth in the world
5.Nigeria has 9th largest oil reserves in the world, and 5th unexplored gas reserved - Remember this when Ireland could be 1st in renewables
6.Nigeria GDP is ranked 37th, Ireland is 53rd, Poland 21st
7.Cross River State in Nigeria, contains the world's largest diversity of butterflies - You probably flew Monarch at some stage
8.Nigeria made history in April 2006 by becoming the first African Country to completely pay off its debt €30^9
9.The number of languages currently estimated and catalogued in Nigeria is 521. English is the official language - Ireland struggles with two
10.Nigerian people are the happiest on Earth according to New Scientist survey

Top 4 highest National IQ's are Asian doesn't equally correlate to highest Number of Nobel Laureates

“First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you. Then you win.” Ghandi
"I don't like black people, but you're well sound." Tommo from Talla

Whats the opposite to integration Irish Savant - "Viva Voce" say it with me "DISINTEGRATION" meaning to combust,or burn up, or degrade, or oxidise!!
I salute you one last time IS - But what will happen when the scammers are the same colour as you -

Oops, the Trojan horse just rolled in...

SAVANT said...

I laughed out loud when I say dubh's international GDP rankings.
Apparently "Nigeria GDP is ranked 37th, Ireland is 53rd, Poland 21st".

Actual figures (multiple sources)

Ireland 4
Poland 62
Nigeria an impressive 162

I did ask you in the initial post in what capacity you became 'rich and famous'. I note you didn't enlighten us, but clearly it's not been as an economist.

But wait! Maybe that's exactly what you are. After all, the economists have been coming up with grotesque, bizarre and unbelieveable figures for the last few years.

So that's cracked it then!

Anonymous said...

Off Topic Savant, but are you going to do an article on Jacob Zuma now he is President of South Zimbabwe... I mean South Africa.

Anonymous said...

I think this is foolproof for keeping those kaffirs at bay:


SAVANT said...

Yes anon - I've been waiting to see how things pan out with Zuma. I think its getting clerer by the day.

Anonymous said...

What a crackup - the 'facts' from dubh. Every one of them is more ridiculous than the next. So they're taking credit for the oil and the butterfly's???

Just what I'd expect from a porch monkey

Rhein said...

Integrated multiculturalism is even worst. If it ever becomes fully integrated then we've lost and we'll simply vanish and be replaced by people who will bear very little resemblance to us. And the few genuine whites left will not fare much better than those in SA.

There is not one example in all history where a nation has lost its demography without losing its land, and as such everything they had and were. Integrating the invaders will simply speed up the process.

But personally i'm not worried because they couldn't integrate even if their lives depended on it. We've been "diversified" for about 30-50 years now depending on the country and they still can't fully fit in. Even after many generations in our lands.

@Anon 11:48
My thoughts exactly, they always rant about us and praise their lands yet their asses are sitting in a white land. Priceless...

teacher.paris said...

Ranavalona I ( born Rabodoandrianampoinimerina (Ramavo); c. 1782 – August 16, 1861 Antananarivo) was a Merina Queen of Madagascar. After succeeding her husband, Radama I, and becoming Queen, she was also known as Ranavalo-Manjaka I. Over the course of her bloody reign, and after it, she was referred to by Western scholars as the Modern Messalina, the Bloody Mary of Madagascar, Most Mad Queen of History, Wicked Queen Ranavalona, and the Mad Queen of Madagascar and Female Caligula. Many Africans, especially people in Madagascar, do not share that point of view; while they recognize that her regime was autocratic they see her as a ruler who resisted foreign economic and cultural invasion. The death of nearly half the population (largely by torture) during her reign is seen as a unique cultural quirk.[2]

Anonymous said...

This guy is SMART? And this load of garbage is supposed to illustrate that? What a dingbat! Jst about everything he says there is - demonstrably - a load of bollocks.

And as some other poster said, he's even taking credit for the oil and the butterflies!

Anonymous said...

And I meant to add, the 'Nigerian' sattellite!! This was built by, and launched by the Chinese. The only thing the Nigerians did was buy it with the oil money created by the West.

It's been described as a white elephant in space and in fact shortly after its launch it had to be destroyed as it went berserk, crashing into other sattellites.

What an achievement for Nigeria!

Anonymous said...

I wonder why this guy wont reveal who he is?

Integration is the only answer? The other comments have duly blown that out of the water.

But the key point is one that Savant makes the whole time. We wouldn't be faced with the no-win choice of integration or disintegration if we hadn't allowed hordes of these people in in the 1st place.


Anonymous said...

"We wouldn't be faced with the no-win choice of integration or disintegration if we hadn't allowed hordes of these people in in the 1st place."

Exactly. Debate about the unnecessaery "integration" topic would be fucking null otherwise. But it wasn't "us" who let them in but the scum pulling the levers on the floodgates. That being the current leaders in charge. My honest belief is that like most countries in Europe, they were pushed into excepting this disaster by the quango ALDE ultra-liberals in brussells, with subsidised rewards for good behavoir. Economically it has cost us billions, never mind the social impact.

Anonymous said...

Does Nigeria have endless enlightening debates in their open phoras of liberating speech about integrating white peoples?Does Zimabawe, take time from murdering white farmers to reflect on "integration" of their fellow whitey? Do Nigerian liberals flap over the disgusting self-induced poverties in their countries while 100 million of them are flat out obese? Simple answer : No. They are the sleeziest fuckers around, not even their own countrymen want them back , which should be telling.

Niggers, the eternal civilisation destroyers, are just looking for a free meal, like they always have.

Anonymous said...

I'm Irish, white and non-PC. But I do ask everyone here not to tar all Nigerians, or Africans for that matter, with the same brush. I directly know lots who are really good people and want to do an honest day's work for an honest day's pay.

A bit of perspective please!


Anonymous said...

Finnoula - you'll get exceptions in every situation. I've even met a peacable honest Somali!

Fact is, Nigerians in Ireland and elsehwere are overwhelmingly bad news, leading at best parasitical, at worst criminal existances.

Irish Realist

Viking said...

@Madra Dubh

nigeria sounds like paradise?
Can I please move there and live off their generous welfare system?

o wait...

And, a word on integration - why do "integration" and "multiculturalism" always involve people who live in shitholes coming to live in places that aren't shitholes?

Funny, when Europeans did that is was called "colonialism". hmm

Anonymous said...

Finola you may be Irish and white but you certainly are PC.

I've worked with Nigerians and other non-nationals. But a disproportionate amount of the Nigerian workforce especially account for the laziest race alive. Because of their skin color even the supervisors are scared to death of question this while fawning all over them as some kind of protected species in a desperate attempt at showing themselves to be "non-racist". If an Irishman were to emulate the Nigerians practices he would be thrown out on his arse. I have seen this first hand. Even the Poles had to question the Nigerian's legitimacy. Let the Nigerians do an "honest day's work for an honest day's pay" in their own country or elsewhere. I'll see it when I believe it.

Fact is they are taking away our childrens future by being here in the first place while grabbing through unwritten affirmative action quotas the few precious jobs that are available to geniune Irish people, who's previous generations put the blood and sweat into this country to make it what it is.

Anonymous said...

Great post Viking - when we go there it's called colonialism, here it's multiculturalism.

Also anon 14.11 - totally agree. Finola is on planet Zog. A useless collection of wasters all of them, with chips on their shouldrs, just waiting to sue for 'racism' or such similar crap.

B Boru

Anonymous said...

According to government figures 68 % of Nigerians living in Ireland are unemployed , having worked with a few of them , ( well i worked they slept ) , let me just say this , we need those people like a fucking hole in the head !

Anonymous said...

@Viking"And, a word on integration - why do "integration" and "multiculturalism" always involve people who live in shitholes coming to live in places that aren't shitholes?

Funny, when Europeans did that is was called "colonialism". hmm"

Good point, only that when Europeans went to the shitholes they improved living standards for all. The niggers have the opposite effect.

Anonymous said...

Yes, and they're well on their way to makiing Ireland the same. Fuck them all out I say.

teacher.paris said...


Anonymous said...

teacher-paris, this doesnt seem to be avalid link

Anonymous said...

Nice link teacher -pairs. Confirms my hunch that 95% of murder in America is commited by non-whites especially Mexicans and negroes. Yet there are still lunatics around calling for complete open borders.

teacher.paris said...



Anonymous said...

Absolutely unbelievable. I counted 9 out 80 (that's 12%) who were white. Yet whites make up - for the moment anyway, a clear majority of the population.

Jesus wept!!!

Anonymous said...

Just one of a myriad of Nigerians who have contributed to the world...Seldom heard, seldom celebrated:

Anonymous said...


it is with greatfull thanks and increasing joy that I duly received your noted warning of said possibility of scam-artistes in the operational guise of truthful business associates. However, I am sure you are aware that with all due blessings this position with which I justly approach your goodself merits in no wise such approbation. Also it is with urgency for time is of the essence in this and all similar transactions. If we do not act with all necessary haste & speeds it is beyond questionable doubt that the Congolese tax authorities will loot the precious $46 MILLION DOLLARS OF AMERICA which do currently reside within my account. Please forward me your account details, secret password and ATM card so I may forward $45.5 MILLION DOLLARS to you forthwith.

Resopectfully & gracefully,

Lolo Kombo Lombombo
Congolese General Bank
Democratic Republic of Congo