Friday, 29 May 2009

Madonna and child

Wrote this about the latest Madonna adoption saga on a plane a few weeks ago and forgot to post…….

Look, Madonna is a venomous old hag who goes around the world buying other peoples kids, because it makes her feel sooo superior and keeps the cameras whirring. But I'm not too sure that James Kambewa, the alleged father of the latest Malawi adoption target, is in a position to lecture on parenthood.

You see he has never met his daughter after walking out on her mother when she was pregnant. Now I know you’ll respond that that's what African father do, but still…

Yet, showing sudden and unexplained parental concern, ‘dad’ says "I do not want my baby to be adopted because I want to take care of her". Naturally, Madonna arriving on the scene flashing millions of dollars has nothing to do with it. Neither have the various interviews he gave, for a fee, to Western news media. No, his concern is with the would be adoptive mother’s morals – or lack of same. ‘What morals can a woman of fifty have when she has no qualms displaying her delicate parts”.

Now wait! Hold it! Are you saying that Madonna has, er, delicate parts? Who’d have guessed? So it seems James’ real objective is genuine parenthood. "I'm capable to take care of my baby. ... Mercy, she is a Malawian - so need her to grow as a Malawian, as well with our culture."

More of that culture anon.

But it didn’t help his case when he publicly failed to pick out his daughter from a line-up. Told that his choice was not his daughter, James, licking his lips, asked, “I still get to keep her, right?”

Now I think the more perceptive among you will have picked up by now that I have some doubts about James’s sincerity. But it seems an awful lot of bleeding hearts in the west don't, and have used the occasion to attack the West and to champion the ‘superior morals’ of the simple native culture.

Here’s a few:

“Madonna may have millions in the bank, but Kambewa has truth, justice and commonsense on his side.”

“Wisdom, thy name is James Kambewa” (I kid you not)

Indeed, our society is corrupt and decadent, as distinct from that part of Africa, where millions die of AIDS every year, where murderous violence is the norm, where child mortality is where Europe was 200 years ago, where, yes, fathers routinely walk out on the kids, often for the understandable reason that the paternity is a very uncertain affair.

Yet when someone from that part of the world lectures us on morality we’re supposed to nod meekly and accept it, imputing to them some sort of purified uncontaminated philosophical wisdom.

Another name for this is self-flagellation. And it's a major component of the thinking that calls for massive African immigration to Europe.

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