Wednesday, 27 May 2009

All-Ireland Hurling Champions 2016


Abu Abdullah said...

Here's real-life multicultural insanity from Canada: the Governor General of Canada, the representative of the British crown and a descendant of African cannibals, reverts to type by eating raw seal heart in a joyous celebration of diversity with Eskimos.

kerdasi amaq said...

Alien Nation Common Sense about America's Immigation Disaster by Peter Brimelow is an interesting book. It's available for download for free from Vdare.

He neatly skewers some of the shibboleths of the anti-Irish multi-culti racists.

It is important to recognise that the so-called "progressive" liberals are deeply racist against the Irish people.

like Immigation is good for the economy.

Anonymous said...

These's an incredible number of these guys playing GAA - and we're all meant to fucking 'celebrate' it.

Oh Jesus!

Anonymous said...

If this comes to pass it will just show how bad Corkonians are at integration!