Monday, 27 April 2009

PC takes full control

The extent to which political correctness has taken control is truly frightening. Presumably you’ve read about the unfortunate Miss America, and her humiliation by that disgusting fag Perez Hilton. The girl, in response to a decidedly odd question from that reptile, simply stated that she thought marriage between a man and a woman was better than a same sex one.

For this, Hilton called her a ‘dumb bitch’. Which is bad enough. But now apparently she’s being shunned by modeling agencies and has to face down a barrage of criticism, most of it for being ‘homophobic’, stupid and intolerant. Get the ‘intolerant’ bit. She’s intolerant because she thinks, yes thinks, that heterosexual marriage is better. She didn’t say she’s against same sex marriage, just that it’s not as good. And for that her career is in jeopardy.

Haven’t we reached the stage where Orwell’s New Speak rules, where facts and logic are turned on their heads? I think we have, and it’s a scary place to be.

But let me address another aspect. Some commentators (including some of the those left standing in the MSM) have highlighted what they see as censorial behaviour by ‘liberals’. But I don't see it that way. The Perez Hiltons and their ilk are no more liberals than GW Bush was a conservative.

As I explained in more detail in this post, they are members of a new secular religion, with the full range of crazy ideas and, yes, intolerance that such an entity implies.


Anonymous said...

It's everywhere. This from Belgium (the VB is an anti-immigration party).

Two books have recently been banned from the shelves of bookshops in Flanders. Not because of their content, certainly not because any of them calls for violence, or is discriminatory or racist. At least one of these books might have been a top bestseller by now, and the other one should definitely have been a top bestseller by now. The only thing these books have in common is that hey have been written by members of… Vlaams Belang!

In an open letter, Koen Dillen (Vlaams Belang) made a point that strikes at the heart of politically correct hypocrisy: “Self-declared Flemish intellectuals speak with full disgust of the book-burnings in National Socialist Germany, but in practice they prove themselves to be good students of that system. In the year 2009 the books of political opponents are not even burnt anymore; they are simply not published.”

Anonymous said...


Marxists simply have hid their marxism in various movements Savant.

What do the irresponsible environmentalists, feminists, the family-destroying-child-support-alimony-divorce-industry, the uber-PC-"hate"-lawmonger, the diversoids, the PC-police ALL HAVE IN COMMON? These are just different "attack forces" (like the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines) in the Marxist War on the West.

To attack the West as it was in 1964, the Marxists have first attacked the family legally and with feminism and job-set asides for women resulting in a big plunge in birthrates, its through entertainment attacked the culture by dragging it through the mud so the average man and woman has slept with a mini-van full of people before they marry, so their LATER committment to each other is not as strong, it has made domestic companies hire idiot minorities in positions way above their competence level sabatoging their competitiveness, it has through PC laid a big guilt trip on white males especially in secondary education, it has built a huge sense of entitlement and encouraged poor behavior in massively over-indulged minorities while SWAMPING those nations with minorities at the same time, its restrained business and persons with tons of environmental restrictions and levied heavy fees on development (the cap and trade bullshit will be especially expensive but will make Wal Street and Al Gore tremendously wealthy), the PC movement has been used as a psychological bludgeon against the prime movers in Western wealth creation, its white men.

Its just the type of war (a war without fear of physical danger) that cowardly Marxists would PREFER to fight. But, who is funding the global collectivism? Why its our own "elites" and esecially bankers who constantly fear of new innovators displacing them. They who are wanting the type of hegemony that the collectivists can ensure, and they are its biggest underwriters. If you follow the foundation money in America especially, you will find the Rockefeller foundation funding tons of the Marxist garbage from afar.


BTW-----My idea........right wing bloggers need to identify companies that support all this non-sense and put their names in the upper right hand corners of their blogs, so their readers know who NOT TO SPEND THEIR MONEY WITH. As it is now, all we can do is gripe, but we could fight back economically by doing business with others if we simply knew. Bank of America for instance, is pro-illegal alien, so I wont be opening any accounts with them.

Quartermain said...

Most of the idiocy can laid at the feet of donald trump, a second generation rich idiot, who was bankrupt more than once, and is now being sued for defrauding his investors. He said that he hired that fudge packee because he would work for free.

The ad agencies are just as bad. It doesn't dawn on them that the majority of Americans don't give a rats what that waste of life perez hilton thinks.

God help us, the USA is being run by idiots.

SAVANT said...

Miles - I'm going to take this point (a Marxist plan all along) in a more detailed post later. Suffice to say, I used to regard it as emanating from the lunatic fringe. No longer.

Anonymous said...

Didn't some Brish Conservative queer say he'd like to murder her aswell? I wish these queers would shut the fuck up!

Anonymous said...

Well, I used to laugh when people said decriminalising homosexuality would eventually lead to it being mandatory. I'm not laughing now.

Anonymous said...

"Miles - I'm going to take this point (a Marxist plan all along) in a more detailed post later. Suffice to say, I used to regard it as emanating from the lunatic fringe. No longer."

Why did it take you so long to come to this obivious conclusion? Many have been saying this on the forum for ages. The truth is that theological secular ideologies such as Marxism and Bolshevism have deeper roots in the Abhramic faiths. Go deeper still and its goes back to genetics itself(i.e, race).

SAVANT said...

anon 22.43 - well, it's not obvious in the sense that there's an organised Marxist plot to do us down and that everyone who supports PC, multiculti and anti-racist polices is a signed-up member with the express objective of destroying the West.