Saturday, 25 April 2009

Niebuhr and Reagan: Update

A great post here from an unfortunately anonymous contributor from the US heartland. I agree entirely that Reagan damaged America in many other ways as this writer makes plain. The purpose of my previous post (and the earlier one on Reagan) was to claim that he wasn't really a conservative, and that his most 'unconservative' impact was to encourage wild spending financed by borrowing, with subsequent catastrophic impact.

But read here my slightly shortened version of this comment - the full text can be seen in the comments section of the previous post.

"The ramifications of the 1965 Immigration Reform Act were just becoming visible by the early 1980s out here in "flyover" country, and not just the large urban coastal (including Chicago and Dallas) area. Reagan accelerated this process by allowing the farm lobby to get him to amnesty a couple of million farm workers.

This amnesty, and allowing the beginnings of outsourcing and HI-B visa immigration, and not focusing on energy alternatives, were his big mistakes. His mistakes were repeated by George Bush the elder from 88-92, but even more so. Bush the elder was the one who intentionally allowed our southern border to become a simple gateway for Central Americans to colonize the United States, Clinton was all too happy to not interrupt the conservatives from making a mistake and continued this trend.

By W-Bush-the-idiots first term, the numbers in demography were very different than Reagan's time, and this nation was beginning to morph into what it is now............divided ethnically. America was 89% white in 1965, almost 90%. Now its only about 70% white and dropping. This was by far our biggest mistake, and its why we will not remain great. [Yes, I totally agree here]

We have not built the nuclear plants we needed to provide energy, we have not developed the high mileage cars we need to be more impervious to rising oil prices, we have not dealt a death blow to the cultural Marxists in our media and academia, and indeed have allowed them to flourish----thereby poisoning our youth mentally and culturally.

We have lived in massive debt, that we are beginning to monetize, we have watched our industrial base shrink by at least one-third, we have not supported science and engineering, but have relied on importing it through cheap foreign students (so fat cat CEO's and boards, and the uber-greedy shareholder class could reap huge profits while paying for innovation on the cheap).

We have devalued the disciplines, math and sciences, that truly build wealth, and let our kids major in bullshit like critical theory, English, journalism, communications, law (we have way too many lawyers now), and business (everybody wants to run the companies and get the big checks, but nobody wants to be the worker bees down the ladder who really make the companies go). [Absolutely on the button! And the same here in Ireland by the way]

We are kind of like Mongolia under Genghis Khan, a great military, but a hollowing economy behind it. Its not completely hollow yet, but its rotting out. A fucking idiot like Obama, who has never been near a wealth-creating job (neither had Bush, Clinton, or Bush the Elder, or Reagan for that matter) don’t really understand how wealth (stuff you can buy) gets made, they just think it magically appears in stores.

We have cheapening labor, but much more expensive land (another gift of diversity is that land and housing cost go through the roof as people outbid each other to escape "diversity"), less social cohesion, low birthrates, too many old people, increasing medical costs (processed foods, commuting, lack of exercise, obesity epidemic especially amongst minorities prone to fatness), a dumber browner young generation, and politically correct platitudes that assure that the un-able have to be hired in positions beyond their competence, and can never be criticized.

The thing is, is that Europe is going to be experiencing much the same, but the minority there (Muslims) are less-behaved than the little Aztecs we have here (bud admittedly behave about as well as our blacks---the most spoiled and pampered group on earth). Russia will eventually become Muslim majority without a big rebound in their birthrates, Australia is headed down that road. [Again, sadly, 100% correct]

My conclusion? The marxiscati knew what they were doing by betting on multiculturalism throughout the west by betting on the greed of the shareholding class Savant. They knew they could slowly dissolve the West and weaken it as they agitate for a one-state-government through the UN as the West degenerates. They also made sure the whole West multiculturalized so that fleeing whites could not go anywhere and start anew like Canada and Australia, who are slowly committing suicide to.

The Marxist abetted the west in rotting itself from the inside out instead of conquering it outright. Replacing the population with third-worlders while undermining the birthrate of natives through no-fault divorce, alimony, child support laws, which make men afraid to father more than two children, while economically attacking the west with outsourcing (and insourcing of tech help) suppressed the total birthrate while the importation of third world masses was occurring..........thus assuring that the change would be very quick instead of slowly over 100 years by which the West could have recognized its path and quickly corrected it."

Great post – thank you for it. Still, it’s depressing, isn't it?


togo said...

Regradless of what he might or might not have liked to do, Reagan was a prisoner of the zeitgeist shift created by the Great Sixties Cultural Rvolution(1965-7?). Due to its success self-control was now out of fashion and, on the racial front, a replay of Ike's Operation Wetback had become unthinkable.

Reagan was mainly notable for reviving the "rollback" strategy against the USSR-which had many advocates during the early years of the Cold War.

Peter Harley said...

I think you will find that the 1965 Immigration Act was brought in by the Democrat President Lyndon Baines Johnson.Reagan wasn't even Governor of California in 1965 and not inaugurated as President until 1981.Ted Kennedy-a Democrat-was another enthusiastic sponsor of this Bill and is on record stating that it would make no demographic difference at all.Typical of the left to introduce a policy and then blame conservatives for it's negative effects and just like certain persons to uncritically believe them and repeat their lies.

SAVANT said...

Peter - of course that Act came in well before Reagan's presidency. I wrote that badly and have correctedit. What the writer and I were saying was that, far from undoing the damage of this act, Reagan actually built on its provisions to increase immigration.

Anonymous said...

Im sorry I didn't add my I-name, Miles, to the comment.

The left has gotten the West to import a new populace, basically by both catering to its elite's greed for the cheapest labor possible, and by simultaneously calling it racist over and over to stifle dissent.

Only those with good 'future-time-orientation' seen the inevitable results (a leftist populace majority, addicted to social benefits from the producing taxpayers in the future). Its funny that our business class over here is the one howling the loudest about Obama's tax plan. The bottom 50% of earners in American pay only 3% of total tax reciepts, and recieve more from the government than what they pay in easily. Why WOULDNT they be for much higher taxes on the productive and high-earning. It will more that counterbalance the cost of having the old white working class at about 4 more bucks per hour.

Having a white working class makes housing costs cheaper for everyone because they are more productive per person (need less of them here), and they are much less prone to crime and gang-life (I'd never heard of a white gang growing up, you?). Therefore you can live NEAR a white working class and be safe. But our wealthy now insulate themselves in very exclusive areas of town, and pay through the nose to do so, to shield themselves from the blacks and hispanics (and others these days).

When you have massive security costs (we walk through alarm detectors in most stores in the US now, that will go off if a un-scanned piece of merchandise goes through them), we have surveillance cameras in stores and on streets, we have anti-theft devices hooked up to many things, car alarms, a sense of fear on being caught "in the wrong parts of town", excessive security in clubs and other venues, SUPER HIGH COSTS FOR SINGLE WELFARE MOTHERS AND THEIR PAIN-IN-THE-ASS-VIOLENT CHILDREN, 2 million thugs incarcerated in prision...........................................these are all costs of our "new" demographic. We didn't need all this shit in 1964, but we do now. Is getting your labor for 7 bucks-an-hour vs. 10 bucks-an-hour worth all of that? If you did the math, its not. The rising home prices ALONE wipe it out, but the money-lending-class on Wall Street loves that feature the most. Sprawl (white people trying to get away from non-white people) is a real estate, developer, loan company, investor-buying-packaged-securities BONANZA. They love it...........from afar. In 30 years it will not be "from afar", it will be in-their-face.

Its fun watching neo-cons bitch about Obama's tax plan. You bring in Aztecs and Somalis (yes, we have Somalis here, the sleaziest, stupidist UGLIEST, smelliest bunch on earth) and are SUPRISED that they get on social services and vote for higher taxes on the earning for more social services for themselves, while their youth carouse the streets pumping the bass loud in their cars leering menacingly to everyone else? Gee, what a friggin' suprise! I'd have never have guessed stuff like that would have happened. Who knew a farmer couldn't keep lambs and wolves herded in the same pen?

I know, I know......Im mean, cruel, uncaring, too blunt, unfeeling, yada yada yada...

Anonymous said...

One think you cant take from reagan - he gave us belief. even if this was unrealistic.

SAVANT said...

Thanks for the ID Miles and ofr the added comments. Again, otally agree, especially about the Somalis. They are easily the worst immigrants, as I've pointed out many times on this blog. Worse even than the Nigerains, and thats saying something!

Anonymous said...

Chek out the stroy of the Somalis living in Springfield Kentucky. Some story!

Anonymous said...


Thanks again, Savant, for posting another gem. Our backs are truly against the wall.

Johan Potgieter

SAVANT said...

Thanks Johan P - but the real appreication should go to Miles who provided 90% of the material

Anonymous said...

All Presidents were to blame but Reagan holds special blame for me in that he had the opportunity to turn the country back to traiditonal conservative values when he took over. He took the easy option and we're paying for it now.