Friday, 24 April 2009

Niebhur and Reagan

Reinhold Niebhur was a brilliant and remarkable prescient scholar. Some of the things he foresaw as far back as the fifties are simply astonishing, especially the dangers to America – and the world- of a Bush/Cheney style regime seizing power. For example he warns that ‘our dreams of managing history pose potentially mortal danger to the United States’. GW – take a bow!

Andrew Bacevich is a latter-day disciple of Niebhur and has time and again called it right, especially in relation to Bush and the Neocons. In his latest book ‘The Limits Of Power’ he makes a point that I made, to considerable opposition from this blog’s readers, in relation to Ronald Reagan. In that post (Reagan and America’s decline) I suggested that, far from strengthening America, Reagan sowed the seeds of its current travails.

Bacevich agrees. He calls Reagan a ‘faux-conservative and the modern prophet of profligacy, who encouraged the fantasy that credit had no limits and that the bills would never come due. He just had a canny knack of telling Americans exactly what they wanted to hear and presided over eight years of gaudy prosperity and excess based on cheap credit and cheap oil.’

Thank you Professor, my views exactly.

He also supports another of my contentions (see here) that ‘Americans have yet to realize that they have forfeited command of their own destiny.’

Sad but true. And when the penny drops it won't be pretty. Scapegoats will be sought, and, as I said here, the possibility of America’s Jews being targeted is a realistic danger.


Anonymous said...

Agree about Reagan, the pic of him shaking Michaels hand says it all. The jewish neo-cons also became entrenched under Reagans watch. As for jews being targeted I think that's a bit much. Jews have been targeting whites for decades. The evidence is in. I think most thinking whites would settle for "bye bye, it was nice knowing you".

Anonymous said...


As an American, I can tell you exactly where we are here in the states in leui of the Reagan years, straight from the American heartland.

The ramifications of the 1965 Immigration Reform Act were just becoming visible by the early 1980s out here in "flyover" country, and not just the large urban coastal (including Chicago and Dallas) area. Reagan accelerated this process by allowing the farm lobby to get him to amnesty a couple of million farm workers.

What we have now in America is European-type birthrates in blue coastal states amongst liberal, snobby "whiter-people" of about 1.5 children per female, and slightly above-replacement fertility of over 2 children per female in the Jesus-loving-heartland. Liberals, who hate regular whites, are all for shutting down factories and letting them go overseas to make life as hard on the heartland Americans as possible, to keep their birthrates as low as possible, becuase that is the one group of people on the face of the planet that they truly despise.......their own fellow Americans.

Reagan started running defecits to win the cold war, because he didn't want to risk alienating a Democratic congress during these years in fears that they would block him from his main goal: bringing down the Soviet Union. The amnesty, and allowing the beginnings of outsourcing and HI-B visa immigration, and not focusing on energy alternatives, were his big mistakes.

His mistakes were repeated by George Bush the elder from 88-92, but even more so. Bush the elder was the one who intentionally allowed our southern border to become a simple gateway for Central Americans to colonize the United States, Clinton was all too happy to not interrupt the conservatives from making a mistake and continued this trend.

By W-Bush-the-idiots first term, the numbers in demography were very different than Reagan's time, and this nation was beginning to morph into what it is now............divided ethnically. America was 89% white in 1965, almost 90%. Now its only about 70% white and dropping. This was by far our biggest mistake, and its why we will not remain great.

We have not built the nuclear plants we needed to provide energy, we have not developed the high mileage cars we need to be more imprevious to rising oil prices, we have not dealt a death blow to the cultural marxists in our media and academia, and indeed have allowed them to flourish----thereby poisioning our youth mentally and culturally. We have lived in massive debt, that we are beginning to monetize, we have watched our industrial base shrink by at least one-third, we have not supported science and engineering, but have relied on importing it through cheap foreign students (so fat cat CEO's and boards, and the uber-greedy shareholder class could reap huge profits while paying for innovation on the cheap), we have devalued the disciplines, math and sciences, that truly build wealth, and let our kids major in bullshit like critical theory, english, journalism, communications, law (we have way too many lawyers now), and business (everybody wants to run the companies and get the big checks, but nobody wants to be the worker bees down the ladder who really make the companies go). Our economy is a finance based economy because nobody can afford to pay cash for things as they buy them. Our elite love this because they are lazy, and lending money is a lazy man's way to make a living. They ceased being innovators long ago.

What do we have going for us though???

Thousands of nukes, the best nukes on earth, 16 carrier groups, the worlds biggest air force and navy, more satellites than anyone to spy on every other regime on earth, and a new generation of weapons (drones, etc) that will keep us militarily in Jupiter's seat for at least the next 25 years.

We are kind of like Mongolia under Gehngis Khan, a great military, but a hollowing economy behind it. Its not completely hollow yet, but its rotting out. A fucking idiot like Obama, who has never been near a wealth-creating job (neither had Bush, Clinton, or Bush the Elder, or Reagan for that matter) dont really understand how wealth (stuff you can buy) gets made, they just think it magically appears in stores.

We have cheapening labor, but much more expensive land (another gift of diversity is that land and housing cost go through the roof as people outbid each other to escape "diversity"), less social cohesion, low birthrates, too many old people, increasing medical costs (processed foods, commuting, lack of excercise, obesity epidemic especially amongst minorites prone to fatness), a dumber browner young generation, and politically correct platitiudes that assure that the un-able have to be hired in positions beyond their competence, and can never be criticized.

The thing is, is that Europe is going to be experiencing much the same, but the minority there (muslims) are less-behaved than the little Aztecs we have here (bud admittedly behave about as well as our blacks---the most spoiled and pampered group on earth). Russia will eventually become Muslim majority without a big rebound in their birthrates, Australia is headed down that road.

My conclusion? The marxiscati knew what they were doing by betting on mulitulturalism throughout the west by betting on the greed of the shareholding class Savant. They knew they could slowly dissolve the West and weaken it as they agitate for a one-state-government through the UN as the West degenerates. They also made sure the whole West multiculturalized so that fleeing whites could not go anywhere and start anew like Canada and Australia, who are slowly committing suicide to.

The marxist abetted the west in rotting itself from the inside out instead of conquering it outright. Replacing the population with third-worlders while undermining the birthrate of natives through no-fault divorce, alimony, child support laws, which make men afraid to father more than two children, while economically attacking the west with outsourcing (and insourcing of tech help) suppressed the total birthrate while the importation of third world masses was occuring..........thus assuring that the change would be very quick instead of slowly over 100 years by which the West could have recognized its path and quickly corrected it.

They did their homework, I'll give em' that. I hope they burn in hell, but I give credit where its due....m in the US

Anonymous said...

Yes I agree with the regan neo-conned post but wtf? Jews being targeted? What about whites who are being not only targeted right now , but murdered daily and their histories, identities and nations mocked and defiled daily by hostile medias & governments!? Lets face it, whites rarely is ever commit en masse random violence towards other races. It's alwasy the other way around.
I know, I know, if we get the Jews on our side then we can finally we saved. No, I'm afraid the jews who now are a world power have set up this destruction of our race and nation. So no thanks, no dealing with the devil here.