Tuesday, 28 April 2009

More double standards

Thanks to the Ven. Earl of Cromer and the excellent Lambeth Walk site for this piece of info. It perfectly underlines the Janus-faced nature of racism today. If non-whites practice it, it's fine, if whites do all hell breaks loose.

I was in York again recently, and what a lovely city. A real piece of old England, clean and....white. Just like that other model city, Portland Ore. (see my post here). But it seems, bizarrely, that York's already magnificent image will be 'improved' by the election of a Nigerian half-breed as its beauty queen.Can someone explain this? Presumably in that case the likes of Bradford or Oldham have reached perfection, and maybe Blackburn (see this) will, once the remaining whites have fled. Seriously, this kind of thing really pisses me off.

Anyway, here's an excerpt - the full post can be accessed at the above Lambeth Walk link.

It emerged today that Helen Lawal, a beauty queen of mixed race crowned both 'Miss York' and 'Miss Black Britain', has been left concerned for her safety after her promoter received a racist phone call.The man who left the threats implied that York was a 'white city' with no place for Miss Lawal." Now, this is clearly reprehensible behaviour, and I unequivocally condemn it; even if you disagree with something, I don't see the purpose in threatening violence. Miss Lawal is a medical student and by all accounts an upstanding citizen, and in any case her background isn't something she can be held personally responsible for. However, having said that, she seems very much clued in on the current state of politically correct Britain. According to the last census, just 3% of York's population was born outside the United Kingdom or the European Union.

According to the Mail and Miss Lawal (and ironically the abusive caller), this makes it a 'white' city.What does Miss Lawal think of this? Here is what was reported: When Helen Lawal was crowned Miss York she hoped her mixed race background would help improve the image of the predominantly white historic city.

Ah. So now we get to the part I personally feel is a double standard. If you want a white beauty queen to represent York, an English city, you're an evil racist scumbag. If anyone even dared to suggest that a beauty queen improved the image of a city simply by virtue of being white, there would be an uproar. However, if you think your own non-white background 'improves the image' of the city more than a white beauty queen would, you're an enlightened progressive. One of the comments on the article hit the nail on the head:

No-one should have to endure racist threats. I would like to know what exactly is meant by this "she hoped her mixed race background would help improve the image of the predominantly white historic city". How exactly does mixed race ancestry improve the image of York?- Kate.

Exactly. We're either colour blind, or we're not. There's no in between. It's either racist to judge on colour or origin, or it isn't. One rule for some and another for others simply stokes division."

Well done, Your Earlship!


Anonymous said...

And another thing: she wouldn't win a beauty contest in Nigeria. Fact.

Anonymous said...

She wouldnt have won it here either if she hadnt been black. A kind of affirmative action beauty contest.

Anonymous said...

York is only dealing with diversified beauty contests.

Here in Canada -- a White western nation composed of a diminishing 85% white population -- we go all the way to the top of the "affirmative-action" guidelines and appoint a Black immigrant woman from Haiti as our latest Governor-General and "Commander-in-Chief" of Canada, no less!

....and yes, she was only given the job simply because she is BLACK, but many brainwashed Canadians would be fearful of acknowledging that fact in public.

Anonymous said...

Yes, that woman got her job just because she was a woman, black and an immigrant. We're killing ourselves.