Thursday, 9 April 2009

Interesting question

A commentator to the 'Ethnomasochism' post asks the following very interesting question:

"Dear Savant,

If you think it appropriate, perhaps you would consider posting the following question. Assuming that the readers of this blog are of one mind, what, if anything, is our obligation to extend help to our poor white South African brethren as the noose there gets drawn tighter and tighter? I would really like to know what people think. I, for one, am willing to seriously consider sponsoring the emigration of these poor fucked brethren into the US. What say you and your readers???

Yours, An empathetic American"

Indeed. Don't know what our SA friends would feel about it. I do know that Saffers in Ireland have a very good reputation. Though the way the West is going at the moment maybe not! But at least they'd be able to sleep safely in their beds.


leadpb said...

I empathize with your questioner here, but I suspect most SA whites would not be inclined to cut and run. Many who are well-heeled enough have fled already. All the SA people I have known, whether of Dutch or British ancestry, are fine stock. God bless them all and best of luck to the RSA as a whole. If they can manage to maintain civilization there is hope for the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting that, Savant. I have been searching for some time for charities dedicated to helping the Afrikaner. There are plenty which help black Africans, after all.

Johan Potgieter

Anonymous said...

As Johan says, blacks are getting preferential entry everywhere. So why not?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Savant,

I am a white South African, and have recently left SA. I know of a lot of people back home who would give their right arm to get out of there ... but leaving is not that easy, as getting work and residence permits in other countries can be real hard. Never mind the expense in moving countries!

And then there are a lot of poor whites living in 'Squatter' camps around the country. And before we left, there was a major increase in white people standing at traffic lights asking for work, food and money.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I experienced first hand how hard it is to get residency in a western country.


Zngr said...

To the question, yeah, if we have an obligation to anyone, that also includes the SA whites. I think I'd rather extend my hand to them than some other groups (at this point some random reader of course thinks I'm a racist and wear kkk-pajamas) the reason of which I'll explain in more detail below.

I've often read here and on some other sites about people wondering how we are getting basically unlimited floods of Africans and Asians, commonly muslim, but not many SA whites. Yet, people who use internet are often also aware all is not well in SA.

In -06 and -07 when it was still typical political drivel almost daily to go on about the constantly looming "employee crisis" (that is, lack of skilled workforce in certain professions) in West Europe, I often brought up SA, meaning the SA whites, who are being attacked and denied economic opportunities, while being targeted for ethnic cleansing, so if we need immigrants why the hell are the SA whites, reportedly, shunned by EU and I heard USA as well?

It is rather difficult to get a residence permit if you are from outside the EU, unless you first organize a job that's waiting for you. I'd love to see more lobbying in the EU to give a hand to the South Africans who are being killed.

The Nordic political establishment for one wanted to solve the looming problem of diminishing workforce and aging population, funny, they've been talking about it for 20 years and it never really materializes as automation and increasing efficiency simply eliminates jobs, and it is normal economics anyway to have temporary shortages of certain professionals usually followed by times of unemployment like now, but anyway the multiculturalists figured by easing immigration laws, and I mean humanitarian immigration laws, from poor countries it would benefit... well, at least the victim industry and look cool in the eyes of EU officials. This did not include whites from SA, naturally.

Huge hordes of "refugees" and asylum shoppers (in terms of population size, remember, Nordic countries have tiny populations comparably to the world in general) started flooding in, depending on the country either in 80s, 90s, at a steadily growing rate. The people who advocate immigration from poorer areas of the world do not understand a full, say, Finland of new people are born in poor countries every 20 day or so. So a country could take in 80 million immigrants a year from Africa alone and not change anything in the world at all - except destroy their country.

The ruling politicians were telling all the time how immigration is beneficial, enriches the culture, much like Savant has been saying about the propaganda in Ireland, and adds critical resources to the workforce of our countries and much needed multi-skilled specialists. The media drummed the fantastic advantages derived from true multiculturalism and the incredibly dynamic societies that would materialize.

At almost no point did anyone actually bring about the fact to MSM discussion there are many types of immigrants: first, there are the migrant workers who have a profession, and, you know, come because of an open job to a new country. To work. That was supposed to be the idea if workers are needed right?

Then there is the other type from mostly North and North-East Africa, Middle-East, Central Asia, who are often poorly educated even in their own countries (the modern urbanites over there have it pretty good, so why leave) and simply ask for asylum at arrival on EU soil even if they know they won't be granted one. While most were and still are denied, very few are ever sent back but instead they can still stay for humanitarian reasons or "logistical problems". After a year or so, they invite their families who must be allowed in due to a common interpretation of EU legislation. The families in turn bring in more people who later marry to their country of origin, and then bring back their new spouse, thus expanding the immigration chain basically endlessly. Now, even this immigration was to be viewed as a huge positive, since it would add workers to diminishing workforces right? Nope. The actual employment rate of poor country, particularly muslim immigrants is so poor (for example only 10% to 17% of certain African ethnicity is ever employed in any Western country, possibly with the exception of USA since they don't give welfare so you, like, die if you don't work) they simply add a terrible economic burden, even if you don't count all the scamming involved with people collecting benefits from several countries with several passports simultaneously, the rising crime and costs on the justice system, and on. The employment problems are, as per multicultural propaganda, often blamed on the racism and prejudice of the local population but very little thinking reveals a fault in this explanation.

It is a myth the immigrants from developing countries who are smuggled inside EU soil and stay using the broken asylum system are brain surgeons, engineers and skilled technicians. While some might be, for example 90% of the Africans currently coming to my home country cannot read or write. Even their own language. Secondly, many (it appears that currently most, since they come from the most conservative rural areas of their countries of birth) muslim women are not allowed to work amongst westerners by the men of their families in the first place. That would explain why a steady 50% of for example Iranian and Iraqi immigrants, who are of work age, are not counted in the workforce.

Even a simpleton would immediately understand that adults who do not share any cultural attachments to a Nordic country and who arrive utterly without any education will be, more or less, impossible to employ to any type of job. In a modern information society. Where the average native has between 15 to 25 years of education behind him. Very much like, ever. In the case of many of the women, being locked at home certainly does not help finding new job opportunities either. Even to work as a floor sweeper, you have to first learn the local language because you need to be able to communicate with your boss and co-workers. This can take years.

So yes please. If we must get these immigrants anyway, can someone please replace them with South Africans, who I suppose have at least spent some time in an educational facility, and might speak english passably? Pretty please? Also if they don't have any religious sensibilities which cause them to look down on the native population of their new home country, it would be a bonus. And if they don't threaten to blow trams and metros if we don't immediately stop drawing cartoons, that would be nice. I don't think I'm asking much.

SAVANT said...

Great post zngr. is it true that more and more Nordics are questioning the 'benefits' of mass immmigration? I hear this from my Swedish friends.

Re your last question, I'm still pessimistic.

Anonymous said...

zngr - yes, the 'employee crisis' looks pretty daft now, doesn't it?

Zngr said...

Anon 12:04

It always did, when you thought of the measures taken to combat it. Yes, West European population is declining and aging. It has been widely speculated for decades that certain models of modern society will probably face increasing problems due to aging. But it commonly forgets some other truths, like increasing efficiency and that some types of industry simply move away from the continent.

So while the numbers of elderly people increase, the real, total number of jobs that produce something also decreases at the same time.

So no matter how you gauge and analyze the situation, moving large populations of immigrants who will remain jobless and cannot be employed because the jobs don't even exist will simply cause more damage - they only ADD to the social burden of the aging population if anything, and if it actually comes about that certain professionals cannot simply be found in a certain country, they will be sought from and hired from other parts, as always before, at wages that make it worthwhile for the guest workers.

But it is INSANE to move large amounts of completely culturally foreign, uneducated people from poor countries in ADVANCE, to be unemployed and socially disadvantaged, just in CASE we might desperately need their "multi-talented expertise" some day. When in France, Holland and Germany the THIRD generation of these immigrants are even more unemployed than their parents have ever been isn't it goddamn obvious we're committing a serious error.

All the really major political players who currently advocate and drive these population movements that add young and angry unemployed to Western countries, are, by the way, rather old themselves. They are probably already dead of old age before they have to face what they've done (check it out, some don't even have children to worry about). So what do they care?

The minister of employment of my country only a month ago told us that "we still have an urgent need to add to the workforce (meaning poorly educated immigrants from poor countries, never, ever skilled workers from any country) because the recession ends soon and THEN WE'LL FACE EMPLOYEE CRISIS AGAIN". Needless to say, she is a cultural-marxist left wing socialist vampire who advocates "green" values.

Reality just simply does not MATTER to these people.

18 K@rt said...

They're the same race as us. We screwed them over Apartheid so we owe them one.

South Africans are going to have to work together if they want a future in South Africa.

Anonymous said...

Most definitely we'll have to work together. It makes me sad to see on this site and others such as SAS how so much effort is spent point scoring between Afrikaners, English, Jews etc.