Friday, 10 April 2009

Believe it or not....

This definitely comes under the 'you couldn't make it up' category.

Some schools in the UK are dropping the Holocaust from history lessons to "avoid offending Muslim pupils", a Government-backed study has revealed.

It found some teachers are reluctant to cover the atrocity for fear of upsetting students whose beliefs include Holocaust denial.There is also resistance to tackling the 11th century Crusades - where Christians fought Muslim armies for control of Jerusalem - because lessons often contradict what is taught in local mosques.

It found some teachers are dropping courses covering the Holocaust at the earliest opportunity over fears Muslim pupils might express anti-Semitic and anti-Israel reactions in class.

So if effect we're back at the pre-Enlightenment stage, where 'truth' was what the prevailing religion said it was. That's what British education has descended to, following the flooding of the country by adherents of the Religion of Peace.

Can you just imagine what it's going to be like in say another ten years, when the Muslim population has doubled?


Abu Abdullah said...

Yeah, no shit. Already wiping out your own history when the slaves of Allah are only a small minority.

Anonymous said...

Some schools in the UK are dropping the Holocaust from history lessons to "avoid offending Muslim pupils", a Government-backed study has revealed.

About the only positive with excessive Muslim immigration. That f*cking Holocaust sledgehammer used to bludgeon whites with eternal guilt and into submission has more than ran its course. E-f*cking-nough already!

Anonymous said...

That's the scary thing - they're only a tiny minority at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Oh for fuck sake. This holohoax story has been offending Europeans since the end of ww2 and I am sick to my soul of hearing this bullshit thought to innocence youth and wailed on the MSM when no other mass genocide is given this sort of exagerated publicity. And there were worse geniocides. But like anything involving Israel/zionist/jews this comes back to money and blackmail.

So yeah about time the Muslim invasion had some positives. But I now get the feeling that the Jewish guilt-trip and extortion rackett will still be thrown down the throats of white kids, just not wogs.

I mean "Germany has already paid an estimated $25 billion in reparations to Israeli Holocaust survivors, who Factor said numbered 350,000 to 400,000 at their peak. Germany also provided more than $700 million in goods and services to the Israeli government".

But get this:
"Survivors reasoned the original 1952 accord with Israel did not account for their unexpected longevity or apply to tens of thousands of Holocaust victims who came to Israel following the Soviet Union's collapse."

"Hundreds and thousands of survivors"? Where are the fucking victims??All I see is survivors flooding the place and after collapse of the Soviet Union. If this isn't mass fraud what is.

Imagine that and wher are the reparations paid to the 12 million Germans that perished? Or the 60 million christians that were murdered under the communist regieme? Do Israelis give a shit about the rest of humanity but their own cynical deception? NO.

Get this sickening thing: "After a storm of protest by Holocaust survivors who charged the government with abandoning them, the state agreed earlier this year to give the 160,000 Israelis who survived Nazi ghettos and concentration camps a monthly stipend of nearly $300, in addition to tax discounts and other breaks.

It also approved monthly payments ranging from $40 to $125 for 80,000 survivors who came to Israel from the former Soviet Union."

and as anon 18:42 said:
"That's the scary thing - they're only a tiny minority at the moment."
Thast what they said about the Jews, look at the disaster now.

"Believe it or not..." says Savant. What exactly do you want us to "believe"?

Anonymous said...

Walking out in my neighborhood today was an act of depression.

I passed more blacks than Irish people.I am sick at what has become of my country.
I have no belief in anything any more,no religon ,no state no political party.
I and I reckon many others would now support a political movement and would vote for such ,who would return our country to a white one with Christian values .

Political idealogies anathema to the multiculuralists and the queslings in the government are the ones we should support.

Anonymous said...

Hooray! About fucking time the holacaust industry was shown up for what it is. A racket.

Joe O'Neill said...

Unfortunatly one man's truth is another man's offensive lie.The TRUTH is the truth however unpalatable.Jews were slaughtered in their millions,Armenians also, the catholic church killed an estimated 20 million during the inquisition, Big Mo was a paedophile Etc all true whether people like it or not ,now the thing is do we tell the truth because we do not like the victims ? or do we shut up because:-
1) I think it never really happenned
2) I'm sick of hearing it.
3) These people are making money out of it .
4) Lets move on.
5)Why do we harp on and on about it.
6) It frightens the children.
7) The right wingers find it offensive.
8) The catholics find it offensive.
9)The moslems find it offensive.
The truth shall set you free

SAVANT said...

My point in this post had nothing to do with the Holacaust as such, rather the manner in which a - for now - small and violent minority can force their views on a dhimmi educational establishment.

Anonymous said...

anon 15.50 - remember, the H. happened only a litttle over 50 years ago. that makes it VERY relevant to us today.

eric the red

Anonymous said...

Nava' fwaget! da hallowkwast!
The so called "H" as it "happened" is entirely fucking irrevelent. What should concern us more is the destruction of our homelands and the mass genocides that the jew led Soviet Union inflicted on Ukranian Peasents and its own people. The mass genocides of millions in Russia that went unpunishable. Most of the perpetrators of these heinious crimes fled to Israel where they reside today in old age completely protected by the law and probably scrounging a holohoax welfare check of the German gov.
What matters to us is the very real communist crimes of the underman that happened in vaster number than the so called "H" and have only stopped 20 yrs ago.
Of course all of our countries now face ruin by the marxists at the top of the pile and the thirld world ravagers at the bottom. If anything THIS is what we should be remebering. Otherwise we'll end up a multi-culti commie run mess like South Africa.

Anonymous said...

I feel the same about the holocaust story. The jews can stick. I don't care how many of them died. Not interested.

kulak said...

The right question is not "Are most jews involved?" The answer is no.

The right question is not "Is it mostly jews that are involved?" The answer is no.

The right question is "Would this be happening without jews?"

Viking said...

I read this a while back - I think it comes from a school in the North of England where there are so many Moslems they didn't select the H as a subject. Fuck them, lock them in a room and teach it to them anyway. Then teach them about how they approved of it..

Anonymous said...

anon 11.47 says says he/she is 'not interested' in the fact that millions of Jews (we can argue the exact figure) were muredered in Europe less than a generation ago?

What a monster!

Anonymous said...

What a monster!If you are Jewish, get lost.

If you are not Jewish, then you need to acquaint yourself with history. Not just Nazi Germany, but European history and not the watered down PC version either.

The world's loudest complainers and perpetual victims have more than a few skeletons in their closet that you are unaware of.

Anonymous said...

Tell me who is concerned about the millions who died at the Jews hands in Russia through the Soviet Union and their ideologies of class-war extermination propagated by marixism(Karl Marx and proponents of the Frakfurt school were Jews)?

Is most of the world now "monsters" for being mislead and ignorant of greater genocides? It happened right under their noses wihtin their own lifetimes (not just a generation ago). As the MSM knows "those who control the past control the furture". The so called "holocaust" was not even mentioned in Eisenhowers memoirs nor even in Winston Churchill's (numbering over three volumes). Only in the last 20 yrs since the end of the Soviet Union and the new evidence that emerged to discredit said story has the myth of the so called "holocaust" become more infatuated. Recent estimates by red-cross documents reveal less than a 100,000 Jews in total died or went missing. It works for two reasons: Money extortion, guilting/demoralisation of hostile populations and as a cover of aggresive expansion/genocide into Palestine. Btw, 160 billion in reparations have been paid by Germany. I know reason that the former rulers of the Soviet Union(90% of which were jews) will now pay reparations to the 100 million lives they destroyed.

Anon says: The right question is "Would this be happening without jews?"

Indeed, and the answer again is No.

Anonymous said...

youtube DR tony martin , the secret history of the jews and blacks .

for hundreds of yrs the jews controlled the african slave trade .

they don't teach english kids about oliver cromwells attempted extermiination of the irish , of the selling of 1/4 million irish people into slavery in the carribean , of the penal laws , or britains man made famine that reduced ireland population by a third ! isn't there a statue of mr cromwell outside the houses of parliament ? wouldn't you love to see a statue of heinrich himmler outside the german parliament ! lol i would ! the holocaust happened !!! fact , but today it's used by rich jews to make more money , while they slowly etnically cleanse the palestinians from their own land !

Big Bill said...

So now, instead of making all our children study their race guilt as white people for their sins against the Jews in WWII we will force them to study their race guilt as white people for their sins against the Arabs in the Crusades?

Aren't we just replacing one guilt-tripping minority group with another?

Couldn't they both make aliyah, move back home to Palestine and guilt trip each other with race guilt?

Why are they in Ireland to begin with? Can't get along with their neighbors back home, so now they bring their p!ssy attitudes to our shores?

Anonymous said...

As Big Bill says, it's always the whites who have to be the guilty ones.

18 K@rt said...

Could it be, that these Muslim kids could demonstate that the Holocaust myth is a badly constructed lie, which any intelligent person could see through, if they bothered to study it properly?

So to avoid having their illusions punctured, the teachers avoid the subject alltogether!

Anonymous said...

18@kart - how do explain the gas ovens? Are you really serious or slightly unhinged?

Anonymous said...

The "gas ovens" were placed there by the Soviets after ww2. There were no gas ovens whatsoever , its a pure myth just like"zyklon b", "nazi shrunken heads lamp shade skins, soap out of fat etc. Although the allies were known to use gas in executions of prisoners and in war time strategdy. Hence the wild accusations and turn around on the then vunerable Germany, that was the victim of mass murder and litigation by the allies after ww2.