Sunday, 22 March 2009

What's in a name?

Driving home in a jolly mood after Ireland's great victory over Wales, I heard a new release by '10cc' (Art for Art's Sake).
'That's not 10cc' says I - it just sounded totally different. And it wasn't 10cc. Unlike so many other groups, each of these guys was unique and special.

This is a practice that has annoyed me for decades. Groups 'reforming' bearing little or no relationship to the original in membership terms.
Going back to the seventies, groups like the Drifters and the Hollies toured with not one of the original members involved. How can they get away with that?

In the case of 10cc, Graham Gouldman is still involved, but he's the only one.

In fairness I think they should rename themselves 2.5cc.


Anonymous said...

Savant, too bad Google gave you a content warning. I think WordPress would be better. I use it to back up my site, and I find it reliable and easy. It's not as simple and intuitive as Blogger, and you have to get used to some different features, but it's not as bad as some people say. Maybe their sites are more complicated than mine.

Anonymous said...

I reread your comment and realize it may be possible that you haven't seen the content warning on your site. That's how they reduce your traffic. Try looking at your site from another computer.

SAVANT said...

Thanks Tasha. No, I saw the 'warnings' all right. I suppose I'm just not sure how it will impact the blog. Anyone dumb enough to heed the warning I dont want on the blog anyway!

I did a search on another computer and it wasnt immediately clear that they had gamed the search mechanism.

Anyway, thanks again - i'll definitly move over to WP and back up to it immediately.

Anonymous said...

I'm not dumb enough to heed the warning but it does have a psychological effect. Just discovered your blog (and latte's) and am enjoying it.

clonycavan said...

'Art for art's sake, money for god's sake...'? That was on the album 'One night in Paris' by 10cc (original line-up) back in the 70s, and very good it was too.
You're too young to remember,( although of course, precociously wise). Is that your Dad's photo on the opening page?
ps. I have been able to log onto your blog everytime I attempt.

SAVANT said...

Maybe I am too young clonycavan, but as you say, wise beyond my years.

But surely that's not Godley or Creme on vocals?

Anyway, good catch. As you know I'm virtually never wrong.

SAVANT said...

anon 19.59 - what's the psychological affect? More or less likley to log on?

Anonymous said...

Slightly less likely and then with a slightly queasy feeling, like I'm logging onto a porno site. Actually, the picture in the corner contributes to this feeling.

SAVANT said...

anon 1.07. How very hurtful! Maybe I could shed a few pounds, but nobody's perfect.

Anonymous said...

One of the former members of Smokie tours as a former member and sometimes plays in smaller halls in the same town and the same night where more people will pay MORE to see a tribute band to Smokie. Offhand I think the difference was £15 to £30 in the case of Wolverhampton.