Friday, 27 March 2009

Truth revealed at last

Thanks to the anonymous reader who sent me this link in today’s Irish Independent. It concerns the bogus asylum seeker Pamela Izevbekhai, who based her claim on her terror that genital mutilation would be forced on her children. Her terror was driven by the death of her first child from such a procedure. As I pointed out in the earlier post, she’s been “bleeding the legal system dry for nearly three years as every angle is pursued. No problem of course, the Irish taxpayer is picking up the bill for the whole thing.”

A point I made repeatedly, about her case and others, was that such claims are reported by the Immigration Industry and MSM as fact, not as unsubstantiated allegations. Despite a whole series of lies and contradictions being revealed, she continues (with her parasite legal team) over a year later to milk the Irish taxpayer. The total cost must easily run into seven figures.

Now, in this article, it has been revealed that there’s no truth in the fundamental basis of her claim. In fact she had forged the original documentation purporting to show that her daughter had suffered mutilation (and died as a result) and she never had a daughter at all!

Fucking wonderful.

And to think that we’ve been clogging up the legal system and enriching a gaggle of parasites in the process, on this nonsense, for close to five years. Maybe, just maybe, the penny will drop for somebody in power.

I'm not holding my breath.

I should also point out that the Irish Times, the Victim Industry bible, had no mention of this development, despite numerous articles on other aspects of immigration.


Anonymous said...

Almost every nigerian in Ireland who scammed the system is a thief ,a liar,vile scum of reprehensible character.
Imagine inventing a child and saying she was killed through fgm to gain a life of luxury at the expense of the Irish people.

This nigerian and all other nigerian scammers in Ireland are enemies of the Irish State and the Irish people.

We need robust action by a new brand of politics in this country.All nigerians who came here illegally should be deported regardless of how long they are here.
Those who have scammed citizenship are not Irish.We should never recognise them as Irish.Prejudice against them is justified.
In this time of economic meltdown is the time to round them up and ship them out.
They are enemies of the Irish people.

Anonymous said...

Well said! There are literally tens of thousands of these scamming, criminal, thieving scroungers in ireland. many are here on the nototious IBC-05 scheme. These can legally be turfed out at renewal time. Maybe as you say the economic downturn will encourage sensible action.

Anonymous said...

The real criminals are not the nigerians but the judges and politicians who are selling us down the river.

Anonymous said...

So are all you heroes now happy that a woman and her two small children will be sent away from their home to some unknown destination?


Anonymous said...

The real criminals are our politicans for making us believe that the Nigerians are human. Deport the fucking lot I say.

kerdasi amaq said...

'So are all you heroes now happy that a woman and her two small children will be sent away from their home to some unknown destination?'"

yeah, you betcha.

it's not our problem.

Our People should take priority over foreigners.

Anonymous said...

'So are all you heroes now happy that a woman and her two small children will be sent away from their home to some unknown destination?'


We don't think we're heroes. We are just pissed off citizens who do not believe that the country has an obligation to accept endless numbers of Third Worlders.

Africa has enormous resources. If Africans put as much energy into creating decent societies as they do into welfare scamming in the West they would not have leave their 'beloved' mother countries.


Anonymous said...

In answer to Aoife 28 March 2009 07:51

The answer to your question is :Yes.

...and secondly this is not their home ,they are criminal invaders,enemies of the Irish people.

Anonymous said...

Dont you guys know anything? The surgeon who now claims a forgery was interviewed a few years back and supported Pamela's strory in full. This really is a racist hate site, despite what it's authors claim.

Anonymous said...

FGM is practiced by women in many African countries, Nigeria being one of many. It is interesting to note that it is WOMEN who insist on having their daughters mutilated - so if this particular cultural enricher wanted to, she could say no to her daughters being mutilated. Indeed, the Nigerian government has anti-fgm days and would no doubt help protect her daughters. I see nothing racist in wanting to deport someone who is undesirable, a criminal, a proven liar and an illegal immigrant back from whence they came.

clonycavan said...

'...some unknown destination.'
What Victorian 'dark continent' crap!
It's very well known to the 125 million people who live in the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Read about in in the CIA world factbook. Many of it's Republics have laws against FGM, so there are plenty of safe places to live.
It's time Pamela had her dated stereotypes challenged. Travel broadens the mind, and it's time for Pamela to travel home.

Anonymous said...

I see on the Irish Times web site that she now claims she never knew the document was a forgery.


So some unknown person, for some unknown reason, went to a lot of trouble to forge a document to enable her to game the systm, but never thought of telling her!

Anonymous said...

The African countries were expected to do well after independence in the 1950's. They overlooked IQ. And this is the reason this immigration is a bad idea as it indiscriminately allows in people from a low IQ group.

kerdasi amaq said...

Question, did Pamela Izevbekhai have FGM done to her? I don't think so!

Anonymous said...

@kerdasi amaq

Then its about time she did. Any black that seeks admittance to this country should be immediatly sterlised. Ideally of course they would be banned from entry altogether and sent back to sea like how the Thai authorities deal with "immigrants".

Anonymous said...

So are all you heroes now happy that a woman and her two small children will be sent away from their home to some destination unknown?


Why shouldn't she enjoy Destination Unknown?

Anonymous said...

A NIGERIAN lawyer based in Dublin has described the majority of applications for asylum status in Ireland as bogus.

Lawyer Waheed Mudah said that he and his wife had not experienced any discrimination or mistreatment in their native country and said that it was the prospect of a better life that encouraged them to come to Ireland. Mudah has a degree in law from the University of Sokoto and qualified as a barrister at the Nigerian Law School in Lagos.

"It is known to you, me and most people that the majority of asylum seekers are not asylum seekers in the true sense. It's just to give you a platform to get a visa or permission to remain in the country, " Mudah said.

Mudah, who is training to practise as a solicitor in Ireland with a Tallaght firm, said that Ireland is attractive to Africans as a destination where they hope they can eventually stay and gain work. "It is true to say that [the reason Nigerians apply for asylum] is not because they are in danger at home.

Corkonian said...

Well waddya know - an honest Nigerian!

Anonymous said...

Nobody in the MSM asked the liar about the son she was forced to leave behind.

Clogheen said...

Nobody in the MSM ever did or ever will one of the 'victims' ANY awkward questions.