Monday, 16 March 2009

By their own words shall ye know them....

I've found it as easy as shooting fish in a barrel to point out the disastrous impact of mass immigration to the West. The evidence is right in our faces, everywhere, despite the best efforts of the MSM and the Victim/Diversity Industry to keep the truth from us. I've also found plenty of formal, peer-reviewed academic research, most notably this, to support my position.

Nonetheless, the Industry keeps bombarding us with its merits, with the mindless Orwellian ‘strength through diversity’ and similar rubbish. But the Industry is, of its essence, living proof of its fundamental falsehood.

Here’s my theory.

If multi-culty diversity was so wonderful, if we’re all just waiting to live in happy-clappy multi-culty PC wonderland with the hundreds of thousands of ‘New Irish’, why do we need the Industry at all?

Yet the country (and all other countries in the West) is swamped with them. Google ‘Ireland’ and ‘race’ and you’ll get more than two million hits! And you’ll soon realise the size of the industry. I gave up after reaching thirty six such organizations, all leeching off the public finances. A reliable source informs me that there are over two hundred such groups.

Read what those groups say: It’s all basically the same. ‘We’re fighting against the growing tide of racism and xenophobia in Ireland and helping communities to integrate better’.

Excuse me – but I thought diversity was strength, not something that needed the equivalent of an army to police?

A report on racism by the Economic & Social Research Institute refers to “harassment on the street, in other public places or on public transport, insults or other forms of harassment at work”.

Lawyer, lecturer and general pain in the hole Ronat Lentin tells us we’re gone from being ‘institutionally racist’ to ‘constitutionally racist’. I don't know what that means but apparently it’s bad. Very bad.

A report from Dublin City University bemoans the rapid rise of ‘far right’ parties throughout Europe. “A common theme has been their very vocal opposition to 'immigration' and a barely hidden or even undisguised racist opposition to minority communities within their individual states."
Finally, can I point out to the plethora of diversity managers in every workplace, university – in fact anywhere people interact together. These parasites are playing an increasingly important role in the Industry, and drawing down handsome money for it. Invariably at the taxpayers’ expense.

So, my point is this. If diversity and multiculturalism are so wonderful, why do you need a whole industry, supported by a massive body of legislation, to enforce it?
It’s a good point, isn't it?
And, again, using the industry’s own words, the situation is getting worse, not better.
And it just underlines, as if we needed to, that diversity and multiculturalism represent social engineering on a scale similar to that pursued by Mao or Stalin. Agreed, not with their violence. But you see, their work could be reversed over a generation or two, as is happening now in the former Communist countries. But once the social fabric of a society has been destroyed like say England’s (see my post here) there’s no going back.

That's what these bastards are doing to us.


Anonymous said...

The violence will come eventually, it will be an unfortunate inevitability of the suicidal experiment.

tesla said...

Some more virtues of diversity:

Police in Connecticut chase outbreak of cockfighting

HIV/AIDS Rate in Washington, D.C. Hits 3%, Considered a 'Severe' Epidemic

The incompatibility of 3rd worlders with modern Western culture could not be any clearer. What is wrong with these diversity folks? Why do they have such hatred for Western civilization?

Some of the comments to the articles are very heartening. There is hope.

Anonymous said...

"Rosenthal: Well, it's true. We're smart -- we are powerful and at the proper time we will mix up your gentile women with the Blacks and in 50 years you'll be all mixed up. Niggers love to s---w your white women and we encourage it by using them to our advantage.

White: I recall your saying that the Blacks serve a purpose.

Rosenthal: Yes, we will use them to a great advantage. (It was primarily by Jewish merchant ships and Jewish-run slave auctions that the blacks got to America.)

White: And try to destroy them after you have used them I presume?

Rosenthal: If necessary. Yes! You and I know they're inferior people, a dumb race, but can be useful with the use of money. I mean real big money. Niggers will do anything for money. So, when the time comes -- and you might even live to see it -- we will have that complete control while you stupid Christians are waiting for your Christ, the impostor, to return as your savior.

The above excerpt is taken from an confidential interview conducted by Walter White Jr. in 1976.

Harold Rosenthal, the interviewee, was a Jewish administrative assistant to one of the U.S.'s highest ranking senators, Jacob Javits R-NY at the time.

For the full scope of this fascinating interview, just Google -- "Harold Rosenthal Interview".

IsraeliEejit said...

The reason this multi-culti is bad is not because the Irish are racist or narrow-minded, its because the QUALITY of these newcomers is so low. If they were educated or resourceful people they would contribute to society and make the country prosper further. Instead, they have no love or loyalty to Ireland and have no qualms in bleeding it dry like leeches. The crime rate shoots up, social services and resources are drained and its all take, take, take without a thought of any giving.
And of course far right parties are going to gain strength - as is happening all over Europe. People dont like what has become of their countries.
At the end of the day it will be up to the citizens of each country to say "enough is enough". Things will get a lot worse unless the people demand change.

Anonymous said...

The problem, if the violence does come, is that we'll all be engulfed. The main objective should be to STOP all such immigration (the kind Israelieedjit refers to) immediately and then start repatriating as many of them as possible.

togo said...

You should start one of those "far right" political parties that are becoming popular in the rest of Europe but, oddly enough, are for all practical purposes illegal in the US.

Failing that, the Irish have a long history of guerrilla warfare

Viking said...

O, please, enough of the Jew-conspiracy theories!!

Savant, thanks again for another insightful article. You've led me to the question, has anyone ever actually tried to explain HOW we are to be strengthened and enriched through "diversity". You have between now and Africa Day to answer!
Seeing as so much of our money is being pumped into this industry, perhaps someone somewhere should write a brief article outlining the answer to this question. If it's explained properly, maybe they won't need a whole industry to convince us, without using any actual arguments of course.
Now, let me clarify. I don't hate anyone. When I see an Indian bloke on the street, I think, he must be a doctor or an IT specialist or something. I welcome him, because he is working hard for us and for his family, and he is very welcome here as far as I'm concerned. But I don't welcome him, because he brings "diversity". Isn't that completely racist? If I like him because he is "colourful" and exotic, doesn't that denigrate every effort he has ever made to educate himself and work hard??
The point I'm getting at, is that welcoming someone for their "diversity" is the last ditch effort to explain them as someone useful, when no other use can be found.It's like saying, Judith Mkombo, she doesn't work, has nine welfare children, and no discernible skills - but at least she brings "diversity".

Viking said...

I've just read the ESRI report, incidentally.

"The immigrants surveyed were most likely to socialise with people from their own country of origin, followed by Irish people: they were less likely to socialise with other ethnic or national groups."
I found this part the most interesting. Not very into multiculturalism are they?!

IsraeliEejit said...

Happy St. Paddy's Day Savant !!!

bythesea said...

From Ronit Lentin's own website:
"Those of us who do 'ethnic and racial studies' still have a lot to do, yet those of us doing 'migration studies' look like yesterday's story and need to reconfigure our theoretical and empirical strategies."
In other words in these uncertain times she and her ilk could lose their well-paid jobs (the horror!) unless they can discover some other 'problem' to 'study'.

SAVANT said...

This is a great comment bythesea - well spotted. As I say, there's a whole industry out there: academics, lawyers, 'diversity consultants', quango employees etc. All useless and all drawing fro the public purse.

Anonymous said...

Whats the difference between St.Patricks Day and Martin Luther King Day?

On St. Patricks Day, everybody wants to be Irish.

Cheeky Boy said...

If your against the multi-culti nightmare, your gonna labelled a racist, so you might as well embrace it(racism). Anyway your detractors are most likely to be some weedy middle class leftie loser. Ofcourse i don't advocate mindless violence against anyone(except multi-culti whites)immigrants are just one symptom of what's wrong with west,although the most visible.
As for violence being inevitable,that's not a problem.Europeans are still military superior than anything the third world has.

Viking said...

@ bythesea

good point - a recent example of how self-serving the equality industry is: the woman who in Ireland sued her insurance company for discrimination. thankfully, she lost.

Anonymous said...

Australian Law Prof Andrew Fraser wrote an article a few years ago advocating a return to their previous immigration policy.

Fraser's article wasn't published (there was some threatened legal action to stop it) but it's available here online. He also makes the point that if multiculturalism is so sensitive to criticism the case for it must be quite weak.

Pseudothyrum said...

There are endless similar examples, but how about this one:

A Jewish-American woman named Judy Katz actually wrote an official 'handbook' published by a university press in America called "White Awareness: Handbook for Anti-Racism Training" -

Damn these people are so predictable sometimes, aren’t they?

Anonymous said...

Savant, here's another interesting blog I've recently come across addressing similar issues from a US perspective.

"t is rare that one can discuss controversial topics both openly and intelligently. Usually the debate degenerates into politically correct platitudes or outright fighting, complete with name calling and someone storming out of the room.

To avoid such hostilities, I set certain rules for myself. I would not get in the mud and I would not speak about the particularly controversial subject of IQ. Almost immediately, I broke both rules. One must address IQ as an explanation because in the absence of it, we cannot discuss why blacks always fall behind. Other than IQ, the only other explanation is white hate and racism. (Who caused the defects of black culture? Who caused black society to be destroyed by welfare? Racism and the legacy of slavery? Or IQ? What other answers are even possible?)"

SAVANT said...

Thanks, anon 2.37. Have checked it out and would strongly recommned it, as you suggest.

Anonymous said...

pseudoryhtm - that judy katz thing was a set-up. check your facts man.