Saturday, 28 February 2009

Oh no! Bono upset!

If there’s one thing that really spoils my day, it’s to hear that Bono is upset. I want him to sit back and enjoy the adoration to which his selfless international posturing has afforded him. But typically Irish, it seems we’ve betrayed him.

It goes back to the decision by U2 to dodge paying their taxes by moving many of their operations to Holland. Specifically the capping to €250,000 the amount of tax free earnings ‘artists’ could claim. In other words Bono and the boys would be paying nearly, but not quite, the rate of tax the rest of us ordinary mortals do.

And it seems it’s all perfectly legal. Which though, is not the point, as the storm of criticism, both local and international, has underlined. You see, as we all know, Bono never stops berating us and exhorting our government to give more of our tax money to African despots - ideally with him in the photo op at the handover. But even the Irish sheeple cottoned on that if we all dodged our taxes like Bono, there wouldn’t be any money to line the dictators accounts. Or for anything else for that matter.

Maybe because the sheeple have been taken in by this posturing pseud for decades he thought he’d get away with it again. And now he’s, wait for it ‘hurt and disappointed’. Apparently ‘what stung us most were the accusations of hypocrisy for my work as an activist’.

All together now, aaaghh.

The diminutive hypocrite could have added ‘just because I duck out of paying my due doesn’t mean that ordinary people earning on thousandth of what I do shouldn’t fork out for causes I deem appropriate’.

All I can say is his brass neck is even thicker than I had thought.

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Anonymous said...

Bono's a dirty C**t , last year he claimed in a speech at a conference in japan , that the Irish died by the thousands because we didn't plant enough variety's of potatoes , and there was i thinking that we starved by the thousands , because the English forced the people to be completely dependent on the potato , and when the crop failed the english kept on removing all other food stuffs , between 30 and 50 ships filled with food left Ireland everyday ,


kerdasi amaq said...

Poiticians are tax junkies, the more tax money they get; the more they want.

U-2 are helping them kick the habit.

kerdasi amaq said...

Most potatoes planted in Ireland in the 1840's were 'lumpers' aka 'aran bamnners'.

These potatoes gave a yield of 13 lbs for every lb of seed. They were particulary susceptible to blight.

Records gave a yield of 6lbs for every lb of seed.

Anonymous said...

Kerdasi amaq - this might be true about gobernments and tax, but this prick keeps saying that governments should finance world poverty. Where will they get the funds other than from tax?

This is why this midget is a hypocrate