Sunday, 22 February 2009

Chronicle of a disaster foretold

Deaths of missionaries ‘regretted’

LONDON: April 6, 2012: Sir. Iqbal Socranie, President of the British Council of Muslims, in a statement issued today expressed ‘deep regret’ for the ‘killing of the Christian missionaries’ in East London on Monday. However, he added that ‘Islam very clearly prohibits attempts at converting Muslims, and the penalty for infringement is very severe, as the fate of the missionaries has shown’.

‘In order to avoid further regrettable incidents of this nature it’s essential that the faith of Muslims be respected and that missionaries keep out of Muslim areas. That is the only way peaceful and respectful co-existence can take place’.

However, this statement was slammed by Shadow Home Secretary Steven Pinker. ‘Sir Iqbal’s comments are entirely unacceptable. While condemnation of the murders – I note he referred to them as killings – is welcome, he seems unable or unwilling to understand that the laws of Islam, or of any other religion, are, or should be, entirely subservient to the laws of this land as enacted by Parliament’.

Meanwhile, inter-communal violence in reaction to the murders continues unabated and has now spread to Oldham, Bradford and to formerly peaceful communities. Whereas the attacks on Asians were denounced as ‘racist hate crimes’ by the British Institute of Human Rights, the reaction across the political spectrum were less sympathetic.

‘This has been in the making a long time’, said Burnley City Councillor Steve Kirby, standing in front of a row of burnt-out houses. ‘British people are sick and tired of being pushed around their own country while being accused of racism if we object. These people must decide whether they want to live in Britain as British citizens, or else go somewhere more to their liking’.

Proliferation of gun clubs a growing cause for concern:

STOCKHOLM: June 15, 2014. While downplaying claims that Swedish ‘gun clubs’ were a cover for vigilante-style organizations hostile to immigrants, the Prime Minister admitted today, for the first time, that their rapid proliferation was a cause for concern. ‘There seems to be little logical reason for this growth, and we must all be concerned at the increasing use of semi-automatic weapons at these so-called clubs. In the light of this the Government is considering legislation to outlaw their sale and use, even if sport is the claimed objective.’

However, his remarks were attacked by Sven Larson, spokesman for the Swedish Rifle Association. ‘It’s not the owners of legally-held guns who are driving the crime wave in this country, a crime wave that means women are afraid to venture out at night, and where whole neighbourhoods have become no-go areas even for the police.

Nor is it the gun clubs who are forcing primitive tribal customs on our advanced societies. Rather than attacking law-abiding citizens, the PM should pay attention to credible reports that so-called jihadists, who are swarming through our unprotected borders, are arming themselves in migrant areas. This country is headed for a conflagration if action isn't taken quickly.’

The Swedish Immigration Research Centre denounced Mr. Larson’s statement and called for him to be prosecuted under ‘Hate Crimes’ legislation.

Proposed Convention of European Gun Clubs banned by the courts.

BRUSSELS September 22, 2014: The proposed convention of ‘Gun Clubs’ from across Europe, due to take place here next weekend, has been banned by Belgium's highest court. Citing the likelihood of violent protests from ‘immigrant groups’ and credible claims that the organization was a neo-Nazi front, the court cited ‘the protection of public order’ as the primary reason for the ban.

The Association’s President, Bert van Hanegem, claimed it ‘ironic’ that the fear of ‘violent protests’ was the reason for banning a so-called neo-Nazi group. ‘It was the Nazis who used violence against their opponents to prevent them organizing.’ He added that the ban would not prevent the clubs strengthening their cross-European links even further.

EU Internal Security Commissioner admits inter-communal strife a cause for ‘serious concern’ in many European countries.

STRASBOURG: October 2, 2014: In response to the ever-growing list of inter-communal violence sweeping the Continent, Commissioner Mattheus admitted that it was now a cause for ‘serious concern’. He appealed for all sides to co-operate with police and community workers to bring people together and build trust.

However, Steven Colbert, of the European People’s Party (EPP) responded that it was ‘by now probably too late’ that the problem was in the making for decades, but ‘everyone looked the other way’. ‘This is why the EPP has gained such enormous support in recent years - because so-called mainstream parties refused to listen to ordinary people, and address their concerns about security and the destruction of their way of life.’

Colbert found some support from an unlikely quarter - the Anglican Bishop of Rochester Delivering his weekly homily he commented that ‘in virtually every city and town in Europe we have a situation similar to that in post-Tito Yugoslavia - mutually hostile ethnic and religious enclaves. Communal order has broken down and one risks one’s life by wandering into ‘enemy’ territory’.

Attacks show evidence of ‘military precision’ – Police Chief

STOCKHOLM January 15, 2015: As lethal armed attacks on Muslim and African neighbourhoods continued throughout Europe, Stockholm Police Chief claimed that they were ‘clearly co-ordinated, and carried out with military precision’. Hosting a meeting of senior internal security personnel from across the Continent, he claimed that the Convention of European Gun Clubs was, as many suspected, a vigilante group dedicated to wiping out certain immigrant groupings.

In the first such organised attack on Monday many of those arrested proved to be members of the Clubs. Reliable sources confirm that a similar situation applies throughout Europe.

‘We have a full-scale crisis on our hands. We have no alternative to drafting in the army, now that well-armed jihadists are appearing in large numbers throughout the Muslim communities and launching counter-attacks’.

In Brussels, Bert van Hanegem, President of the European Gun Clubs, denied that the organization had any role in the ongoing communal violence. ‘Certainly, many of our members would be patriots who bitterly resent the way their countries have been taken over by alien races, religions and cultures, who will fight to preserve our freedoms in the absence of official action’.

He added ominously that ‘there will be mass slaughter and destruction in every country before the situation can eventually be controlled. And the blame for this lies squarely with the political class which allowed the problem to fester for decades. Future generations won't thank them for their cowardice and indolence…….. '


Anonymous said...

1997- on the vote of the Irish Electorate..........Unleash Hell!
Nine Years from now I will be watching our Head of State betray our brother nation, Denmark, by pandering to the Arab enemies of both our White Christian Nations.
Twelve years from now I will hear the Obama presidency described as 'the directon we in ireland want to head in '
by someone who gets paid a fortune to do nothing but go to the ends of the earth on holiday several times a year.
Imagine that you are in an all White Ireland and it will be long as you have a time machine to take you back to 1995.
Hold the Line.
Stay with me.
Should you find yourself alone, riding in a vibrant multicultural Ireland with loads of mosques, vibrant no go areas, rioting muslims, Nigerian gangsters on every street corner, and a black Taoiseach...........
Then be very troubled
For you are in McAleesium and you are already undead, along with the other white pod people who believe this is a good thing just because the MSM says so.

Anonymous said...

"Sir" Iqbal's apology sounds like that old saying, "Ah well, fuck you if you can't take a joke."

Anonymous said...

it took me a while to realise that this was a 'fantasy'.


Anonymous said...

Let's hope that whites are allowed to organize "gun clubs" - rather than being ;egally disarmed while Mohammedans and blacks pack all the heat!

Johan Potgieter

Anonymous said...

It was so realistic that I didnt realize what it was until half way thru. Thats the scary thing.

Anonymous said...

If the recession is deeper and last longer, this scenario could come about much sooner than you think.


kerdasi amaq said...

The biggest problem for the people of the West, is that they keep electing 'oikophobes' into office.

Prime Irish example: Conor Lenihan.

This comment was meant to go here.

'oikophobia', lovely word that. I found it on 'Gates of Vienna'. It is the opposite of 'xenophobia'. People who hate their own people. Our media are full of'em.

. ***

Scruton also invents a nifty new word -- "oikophobia" -- to fight back against those who use terms like "racism" and "xenophobia" to stifle legitimate discussion of important matters. Here's how he defines "oikophobia":

Its symptoms are instantly recognized: namely, the disposition, in any conflict, to side with 'them' against 'us', and the felt need to denigrate the customs, culture and institutions that are identifiably 'ours'. I call the attitude okophobia -- the aversion to home -- by way of emphasizing its deep relation to xenophobia, of which it is the mirror image. Oikophobia is a stage through which the adolescent mind normally passes. But it is a stage in which intellectuals tend to become arrested.
Here's a Salon interview with Roger Scruton.

clonycavan said...

'Oikophobia' is a useful term.Thanks.
The demise of public funding for the National Consultative Committee on Racism and Interculturalism [how cool are they?]in Dec 08 was a long over-due correction by a Government that has failed to give responsible leadership for years. Could no-one advise this body that a publication entitled 'Changing Ireland' is just culturally insensitive; that the Irish people have spent the last 1500 years resisting change?
Thirteen fewer preachers on the bloated public payroll-good riddance. Now if we are sensible and not complacent, maybe we can avoid the scenarios imagined by the Savant.

18 k@rt said...

Here's one you left out.

In Eurabia, after the muzzies take over, it will be mandatory to "deny" the Holocaust, whilst affirming the "myth" of the gas-chambers will get you tossed in gaol, at best.

Anonymous said...

The Fifth Column is the European Court of Human Rights. This will undermine every effort made to combat the kinds of pproblemyou refer to.