Friday, 2 January 2009

Update: Turkey

In a post entitles 'Welcome Mass Murderers' I made some unflattering references to the EU's new best friends, largely to the effect that the country is totally unapologetic about it's mass-murdering recent history. I also suggested that, given the experience of existing Turkish presence in the EU (mainly Germany) we were liable to hit some assimilation problems were 80 million largely impoverished Muslims flood the Continent.

Now thanks to SkotGerman I provide some YouTube links which illustrate how swimmingly well that German experience is going. Clip 2 is of particular interest, underlining, in my view, that the situation is beyond redemption.

As a post-script, check some of the dozens of other YouTube links provided when you watch the fight clips. Almost without exception they all involve blacks. Bet you're surprised at that!

(1) Turks beat police.

(2) A fine investment Germany makes in schooling Turks:

(3) Criminal parasites:


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Anonymous said...

Turkey is the tip of the Iceberg.
The EU want the whole lot in their one big happy family- North African Jordan Syria.The European Mediteranean Union its called for now. Ganley won't bring it up because he knows he'll be smeared as a waycist. As for the Germans, stick a fork in them, they're done. Almost half the children in Cologne are muslim. Goodnight.

Anonymous said...

Vienna on the night of the Croatia V turkey game two Croat women are attacked by four Meleagris gallopavos.
Cannot find the video on youtube but it says all you need to know about turks as proved by Bruxelles, Rotterdam, wherever they "flock" to.