Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Today's Irish Times Web site

Under the heading 'Most Popular Stories':

'Property developer found dead in home'

How very unkind.


Anonymous said...

Not really a subject for humour. The guy apparently committed suicide a left a family behind him.

Anonymous said...

Well, would you not say he's a coward for leaving his family to their fate, just because he had financial problems? It seems alleviating his sorrow was of more importance than being there to protect his family. Sounds an all round selfish bastard.

Anonymous said...

The benefit, or lack of, to his family depends on whether or not he possessed life insurance and if a suicide clause applied. Regardless, what else can one expect in such an insipid materialistic society? Property developers are the living avatars of Mammon.

Anonymous said...

Lets hope we see a few more of the bastards swinging