Friday, 16 January 2009

The net closes in

Migration Watch Ireland has had it's site taken down after being referred to the police. Quoting "It seems they fell foul of the Nigerian Candidate, one Frances Soney-Ituen, who is standing in the Locals in Athy, Co Kildare next June and who complained to the local Leinster Leader. Then the Irish Sun got involved and ran the story. When this Site didn’t come up with an answer to their liking quick enough it looks like somebody called in the Garda Internet Unit."

"Migration Watch have now issued the following statement part of which reads as follows:‘This afternoon we were contacted by official authorities and asked to provide a full explanation of our website and names and addresses of Migration Watch staff, and the details of our suppliers of information and posters. We were also asked to remove the links to our Election Watch section.We have since refused the request, and disposed of such information."

Well, well, well. A Nigerian cultural enricher, who got in here - I'd love to know how - doesn't like the approach to freedom of speech in her new country, so uses the police, who'd otherwise be engaged chasing down Nigerian drug dealers, to close down an Irish site to which she takes exception.

I'm waiting for the midnight knock myself.


clonycavan said...

It's a disgrace. Thanks for publicising this. I hope you are able to get out the information tell us if you ever get that midnight knock.
As we used to say in South Africa in the dark days of apartheid- Amandla!

Anonymous said...

All i could think when i read this is - we're fucked. And we've done it to ourselves.

Anonymous said...

yes you are and its because you are all so Nice .
stop being Nice. fight back.

SAVANT said...

Yes, we are being too nice. But I think it's too late to fight back. If you look at the comments on, they're about 4:1 in favour of the censorship. We've been lobotomised.

Tasha said...

well if migratin watch has any spunk they will regroup like south africa sucks .
maybe in wales or somewhere where the damned internet police cant get to them.
there is always a way

Tasha said...

get yourself a shadow blog at wordpress before you get yanked

Anonymous said... is hardly an accurate gauge. 80 per cent voted for McDowell's citizienship referendum back in 2004. Cranks like Boyd Barrett can't get into the Dail and hopefuly the Green bastards will be wiped out in the next election. I've lived in this country all my life. It's my ancestoral homeland. Driving between Dublin & the west, knowing things like Clonmacnoise is just south of the main road at one point, feeling the spirit of the land that they'll never feel, knowing a million things about this country that they'll never know and they just breeze in here call us racists and think they should have power in our country when they don't even begin to know it. Why should any Irish person vote for a Nigerian. Imagine if I went over there and said vote for me, I'll make your country better, even though I know fuck all about it. Imagine if I acted in a play in Lagos with my character saying 'I don't know why anyone would want to come to Nigeria, its full of idiots.'

Anonymous said...

anonymous 16.56 - amen to that.

Anonymous said...

craigslist dublin rants and rave
use it overthrow the nigerians

Anonymous said...

I tried the craiglist thing but how do you post a comment? I just see an opportunity to respond via email.

b/t/w this is a good idea - any way of getting the message across

Anonymous said...

I've never been to Ireland (Canada here), but I remember quite distinctly the useless slaughter between Catholics and Protestants taking place during the '70s where several thousand young White Irishmen and women were eradicated from the face of the earth.....for nothing!!

Today, Ireland has a fifth column of foreigners, very much unlike yourselves, who have every intention of usurping the Irish power base IF you allow it to happen. So I ask, where is that fighting spirit now when it is most needed to protect the indigenous people of Ireland??

Colonisation begins with one small step and then escalates from that point onwards leading to questionable motives.

T. O . Meehan said...

d's sakes man, put on your shorts!
As an American all I can say is that third world immigration is the death of everything you hold dear. We western societies seem to have a death wish in that we allow people with whom we have nothing in common to enter our societies and use our own social institutions to replace us. I have thought about retiring to that section of Ireland where I still have relations. The thought of going "home" only to find black criminals stalking the place fills me with horror.

Anonymous said...

TO Meehan I dont know what part of ireland you had in mind but i can tell you you'll find those people in every town and village. I live in a small west Cork town and just this very morning calculated that 1 in 4 of the people on the street were, as Savant says, 'cultural enrichers'.