Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Jews and the Wall St. melt-down

A large number of comments to this blog have referred to how prominent Jews have been in the development of the current meltdown. This is indeed true, and not only have they dominated in terms of numbers, many (e.g. Rubin, Greenspan) also seem to have escaped the train wreck with their fortunes largely intact.

What does this prove? A coterie of Jews meeting in a dark room, cackling as they draw up their plans to rip off the goyim?

No. Jews make up a disproportionate ratio of Wall St. gangsters for the same reason they're disproportionately represented among doctors, professors, media tycoons, philosophers and writers: High IQ.

And this is exactly the same reason you see so few blacks numbered among those occupations. Or among the Wall St. crooks. As this post and many other related ones show, career performance is determined by IQ more than any other characteristic. Jews are, very disproportionately, highly intelligent with a strong work ethic. Blacks are neither.

And I conclude by suggesting that the cleanout of this particular nest of rats will driven and lead by, yes, Jews. Because they'll be the ones most able to do it. As I've said on several occasions, you'll find Jews on both sides of every argument or divide. There is no all-encompassing Jewish Plot.


ecci non-lover said...

I'd say discrimination has a lot to do with it. like the stickies at RTE.

Anonymous said...

"you'll find Jews on both sides of every argument or divide. There is no all-encompassing Jewish Plot."

This is true, however the ones on what we would consider the wrong side of the plot are all powerful and by the day acquiring more and more control over all aspects of Finance, Politics, Media, you name it.

I always remember an article many years ago that suggested they were always at both ends of any spectrum, e.g. for and against gun laws in the US, for the simple reason that if they control both sides of an argument, they control the outcome of the argument. As you yourself suggested they have on average the highest I.Qs, so this is well within the realms of possibility.

Now, if there is any truth in the possibility that even a small percentage of these powerful people have some devious purpose for this disproportionate influence on affairs,it is indeed food for thought.

Anonymous said...

It has been noted how very few people cried 'racism', when somebody's research found 'jews' [more specifically, USA based Askenazim] to be '10% more intelligent'.

Anonymous said...

Your position doesn't take into account that there is a 'Jewish conspiracy' but that not all, or even most, jews are in it. This would explain the @jews on both sides' factor.

Anonymous said...

I agree, and what I find amazing is that so many of the people who are so obsessed with Jewish IQ and accomplishment are themselves very bright and accomplished, so they could easily do the same thing. For instance, Kevin MacDonald is a brilliant guy...few Jews are as smart as him. Why did he choose to be a college professor? If he'd gone into banking, he'd now be one of the people everyone's complaining about.

Kilbarry1 said...

One thing that is very difficult to discuss after the Holocaust is that some Nazi allegations about Jews were true. For example the term "Jewish Commissar" is not fiction. There WERE a disproportionate number of Jews in the Bolsheviks and among Stalin's lieutenants - even thou Stalin himself was an anti-Semite.

OTOH during the "Age of De Valera", Jews in Ireland also played a political role that was out of all proportion to their numbers. Robert Briscoe was one of Devs most loyal lieutenants and there were Jewish Lord Mayors of Dublin and Cork - both Fianna Fail. Yet the number of Jews in Ireland was minuscule. (It is also noteworthy that they gravitated towards the political leader who was most closely associated with the Catholic Church!)

It is probably true that Jews always tend to rise to the top of society - irrespective of whether it's a Catholic Democracy or a Genocidal Dictatorship!!

Anonymous said...

Kilbarry - There's also a legitimate source of inquiry into what is usually dismissed as a Nazi fantasy, the Jewish Plot that drained money from Germany and lost them WW1.

There's credible evidence - from Jewish sources - to suggest that the fantasy was in fact reality

Anonymous said...

jews stick together .they work the tribal thing very well and make sure other jews are doing well.
they are not smarter then non-jews, but they do value to education so this gives them a one up.
the united states is stuck paying for the jewish state of israel and if you were paying for israel you wouldnt be bragging about how smart they the way Jerry springer is jewish so I think he makes a prime example of a jew who knows how to work the gentiles to his own advantage.

Anonymous said...

My aunt was first generation Jewish from Germany. She used her sex appeal to get a white male protestant.
she was always out for herself and helped herself to my great uncles ivory brought back from china.
she stiffed my mother the stipend she was to receive when her brother died, about 8,000 dollars.she was so cheap she stole salt etc from Mcdonalds.
yes a smart Jewish woman she was, lots of money and then her son killed himself because she had no love for him in her heart.

Anonymous said...

I've met a number of Jewish women from Eastern Europe who were/are just like the aunt of anonymous 23.25!

Anonymous said...

by they way, a jewish group from the US, called the the ADL - the anti defamation league have agreed to patrol the internet for examples of hate .
I am beginnging to think the Jews earn the hatred people have for them.
The US gave them a really great home and like spoiled brats they demand Israel and that the gentiles , who they never really like, pay for it.

Anonymous said...

hello savant ! i must say this fetish with IQ is getting out of hand , blacks are criminals because of a low IQ , Jews are rich , successful , powerful , because of their high IQ's , OK if the Jews are so smart how come they didn't see Hitler coming , i don't think too many blacks went up the chimney in Auschwitz ! the reason jews got on in business was that for centuries , they had an advantage over Christians ! usury was a crime and a sin for Christians , which left the Jews with an empty pitch all for themselves ! simple really !

SAVANT said...

Come on - you dont really think being dragged into the Holacaust was due to a lack of intelligence, do you?

Your point overlooks the fact that Jews predominate in science, philosophy, the arts, academia, media - nothing to do with business or usury.

Also, I say that having low IQ is one factor (albeit an important one) in the high criminality of blacks.

IsraeliEejit said...

The funniest part of this analysis of the Jewish psyche is Anonymous's remark at 14 January 16:53:

"I always remember an article many years ago that suggested they were always at both ends of any spectrum, e.g. for and against gun laws in the US...."

Have you ever considered that the reason for this is not some sinister plot to control, but because Jews like everyone else are individuals who think for themselves and reach their own conclusions??

Why arent such claims directed towards American-Italians, -Poles, -Irish, or Blacks?

Why do some people believe that Jews think and act en masse, lack personal opinions, cant think for themselves and have no individuality? Is this what anti-semitism is all about?